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Found 2 results

  1. The Gear Share Thread Take out your sickest rifle or your new crafty experimental firing system. Walk others through your thought process, how far it's in the game and how much it is. Help create a fun meta of guns and gear, and create interest in higher level content and their shenanigans for beginners. Shine light on pieces that others might overlook and make them sparkle. Bring out the value in items, explain your combination of gear, the dosage of your meds, the choice of grenades etc. Snap a screen, make a short video, write walls of texts or just go mad with numbers with other math maniacs. #0.9 As this patch just went live a few hours prior to this post I see a lot of potential for fresh content. I'll start. Since I am quite a new player, I've tried ducking around with cheap gear to see what works and what doesn't. To explain my backgrounds a bit, I come from the cs:go scene, have 1300 hours on record and played a lot around LEM ranks. I tried the Toz, and I don't know why but the constant fear of having just 2 bullets before being helpless for a good 5 seconds cripples me and my playstyle. It doesn't fit my playstyle and even though I can land my shots, it seems to me often the bullets just bounced away. The MP153 seems like a better choice and it's definitely a gun I would pick up in a stress situation to deal with somebody, but as soon as it gets to anything thats more than a hallway you're lacking range. It's also not really cheap with it's 30k price tag. So I slowly started searching through the stuff I chucked in my stash to see what my option are in the beginning. The AK74U seemed like a good choice, but the lack of a good clear view on the enemy and no availability for either the gun or the scope from lv0 traders pushed it away from what I searched. I came to the conclusion that the AK74N is your best bet, since it has a very nice clear iron sight from the start and two Black Rocks are very manageable to obtain. But I kept thinking: "What if it's Day 0 Hour 0 after the wipe and I have no super duper edition where I get stuffed from the start like I do with EOD. What if I get dropped with the bare basics and not a lot of money on my hands? Whats the best I can do while being cheap?" "THE CLG (Compact Loot Gun)" After looking around a bit and doing a little playtesting I've decided this to be the perfect CQB budget looting gun. i'll explain later on. Part List PP19 Vanilla EKP 8-18 + Reflex shades 120 Pst Gzh 9x19 Extra 9x19 Mag The gun is extremely friendly for building up cashflow for prapor and mechanic since the parts can be sold to both if no longer needed and the ammo can be bought for the same price from mechanic, making it a nice passive buildup as bullets have small shelf life. You can pair this gun with light gear, for example a scav vest, a mbss and maybe a paca or 3m. But I've found that running the gun naked isn't much of a problem either. It holds enough of a punch and accuracy to quickly put a bullet into somebodies head, sparing yourself bullets, meds and most importantly keeping a low profile with a quick burst. End fights before they begin. Pricing & Economy Holy poo. When I first found this thing off a Scav I discovered potential I dismissed in Battlefield 3 long ago. On the first encounter It didn't have a scope on it. As I had a mate with me I talked a lot about the gun and he told me the EKP fits by default on the PP19 and the 10k price tag might seem like an investment, but a full set of the gun has so many positives that I see no reason to not run it if you're low on cash but want a decent chance to bring home some gear instead of getting blown over because that one pistol bullet just won't cut it against the armored fatties. The cost of the gun ( -Bullets, +ExtraMag) totals to a sum of R 31 440. Including the ammo the set comes to R 39 960. You can additionally sell the rear sight, granting you a 228 rouble cashback at mechanic. Compare this to let's say the MP 153, it has a colossal size of 1x7 slots and a price tag (Gun + 30 12x70 Buck Shells) of R 31 502. It does not have any modding options off the bat and it does not come with any tactical attachment. For R 8000 more you get the opportunity to get a clear view of your opponent and have an option to better control over cqb situations because your momentum does not rely on your gun anymore. So if you were to take the MP153 gun into a raid, you're gonna drop it if the other two guns are tasty enough to pick them up over the trusty black barrel. The PP19 in this configuration has a size of 2x3, and can be folded to 2x2. So if youre gonna run a backpack, I don't see a reason to store it away in my BP mid raid, since folding doesn't take long and the weapon can be unfolded very quickly for an out of the box battle state. Comparing to an AK74U, you have two more free slots that can be filled with precious very much needed early game money. And if you're a incredibly cheap bastard, you can in theory stuff the gun away in your Alpha or Gamma Container if things get rough and you run a empty pouch. Stats & Mods I look forward to many posts on this thread and I am happy over any submission, regardless of your budget, skill or experience. Whether you're using this thread to educate yourself about ideas how to approach tarkov in it's multiple stages or if you're looking for a place to forge wicked creations and share them, you're welcome to this thread. Discussions about sets & guns aren't just allowed, I absolutely encourage every form of critisism or expressions from your point of view. So please, if you see better alternatives, or possible evolutions of an interesting set, share your thoughts!
  2. AndrewBruno

    Helping others :)

    Any other clans or discord server owners interested in letting me post their server invite in our discord to help new players so they can always find someone to play with pm me on here Should also help the mods with lfg posts as well.
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