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Found 118 results

  1. پلیر های عزیز، صدای شما را شنیدیم. بلاخره وقت آن رسیده است. از زمانی که تارکاو وارد مرحله بتا شد( حتی برای کسایی که مرحله آلفا رو تجربه کرده اند)، ما پلیر های خاورمیانه رویای دیدن روزی رو داشتیم که پینگ خوب و متعادلی داشته باشیم. قبل از اینکه محدودیت پینگ تا 165 اعمال بشه هنوز میتونستیم گیم رو به راحتی بر روی سرور های مختلف بازی کنیم. حتی اون زمان هم به یک سرور خوب برای خاورمیانه نیاز داشتیم ولی حداقل میتونسیتم گیم رو ، روی سرور های اروپایی حتی با دی سینک ، لگ و استاتر تجربه کنیم. ما سرور برای خاورمیانه درخواست کردیم و بعد از مدتی سرور های "ترکیه" و تل آویو" رو دریافت کردیم. متاسفانه اون سرور ها مشکلات رو برای حجم زیادی از پلیر های خاور میانه بدلیل روش توزیع اینترنت در منطقه برطرف نکرد. و مشکلات ما با اعمال محدودیت پینگ بیشتر شد. حالا ما با سایر پلیر های خاورمیانه به وحدت در کمیونیتی دست پیدا کردیم. اگر در حال خوندن این مطلب هستید، به این معنی است که شما هم بخشی از این کمیونیتی هستید و پیام ما رو دریافت کردید. اونچه که Battle State Games ازمون میخواد اینه که ثابت کنیم پلیر های ما با کنار هم بودن میتونن ثابت کنن که ما یک کمیونیتی کوچک و منزوی نیستیم و میتونیم با تست نسخه بتای بازی کمک کنیم. فقط بازی کردن کافی نیست. ما باید بخشی از این مسئله باشیم و به BSG مثل سایر کمیونیتی ها برای بهتر شدن بازی کمک کنیم. اولین قدم اینه که مشکل اصلیمون رو بهشون بگیم. ما به سرور های خوب برای خاورمیانه نیاز داریم.لطفا با رای دادن در لینک زیر بهمون کمک کنید. ما به تعداد زیادی رای نیاز داریم. این مسئولیت تک تک ماست تا این رو به به همه کسانی که بازی میکنن برسونیم مخصوصا اونایی که مشکل پینگ دارن. ممنون از شما بابت وقتی که گزاشتین ، امیدواریم همتون رو در سرور های آینده خاورمیانه ببینیم. لطفا برای رای دادن اینجا کلیک کنید.
  2. Juway

    The State of OCE servers 2020

    This game is unplayable. If its not the High Packet Loss drop out every 2 mins its the desync. Do i really have to play on 100+ ping Singapore servers just to get a game in? We NEED another server. Please help us AUS/NZ players that want to enjoy this amazing game
  3. SlimJimBim


    So since the time I've gotten this game to right now (about .8 to .12) I have an on and off issue with server stability. In .12, every other game i'm playing I get disconnected from with a "server connection lost" pop up. I know I'm not the only person with this issue, and it is NOT my internet. This is such an infuriating problem and I have lost so much gear to this stupid issue that is NEVER fixed or even ATTEMPTED to be solved. It seems as though BSG would rather add new guns than fix everlasting problems I'm sure they're well aware of. It's gotten to where I'm giving up on this game because it pisses me off and kicks me while I'm down, and it ISNT MY FAULT. Why won't they fix the servers? Why?? They've had so much time to do it but never have tried and it's blood-boiling
  4. سلام از دیروز تاریخ 4 نوامبر همه ی پلیر ها بر روی سرور ترکیه مقدار قابل توجهی افزایش پینگ، پکت لاست، و دیسینک داشتند.این مسئله باعث شده بازی برای خیلی از پلیرهای خاورمیانه غیر قابل اجرا بشه لطفا برای رسیدگی هرچه زودتر به این مسئله ومشکلات مشابه درآینده چنین مواردی رو در اسرع وقت به پشتیبانی بازی گزارش کنید آموزش تصویری ثبت تیکت برای پشتیبانی:؛
  5. Hello everyone. I download this a few days ago. Excited to play. I get to the main menu no problem. Character, no problem, Hideout, no problem. When I attempt to get into a raid, either on or offline, the loading screens all seem to be working but kind of slow. Once these are about done and I get the screen that gives me how long before deploying, it crashes. The error logs consistently indicate the following: "Lootable_00004 is missing". So my question is, is this a server file issue or a local install issue. If this is local, I tried the Integrity Check from the launcher and it comes out ok, Would a fresh install be my best bet? If so, is there a process to ensure EFT won't try and charge me again? Thanks Folks! 2020.10.30_20-19-51_0.12.8.9658 errors.log
  6. Fergusano

    Desconexión del servidor.

    UIltimamente EFT ha estado presentando multiples fallas, pero hoy creo que para mi ya aburrrió. 2 veces en mis raid el servidor se apaga "Server goes off" y al tratar de entrar aparezco muerto por un scav. Perdí misiones, equipamiento y loot, perdí horas de juego. Solo es en el mapa Reserve, que asco.
  7. Cant play the game anymore because of this issue and when i tryed to log into tarkov website it gave me this messed up message because im trying to re-install the game again can anyone help me or has anyone had this issue before
  8. Hola, Alguien me podría ayudar llevo varios meses que no puedo jugar con un amigo por que su ping al jugar conmigo le saca de las partidas y no es que tenga una gran conexión mi amigo pero no es normal que cada 30 segundos de raid le saque, en cambio si el juega solo o con otro amigo le va perfecto solo le pasa conmigo que se le caiga la conexión y si ellos dos quieren jugar conmigo al que le va mal el ping es a mi a 300 o 400 de ping sin ningún sentido cuando mi conexión es buena ya esto me paso varias veces en labs y no es el mejor sitio para que esto ocurra espero que alguien nos pueda ayudar.
  9. MutantBacon

    Insurance Lost Based on Server

    I've tried to pick up my insurance for the past two days in a row and I could not pick up my insurance. I've checked it today and I got about 10 minutes left and servers are still dying. Is it possible to get a refund on the insurance or just the actual gear.
  10. This is my server list as of right this moment on Tuesday night at almost 11 pm. I don't care about Seoul, Hong Kong, or Singapore. I live very near to Tokyo. Notice those pings? That is completely unacceptable. That's with nothing else running or using any bandwidth. The connection issues have become so terrible recently I began to check my speed and ping the Tarkov servers as well everyday before playing. My normal Tokyo ping is 12, but as of the last few weeks especially on the weekends I just can't play at prime time. I can at least understand that on the weekends as it's a time when a good number of people are off and trying to play. But now it's creeping into late night weekdays and the ping is not just high, it's really high! Look at these two picture taken within 10 seconds of each other. First, why are there three Tokyo servers all with such horrible variations? Are they truly in Tokyo or are they just named that? Secondly, Tokyo-02 is not even select-able as an option where as 03 is. I understand to a degree wanting to limit players from playing outside of their areas. I think it's rather cruddy to not allow friends and family play overseas, but at least I understand that. But when the local server right near my house is pinging so high that I'm getting bad connection disconnects, there's a major issue here. Can someone please look into the situation with our servers in the Asia region to let us know why such a disparity on the connection list? This is within the following 10 seconds: gggg
  11. Add Dubai servers Please Bsg everyone in the middle east can't even play the game. The two provided middle eastern servers don't even give us good ping (so bad that we get kicked). I would suggest removing the other two useless servers and providing us with servers in Dubai. Dubai has very stable servers and can reach many people near us allowing most of middle east to play without being unfairly disadvantaged by 20 ping players. Thanks 😁
  12. azullaris

    What Problem can it be?

    So for the last couple of months something bizarre is happening while me and my friends try to play together. Everytime we decide to play together the game can: Crash, one of us receives "Connection error", Stutters and when loading the game it takes forever. And the strangest thing in all of this, is that it only happens when we try to play together. We live in the same city, we play in the same server, and our pcs are almost the same the only difference being that mine has 16GB of ram while theirs is 8GB. We tried everything so we could play together but ends up doing the same poo all over again, we tought that it was the connection but our friend most affected by this issues has the best internet of all our group. So i wish that somebody knows what could be the problem, cause its really sad having 3 friends that play the game, but we cant group up. PS: We are a group of 2USECS and 1 BEAR, also we tried playing in pairs but it dindt worked, it was the same as playing with 3.
  13. Aytoms

    new ping limit goes too far

    the new ping limit being at 180ms i really really do believe is a huge hinderance to the game as a whole. 250-300 is where the realm of max ping should ALWAYS be at, because going past that oversteps the bounds and essentially region-locks the game for no real benefit. maybe for some people it's not a problem, but if i'm having troubles playing with my international friends, or having troubles finding matches since i'm playing off-peak hours, i'm now unable to play this game. i understand that this game is in beta, but that really shouldn't mean developers should take this type of action to combat this type of issue. i do believe the cap needs to be in place, but the lower you go, the worse of an impact it has, and rn its way too far. packet loss kicks already deal with lagswitchers, and if theres an issue with ping this low, its a netcode issue, not a ping issue. i really hope people will at least consider getting the devs to raise the ping limit way back up, since playing it with international friends rn is a dream. thanks, aytoms
  14. Soomby

    Middle East Servers??

    Is there any plan to to roll out middle east servers? The connection times and rubber banding is making it impossible to play the game. Average games have a RTT of around 160. Pleaseee Battlestate help a brother ouuuut!
  15. Delicious_Tea

    Asia Server Cluster

    As of an hour ago there was no issue. I am usually playing on the Seoul or Tokyo server. There was no notification that a Tokyo 02 server was up, but I just found out moments ago when I found that I was instantly losing all connections to nay game. I live right next to Tokyo and my ping is usually 10-15 ms to the server there. It is now never below 150. The following picture was the lowest it ever displayed after waiting for 5 minutes. There are no other connections outside and my ping is nominal for everything else. Is there a DDOS attack or other issue happening to the Asia cluster right now? Also, why is Tokyo 02 over 500 ms?
  16. BallzDeep69

    Fix your servers FOR REAL this time

    Not only is a ping of 120 or higher every game unacceptable in fps game, the fact I only connect to the U.S servers and your servers still cant handle basic traffic of players is sad. Plus the fact that i have to restart the game after every raid to sell to the vendors is retarded and has been the same since 2018 and you have never fixed the issue. You need to stop adding poo and work on the foundations of the game. If the server are garbage, no one cares about new content.
  17. AfRomero

    Server Connection Lost

    Hello, since the new hotfix came out to stop the real world traders with the ping limit i keep getting "server connection lost" error and booted from the game. I have played other online multiplayer games to see if it was my internet that was the problem, but sadly it only happens when playing tarkov I have not encountered this problem on any of the patches prior to patch .12. I am currently on the NA servers, and was wondering if there was a solution or if the server room was currently on fire. Love the game, but currently unplayable for me <(q_q)>
  18. 1. Hier könnt ihr sehen, wie ein Spieler ein ganzes Magazin in einen Gegner jagd und nichts passiert - außer, dass er selbst kurz darauf stirbt: https://youtu.be/Ne9T0HHGDRE?t=574 2. Und hier ist die gleiche Szene aus der Sicht des Gegners, der nur den anderen Spieler sieht, aber "nicht", wie er mit einem ganzen Magazin beschossen wird und daher sorgenfrei zielt und ein paar schüsse abgibt, bis der andere tot ist: https://youtu.be/Ne9T0HHGDRE?t=768 Da scheinen Netcode und Server komplett zu versagen oder woran liegt sowas? 😯🙄😕
  19. KruZar

    Need Refund or Fix the game

    i used to get 120ms(lowest) ping after update it became 195ms. can't even play a single raid just getting kicked from the server. i invested 120$ and its not a joke. need refund or fix the problem. thanks.
  20. Hola queridos compañeros de Latinoamérica, Me gustaría contar con la opinión de la comunidad con respecto al estado actual de los servidores en nuestra región. Los invito a que completen la encuesta de arriba y dejen su comentario mientras respete las reglas del foro y sea cuan constructivo y objetivo posible. Gracias!
  21. Gwynbleeidd

    Middle East Servers

    I have a question/suggestion/request to the devs. Is there a plan to add another server for the Middle East? a proper one. A server in UAE (Dubai) will be good for the region. Currently there are two servers, Turkey and Tel-Aviv which are both for me 150+ ping. EU servers are 120+ ping. Adding a server there will be good for the entire region for all players. and I believe there is a minimum of 300 players so I am not the only one. This will reduce lag, disconnects and it will most likely increase the player base too. To my understanding server support already exists in UAE (Dubai) and also Bahrain. Ping is critical to FPS games like this one especially when it comes to PvP so please add a server in the region as soon as possible. If you reached this point thank you for reading this and please let me know what YOU think.
  22. CookieZG

    Server Issues in Asia

    Last wipe I played on Hong Kong servers with a lot of my friends from Asia and Australia, but now from this current wipe after around 2 weeks of playing, I am barely able to connect to Singapore which is my closest server to my country and my friends cant connect to Singapore or Hong Kong. Im not sure what happened here but my suggestion for server lag that people have been reporting has been caused by the new encryption system would be to remove this new system and replace it with a system that scans EFT being scanned throughout your raids to see if anything is interfering with Tarkov which shouldn't. Things like Ge-force Experience would be interfering with Tarkov but would be allowed while things like Radar which is an external or internal hack would be scanned and picked up from this Anti-Cheat and reported to the Developers. This could be a system in the loading screen or a system that continuously runs as you play.
  23. So, in the past two weeks I've been struggling to play with my friend who lives in Malaysia. Im in Australia I understand that pings a big issue, but being that hes a good friend I wanted to play with him through out the fresh wipe. We've also played before, with roughly 150 ping being on his servers, which is fine for me. Now on the other hand, we can't even play together anymore... The servers have all spiked in ping, and now when he plays on my servers or I play on his servers we get booted out consistently due to ping. Does anyone know what the hell happened ?
  24. incenty_y

    Unlock ping or buy more servers NOW

    I know you just started to lock the ping my friend in China cannot play US servers any more since today. Can you give me a way to play this game with my friend? I used to play on asia servers but for now the matching time is too long, i need wait more than ten minutes on waiting match. Several days ago, my friend came to American servers and he had about 180 ping lag. I think it is acceptable to play this game. Let players play with others from all the world please.
  25. Hello, I just wanted to point out the issue that there aren't any decent Middle East servers whatsoever. I want to preface this by saying that I'm playing from the UAE and I get: Tel Aviv - 200 Ping Turkey - 150 Ping I have better ping playing on European servers. Getting disconnected from raid isn't rare and usually ruins the game between the time I have to get disconnected, reconnect and re-load the map. It would make alot of sense to have a server in the UAE, or Saudi Arabia.
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