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  1. So i've had this game for 3 months now and it seems like this problem is not going away any time soon. Every time i load in to a raid, whether its a pmc or scav, i first load the map. Fine . I then proceed to find a lobby and 'loading loot' appears. Fine. It is when all the loading for the raid is complete that a 'server connection lost' black screen appears and i am unable to join the raid. Rejoining does not seem to work and relaunching the game does not either. I have tried opening ports, allowing eft past the firewall, using ipv4 instead of ipv6 and a whole host of different things only to see the server connection lost screen again and again. This is happening 90% of raids and is making the game completely unplayable. i've noticed similar threads for the past 2 years and not a single one has come to a concrete solution. Please for the love of god can someone who actually works for BSG or someone with a fix reply! i don't want any reply's regarding my internet connection or the fact that the game is in beta. This is truly unacceptable.
  2. Aytoms

    new ping limit goes too far

    the new ping limit being at 180ms i really really do believe is a huge hinderance to the game as a whole. 250-300 is where the realm of max ping should ALWAYS be at, because going past that oversteps the bounds and essentially region-locks the game for no real benefit. maybe for some people it's not a problem, but if i'm having troubles playing with my international friends, or having troubles finding matches since i'm playing off-peak hours, i'm now unable to play this game. i understand that this game is in beta, but that really shouldn't mean developers should take this type of action to combat this type of issue. i do believe the cap needs to be in place, but the lower you go, the worse of an impact it has, and rn its way too far. packet loss kicks already deal with lagswitchers, and if theres an issue with ping this low, its a netcode issue, not a ping issue. i really hope people will at least consider getting the devs to raise the ping limit way back up, since playing it with international friends rn is a dream. thanks, aytoms
  3. Add Dubai servers Please Bsg everyone in the middle east can't even play the game. The two provided middle eastern servers don't even give us good ping (so bad that we get kicked). I would suggest removing the other two useless servers and providing us with servers in Dubai. Dubai has very stable servers and can reach many people near us allowing most of middle east to play without being unfairly disadvantaged by 20 ping players. Thanks 😁
  4. پلیر های عزیز، صدای شما را شنیدیم. بلاخره وقت آن رسیده است. از زمانی که تارکاو وارد مرحله بتا شد( حتی برای کسایی که مرحله آلفا رو تجربه کرده اند)، ما پلیر های خاورمیانه رویای دیدن روزی رو داشتیم که پینگ خوب و متعادلی داشته باشیم. قبل از اینکه محدودیت پینگ تا 165 اعمال بشه هنوز میتونستیم گیم رو به راحتی بر روی سرور های مختلف بازی کنیم. حتی اون زمان هم به یک سرور خوب برای خاورمیانه نیاز داشتیم ولی حداقل میتونسیتم گیم رو ، روی سرور های اروپایی حتی با دی سینک ، لگ و استاتر تجربه کنیم. ما سرور برای خاورمیانه درخواست کردیم و بعد از مدتی سرور های "ترکیه" و تل آویو" رو دریافت کردیم. متاسفانه اون سرور ها مشکلات رو برای حجم زیادی از پلیر های خاور میانه بدلیل روش توزیع اینترنت در منطقه برطرف نکرد. و مشکلات ما با اعمال محدودیت پینگ بیشتر شد. حالا ما با سایر پلیر های خاورمیانه به وحدت در کمیونیتی دست پیدا کردیم. اگر در حال خوندن این مطلب هستید، به این معنی است که شما هم بخشی از این کمیونیتی هستید و پیام ما رو دریافت کردید. اونچه که Battle State Games ازمون میخواد اینه که ثابت کنیم پلیر های ما با کنار هم بودن میتونن ثابت کنن که ما یک کمیونیتی کوچک و منزوی نیستیم و میتونیم با تست نسخه بتای بازی کمک کنیم. فقط بازی کردن کافی نیست. ما باید بخشی از این مسئله باشیم و به BSG مثل سایر کمیونیتی ها برای بهتر شدن بازی کمک کنیم. اولین قدم اینه که مشکل اصلیمون رو بهشون بگیم. ما به سرور های خوب برای خاورمیانه نیاز داریم.لطفا با رای دادن در لینک زیر بهمون کمک کنید. ما به تعداد زیادی رای نیاز داریم. این مسئولیت تک تک ماست تا این رو به به همه کسانی که بازی میکنن برسونیم مخصوصا اونایی که مشکل پینگ دارن. ممنون از شما بابت وقتی که گزاشتین ، امیدواریم همتون رو در سرور های آینده خاورمیانه ببینیم. لطفا برای رای دادن اینجا کلیک کنید.
  5. Since the recent server maintenance, I am unable to reliably play on OCE servers. I have great fiber internet, yes I am connected with ethernet. Other games work fine. Sometimes the servers work, but very often I get 210+ ping when I get into the raid. It's a bit like russian roulette, am I going to lose all my stuff this raid or not? Sometimes I look on the server list, it says I have 28 ms ping on OCE, I jump on, get into a raid and surprise surprise I have 213 ping. It's to the point where I have to play on US servers with 150 ping if I want to play. This is my first wipe and I have to say it's not very encouraging. I like the game but I don't want to lose all my PMC stuff and every scavs. I can't play with my friend in Australia and they can't go on US servers. I checked servers today, had 29 ping, load into a quick factory scav run to test it. Spawn with 210+ ping and a labs key card. A very sad sight. It would be nice to get the option to leave the game before you get fully in, when you see the ping counter. I have looked around but there is not much recently apart from a post 5 months ago that talks about certain servers routing to the US and back, causing high ping. But my friend in Australia don't get those problems so ??? Even checked if the underwater cables were cut or something but that's not the case between NZ and AUS. So that was my rant. If you guys have any ideas on how to fix this I'd be very thankful. I have already submitted a couple of bug reports on the issue.
  6. SlimJimBim


    So since the time I've gotten this game to right now (about .8 to .12) I have an on and off issue with server stability. In .12, every other game i'm playing I get disconnected from with a "server connection lost" pop up. I know I'm not the only person with this issue, and it is NOT my internet. This is such an infuriating problem and I have lost so much gear to this stupid issue that is NEVER fixed or even ATTEMPTED to be solved. It seems as though BSG would rather add new guns than fix everlasting problems I'm sure they're well aware of. It's gotten to where I'm giving up on this game because it pisses me off and kicks me while I'm down, and it ISNT MY FAULT. Why won't they fix the servers? Why?? They've had so much time to do it but never have tried and it's blood-boiling
  7. Are the servers down? Just getting this error, which normally you get when you can't connect to the servers. Before that error I got kicked out of the game.
  8. DoujinSimple

    Bad Gateway On Launcher.

    Seems like the servers have crashed or been turned off for some reason. When I checked the severs were up but doesn't look like that's true.
  9. This is my server list as of right this moment on Tuesday night at almost 11 pm. I don't care about Seoul, Hong Kong, or Singapore. I live very near to Tokyo. Notice those pings? That is completely unacceptable. That's with nothing else running or using any bandwidth. The connection issues have become so terrible recently I began to check my speed and ping the Tarkov servers as well everyday before playing. My normal Tokyo ping is 12, but as of the last few weeks especially on the weekends I just can't play at prime time. I can at least understand that on the weekends as it's a time when a good number of people are off and trying to play. But now it's creeping into late night weekdays and the ping is not just high, it's really high! Look at these two picture taken within 10 seconds of each other. First, why are there three Tokyo servers all with such horrible variations? Are they truly in Tokyo or are they just named that? Secondly, Tokyo-02 is not even select-able as an option where as 03 is. I understand to a degree wanting to limit players from playing outside of their areas. I think it's rather cruddy to not allow friends and family play overseas, but at least I understand that. But when the local server right near my house is pinging so high that I'm getting bad connection disconnects, there's a major issue here. Can someone please look into the situation with our servers in the Asia region to let us know why such a disparity on the connection list? This is within the following 10 seconds: gggg
  10. Currently the ping limit is 175, which is fine by me if you are selecting server, but lag spikes can happen, and that bumps me to above 175 for a bit when am playing with my friends from USA (am in South America) and when i reconnect is back to 140-150 again. So, if we can have the in-game ping be 200 it would be great. But do keep the allowing to select on launcher at capped at 175.
  11. That's just a shame there is like half a second of desync between my actions and the server. Thats. A. Shame.
  12. puedo entender que el juego esta en fase beta, los problemas de rendimiento y todo eso.. Lo que ahora me hace escribir esto es que no puedo jugar ningun mapa, solo factory por que los demas cuando entro me desconecta por "error de conexion" y la verdad es que cuando juego solo no tarda nada en cargar y no hay problemas de rendimiento. Juego en el servidor de sao pablo y creo que tiene bastantes problemas y los tiempos de carga tampoco ayudan. Por el momento no he podido permiterme comprarme una SSD(lo cual tengo pensado hacer dentro de poco) y por el momento queria saber si alguien mas le pasa o tiene estos problemas de rendimiento y conexion. Por que es bastante frustrante esperar 15 minutos para que te conecte a un mapa para que luego te tire error de conexion , de ante mano muchas gracias y espero tener una solucion:(
  13. I'm a player who plays on ZA/South African servers which, while not unpopulated, aren't as dense as other regions. Despite this, the raid load times are often only 1-2 minutes to find a match. While this may seem like a good thing, it comes at the large cost of underpopulated/empty raids. These raids really suck the joy out of Tarkov as you no longer need to worry about running into other players. Please make players to wait longer in order to boost raid populations. I'd much rather wait 5-8 minutes and have a full raid than wait 2 and never run into anyone. There's only so many 0-1 player factories that one can take before just giving up.
  14. Hello, I'm in the U.S. Air Force and I have the potential to move over seas within the next year. I love the game and plan on upgrading to edge of darkness. But if I purchase the game here in the US, will I be locked to US servers even when I move to EU or Asia? I'd hate to have to spend a additional $95 just to not be able to play the game with playable ping in the next 6 months. If I am locked to the US servers what options do I have besides buying the game again? Thanks in advance
  15. sparteen8


    The Middle East guys please we need servers for Middle East as the active server for ME are high ping they around 200 to 300 ms we cant join them am currently playing in EU server but sometime the ping passes 165 so i get DCed alot . I am from Kuwait and we are alot of players from ( Kuwait, KSA, UAE, and Bahrain) we are all suffering from the same problem. so guys please help us and give us atleast 1 server in the above mentioned countries. hope this thred will find you guys and get a good responce for it
  16. BESTkid


    Dear developers. I know you are a small company but there is a big problem with this game right now. Lags and desync are so popular here that it already became meme and you know guys that memes are pretty popular in these times so please guys try to fix servers not temporary by adding a few more as a last time, because it doesn´t even had a impact on game (at least I did not noticed it at all) but fix it permanently which would result in 80 % (maybe even more) of bugs would disappeared, scavs would be much more normal and also people would not lost their poo if they were playing a game (like really I am a 70% of a time killed because of a desync, bug caused by desync, or a scav which shot me through big concrete walls or even shot randomly even with a ducking shotguns...). I know guys that you habe lot to do there is a lot of things to polish new maps to do even balance things but I am just begging you please FIX THE SERVERS FIRST change your priorities please don´t add us new gear or ducking hideout who cares ... Just fix the thing which is with us so long that we even can´t imagine playing without it. Game would be much more enjoyable for us because lags and desync now a days are even much worse then used to be in alpha for etc. (I know that it´s because of amount of people which increased rapidly) but still it needs to be fixed as soon as possible to not bury this amazing game. I can´t imagine how unplayable would game be when open BETA would start or when open world would be released. Please make it happen guys because right now it most of the time unplayable. Your loyal but sometimes pissed fan Geralt.
  17. Since the bug fix today I have ran in to more problems than I was having before the patch. The servers are WORSE than they were before and peekers somehow have more of an advantage. I have lost so much stuff to bugs and server errors. Bout ready to sue this poo is unplayable
  18. Soomby

    Middle East Servers??

    Is there any plan to to roll out middle east servers? The connection times and rubber banding is making it impossible to play the game. Average games have a RTT of around 160. Pleaseee Battlestate help a brother ouuuut!
  19. Escape from Tarkov Servers can be put into two groups even if you deliberately, specifically set which servers you want: Flawless: The game runs perfectly in a great server with good ping and all of the players run fine. Absolute dog poo: These servers are sometimes easy to identify but sometimes are not at all. Sometimes, a server with 50-100 ping boots you constantly for "server connection lost" or stutters. Other times, you load into a game with 80% goddamn packet loss and every single scav is a bulletproof monstrosity and players can shoot your "afterimage" and kill you . The weighting is about 70/30 and I'm confident you all can figure out which is the most probable. Why? Who knows. But it might be funny to see your friends rubber banding or players surviving 6 shots to the back of the skull once. Once. After the first time it gets old losing your gear to something that is absolutely out of your control.
  20. Parinoid_Onyx

    Server Issues

    Doing Ledx runs today not a single server issue except my last couple runs huge desync issues. I captured a clip of how bad this desync is and I feel like it needs to be addressed and worked on soon. Is there a solution or is there work being done to fix the desync issues players are having? I love this game and I hate seeing players having issues with a technical issue out of their control.
  21. GarfieldKartFan


    When can i actually start playing? I've died like 7 Raids out of 8 today, i didn't suffer from desync last wipe but this wipe it's just hilarious when i get killed when i'm behind a wall.
  22. colun1234

    Servidor de Brazil caido

    Hola, queria tratar de jugar y me lleve la sorpresa de que el server de Sao Paulo ya no esta disponible, que sucede y cuanto se demorara en arreglarse? Gracias.
  23. This game is unplayable. If its not the High Packet Loss drop out every 2 mins its the desync. Do i really have to play on 100+ ping Singapore servers just to get a game in? We NEED another server. Please help us AUS/NZ players that want to enjoy this amazing game
  24. BogusBlue

    Ping Issue

    I used to have no issues with this game and now, ever since the last wipe, I feel like the servers have had more ping than usual. For example, I live in Texas, and the Denver server had more ping than the Seoul server did, yesterday. Is it because of more traffic or is my internet getting less consistent?
  25. pulse780

    Middle Eastern/ Indian servers

    I have seen posts going back two years putting in requests and suggesting new servers for the middle east or india. I live in the middle east and the lowest ping that I can get is about 110 ms. I would have no problem as im sure also other players that are located in the middle east could agree with me that even an indian server would make a world of difference in gameplay. It would limit de-syncing, kicking, etc. I understand the pandemic could have taken a toll on the development and progression of this game but surely something could be done about this. I believe that its time that BSG finally looked into opening a middle eastern or indian server. Dubai is a great host as they host servers for games such as CSGO without any issues in lag.
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