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Found 47 results

  1. Texastoast4


  2. Warfighter95

    Need Experienced Help

    Looking for highly experienced Sherpas to help me had 35 bad raids in a row and im am trying to keep the hopes high in the fact i can get some assistance
  3. MrXavito

    ___--PROGRAMA SHERPA--___

    El programa Sherpa de Escape From Tarkov empieza HOY!! Si el que estaba a tu lado no se quejó, aunque estaba ceñudo e iracundo, se arrastró junto a tí... Vladimir Vysotsky, poeta y cantante ruso. Las montañas requieren fortaleza, justo como Escape from Tarkov. Uno confía en otro, y el mismo nivel de confianza y protección es necesario en Escape From Tarkov. En las montañas solo puedes confiar realmente en tu amigo, y en EFT solo puedes contar con tu compañero de confianza, aquel que cubrirá tu espalda en los momentos en los que lo necesites. Solo los escaladores más fuertes, audaces y experimentados se convierten en Sherpas en el Himalaya, y aquí, sólo los jugadores más fuertes y experimentados y únicos se convertirán en Sherpas. Los sherpas del Himalaya son los que guían a personas a través de esas cadenas montañosas tan llenas de peligros y muertes repentinas, a través de gargantas y glaciares, los que conocen todos los posibles escollos de la ruta, quienes saben si deben tomar una cuerda o crampones extra. O quizás en otros ámbitos granadas adicionales o un rifle de francotirador... Similarmente, en Escape from Tarkov, un Sherpa es un veterano del juego, un maestro en el combate cercano y a distancia, sus tácticas se adaptan. Simplemente no se arriesga a la ligera, día tras día se aventura a entrar en Tarkov para combatir contra sus enemigos. Su mano es firme. Y sus movimientos infalibles. Sólo los Sherpas pueden entrenar a los novatos y advertirles de una muerte rápida y poco gloriosa. No sólo la fortaleza es necesaria, al igual que al escalar una montaña, no lo es tampoco en una localización en Escape from Tarkov. Requiere habilidad, y la habilidad sólo se consigue con experiencia. Los Sherpas entrenan novatos. Los Sherpas les llevan de Raid. Los Sherpas les avisan de los peligros: "Cuidado, hay un agujero ahí" El Sherpa salvará a un novato cuando éste esté recargando, mientras el latido de su corazón y las balas rozándole son lo único que siente, pero entonces y tras un sólo y único disparo de rifle de francotirador oirá la voz calmada del Sherpa diciendo: "Uno menos". Ser un Sherpa es un título especial, no es para todo el mundo, sino sólo para los que más lo merecen. Los Sherpas recibirán regularmente paquetes especiales de Battlestate Games, con municiones para su complicado trabajo. El Sherpa entregará a los novatos un set completo de armas y equipo para cada raid. Tiene un rango especial en el foro y, más importante, por un servicio excelente puede ser recompensado con un galardón especial. EL PROGRAMA SHERPA EMPIEZA HOY ¡¡Os deseamos buena suerte en el combate, y paciencia con los nuevos, SHERPAS!! Antes de mandar solicitudes para el programa Sherpa, recordar que todas pasan por mis manos. Asi que hablarlo antes conmigo! Pero tras eso podreís enviarlas aquí, si os doy el visto bueno: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/sherpa/request Pide ayuda a un Sherpa aquí: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/sherpa Discute las noticias aquí: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/87-sherpa/
  4. A guide for the healing items for new players and a tool for sherpas to use to while explaining the system. As a sherpa this past week I found this to be useful for my new players to better explain the meds in Tarkov. Hope this helps you as a sherpa or new player to the game ❤️
  5. Cheers everybody, brief introduction who I am. My real name is Ken, currently 23 from Switzerland my gamertag is JustKilo/Alpha01 since I made this account as one of the first guys. In real life I instruct people in defence shooting/cqb and beginners how to use guns in my own shooting-school. Therefore I bring alot of experience in terms of; manage all kinds of people and understand their needs and problems, on top of that comes the knowlede of weapons and movement which comes in handy when I do my job as a sherpa in Tarkov. Therefore I can relate and discuss many topics with ingame and, life experience and since I own a company myself also from this point of view. My work will therefore focus on optimize the relationship between community and game in various ways. You will find me sweeping through forums, the official discords and Twitch itself where I make alot of guides for the new players here. Since I speak german and english you can contact me in both languages. Soon I will start working on some plans which will help the community and BSG in few ways and should enhance the ralationship to solve some problems. To sum it up I feel honored to be the first Swiss Shepa-Emissary and will fullfill that task with honor, motivation and with heart. Keep your heads down Kilo is now in the town.
  6. Hey there Deeki Needles here. I've run this discord to teach new players how to play the game as well as make money. If you need a group to play with and are tired of getting clapped by 4 or 5 mans join up! Want to finally see a ledx? Wanna learn to solo cache run on shoreline to make money? join up! Wanna finally kill a pmc? JOIN UP! We teach new players several things from making money on different maps and have sherpas to match your style. If you really want a discord to help you give us a try we've had many players that were new to the game to having several millions of roubles. Come have fun with us! https://discord.gg/CnYRAQVSf9
  7. Alright, I have a lots of new members in our discord community that just started playing Tarkov and at this stage it is very difficult for them to win a PVP without being 2 tapped or die from bleeding. Although it sounds really hard for new players to start the game at mid wipe I always encourage them that this is the best time to prepare themselves for the next wipe. Sometimes no matter how good their positioning is, their bullets just can't penetrate an Altyn this is where the most budget effective gear I have advised them to use. a semi-moded /stock AK with BT Rounds, 6b5-15 armor (ragman level 1), gssh-01 and ssh-68. I have always told them to profile their enemy whenever they have the chance that is to increase their rate of success whether their bullets be more effective by just hitting their legs or they can just mag dump them to the thorax. I would really appreciate if anyone could suggest a more budget effective gears for levels 1-10 and 11-20. PS: I always ask them to focus on quests and hideout(Salewa Supply), Budget Quest Effective Gear, their PVP experience will come by naturally. Thank you!
  8. Upright

    How to know if your a sherpa

    Hello escapers , if your anything like me your excited to share your knowledge with those noobies so they dont have to suffer as we did, if youve applied for sherpa i just want to clarify that if accepted you will be emailed regarding your acceptance , you may also view all current sherpas under the “sherpas” tab on your profile! Good luck!!!
  9. ZioEnzo

    Contest "Training with Sherpa"

    Stiamo iniziando un nuovo concorso "Training with Sherpa". Come saprete, abbiamo degli Sherpa (guida del gioco). Ogni giorno stanno insegnando ai nuovi giocatori che richiedono aiuto, come progredire nel mondo di Tarkov. Per partecipare dovrete creare un video che includa lo Sherpa e il nuovo giocatore (lo Sherpa non deve essere uno Sherpa verificato). Il video deve durare meno di 15 minuti. Vi consigliamo di mostrare uno dei seguenti stili di insegnamento nel vostro video: - Lo Sherpa insegna a giocare come Scav. - Lo Sherpa insegna a giocare in stile “assault”. - Lo Sherpa insegna a suonare in stile “recon”. - Lo Sherpa insegna a giocare in stile “sniper”. Carica il video su YouTube (deve essere disponibile al pubblico). Importante: nel titolo del video deve essere presente "Escape From Tarkov Sherpa". Invia il tuo video (sotto forma di link) nel seguente topic: 📌Assicurati di seguire le regole del Forum e i consigli sui topic. I messaggi non inerenti verranno eliminati. Le violazioni ripetute comporteranno una punizione in termini di punti di avvertimento. Premi per il Contest: - 1-5 posti otterranno un’edizione di “Escape From Tarkov” (l'edizione dipenderà dalla qualità del lavoro). Le iscrizioni sono accettate fino al 10.05.2020 (incluso il 10-05). I risultati saranno resi noti la settimana dopo. Buona fortuna!
  10. ZioEnzo

    Evento SHERPA ON Lab 30/04

    Buongiorno a Tutti, Giovedì 30/04 ore 21:00 si terrà la “Lezione “che segnerà la fine del “Corso” iniziato, da me e @Wratto, a Gennaio. Essendo la lezione conclusiva, avremo non uno, ma ben due ospiti d'eccezione! Saranno tra i nostri: Fraws di “Parliamodivg” e Cantact. Il primo è un noto Youtuber del panorama italiano ed un grande fan del gioco; il Secondo, un ottimo giocatore, e esperto della mappa Lab. Infine, oltre a ricordarvi di contattarmi per qualsiasi richiesta, abbiamo un’ulteriore sorpresa per voi: durante tutto il corso della Serata, terremo diversi Giveaway di chiavi di prova del gioco (ottimo modo per far provare il gioco ai vostri amici!). Vi invito a visitare i canali di Fraws e Cantact per avere un assaggio della Nostra lezione conclusiva. Vi auguro una buona giornata! Contatto Discord Enzo: Enzo#0753 Server Discord : https://discord.gg/3qspwyJ Twitch Fraws: Twitch Cantact:
  11. ZioEnzo

    Evento Sherpa ON Reserve 03/04

    Buongiorno a Tutti, Venerdì 03/04 ore 21:00 si terrà la “Lezione”, ormai consolidata, del Venerdì (Mese di Marzo saltata causa Covid/19). In questa “Lezione” sarò accompagnato dal mio collaboratore @Wratto e dallo Sherpa @Giamma Inoltre avremo un ospite d'eccezione, ovvero Fraws di “Parliamodivg”, da cui canale faremo la diretta streaming. Noto esponente del panorama videoludico italiano ed un grande fan del gioco; è stato uno dei primi in Italia a far conoscere Escape From Tarkov tramite le sue live. Come sempre, rinnovo l’invito a contattarmi per qualsiasi richiesta e, aspettando l'evento, vi consiglio di fare una visita ai canali di Fraws. Una Buona giornata! Contatto Discord Enzo: Enzo#0753 Twitch: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/parliamodivg
  12. ZioEnzo

    Lezione 28/02 Livello intermedio

    Buonasera a Tutti, Venerdì 28/02 ore 21 e 30 terrò una delle mie "Lezioni”. TUTTI sono ben accetti ed il livello della spiegazione dipenderà dalle Vostre richieste che potrete portare all’attenzione Mia e del mio Collaboratore Wratto. Nello specifico tratteremo due mappe ancora non affrontate nelle mie “Lezioni”: Woods e Factory, oltre a tutte le curiosità che vorrete porci. Infine, ci saranno ospiti speciali, tra cui diversi Sherpa, pronti a rispondere alle vostre richieste e che Ci accompagneranno. Per ulteriori informazioni, lascio il contatto Discord Mio e di Wratto: Enzo#0753; Wratto#2562 e il link di invito nel Discord che ospiterà la lezione. Vi auguro un buon proseguimento di giornata, Vincenzo. Link invito Discord: https://discord.gg/Nq6CFDE
  13. Hi all, over the past 2 years I have played, streamed and taught Tarkov to thousands of people, many of whom are part of our Discord Community and are looking for new members to team up with! With almost 2000 members, if you are a new player or a veteran we have you covered, as long as you have a positive attitude and are willing to learn, have fun and/or pass on your knowledge you will fit right in. We have zero tolerance for toxic kids so please close this thread if that’s you. So, if the above statement applies to you, click the following link and get involved! In-game item giveaways are daily, with t-shirts going out every Friday Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon! https://discord.gg/CgDvEFg
  14. Servus, heute möchte ich euch meinen Community Discord vorstellen. Dieser Discord wird von mir persönlich geleitet und überwacht. Auf dem Discord könnt ihr: Zusätzliche Informationen zum Spiel finden Direkten Kontakt zu mir finden unter anderem auch Hilfe Gruppen bilden und Neulingen helfen (Sherpaprogramm) Handeln von seltenen Gegenständen Smalltalks über das Spiel Ich weiß das Discord für die meisten von euch neu ist aber vertraut mir Discord ist meiner Meinung nach um einiges besser als Teamspeak und auch viel übersichtlicher. Wer sich mit Discord schon auskennt weiß wovon ich rede. Ich werde auf dem Discord persönlich sehr aktiv sein. Jetzt liste ich euch in ein paar Schritten auf wie ihr auf den Community Discord kommt: Downloadet die Discord-App: https://discordapp.com/download Erstellt euch einen Account mit Username und Passwort Öffnet Discord und klickt auf das "+" oben links (Bild) Dann klickt auf "Trete einem Server bei" und gebt diese Adresse ein https://discord.gg/3sfNgAt Jetzt seht ihr den EFT Community Discord und könnt euch frei bewegen Wilkommen! Ich wünsche mir hiermit einen Großteil der deutschsprachigen Community zusammen zubringen um ein noch besseres Spielerlebnis zu haben. Es gibt zu viele einsame Escapers da draußen! Lasst sie nicht im Stich! Der Discord ist nicht in direkter Verbindung mit Battlestate Games und Battlestate Games haftet nicht für diesen Discord. Dies ist kein offizieller Discord Server von Battlestate Games!
  15. Hey, I applied to become a Sherpa what is next though? I have no really found any information on what to do next. Will I be waiting for a message or an email or some type of message on discord please help? Thanks,
  16. NOW! this is a topic i can get behind, first off i want to hear all of your war story's good or bad, did your raze a bambie to great things or did you pup bite you in the back when you where not looking. the sherpa idea is great, i personal didn't want to get involved with the Emissaries side of thing not my style. But helping the community through the games its self is something i love. little bit about my self so you all have some back story and get to know me so names HooK - Australia, dayz mod server owner/staff for ( 1000000 vehicles/ Zombz ) 4 years ( 3 of witch had our servers in the top 5 of game tracker ) ok where to begin.... have been surviving for allmost 6 years now across many lands with even more challenges, helping those i could along the way some of witch i still call friends to this day. the escapade began in an in chernarus where a mad plague of humans broke out funny thing is it seams that it wasn't the ones that ate your flesh you had to watch out for, it seams that those still human where affected the worst, killing with out remorse just to find an item not caring what some ones story was. this was the begining it soon spreed ......... my opinion on the ingame sherpaing is we need communication, yes ive helped a few axe/knife people but they will never truly learn through head noods please feel free to share your story and hear others. knowledge is power
  17. Buongiorno a Tutti, Venerdì 24/01 ore 21 e 30 terrò una delle mie "Lezioni". TUTTI sono ben accetti ed il livello della spiegazione dipenderà dalle Vostre richieste, toccando anche argomenti un pò più "middle-game". Per ulteriori informazioni, lascio il mio contatto Discord : Enzo#0753 . Vi auguro un buon proseguimento di giornata, Vincenzo!
  18. dinosamir

    Eventi ed Iniziative SHERPA

    Cari escapers, per ragruppare tutte le iniziative passate e future dei nostri sherpa, indipendentemente che siano bsg o non, avremo questo post dove i vostri sherpa potranno aggiornarvi riguardo alle loro iniziative! Grazie e benvenuti in Escape From Tarkov!
  19. fedeico

    Multi sherpata - pratical lvl

    Mercoledì 22, alle 21.00, vi sarà il terzo livello delle sherpate che da tempo organizzo per "aiutare ad apprendere" EFT: Sessione di Pratica. A seconda del numero dei presenti, si organizzeranno serie di raid in squadra (di norma due sherpa/esperti e tre reclute) su qualunque mappa vogliate per cercare di mettere in atto le spiegazioni datevi in precedenza. In seguito se ne discuterà l'andamento per cercare di analizzare al meglio le diverse situazioni. Vi sarà ad aiutarmi i candidati sherpa Enzo e Kemino e forse anche WarDaddy: tutti personaggi noti nella community italiana per il loro impegno e la loro disponibilità a dar una mano ai nuovi. Chi fosse interessato è pregato di contattarmi in privato precedentemente all'evento o di presentarsi nel canale coda sherpa del discord (https://discord.gg/2upMWy) poco prima delle 21. Sarò anche come sempre in live su FB, sul mio canale twitch.tv/fedeico/ Per chi volesse vedere per aggiornarsi sulle mie precedenti sherpate potete coleggarvi qui twitch.tv/fedeico/videos?filter=highlights&sort=time:
  20. iSpextor

    Amateur Looking for Experienced Player

    hey guys, i'm looking for an experienced player to help me out with this game. Basically just playing together and learning-by-doing. Would love someone to play with Add me on Discord iSpextor#5004
  21. Madiakz

    1 Year of the Sherpa Program!

    1 Year of the Sherpa Program Escapers, Today marks 1 year since the Sherpa program officially launched and it has been extremely busy to say the least! I thought it would be a great opportunity to thank those that volunteer their time to help new players get started and share some statistics with you! There are currently 55 active Sherpas covering 12 different languages 1,988 raids have been completed successfully! 582 raids failed, well... even Sherpas die sometimes 321 players missed their scheduled raids, we all know that sometimes real life gets in the way of gaming 134 times the Sherpa missed the raids, again not everyone is perfect and we all run late at times right? Top 10 Sherpas @CrisRoLan 137 successful raids! @_Panda__ 118 successful raids! @Balance 81 successful raids! @GTB79 79 successful raids! @sENia_RU 76 successful raids! @fedeico 71 successful raids! @RyoLarsoN 61 successful raids! @CO6P_Xoma 58 successful raids! @BatiaTM 55 successful raids! @KS_ExcelMordor 50 successful raids! I just want to say a HUGE thank you to you guys and the other Sherpas both past and present for your hard work and dedication to the helping the community get started in Escape from Tarkov, it goes without saying that a massive amount of new players would have found raids a hell of a lot more difficult with no Sherpa to watch their six! Keep it up, and good luck in those raids!
  22. Kdo nebo co je vůbec Sherpa ? Sherpa je zkušený hráč Tarkova, kterého můžeš požádat o raid a naučí tě od základů k pokročilým věcem např. znalost map - exity, spawny, ... a mnoho dalšího o co si jenom řekneš. Jak zažádat o raid se Sherpou ? Můžeš si zažádat přes tento odkaz: Sherpa request ZDE SI MŮŽEŠ VYBRAT SHERPU, KTERÁ TĚ MÁ PROVÉST Když vybereš "ANY", tak může kdokoliv, kdo je Sherpa potvrdit tvojí žádost (Vzhledem k tomu, že v seznamu nejsou všechny Sherpy - DOPORUČUJI ponechat "ANY") ZDE SI VYBEREŠ STYL BOJE, KTERÝ PREFERUJEŠ Pokud je to tvůj první raid se Sherpou, tak po nějaké chvilce obdržíš ve hře zprávu s následujícím vybavením: Assault BEAR: AK-74, MP443, BlackRock vesta, MBSS batoh, 2 zásobníky + náboje, AI2 lékárnička a bandáže Assault USEC: M4A1, P226, AVS vesta, MBSS batoh, 2 zásobníky + náboje, AI2 lékárnička a bandáže Recon BEAR: PP19, MP443, Sniper scout vesta, MBSS batoh, 2 zásobníky + náboje, AI2 lékárnička a bandáže Recon USEC: MP5, P226, Commando vesta, 2 zásobníky + náboje, AI2 lékárnička a bandáže Sniper: Mosin PU, MP443, Scav vesta, MBSS batoh, 2 zásobníky + náboje, AI2 lékárnička a bandáže ZDE SI VYBEREŠ MOŽNOST KOMUNIKACE {Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype} (Doporučujeme DISCORD) ZDE SI VYBEREŠ JAZYK VE KTERÉM CHCEŠ HOVOŘIT {Čeština, Slovenština, Angličtina, ...} ZDE NAPÍŠEŠ JMÉNO - PODLE ZVOLENÉ KOMUNIKACE (Discord TAG napište do zprávy pro sherpu - nutné i #0000) ZDE VYBEREŠ DNY A ČAS, KDY CHCEŠ HRÁT SE SHERPOU (Sherpa čas potvrdí a nebo ho změní, ujistěte se, že máte povolené notifikace) ZDE NAPIŠ SVÉ HERNÍ JMÉNO (Jméno, které jste zvolili, když jste vytvářeli charakter ve hře) ZPRÁVA PRO SHERPU NAPIŠTE ZDE SVŮJ DISCORD TAG př. -ErrorCZE-#8111 ŽÁDOST ODEŠLI A VYČKEJ NA ODPOVĚĎ
  23. ¡Supervivientes! ¡Se ha actualizado el sistema Sherpa! Tras estudiar el feedback recibido y conversar con los Sherpa, nos complace anunciar la siguiente mejora del sistema: Ahora podrás filtrar a los Sherpa según su idioma, su estilo de juego, puntuación o la forma de comunicarse. Para recibir el apoyo de un Sherpa en combate, ayudarte con cualquier misión, o simplemente para aprender de los que más saben, puedes solicitarlo fácilmente a través del siguiente enlace: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/sherpa/. Continuaremos mejorando este sistema para satisfacer todas las necesidades de la comunidad, cualquier feedback u opinión al respecto es muy valiosa, contamos contigo.
  24. NoisyCosmos

    Nuevas mejoras del sistema Sherpa

    Nos complace informaros de que el sistema Sherpa ha sido mejorado y actualizado. Ayer introducimos los siguientes cambios: Ahora los Sherpas podrán desactivar la visualización de su perfil en la página principal de Sherpas. Se ha incorporado un chat a la página web para facilitar la comunicación de los Sherpas con los novatos. Vamos a incorporar aún más características dentro de poco. ¡Estad atentos!
  25. FussyFangs

    Nova SHERPA brasileira

    Ola operadores, tanto novatos quanto veteranos de batalha. Mesmo não estando visivel na lista no momento, você pode fazer um request como "ANY", e ao fazer o pedido no campo "message" digite #brasil para que facilite que eu o encoontre e tire suas duvidas e te ajude in-game. O que é o programa SHERPA? O programa SHERPA é um sistema onde jogadores podem pedir ajuda a jogadores mais experientes para que possam aprender coisas novas, explicações sobre as mecanicas dos jogos e serem guiados ao sucesso, "O SHERPA é a mão estendida aqueles que a mais precisão!" Como pedir ajuda a um sherpa: 1- Vá na seção Sherpa do site https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/sherpa 2- No fim da pagina você encontra o botão "REQUEST SHERPA" 3- Em seguida é so preencher o formulario que site disponibiliza e aguardar que eu te encontre Nos vemos em tarkov guerreiros! -C
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