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Found 89 results

  1. I know this is a copy paste, but to think there is even a chance to have our own server is something we think we needed but not quite. Keluh kesah, nimbrung sini silahkan gan
  2. Hey there, I'm the new Emissary for South Africa on these forums. Over the past few months/years, there have been topics rising up and down regarding South African servers. A lot of them either went unnoticed or without a definite response from the development team. There was a topic about a year ago that received quite a fair number of replies from South Africans, some even vouching on behalf of their friends, just to see if there are enough players. Keep in mind that almost everybody replied were South Africans speaking English and active on the forums. A lot of my friends who are also from South Africa would only look to getting the game after the server's release, and if it does happen, it will greatly boost the player base here, allowing for a wider audience (and potentially even make that Afrikaans forum way more active, considering there will be more Afrikaans players). We are sick of having to play with over 200ms for every game that's multiplayer. CS:GO added South African servers and the community is extremely strong there, whereas PUBG didn't and we're still fighting for the servers. I would like to request for all of you to please comment your thoughts. If you're South African, please let us know! Thanks.
  3. Thanks Tarkov for giving servers that gives non stop disconnect, crashing the game go back in and then YUP you guessed it disconnect \o/ and another one after that by the end of the raid i was SO ducking close to escape oh YES disconnect! and got killed ! YAY duck these servers
  4. SlimJimBim


    So since the time I've gotten this game to right now (about .8 to .12) I have an on and off issue with server stability. In .12, every other game i'm playing I get disconnected from with a "server connection lost" pop up. I know I'm not the only person with this issue, and it is NOT my internet. This is such an infuriating problem and I have lost so much gear to this stupid issue that is NEVER fixed or even ATTEMPTED to be solved. It seems as though BSG would rather add new guns than fix everlasting problems I'm sure they're well aware of. It's gotten to where I'm giving up on this game because it pisses me off and kicks me while I'm down, and it ISNT MY FAULT. Why won't they fix the servers? Why?? They've had so much time to do it but never have tried and it's blood-boiling
  5. With 5-10 minutes wait time between game launches it is obvious that more servers need to be installed in Australia. The latest update has COMPLETELY BROKEN gaming in Australia (down-under) as before Singapore and HongKong could be selected but now any server with pings over 150ms cannot be selected. Is there a way to configure the server selection manually via an .ini file? Can someone direct me to where the thread about getting more Australian Servers is? If anyone knows a dev at Tarkov let them know that we really need Australia Servers as 3 fellow gamers said this is worse than DayZ server issues back in the day. MrCyberdude
  6. Madhadi91

    Mobile hotspot Support?

    can EFT add support for mobile hotspots to connect to the servers? As a truck driver thats usually my only choice when trying to play online.
  7. llevo jugando a takov ya un buen tiempo, pero en 8 de cada 10 partidas tengo un fallo de sincronizacion no solo en mi pc lo e probado con ya 8 pc`s mas y todas tienen ese error , en un momento de la partida estoy caminando y todos se quedan quietos (pmc`s) a excepcion de los scavs , yo me sigo moviendo ,mis compañeros ven que yo me muevo pero yo veo que ellos están flotando caminando sin moverse, puedo disparar y ellos ven que disparo, pero ellos disparas pero yo no escucho el disparo ni veo que lo hagan , me disparan y recivo el daño pero no veo de donde o escucho nada, o estando solo muero de la nada, literalmente el unico mapa que puedo jugar sin ese problema es factory ya que lo prove con todos los mapas y solo logro perder todo mi loot , gears y armas porque no me doy cuenta que estoy con ese fallo asta encontrar un pmc caminando sin moverse y morir de la nada, (todas las pc`s en las que prove y juego son buenas y tienen una 1080 cada una , y tengo un internet de descarga de 120 mbs por segundo,) podrían decirme si a alguien mas le pasa? y si esque ahi una solucion?, es un gran juego pero este error me esta malogrando la experiencia
  8. HappyWackers

    Squad Matching

    Hello Tarkov Community, I have a question about squad matching if anyone can shed light on it or direct me toward Tarkov's server matching policies? Are you able to have a team of 5 vs another team of 5 by purposefully selecting a single server? This would mean a planned 10 individuals would load onto the same map to vs each other. These two squads would be doing this for the purpose of battle only. Before anyone says it's hard to match another players server - well it is not. If both parties enable only one server and the click ready at the same exact time - then there is an 80 percent chance to match in the same game. There is a slightly lower chance to do this with less members in a squad. Trying to match a 5v5 squad which is ten people is very easy and happens almost every time a single server is enabled. The reason players may want to do this is to run team competitions. May a mod or a dev please tell me if this is allowed or would it be abusing server matching policies? Thanks again for any help Tarkov Community! 😃
  9. BryteLite

    Servers (A Dev's Perspective)

    Hello Tarkov Mods/Admins/Devs! Let me start off by saying I love your game. It's been a while since I've found a shooter that is entertaining from a concept standpoint. For the enjoyment I've had in this game, even just is beta, was dare I say worth the steep Edge of Darkness package price. Alongside much of the community, I have been pretty upset at the state of the servers. With that being said, I'm hoping I can point you in the direction of where the problem may be (if you haven't already figured it out and are just whittling away at the different sections and classes associated with maintaining a connection. The problem is definitely with services associated with your TCP connections. Why? Based on the system errors that are popping up, including some cloudflare javascript errors, I started to notice that all these problems started shortly after the reported purchase of servers. I'm not sure what updates to the back-end were made to accommodate the new servers on your server application, but it seems too coincidental. Hopefully you have your versions source controlled and are able to compare them to find the difference between them, but I would definitely double check to make sure the back-end update was applied to ALL associated TCP services and connections. I noticed you changed the way TCP connections are handled with lost connections too shortly after the new servers rolled out, that might also be a good point to look Again, this might seem basic and you might already be on this, but I figured I would give my two cents given the time being spent updating the back-end. I won't begin to speculate how complicated the back-end could be, but there is clearly a bug associated with TCP.
  10. 10-15+ minute matching every single time I try an go to any map regardless of PMC or Scav. I would like to play the game but BSG is making it hard. Not only is the matching trash right now, but the spawns...whether spawning in late and getting 1 tapped, or synchronizing with players forever just to spawn in and be completely dsync'd from the server. If you have a life I can not recommend this game in the current state. To buggy, laggy, servers are horrible, and inventory is always behind and blinking just to move error forcing a restart. BSG has known about the crappy servers for years and yet....still dealing with it. Why in the heck are people not upset that instead of your "pre-order $" going towards better servers and detangling netcode it is going towards a youtube series and streamers. I have to be real, I am pissed Fix it
  11. People who have repeated "server connection lost" symptoms only on pmc I bought a game and never played a PMC I tried to connect to another computer, but the same I think it's an account issue... Anyone having a different opinion??
  12. Enragedllama

    Server Connection

    Its been a long time since ive played Tarkov.. Decided I would give it a try with a friend again and see how its doing. We got 2 games in before we were running into 60min queues to get into matches so we gave up for a while. Came back even worse issues and not even able to deal with traders for a hour or two so we shrugged and said we'll come back too it after work. Loaded ourselves up with kit from head to two looking to make a splash on Interchange. Load in after a 3 minute queue which was fine. Walked about 10 feet towards the loading bay area and dropped from server. Attempted to reconnect 4 times, Made it another 5 or 10 feet before getting dropped again and always loaded back in at the first DC location. Decided to take a few minutes and read up on the forums between reconnect attempts and found a thread with multiple people stating that reconnecting then hitting back will throw you back into intro screen after a while with your kit. So i followed those instructions and was met with a loading screen for roughly 25 minutes. Having decided that 25 minutes of loading was more than twice the amount of time it took me to even download and install the game, it likely needs a reboot. So i gave'r a good ol' reboot and now all of my stuff is missing. Really what i have left is questions: Is there any recourse for getting my kit back? Is this a common issue? If so, how often/when does it happen? Is there any possible way to revort prior to the losses without forcing an account wipe and starting fresh again? I know im not far in the game but i also dont want to keep refreshing when i lose kit or it sorta takes the point of the game away. I really don't see a reason for continuing to play with the game in its current state, or maybe i just happened to try and play the game at the worst possible time when its having its issues... Either way, really not a good impression to be left on myself or my friends with these issues. The game is nearing 3 years of beta. To compare that timeline with other things. Its twice the length of time it takes the average newborn baby to learn to walk. Or the same amount of time to get an accelerated degree in whatever 4 year bachelors degree they want. Longer than the entire war of 1812 and nearly a full year longer than World War 1.
  13. I'm not sure what's going on with the servers, but the last two raids for me, and my buds on Interchange, we have been nothing but Server Errors and crashes, along with sound bugs, Scavs and Players Lagging across our screens, and just dying out of no where. I'm Not sure what's going on but if anyone has any suggestions, or some insightful feedback, I'd much appreciate it.
  14. So i've had this game for 3 months now and it seems like this problem is not going away any time soon. Every time i load in to a raid, whether its a pmc or scav, i first load the map. Fine . I then proceed to find a lobby and 'loading loot' appears. Fine. It is when all the loading for the raid is complete that a 'server connection lost' black screen appears and i am unable to join the raid. Rejoining does not seem to work and relaunching the game does not either. I have tried opening ports, allowing eft past the firewall, using ipv4 instead of ipv6 and a whole host of different things only to see the server connection lost screen again and again. This is happening 90% of raids and is making the game completely unplayable. i've noticed similar threads for the past 2 years and not a single one has come to a concrete solution. Please for the love of god can someone who actually works for BSG or someone with a fix reply! i don't want any reply's regarding my internet connection or the fact that the game is in beta. This is truly unacceptable.
  15. Warren9908

    50% of games with server side issues.

    Over the past five days I have lost 5-10 million in loot due to server side issues. After dying to ghost shots on local servers with 300+ ping I usually stop going geared or do Scav runs. Obviously when I do this the game runs fine so I decide to go in with good gear. Then I disconnect from the server and cant get back in. I disconnected from the server every single LABS run over two separate days. I understand that this game is in beta however, many of the issues are not with the game but with the servers. I would rather fall through a floor because of a bug then know that I am unable to play or keep my loot due to the devs being cheap and buying terrible servers. I spent a solid amount of money on this game and expect something in return for it. Since I am not able to play the game I gave them money for I expect compensation in one form or the other. How they expect people to keep playing this game when they are clearly making zero progress with the constant server issues blows my mind. Congratulations Tarkov you will be remembered for making a good game with terrible staff that shone for a brief second before dying out along with Battle State games if you don't address the constant issues.
  16. It started last week when I was in reserve on a raid, and all of a sudden my screen goes black, and says (server connection lost). I was in the middle of the open and before I could get back into the game I was dead. This weekend was even worse, lost almost all of my stuff going into raids and servers crashing and not allowing me to rejoin. Now today, same thing, went into reserve on a raid and was in the middle of fighting and got disconnected. Yet again I was dead before I could rejoin. But hey, at least I was able to rejoin instead of other times. Is there anything that the developers can do to fix this or at least refund me for the items I lost, to a problem that occurred on their side? The game is fun and great, but when you play and spend time to attain this gear and lose it to a problem on the servers side, its not so great. Thanks for listening!
  17. Kicker9971

    Server Stutter

    Hey Devs or anyone reading! I just had a quest question. Whats up with the server stutter? It is client side or server side? I can not tell you how many unfair deaths ive been having because of that stutter. I would have the drop on someone and my game would stutter for a solid 2 seconds and im dead when it comes back. I didnt want to bring it up because i love your game but this broke my back today. Thanks! Have a good one
  18. mycaelfreitas


    Some servers have already been added for the demand from the United States and Asian countries, but as a Brazilian who always plays this game and often suffers from disconnection during the game because of overcrowded server it is disgusting to have to play these problems . So my question is, when are you going to add a new San Paulo2?
  19. xgraevskopax

    Servers with subscription fee.

    Good day boys and girls! I´ve been bugged by lag/descync the entire day of playing EFT and started thinking around servers with a subsription fee to counter this problem. My idea is really not original in any sense but at the same time I could not find any discussions on the board regarding this particular topic. (I might be a lazy user though...) Anyhow - what I wanted to discuss is if members of the community would be willing to spend a monthly fee and gain access to a server in their own region. I live in sweden and thus it would be excellent if I could connect to a server located in my region and play the game with other players from the same general area. Questions for you all to discuss. 1: What amount would any one of you be willing to cough up to gain access to a service such as this? 2: How to counter abuse by HPB`s (high ping bois)? (e.g US players connecting to European servers)
  20. I have roughly 2 hours to play each day, and lately. Escape From Tarkov has lost all its appeal. Before I could play 5-8 raids, gear up how I wanted, and quickly navigate and get into the next raid. Now, I'm lucky if I can get 3 raids in, and gearing up is the most awful experience ever, and here's why: Vendors are constantly out of stock of all items, including ones that have a 1-10 buy limit per player. If I look in the flea market, all those items are being flipped at between double to over ten times the price. None of my presets for ANY weapon (all of them, not just the popular M4) let me buy most of the attachments from vendors. I have to spend hundreds of thousands extra roubles for a preset that would cost me less than a quarter of the price from all my level 4 vendors. I am punished if I am not buying all available items from vendors just a few seconds after their reset - 1 minute later everything is out of stock again. Add on top of that, servers are so overloaded that I have to wait 10 minutes to get in a raid, the experience just feels terrible. Servers are also dying far too frequently, making me unable to play for several of my daily limited play times, especially on weekends. I honestly feel like just stopping Tarkov altogether, which sucks, because it is by far my favorite game when everything is working properly. Please make the Flea Market FOUND IN RAID ITEMS ONLY. You'd fix all the problems with flipping and out of stock vendors, and players can actually play the game how they want to. You can keep the item limits per player per vendor stock-period - just don't let players buy them and immediately put them up on the market for more.
  21. Fergusano

    Desconexión del servidor.

    UIltimamente EFT ha estado presentando multiples fallas, pero hoy creo que para mi ya aburrrió. 2 veces en mis raid el servidor se apaga "Server goes off" y al tratar de entrar aparezco muerto por un scav. Perdí misiones, equipamiento y loot, perdí horas de juego. Solo es en el mapa Reserve, que asco.
  22. Devildogairman

    Matching Times Inquiry

    With all of these trending questions about matching time, I generally am confused as to why this would happen. Obviously it has been brought on from the Twitchmageddon of the new year, and susequentially due to the overload of the players. I have seen alot of speculation but my question is this: can anyone actually provide a reasonable explanation as to why it is taking a whole month (plus) to set up some backend servers for the game. Can't they simply rent out cloud servers from another company? Shouldn't they have planned for this amount of surge? Additionally, does it take a month to set up a single server? I know that Tarkov mentioned completing a few like in South Africa, Chile, and such... but why are we not seeing a queue change, then? Our discord news from official EFT is full of backend issues, and this seems like a really important and even game-breaking issue that is seriously inhibiting the growth of the game into "mainstream" culture. Thanks guys.
  23. Olá operadores do Brasil e regiões próximas! Essa mensagem é uma resposta para as atividades recentes no fórum em relação à solicitação de servidores locais. Compreendemos completamente sua frustração e seus questionamentos e nós já percebemos isso, mas essa não é a maneira correta de solicitar novos servidores. Alguns membros da comunidade resolveram realizar spam no fórum com postagens usando a tag ''#BRAZILIANSERVERSNOW''. Nós entendemos a razão por trás disso, mas ao proceder dessa maneira você está violando as regras do fórum, afetando outros usuários e toda a comunicação realizada nessa plataforma. Infelizmente tivemos que tomar medidas severas com alguns dos envolvidos nessa ação para restabelecer e garantir o controle do nosso fórum. E é por isso que pedimos que não realizem esse tipo de ação, uma vez que esse não é o caminho certo. Nós adicionamos servidores australianos no passado devido sua solicitação, mas não foi através de spam, e sim através de análise adequada da base diária de jogadores ativos na região e implementação de servidores com o tempo. Tendo dito isso, planejamos adicionar servidores em diversas regiões do mundo e uma dessas certamente é a América do Sul, mas vocês precisam entender que tudo isso apresenta um custo de manutenção e necessita de uma base de jogadores suficientemente grande para justificar a disponibilidade de tais servidores. Por enquanto todos os jogadores da América do Sul e do Brasil se conectam em nossos servidores localizados em Miami, que são os servidores mais próximos da sua região e oferecem as melhores condições de jogo. Do contrário, não faz sentido e seria um desperdício. Não estamos pedindo que vocês parem de pedir, mas nós estamos informando para não realizem spam, pois não é o jeito correto de agir e solicitar algo. Vocês precisam sempre agir de acordo com as regras e normas de conduta do fórum, pois elas existem para o bem de toda a comunidade e nós temos certeza que vocês não querem causar problemas. Atualmente não temos um tempo estimado para a liberação de servidores para a América do Sul, mas iremos informá-los assim que tivermos notícias sobre a sua solicitação. Obrigado pela sua compreensão e cooperação sobre o assunto. E nós garantimos que não estamos ignorando vocês e sua comunidade. Nós precisamos da sua paciência. P.S: Essa publicação foi traduzida do inglês pelo emissário brasileiro @dimittri4gc. Obrigado.
  24. Hallo, ich und ein Freund haben seid mehreren Tagen relativ viele Serverprobleme, ich wollte mal Fragen ob es anderen genau so ergeht? Es ist gefühlt jedes 3-4 Game das er oder ich "Server connection lost" oder "bad server version" haben was uns enorm den spaß am Spiel raubt. Vielleicht weis ja einer von euch mehr über den aktuellen server status oder ob man da etwas umstellen kann? Die andere Frage bezieht sich direkt aufs Game, wie ist es möglich durch einen einzigen Schuss in den Arm ( So wie es laut dem Endscreen dort stand) zu sterben? hält man nichtmal mehr einen einfachen Schuss in den Arm aus? Ich kenne es sonst mit Gebrochen/Blutenden oder komplett Kaputten Arm... Vielen danke für eure Antworten :D
  25. eskevin19

    Servidores en Brasil

    Hola como les va compañeros, espero que bien, por si no se enteraron ya hay servers en latino america, "40 ping" supuestamente al entrar a las partidas marca 300 de ping pero se juega fluido. La consulta y por eso abro tema es: - por que tantas largas colas de espera? - por que en necesario generar una escuadra para encontrar partida rapido? - alguien mas tiene problemas para encontrar partida ? - pasen ID para jugar
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