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Found 70 results

  1. SlimJimBim


    So since the time I've gotten this game to right now (about .8 to .12) I have an on and off issue with server stability. In .12, every other game i'm playing I get disconnected from with a "server connection lost" pop up. I know I'm not the only person with this issue, and it is NOT my internet. This is such an infuriating problem and I have lost so much gear to this stupid issue that is NEVER fixed or even ATTEMPTED to be solved. It seems as though BSG would rather add new guns than fix everlasting problems I'm sure they're well aware of. It's gotten to where I'm giving up on this game because it pisses me off and kicks me while I'm down, and it ISNT MY FAULT. Why won't they fix the servers? Why?? They've had so much time to do it but never have tried and it's blood-boiling
  2. Hey there, I'm the new Emissary for South Africa on these forums. Over the past few months/years, there have been topics rising up and down regarding South African servers. A lot of them either went unnoticed or without a definite response from the development team. There was a topic about a year ago that received quite a fair number of replies from South Africans, some even vouching on behalf of their friends, just to see if there are enough players. Keep in mind that almost everybody replied were South Africans speaking English and active on the forums. A lot of my friends who are also from South Africa would only look to getting the game after the server's release, and if it does happen, it will greatly boost the player base here, allowing for a wider audience (and potentially even make that Afrikaans forum way more active, considering there will be more Afrikaans players). We are sick of having to play with over 200ms for every game that's multiplayer. CS:GO added South African servers and the community is extremely strong there, whereas PUBG didn't and we're still fighting for the servers. I would like to request for all of you to please comment your thoughts. If you're South African, please let us know! Thanks.
  3. eskevin19

    Servidores en Brasil

    Hola como les va compañeros, espero que bien, por si no se enteraron ya hay servers en latino america, "40 ping" supuestamente al entrar a las partidas marca 300 de ping pero se juega fluido. La consulta y por eso abro tema es: - por que tantas largas colas de espera? - por que en necesario generar una escuadra para encontrar partida rapido? - alguien mas tiene problemas para encontrar partida ? - pasen ID para jugar
  4. TedTalks

    Launcher unable to connect?

    I've seen some old forum posts about what seems to be similar issues. I first got Error 504, then a failure to authenticate and now error 521. Just wandering if I'm not the only one
  5. As a South African who has been playing Escape from Tarkov for about 2 and a half years now I can honestly say it is not impossible however extremely difficult and unfair trying to compete with other players that have better ping. It is unfair and South African players should be taken into consideration after spending a substantial amount to enjoy the game. We have been teased with the thought and idea of South African servers being a possibility in the past before from different posts as well as most recently a Instagram post supporting the idea that it is happening however this was on the 31 of July. Since the post I have emailed and asked on any updates or if South African servers were actually being taken into consideration at all and was met with a very rushed and unhelpful response claiming that there are plans to increase servers around the world. This does not answer my question, South African servers have been "taken into consideration" for years now but we have yet to hear of a verdict, what is the problem? Are we uncertain of the player base in South Africa? Well then hold a pole, do something to make a verdict. What problems do we face implementing South African servers? Can we talk and discuss these things? South Africans have been left in the dark for too long, we spend the same amount of money and love the game as much as players on other servers, we should be taken into consideration and should not just be forgotten about by saying "it has been taken into consideration". Please can we have some sort of discussion or decision on this matter instead of suggestive posts and no actual communication.
  6. I like the wipe. When the game is finished we should have some ' wipe servers' and 'non wipe servers' existing parallel, with characters for each. The leveling speed on the 'wipe servers' should be faster an match the time till next wipe. The leveling speed on the 'non wipe servers' should be much slower. After a wipe players are equal again the economy is fresh and all that. No max level boredom, no need to develop something for endgame. I like the race for fast leveling, gear, money and survival. It is like after a fallout or some similar event the fastest to react in a proper manner will rule the wasteland. With the ' wipe servers' there could be events and competitions with prices. Those prices could be added to the ' non wipe servers' character. Equipment or cosmetic stuff, I don't know. Anyone with me or has ideas?
  7. kevin23649

    fix the servers

    the servers are so laggy and preform poorly plesae focus on fixing this problem
  8. ben_dover_

    Cant change servers

    I bought euro version but i can only select the hong kong and seoul servers. any known fixes? [ i live in europa not in asia]
  9. Olá operadores do Brasil e regiões próximas! Essa mensagem é uma resposta para as atividades recentes no fórum em relação à solicitação de servidores locais. Compreendemos completamente sua frustração e seus questionamentos e nós já percebemos isso, mas essa não é a maneira correta de solicitar novos servidores. Alguns membros da comunidade resolveram realizar spam no fórum com postagens usando a tag ''#BRAZILIANSERVERSNOW''. Nós entendemos a razão por trás disso, mas ao proceder dessa maneira você está violando as regras do fórum, afetando outros usuários e toda a comunicação realizada nessa plataforma. Infelizmente tivemos que tomar medidas severas com alguns dos envolvidos nessa ação para restabelecer e garantir o controle do nosso fórum. E é por isso que pedimos que não realizem esse tipo de ação, uma vez que esse não é o caminho certo. Nós adicionamos servidores australianos no passado devido sua solicitação, mas não foi através de spam, e sim através de análise adequada da base diária de jogadores ativos na região e implementação de servidores com o tempo. Tendo dito isso, planejamos adicionar servidores em diversas regiões do mundo e uma dessas certamente é a América do Sul, mas vocês precisam entender que tudo isso apresenta um custo de manutenção e necessita de uma base de jogadores suficientemente grande para justificar a disponibilidade de tais servidores. Por enquanto todos os jogadores da América do Sul e do Brasil se conectam em nossos servidores localizados em Miami, que são os servidores mais próximos da sua região e oferecem as melhores condições de jogo. Do contrário, não faz sentido e seria um desperdício. Não estamos pedindo que vocês parem de pedir, mas nós estamos informando para não realizem spam, pois não é o jeito correto de agir e solicitar algo. Vocês precisam sempre agir de acordo com as regras e normas de conduta do fórum, pois elas existem para o bem de toda a comunidade e nós temos certeza que vocês não querem causar problemas. Atualmente não temos um tempo estimado para a liberação de servidores para a América do Sul, mas iremos informá-los assim que tivermos notícias sobre a sua solicitação. Obrigado pela sua compreensão e cooperação sobre o assunto. E nós garantimos que não estamos ignorando vocês e sua comunidade. Nós precisamos da sua paciência. P.S: Essa publicação foi traduzida do inglês pelo emissário brasileiro @dimittri4gc. Obrigado.
  10. tote

    Asia Servers?

    I just moved to Hong kong for a bussines oportunity and im currently trying to play Tarkov, my game region is USA, that is what it says on the Game Launcher but since i am over here and will be staying for a couple of years i went into de option to move servers and for obvious reasons i moved to hte hong kong one, then i tried to play and my Ping was over 200+ so my question is, are the Asian servers working? my region is USA does that mean i am fucked and cant play on any of the order servers? is there a solution?? And if you are wondering if the internet i am using is poo, well the answer is no, since i am playing PUBG with less that 60Ping in Asians servers.


    Dear developers. I know you are a small company but there is a big problem with this game right now. Lags and desync are so popular here that it already became meme and you know guys that memes are pretty popular in these times so please guys try to fix servers not temporary by adding a few more as a last time, because it doesn´t even had a impact on game (at least I did not noticed it at all) but fix it permanently which would result in 80 % (maybe even more) of bugs would disappeared, scavs would be much more normal and also people would not lost their poo if they were playing a game (like really I am a 70% of a time killed because of a desync, bug caused by desync, or a scav which shot me through big concrete walls or even shot randomly even with a ducking shotguns...). I know guys that you habe lot to do there is a lot of things to polish new maps to do even balance things but I am just begging you please FIX THE SERVERS FIRST change your priorities please don´t add us new gear or ducking hideout who cares ... Just fix the thing which is with us so long that we even can´t imagine playing without it. Game would be much more enjoyable for us because lags and desync now a days are even much worse then used to be in alpha for etc. (I know that it´s because of amount of people which increased rapidly) but still it needs to be fixed as soon as possible to not bury this amazing game. I can´t imagine how unplayable would game be when open BETA would start or when open world would be released. Please make it happen guys because right now it most of the time unplayable. Your loyal but sometimes pissed fan Geralt.
  12. DesertAvenger

    South American servers

    Is there any chance that after full release we can get a South American server? I'm playing from SA and the closest server I've got is the Miami server, which gives me 150ms ping on a good day, though it's generally around 180-200 ms. I don't know how big the playerbase is in SA, so I wouldn't know if it would be cost-effective.
  13. Hello, Escapers! It has come to our attention that there is some confusion as to the OC & ASIA server connection. We have heard numerous mentions of an IP in Germany being the "true" server for our testers in their respective countries. We would like to clear this up. This IP that is coming up, is actually the backend server! You will always be connected to the server with the best ping for you. For those who haven't seen the patch notes, or maybe you didn't understand, we have added a new "Traffic Optimization". This means, that a large amount of Network Data that was being used and causing ping and desync issues, is being optimized. We will continue working on this in future updates to create a quality experience for you all. Thank you so much for your support, patience, and dedication to our project.
  14. xgraevskopax

    Servers with subscription fee.

    Good day boys and girls! I´ve been bugged by lag/descync the entire day of playing EFT and started thinking around servers with a subsription fee to counter this problem. My idea is really not original in any sense but at the same time I could not find any discussions on the board regarding this particular topic. (I might be a lazy user though...) Anyhow - what I wanted to discuss is if members of the community would be willing to spend a monthly fee and gain access to a server in their own region. I live in sweden and thus it would be excellent if I could connect to a server located in my region and play the game with other players from the same general area. Questions for you all to discuss. 1: What amount would any one of you be willing to cough up to gain access to a service such as this? 2: How to counter abuse by HPB`s (high ping bois)? (e.g US players connecting to European servers)
  15. TheColdVein

    **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Great news, Escapers! There have been lots of questions that we have heard from you, and some that we have asked of ourselves. We know that you have been wondering about the progress we are making and maybe have some concerns about issues in the game... Here are some answers: Q) Will the quests that are in the game now stay the same in the release version or we can expect more interesting, nonlinear and detailed quests? A) There will be way more quests, and their quality is getting improved every day. Later we’ll also introduce the so called personal quests, more important and story-oriented. Q) The Scav play time in the game is too short now, sometimes you spawn 10 minutes before the end of the raid, is this going to be fixed? A) Already getting fixed. Q) Which map can we expect in the next updates and is there a list of maps, the order in which they will be implemented, and if there is such a list, could you please publish it? A) The next map is going to be Interchange. After that, most likely, Streets of Tarkov. Then we’ll see. Q) What marksman or sniper weapons can we expect in the next updates? A) The SVD is up next. Q) When can we expect - if we can - the clan system, are you going to back out of it, would it be possible to make the clan tags appendable only by clan players (i.e. not by loners or players of other clans) A) There will be a clan system. Not too soon, though, but definitely will be. Details will come later. Q) How often do you add new servers, what is the nature of problems with them and why do lags and desync happen? A) Adding new servers is an ongoing process. Number of servers added over a certain period of time is different, depending on the availability of certain configurations of servers in data centers in different parts of the world. Why desync and lags keep happening is a complex question, there is quite a variety of reasons. At the current stage, it is mainly caused by errors and overloads of the servers. Q) It’s been a while since medical animations has been announced, when do we expect it to be done? At what stage is it now? A) We’ll do our best to introduce it in the next few updates. It’s now in the stage of immediate implementation. Q) What about the flea market and auction? Really miss them in game now. A) Same thing, will be adding them over the next updates. Q) When can we expect team identification armbands for fighters of the same team, and overall, how do you plan to implement friend-or-foe recognition mechanics, maybe you have some ideas already? A) The armbands was the idea from the start. Can’t yet tell when, though. Q) There is too much loot on the maps right now, especially weapons, will there be cuts on that? Money and loot come too easy now. A) Yes, amount of loot will be reduced. Q) The UBGL was there at the start of Alpha, why did it get removed and when will it get back? A) It will be back in one of the next few updates. It caused too many critical issues that required too much time to fix. Q) Can we expect further improvement of Scavs and their social behavior and interactions, etc, something that would make them feel more alive, not just robots in search of PMCs? A) Yes, surely. The behavior of Scavs will get improved. Q) Is the ability to drag bodies still in the plans? A) Yes Q) Raid time is often different, what are the reasons? A) Increasing game rotation due to queues. That’s a temporary measure. Q) Will the dangerous zones like radiation etc be added to the maps? A) They will, in the DLC Q) Is there going to be a web interface for trading, allowing to trade directly on the official website? A) Possibly so. Definitely planned a mobile companion app for some basic management. Q) Are there going to be maps, where the maximum group size will be increased? Or maybe it will be revised (+-) for the current available maps? A) Possibly so. Q) Is it possible to remove the sharpening effect from painkillers, to avoid hurting the eyes with it? Or turn it off in the graphics settings? A) No, it's done on purpose. Q) Will there be further improvements to character movement and its interaction with obstacles? A) Yes Q) When is the karma system to be expected? Will it different for Scavs and PMCs? A) So far, only PMC karma is planned. Q) Are there any plans for magazine loading animation or increase of time required to reload in backpack (Tab screen), because now it happens instantly. A) Yes, it is planned in the near future Q) Will the number of PMCs on maps increased or otherwise changed? A) Yes Q) Will there be an opportunity to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse for each step of scope magnification? A) Did not think about it yet, but we might do it. Q) The Shoreline location is available, but there is no in-game map for it. When is it going to be ready? A) About to be completed already. Q) Is there going to be an in-game voice chat? Or are there some problems with it? A) Yes, it is planned. There are no problems, we just have higher priorities at the moment. Q) When will be ready animations for climbing the stairs, breach, bang and clear and other actions with the doors? A) All of that is planned. As soon as they are ready. Q) We’ve noticed flares on the maps near the exits. When do we expect real smoke grenades and snaplights, what’s the hold-up with them? A) There are no problems, we just have higher priorities at the moment. They will be added over time Q) Are you planning to add eye adaptation to the darkness when you walk indoors from the outside? A) This is actually already there, just not as straight as in reality. In the future it will most likely be improved Q) Do you intend to separate solo players and teams? A) No. Q) Is shooting door lock with a shotgun going to be a possible option next to kick down option in the menu? A) It’s possible. Q) Is general appearance of locations going to change or is this the final version? A) Some details are definitely going to change. Q) Weapons mastering and skills. Will there be any more significant distinctions between levels? A) Mastering already has significant differences. On the last level, for example, weapons can be reloaded while aiming. Q) The grass draw distance and anti-aliasing grasses, is there any progress in this direction? A) Working on it. Q) In some weapons, damage does not always work as it should, does it depend on the server or the weapon’s own configuration, e.g. in shotguns? A) It’s a strange question, can’t see the way we can answer it. Q) Dogtags are taking up too much space, is there going to be a list or container for them? A) Yes, there is going to be a special container. Q) Is there going to be a killcam or replay records after a RAID from the POV of all players? A) Not yet. Q) IS there going to be the fogging of eyeglasses and visors when running or heavy breathing? A) Would like to add this Q) Will it be possible to duct-tape the mags together? A) Not certain yet, but again - we’d like to add it Q) Will there be a unique non-quest loot that can only be obtained in the raid, but not bought in with the traders? A) There are already such items. Q) Will there be possibility to lock doors? Now the player can unlock, but can't lock up. A) Yes Q) Will the Fence have his quests? A) Not planned yet. Q) Are there going to be random events in the raid? A) Yes Q) What is the principle for adding weapons to the game A) Availability of necessary features and the demand for specific weapons/class. Q) Will be there more diverse ambient sounds on locations? A) Yes Q) Is there going to be the possibility of direct transmission of loot between players outside the raid? A) Will be made possible with the clan system Q) Will the game sound be improved, it is very difficult to position enemies and shots with good audio equipment. A) Yes, we’re working on it. Q) Do you plan to introduce PPE (personal protective equipment), with their own functionality? A) Yes, but it is likely to get functional in the DLC Q) Any future plans to append to containers, weapons and items such parameter as "volume" or current inventory system is close to final? A) No, volume is basically reflected now with cells as well. Interpreted type. Q) Will different silencers and other attachments differ in features, not just price? A) They already do. Kind of a weird question. Q) Can you please provide a few more details on the Free Roam mode, what locations there will be and how you see it (briefly) A) Brief info has already been given many times, please find out all the details in the interview, as well as on the Forum. Q) Will bots have limited ammo? Will they be able to loot dead bodies? A) They have limited ammo. Yes, they will loot. Q) When we can expect facial hair and will it depend on the PMC level (the higher the level, the longer and thicker the beard ) A) LOL Q) Will there be ability to climb in through windows? A) Some yes, some no. Q) Whether you intend to implement destruction physics in the game, light destruction of objects? A) Minimum of such physics, yes. Q) Will there be added cellars on the already existing maps (dorms at Customs, for example) A) Possibly so. Q) Release is planned for 2018, are these plans still in effect, do you have the time to do all the maps and a lot more? A) We’ll do our best! Q) Is it possible to make a visual display of loot on parts of equipment, e.g. magazine disappearing from the pouch after reloading. A) Possibly so. Q) Will silencers get destroyed or deteriorate over shots? A) Yes Thank you for your patience and support. We will bring you more information as it becomes available. Translations Turkish Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Turkey @Dimitri468 Polish Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Poland @TheWay Czech Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Czech @PugMonk Portuguese Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Brazil @dimittri4gc German Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Germany @ramjid Spanish Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to the Spanish Emissary @MrXavito Chinese Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to the Hong Kong Emissary @Hazel Bulgarian Translation can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby
  16. Crouton

    "Disconnected From Server"

    I live near los angeles, and whenever i try to hop onto a raid as either a scav or pmc, the ping jumps around from 100 ms to 300-600 to 1000-3000 ping, and it disconnects me. Ive only been playing for a few days, and this has gotten old fast. It happens multiple times during each raid. Whenever it gets messed up it messes up my entire internet network, turning my internet connection into a potato. I dont think this game is playable until this problem is fixed, i've been trying to beat the issue but it seems like the game is fucked. How and when are we gonna fix this, this game is a shitshow for me as of now. I can barely get into a fight without disconnecting from the server
  17. Dear, Escapers! We would like to call to your attention a recent article written by 80 Level, an industry blog that covers the trends and technology of gaming. Find out the process of level design, optimization, network infrastructure and more in Escape From Tarkov. https://80.lv/articles/escape-from-tarkov-game-tech-overview/
  18. yourpay

    EFT is falling down

    Tarkov give up! 1 hour ago on Woods I met a boi with a glitched Remington and after 15 minutes a cheater 'Name removed by Mr_Sheep' that kill all my team with an headshot from nowhere. Servers are full of hatchet player and scavs destroy all legs. Devs need to do something to save this terrible situation, or the game will be down in a few weeks.
  19. As many of you know, the game is in dire need of optimization when it comes to pure client performance, but we also know that the servers/connection needs to get fixed. "Battle(non)sense" just did a video on the netcode, and me and my buddies have already tested many of the things he had but we do not make videos and I didn't care to make one. Now that the video from Battle(non)sense is out people can actually get to know how horrific the delays are atm! BEWARE: it's pretty crazy. Escape from Tarkov 's Shocking Netcode Analysis I truly hope this will get fixed soon. I mean, not just "optimized" because its is really really bad right now. This requires more than just optimization. Idk what is causing these extreme numbers or why they are here in the first place. But either way, I wish the best of luck to the dev team. /Nizorro
  20. Dear Developer's, Since the January Stress test how many new servers have been put online? How much of a % increase was that over the number of servers prior to the stress test? Could you tell us where the current servers are located and where you plan on placing the next new servers you are opening? Thank you!
  21. hidden_citizen

    Nikita habla sobre Matchmaking

    Este es un mensaje de Nitika, en el Subreddit de Escape From Tarkov hablando sobre los problemas de matching y un estimado de cuanto seran solucionados. Ya estamos agregando nuevos servidores, no es un proceso rápido y aún se siguen sumando nuevos jugadores al juego. Estamos trabajando en ello. También estamos preparando un nuevo parche con algunos arreglos y nuevo contenido (Aproximadamente de 1-2 semanas estarían todos los servidores necesarios para solucionar el problema). Sus opiniones y preocupaciones son tomadas en cuenta. Muchas gracias, pero recuerden, aun estamos en proceso de pruebas (BETA CERRADA y preparaciones para BETA ABIERTA). En cuanto a las tablas de loot y la tasa de spawn. Solo modificamos el lootcontainer para funcionar correctamente, es decir que no se modificó ninguna chance de spawn de objetos. Antes los contenedores tenían un spawn fijo de objetos, por ejemplo cada cajón de un gabinete spawneaba 2 objetos. Ahora tienen una chance de spawnear de 0 a 4 objetos. Fin del mensaje.
  22. olwarior


    Hello! Sobody else have atrocious fps and connnection in this game? I'm runing on a 1080, 32 GB Ram and an fx 8370 and still dont get 50+ fps on all maps even if most of them look like absolute yank. While running other games that look way better and maps that are several times the size of those in EFT and getting several times the fps in those games. But then also the devs of the other games are not some moneygrubbing devs that refuse refunds other than a forced payback by the bank. Factory is the only one with atleast decent fps but considering it's size it would be an achivement to duck that up too. Server desync should not occur when i'm on a 300 mb/s line. The only other game I have run into desyncs and bullets magically disappearing are in mods so something is seriously wrong with the server side. Also noticed realy low tickrate by beinging shot when I have just entered cover or managed to put a solid object like a house in the way and still dying. The fps issue seems the most glaring to me, have tried various fixs as reinstalling the game and mess around with the settings. I tried something quite funny in my eyes, I underclocked my CPU by 40% and still got the same performance from this unoptimized mess, tried underclocking the gpu by 40% aswell, to my enormous suprise I had exactly the same fps. That was when I seriously started to think this game is an absolute shitshow of performance. Advertising this game as a hardcore fps, when the only thing that is hardcore about this game is the playerbase trying to sloth through the unplayable fps and other issues that plague the game. If someone has a fps fix for the game please hit me up
  23. Invader_Dude

    New server connection issues

    Twice now I have been disconnected from shoreline like in previous patches however, since the patch after losing connection you can no longer connect. The only upside to this is your gear gets rolled back like you never went in, but this is very frustrating as it has been past the 30 minute mark when I have lost connection. All the gear I killed for, looted and quests worked on, have all disappeared.If this was an intentional change I prefer it to how it was before even though i would spawn back in wounded or dead a few times, at least it gave me a chance to complete the raid. I was just wondering if anyone else was having these problems as well.
  24. After waiting 5 minutes stuck on the "Awaiting Session Start..." screen, my game loads in as I am being blown up and I lose all of my gear...Anyone else having similar issues?
  25. Hi, I'm looking for some official information on where the Oceanic servers are located. I know that the launcher says "US", and that might not be accurate. I have also read that we are placed into a server that will offer us the best ping. But... That does not fit with my gameplay experience, nor that of anyone I play with. I am an admin of (I believe) the largest Oceanic discord that plays Tarkov (and only Tarkov). Everyone I speak to experiences terrible lag akin to joining servers based in Europe. The difference between offline and online play is staggering. The AI are so broken by the lag that sometimes you will headshot them and they will run a couple of steps, yell, maybe get a shot off, then die. Contrast this with the instant ragdoll in offline and it is pretty clear that the servers are suffering. Can we get some information from a developer concerning the actual server infrastructure in the Oceanic region. Where are they located? Are they under strain? Is this a 'netcode' issue that is consistent across regions? Thanks.
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