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Found 18 results

  1. I changed my screen to windowed mode after the .10 update, and realized that after that I could not get to my settings. I can drag my game up the screen, but it jumps back after I let go. I can't resize my game again, because I don't have access to the settings. I can still play, but my settings haven't been tuned to my older computer, so the game runs awfully. I was hoping there was another way to get to the settings, maybe a hotkey? But I haven't been able to find anything online. Thanks!
  2. Salvococo

    Problema Fps

    Salve a tutti ho un problema col gioco,con quasi tutte le mappe quando vado in mira gli fps mi passano da 60 a 30 su woods,reserve pure a 20 i settaggi sono al minimo modificati più volte... Config: GeForce GTX 1660 Amd Ryzen 5 2600X 16 GB Di ram ssd da 1 tb usata solo per tarkov da cosa dipende il mio problema? a tratti diventa davvero difficile giocare. Qualcuno sa aiutarmi ? grazie 😥
  3. Ragnar-Asatru

    OBS Aufnahmen

    Grüße miteinander, ich versuche mich in letzter Zeit in Aufnahmen von Tarkov sowie der Bearbeitung der Videos. Mir ist bei meinem letzten Projekt nun aufgefallen dass die Schatten extrem verpixelt werden. Alles andere sieht Top aus nur eben sind die Schatten der reinste Pixelbrei. Das erste was ich versuchte war natürlich das verändern der Bitrate sowohl beim Aufnehmen als auch beim rendern jedoch ohne Erfolg, es veränderte sich die gesamt Qualität der Texturen aber die Schatten blieben verpixelt. Habt ihr dafür Lösungen bzw. Einstellungen von OBS oder einem beliebigem Editierprogramms? Ich bin mir unsicher ob es an meinen Einstellungen liegt oder ob Tarkov selbst sich einfach schlecht aufnehmen lässt in Richtung Schatten. Schickt mir gerne mal Screenshots eurer OBS Einstelllungen. Ich suche seit gestern durchgehend nach Lösungen, wurde aber leider nicht fündig. KEINE WERBUNG_______________________________________________________________________ Hier hab ich mein letztes Projekt hochgeladen als Fallbeispiel - gerendert wurde auf 4k auf selbiger Auflösung wie auch Aufgenommen wurde. Mehrere Rendereinstellungen habe ich versucht, auch andere Bitraten, Auflösungen etc. PS: Aufnahme Programm war OBS und Editierprogramm Davinci Resolve Schon mal Danke für jede Hifle
  4. So, I'm not sure when this became a problem, but after one of the patches, my cursor hasn't been staying locked onto just my screen while in-game, even though everything is set to Fullscreen, that being in-game and in the client launcher. This makes this really difficult for aiming and attempting to shoot, being that it tabs me out of game due to the cursor dragging itself out of game, onto my second monitor. The simple work around would be to just use one of monitors while playing Tarkov, but being the only game that I have this unique issue with, I feel like I shouldn't have to do that. My question is: Am I the only one having this problem, or is this a known issue yet? And secondly, is there a fix?
  5. I have been dealing with this issue for a couple weeks now and am wondering if anyone else is too. When I start the game, I notice that all my customized settings are always reverted back to the games default setup. I have to keep inputting my custom graphics, sound, and controls in every time I play the game. It is becoming very frustrating since I had no problems with this when I first got the game in early January 2018. Yes I hit 'SAVE' every time I exit the settings. Once I do change the controls to how I play, they stay the whole time I have EFT open on my pc. Alt-Tab'ing does not revert my controls. Once I close the game and start it backup, the settings are reverted. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling and that didn't work. Please help
  6. Kwandes

    Selectable Sound Device

    Hello, Recently I have decided to setup my OBS to record EFT gameplay. I like to setup different channels for different source, like Virtual Cable A (VB A) for the game, Virtual Cable B for discord etc. That allows me to easily tweak sound when processing the footage. But to my surprise, it is impossible for EFT. I'm using Sonic Studio 3 (ROG Strix B350-f motherboard) and it does not detect EFT as a sound source. Windows sounds does not see EFT as a sound by itself either. I have tried other means and it seems impossible to set custom sound device routing for EFT. The workaround I found is changing default device to given device, for example VB A, launching EFT (which sets default device as it's output device) and then switching back to previous default device, with EFT now playing on VB A. The issue with this is extra hassle I have to go through every time I want to launch the game and worsens overall experience. I would like to note that once VOIP is added, device routing in sound menu will be even more important. It would be really nice if an extra option in sound menu of choosing which device to use, for both input and output. Also I suspect you have "masked" the program so make sound hacks harder to create but a dedicated hacker will have no issues using the workaround and your "protection" only hinders normal users and content creators. Thank you for your time, Loyal player and supporter
  7. I'm not sure if I'm posting this correctly, as this is my first post, but I'd like to know if there is an option to play the game in borderless windowed mode? Basically a mode where it is full screen sized but its a window. That was you can alt+tab out of the game without it minimizing to your taskbar. If this option is not in the game, does anyone know if there are plans to implement it?
  8. Chouette

    Lean and side controls with Alt+,

    I'd like to know if it will be possible to remap the Alt+ controls. Currently (QWERTY example) the A,D is for sidestep and Q,E is for lean. However with Alt, the behaviour is reversed, Alt+A, Alt+D makes lean progressively and Alt+Q, Alt+E does sidestep, I'd be happy to able to reverse that. Also the "shoot over" (Alt+W) is pretty annoying as I often check mag or switch sight while walking (e.g. with Elcan Spectr) but the Alt+W is kind of disruptive so I must release that key first. Thanks,
  9. Okay, call me a noob(I'm level around 10 anyway) if you wish but I'm sick of getting sniped from bushes and its friends. Could anyone please tell me what settings should I change to get overall more visibility and smoother gunplay? I'm playing on high graphs. Just turned off the headbobbing, tuned up the FOV and it's way way better but I'm wondering if there is any other things such as this or if lowering graphics helps with visibility. Thanks for the answers.
  10. SOAS_Oni

    Graphic Improvement

    Hi everybody - Dear fellow Escapers! I hope this topic doesn't already exist somewhere here in the forum, at least I couldn't find it - so yeah, I'm sorry in advance if this topic has already been discussed. Anyways, I've been playing EFT for about 3 weeks now and also watched a lot of streams/youtube videos from people like TheDevilDogGamer, DeadlySlob etc. ... who were one of the reasons, I even bought this game, because it always looked so freaking tempting and tbh I don't regret it at all - I'm really enjoying the game so far For your info: My PC can run games like Witcher 3 etc. on Ultra without any problems and about 100-120 FPS. - I'm using a gsync monitor (vsync is turned off) and never had problems in tarkov - though, when I watch videos from the youtubers/streamers, their game looks so good and it runs extremely smoove. It shows that I have about 100-130 FPS while playing the game. Now the thing is: I have seen a lot of people using the reshade program, which basically is just for making the game more uhm let's say "colourful" - please correct me if I'm wrong - I tried it, works fine. But does anyone of you know what kind of settings the youtubers use to make their game so good looking and smoove? - I've been looking for an answer for days now and couldn't really find the perfect solution. I could probably even run the game in 4K but not sure if it's already compatible with it. Could it be that the gsync is causing troubles? or am I just maybe too dumb to find the perfect settings? Anyway, thanks in Advance for any kind of help/tips and may ur scavs not hit one single bullet and your loot be glorious <3 peAce out, Oni
  11. BedanCZ

    Changing NV (Nvidia) settings

    Hello. Id like to ask a question about changing your graphical settings in Nvidia Control Panel. Ive heard it can get me banned for changing the settings of my GPU or monitor to change the brightness of my screen. From what i heard is that people use it to their "advantage" to see at night and such. I am not going to deny that i didn't try it alteast once. I did but it was no help, so i turned back to my "custom settings" i have it adjusted so the monitor is not as bright. (Gamma, Brightness, Contrast.) I just want to make sure i don't get into trouble. Just because i changed some NVidia settings. Id like to know more about it. Thank you, BedanCZ out.

    Need help with game settings

    So I can barely run this game and I would love someone to help me figure this problem out. My current rig has a 1080 ti, i74790K, and 16gb of ram. Idk what is causing the issue and i realllllllly want to play.
  13. ArfurFaulksHake

    Poll: mouse sensitivity

    So a lot of us use gaming mice with fairly high DPI and thus in a lot of games it can be hard to find a good mouse setting. I myself use a mouse with only 800dpi and i need to set the ingame mouse sensitivity to about 0.5. So id like to know what settings you guys use. This, hopefully, will provide usefull data for the developers. And maybe it shows the need to add a fine tune scale to the mouse sensitivity. If you find this Poll valuable please consider voting it up, so it may gets the devs attention.
  14. BooseOG

    Re-shade Graphics settings

    https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/game/1739/ Here is some premade graphic settings because people don't Google
  15. jimybrown

    User Graphic Settings

    Moin, mich würde mal interessieren unter welchen Grafik Einstellungen ihr so zockt. Und ob es gewisse Vorteile in der Sicht dadurch ergibt.
  16. I added Reshade on EFT (It is a tool that unlock advanced graphic settings) because i wanted the graphics that i originally see in the past trailers. Do you like that? (I think that the photos are compress ) Is this a good settings? How does graphic rendering look to you? There are something that you delete/add/change?? Please tell me. Sorry For my english
  17. Vikinuts


    Ho aggiunto il Reshade a EFT (Per chi non lo sapesse è un tool che permette di aggiungere effetti grafici avanzati alla maggior parte dei giochi) e ho smanettato un po con i settings,è la prima volta che lo uso quindi non sono molto esperto. Come vi sembra la resa grafica? Secondo voi c'è qualcosa da migliorare/aggiungere/rimuovere? Ho già risolto il problema delle scritte poco visibili nell'HUD.
  18. Will we be able to set our own prefered FOV via the game options? What about the FOV of the weapon itself and the Aim Down Sight (ADS) FOV, some people like their weapon to be further away/smaller - What I guess is that if there is a FOV slider that the weapon will scale accordingly.
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