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Found 17 results

  1. Discord channel for squads

    Me and my good friend Crosby11 are currently looking to bring our discord back to life for EFT. We stand at around 50 members that are on from time to time and are looking to expand our little NON-Toxic community. If you have any questions you can DM me on the forums or DM me or Crosby11 on Discord (Link Below). Discord: Stay Safe, Play Aggressive, and Happy Raiding! - Sean
  2. Me and my good friend Crosby11 are currently looking to bring our discord back to life for EFT. We stand at around 50 members that are on from time to time and are looking to expand our little NON-Toxic community. If you have any questions you can DM me on the forums or DM me or Crosby11 on Discord (Link Below). Discord: Stay Safe, Play Aggressive, and Happy Raiding! - Sean
  3. Hey guys, Another "Sherpa" post here. I've completed all of my tasks, and have been successfully raiding for quite some time. After looking into the Sherpa Program's development, I want to get started early. I am looking to help new players get into the game, understand the mechanics and tactics, as well as economy & inventory management. A few things about my style: I don't hand-hold, but will do my best to teach a player how to assess risks, decide on a plan of action, and how to survive. I will also eliminate any "gear fear" you might have, and will teach you how to build up your personal economy and maintain its growth. I am not likely to just hand out items or gear, but I will teach players how to successfully raid with a purpose, whether that be items, money, tasks, weapons, or gear. I am a pretty laid back gamer and have a loose playstyle. I am willing and able to adapt to each player's needs and play styles. Most importantly, I know there is always more to learn about Tarkov, so anyone who wants to learn from me and teach me a thing or two, DM me. Best of luck, A Sherpa Wannabe
  4. NA Sherpa EST

    Greetings New Escapee's, I am Necro, or in the game gNecrOz, and I am I guess what you could call a Sherpa. I have been helping people on several Twitch Channels Ninja_With_No_L, xNovacx, WJ101, etc try to get used to the game. I am averagely knowledgeable with the game and mechanics and the maps and have a good knowledge of the Tasks and locations of items and drops and keys. I am not here to try and plug my stream but that is the best place to find me and if you are not scared of being part of it all you have to do is stop in and ask for help. I am here to try and help anyone who is new to the game and wants to learn a map, or do a task, or learn some mechanics. I am on around 3pm EST to about 12am EST. I am obviously and natively English speaking player. I also am a profuse user of Discord. If you leave a Reply here or a Message or a Post on my Profile wall. I will get back to you as soon as I can and I can work on setting up some time for us to try to work on or do whatever you are looking to accomplish. Be it map Exploring, Tasks, Gear finding, etc. Hope I can help you anyone seeking it as much as I can, Necro Days Monday - Friday Hours 3PM EST - 12PM EST
  5. Hi everyone I accidently posted in general game the following. And if anyone can tell me how to become a Sherpa that would be awesome Our discord is of the nicest and most friendly Sole EFT discords out there. I'm not sure if anyone is trying harder than me to help new players survive more when in raids. I'm not sure if anyone has personally bought and gifted game keys to give away more than me while trying to ball on a disability budget from the va. Or literally pm almost every user that posted a lfg post that got shut down. For everyone that knows me yall know I'm not bloating bragging or cocky what so ever. So please keep your judging disrespectful comments to yourself please and be mature when responding or replying to this post. I know I only bought this game nov 3 of last year and yes I still suck at aiming and killing pmcs but that doesn't negate the fact ive put over 1000 hours into this game trying to learn not counting watching almost every eft video that came out since BSG's first EFT video on youtube and yes I know my stream sucks because I cant afford a graphics card and not to mention all the overtime hours at work work to gift other people the game. If someone is more dedicated or as dedicated or is trying to be as dedicated lets teamup and continue to help everyone we can with EFT. *Qoute* Thank you for reading in advance. (These are personal opinions and by no means facts) Escape from Tarkov is one of the hardest if not the hardest military simulation role playing mmo first person shooter with survival elements currently in the world at this moment. The learning curve is extremely difficult and steep, and this post is designed for everyone to slay that fear most players have of dying for starters along with losing gear, accidently team killing, accidently getting team killed or making common mistakes that cause your teammates to die from other players and/ or scavs. Also, this post will severely help with increasing loot speed and surviving most common situations and fire fights that are constantly happening every minute of every day in Tarkov. We will cover everything we can in this post and are looking forward to it helping at least one if not more new or old to the game. Here we go. Common phrases and acronyms: In lobby: Just a heads up for teammates to know that you are ready to deploy and waiting to squad up with them. A.S.S.: A callout that is very highly recommended and super important to say so your fellow teammates know that you are about to spawn in just in case they are moving toward another pmc spawn that you might spawn at that is different from the original spawn of the first teammate to deploy. Not stating your about to spawn and exactly where you spawned when you do will get you team killed almost every time guaranteed and well it will usually lead to getting that whole squad wiped since people will be busy trying to get the friendly that died gear picked up to either hide for insurance or bring it out the raid to give it back. For example, even if this happens in a 5-man squad, your now down to a 4 man, while one person is “cleaning up” (another phrase that will be addressed later) now you technically only have 3 sets of eyes or 3 angles you can cover while noble person is cleaning up. However, while shooting and/ or killing that friendly by accident in spawn every enemy player that spawned next you will automatically know where those gunshots came from and decent players will be able to tell exactly where it came from on the map. Now, statistically and numerically your squad has a very slim chance of staying alive if another 5man, 4man or 3man squad that knows what they are doing and knows best vantage points to go to lock down the area where the accidently tk happen and them knowing where your team is and you not knowing who will be pushing you when this happens is another obvious disadvantage as well. Strategies to Counter this Mistake: 1. One person grab the gun. And leave everything else on the body. Everyone who isn’t grabbing the gun should be immediately move to strategic position and lock down angle either toward other players spawns and or entrances and/ or exits to tk location. Then wait to patiently to ambush the players that 9/10 will come to investigate the shots. (Leaving everything else on the dead body will make 9/10 players think that this dead person was solo and think everything is clear as long as no one from your squad gets seen while they are moving in. This will allow your squad usually to be able to have eyes on the enemies while they attempt to loot the db and try to find cover while their teammate is looting then all you do is fire when ready and kill them all if this scenario falls into your favor. 2. A little more popular approach is to take everything off your dead team mate and reposition some where else on the map and go from there. How some maps with how close the spawns are (esp house side of the map on woods. Trying to do this method will mostly likely get you wiped. “I’m in”: A callout that is very highly recommended and super important to say especially if you’re the first one to deploy in and the next thing that is very highly recommended and super important to say is to immediately state where you spawned and the TIR (Time in Raid) (Press O) (Default Hotkey) so everyone spawning after has the information so your team can start to develop the IRP (In raid planning) because depending where you spawn (for ex. Again, on woods spawning behind the “house” or most popular callout across all eft “cabin”) you only have seconds before other pmcs can move 20 – 30 ft and be able to engage you right where you spawned in. (Some spawn points will allow you to see all other spawn points on some maps literally by moving to the nearest vantage point if next where you spawned within 45 secs and usually less time than that depending on players skills like endurance and strength) “I’m pushing”: A callout that is very highly recommended and super important to say so your team knows that you are moving from your last location to another. (Not calling out exactly where every time you change positions either will probably get you tk or lead to you tk someone else) we are not stating that you have to learn every callout on every map just to prevent this but stating things like “I’m next to a truck” when there might be 10 other vehicles and 5 other trucks around you will not help especially if rounds are flying all over the place. Just for example “I’m next to grey Toyota truck in front of a warehouse” is more than enough information if its your very first raid in eft and will make things so much easier when playing in a squad that literally has done thousands of raids and know exactly where everything little thing is located on every map. It saves confusion, comms, time, frustration and most of the accidental tk that occur from this. “Holding”: Stating this means you will not move from covering whatever angle you have so other teammates don’t have to worry about keeping track on you especially when hunting or being hunted and setting up ambush or when flanking in a firefight. (It is very highly recommended and super important to say that you are moving or doing anything else after saying this…) Callouts: Either nickname or general locations on map to communicate your position and/ route you are taking so everyone knows where everyone is at. Death Info: It is very highly recommended and super important to say right when your dead that you are dead. Doesn’t matter if its your first raid or ten thousand raid. If it is your first raid and you die just by saying that your dead will let more experienced players almost immediately figure out all the angles you could have been shot from which will mostly likely lead to them slaying whoever killed you. (Doesn’t matter if you don’t have any more info to give but obviously if you know where you where you when you died and where you got shot from helps immensely. It is very highly recommended and super important to keep comms clear from you end after giving out your death info because 99.9% of the time more action will develop within the first min after your dead. Gear Check: Super useful to do when either heading to lobby to say where you gear your bringing in and what is insured to help with comms after events start to happen in raid. If changing your appearance while in raid once again it is very highly recommended and super important to say you are doing so to further, try and prevent accidental tk. Next Topic: Slaying bodies easier in EFT. There is an unlimited number of things you can do as far as setting up traps, baiting, ambushing, or aggressively pushing together or sweeping a map. Here are some things you can do. 1. Understand pmcs levels in relation to trader’s quests items and the “meta” of the game itself. It is very easy while waiting in lobby to do reconnaissance of everyone else not in your squad to get a “general” ( I mean very very very general idea of players you might be going up against) for example, Day 1 Wipe, Almost every single player in the game went to customs to kill 3 scavs within the first 3 hours after the wipe and it was very very very easy to use this kind of knowledge and know that people were going to be running nonstop either to old gas station extract or construction on customs depending on new spawns and set up and wait for entire squads to jump over fence and slay them all down while they were in a single file line ( as most squads usually move in when playing.) We can not tell how many times and I’m sure experienced players will vouch on this too from all over EFT can state that they have killed 5mans while playing solo with a 60-round clip slay them all with one mag… How ever if playing in playing large groups with either a new player and or new person Im not sure if there is a better way to move especially if that new squad is using the map boundary as a guide for navigation etc.. 2. Going prone will give you the most stability and best recoil management when about to slay a target of opportunity. HOWEVER, it will take you a very very long time to go through the animation of proning back to crouching or the standing (about 2 secs) which is forever if your getting shot at. Crouching is the next best thing from the prone as far as weapon control goes as far as shooting and moving while engaging a target or multiples or being shot at from UIT (unidentified threat) while engaging someone else. (Hopefully not me cause I’m a po-tay-toe aimer) This situation will always dictate along with your brain which position is best depending on xyz etc. 3. OMG this this 3rd bullet is huge and once again highly recommend as well. If your like me you will double tap targets even if they looked like they dropped like a sack of potatoes when you really shot and injured the target and he went prone (ESPECIALLY SCAVS NOW) then you get one tapped in the face assuming you killed him. If your going to make a bunch of noise shooting some one I don’t see problem with shooting a target one more time in the t-box. Esp your whole squad was engaging targets and throwing grenades, do you really think one more bullet is going to make the difference? If so please explain 4. Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, as much as you can. There is still currently an offline mode that allows you to go into raid, turn on ai scavs (enable offline check, enable PVE check), and practice slaying bodies. If you die early in a pmc raid when playing with a squad and you don’t have a scav run available just go offline after setting pmc up for next raid and when they are all out the raid simply press escape disconnect confirm leave. All your gear will still be on your body that you went in with whether you die or disconnect from the raid. Or hatchet farm factory and get killed by fort ops core 60 rnd suppressed 5 mans after beating them to the safe <this is a joke by the way… I hope Quick Looting/ Clean Up Tips 1. Cntl Click + Left Click to quickly transfer items from db that are inside pockets, chest rigs and backpacks and it will automatically go (and rotate if needed) to available space in your backpack first, if backpack is full, then it will go to your chest rig next if space is available ( make sure it doesn’t clog mag slot or you will drop the mag in weapon on the floor the next time you perform a tactical reload…) ((I feel your pain if anyone has done it with 60 rn mags..) You can also double left click weapons and or gear with attachments on them off a dead body to inspect the gear then ctrl click + left click the individual attachments and they will automatically go to which ever open spot is left on your pmc in the order described above If you guys want more tips on how to loot even faster and go through the best and most efficient to loot and in what order depending on xyz. etc.. please just give feedback on this Also for the love god if everyone is looting and some spots an enemy please stop looting and slay the threat(s) before continuing to loot. It makes absolutely no sense to continue looting if teammates are taking contact and dying because you that kept looting decided to loot over helping out your teammates and which will most likely cause you to die anyways which means you and your entire squad not only gets all their gear taken because your all dead and which also means no one got any loot from your squad anyways. (Not talking about meme runs etc etc etc….) Plus it will only trigger most people anyways and destroy morale… Cleaning up dead team mates/ dead bodies For example, you are running in 3 man squad and one of you dies. One player will need to “clean up” ( pick up everything that was insured and hide it) while the other covers. Clean up dude should literally go some where there is cover and mouse cursor hover delete key everything on his body except for primary and (except for pockets) meds that are in pockets. Get back over the friendly db quickly loot drag his gun first to sling then body armor then helmet then rig then backpack off his body run somewhere that obviously isn’t next to dead body if your able to (because experienced players running scav runs find tons off decked guns and forts and now ops core helmets along with the usual gear because they will literally check every bush, crack, hole, ditch, glitch spot etc.. within about 100ft upon seeing a dead body ESPECAILLY if they go to resort for example and see double digit pmcs and scavs all lying dead around there any gear that was being “hidin” inside that compound will probably never come back from insurance along with all the other meta hot spots on different maps. After you hide team mates gear run back to your hidden gear pile and put back everything back on We will keep adding to this post as we have time as we know we are missing a lot of other things but for right now we just wanted to get this out there and just play. Please feel free to comment, discuss, help out with more, criticize and send feedback as much as you would like we are super friendly people and will be mature about it. Hopefully this helps at least one person out there and they can pass it along to their friends and further support the badass devs behind this game. And no I don't stream for personal gain and no nothing I do with EFT is for personal gain. It literally all goes back to the eft community. Please don't act like a player scav killing scav when responding thank you
  6. both are from the uk and are looking to help out new players on how to play. add me on discord: billyray #5606
  7. EU Sherpa needed

    Hey guys, i started the game today, and to be honest, i have no clue how to play the game properly. From finding exits to spotting players, everything is a problem for me. If any of you would be willing to do a few educational runs with me, would be cool. Thanks in advance!
  8. OCE Sherpa Required

    Hey Guys If an experienced OCE Sherpa would like to help a new EFT player and make a new mate. Then reply to this thread or inbox me. Got plenty of time these days as im off work from a pretty bad injury. Would be much appreciated I sunk over 2k hours into Arma 3 BP mod. so not completely useless to run with. Everyone on my friends list is currently chasing rank on PUBG and it doesnt interest me. my days of lording my E-Penis over rank are over. im 30 now and love tactical/team play/PVE Thanks for reading. LayZ
  9. Starting Sherpa Runs

    I am looking for any players willing to cooperate, I am very knowledgeable about most things Tarkov. I have a small group of friends that I play with during most nights (PST). You are welcome to join and learn how to work with multiple teammates or if you would prefer I play most afternoons before the rest of my group gets on. We can run raids you are looking to learn or finish tasks. I am an English Speaker, I prefer to work together with my teammates to comb maps and gather as much loot as possible before exiting raids. PM me or reply to this post and I will be in contact with you to trade in game information as well as discord information. Looking forward to exciting some firefights.
  10. Can we start with create a list where keep all the player that are available to teach others, maybe with the language they know and to know maybe which one is a troll or who not and stuff like that? So new player can ave a clue, where to watch, and vice versa.
  11. Discord Server for EFT Help & Info

    Hello, I made this server for Rookies and Vets alike can ether find help or give it. This is a NO Judgement zone where players can have fun and learn the game. I am working on having the most and easiest to understand loot and call out maps. Plus other useful tips and info to turn you from prey to predator. Feel free to message me or join the room I'm in for some in game help.
  12. Servus, heute möchte ich euch meinen Community Discord vorstellen. Dieser Discord wird von mir persönlich geleitet und überwacht. Auf dem Discord könnt ihr: Zusätzliche Informationen zum Spiel finden Direkten Kontakt zu mir finden unter anderem auch Hilfe Gruppen bilden und Neulingen helfen (Sherpaprogramm) Handeln von seltenen Gegenständen Smalltalks über das Spiel Ich weiß das Discord für die meisten von euch neu ist aber vertraut mir Discord ist meiner Meinung nach um einiges besser als Teamspeak und auch viel übersichtlicher. Wer sich mit Discord schon auskennt weiß wovon ich rede. Ich werde auf dem Discord persönlich sehr aktiv sein. Jetzt liste ich euch in ein paar Schritten auf wie ihr auf den Community Discord kommt: Downloadet die Discord-App: Erstellt euch einen Account mit Username und Passwort Öffnet Discord und klickt auf das "+" oben links (Bild) Dann klickt auf "Trete einem Server bei" und gebt diese Adresse ein Jetzt seht ihr den EFT Community Discord und könnt euch frei bewegen Wilkommen! Ich wünsche mir hiermit einen Großteil der deutschsprachigen Community zusammen zubringen um ein noch besseres Spielerlebnis zu haben. Es gibt zu viele einsame Escapers da draußen! Lasst sie nicht im Stich! Der Discord ist nicht in direkter Verbindung mit Battlestate Games und Battlestate Games haftet nicht für diesen Discord. Dies ist kein offizieller Discord Server von Battlestate Games!
  13. Noch stehen die genauen Informationen über das Sherpa Programm aus. Trotzdem habe ich heute einen Discord Server für Spieler aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum eingerichtet. Dort können sich alle interessierten Spieler austauschen, verabreden und zusammen entsprechend spielen. Der Server ist zumindest momentan von mir bewusst restriktiv eingestellt. Nutzer müssen entsprechend freigeschaltet und in passende Benutzerrollen eingeordnet werden. Nutzer die keine Gast oder anderweitige Rollen haben, können momentan die meisten Kanäle wieder einsehen, noch können sie in den Kanälen schreiben- Die ganze Sache ist als absolut inoffiziell zu betrachten, wobei ich mich natürlich freuen würde, wenn in der Zukunft auch offizielle Sherpas dort aktiv sind. Ansonsten freue ich mich, hoffentlich bald die ersten Leute doe begrüßen zu können. Beitreten könnt ihr dem Server über den folgenden Link: Hier die Server Regeln und die momentanen Regeln für das Programm selbst.
  14. Siamo fieri di informarvi che presto verrà inserita una novità speciale in escape from tarkov: I pacchetti di dotazione speciale per emissari e sherpa ! Essi saranno destinati ad aiutare i novizi e gli altri giocatori, coloro che per qualche ragione o un’altra siano rimasti senza equipaggiamento. Emissary e Sherpa riceveranno un certo numero di packetti ( più o meno a secondo dalle necessità ) da distribuire secondo le proprie esigenze. Per esempio uno sherpa che ha reclutato un gruppo di novizi può rifornirli allo scopo di ripulire un raid, e gli emissari potrebbero ricompensare o aiutare coloro che ritengono degni. Puoi dare un’occhiata ai contenuti della prima generazione di pacchetti Sherpa e Emissary sugli screenshot qui sotto. E, come sempre, ci aspettiamo i tuoi commenti – vorremmo che tutte le nostre idee fossero commentate dall’opinione della comunity di tarkov prima di apparire nel gioco!
  15. To the guy I owe my life !

    I just encountered a guy on factory who spared my life and even gave me a fort amor,a shotty, and the p-91 of a dead scav.You lovely motherhugger probably wont find this,.... but know one thing if you do. I love you <3. I was on a hatchling run on factory ( no hate, I got a full stash and just wanted to see how far i can get with my axe) and got hunted by some players and a scav who shredded both of my legs. I barely escaped in to the bathrooms to patch me up. I heard suppressed gunfire from the staircase and was pretty sure that my coughing character( i ducking love this game) already exposed my position. So ,me, started to limp towards the red door to encounter my maker....he opened the door...but instead of a bloodthirsty COD kiddy ...i encountered a knight in shining armor ( fort armor, helmet, t glasses). He aimed at me . And I closed my eyes. My life was flashing before my eyes. All the love I experienced ,,, all the amazing people I met...all the achievements I reached.... but....but... I heard no i heard a dull impact on the ground...a backpack...and in it ... a fort armor... I picked it up . I looked at him with tearful eyes. He just stood there, wiggeling like the true champ he was. All that i could do was wiggle back. Suddenly, i got shot by a scav through the hole in the wall and I tried to limp towards the stairs. And like the true hero he was, he simply faced the threat and shredded that bot into pieces. At that very moment i knew, i fell in love. Another scav made his appearance but this time we struck him down together, me with my p226 which I had in my gamma case and he with his silenced ak. I took the loot and we started our journey to the exit. Me limping and he covering . We arrived at the exit and both started to wiggle again,,, one last wiggle,,, one last jump,,,3 2 1 . And he was gone. I will never see him again. But i will continue his legacy. I will safe every Hatchling ps.: kappa, i will kill every single on of these annoying fuckwits hahahahha
  16. Bluewolves Clan

    The main point of the bluewolves is to help out other players who are new to the game or running low on gear. The goal of each individual member is to become really well geared so you can help out others. Top tier bluewolves should try to become sherpas, and those not so skilled should train up. Link to sherpa: ( Players in the clan are expected to group up and help players who seem confused understand the game. By doing so you can gain ranks, and perhaps at some point we'll hand out rewards to particularly helpful members. This doesn't mean all your time must be dedicated to helping newcomers, but it will certainly help to actively seek those who need help. The eventual goal upon release of the open world portion is a non kos clan, though we'll see how that goes depending on the community. Feel free to pm me on the forums or discord. Discord:
  17. NOW! this is a topic i can get behind, first off i want to hear all of your war story's good or bad, did your raze a bambie to great things or did you pup bite you in the back when you where not looking. the sherpa idea is great, i personal didn't want to get involved with the Emissaries side of thing not my style. But helping the community through the games its self is something i love. little bit about my self so you all have some back story and get to know me so names HooK - Australia, dayz mod server owner/staff for ( 1000000 vehicles/ Zombz ) 4 years ( 3 of witch had our servers in the top 5 of game tracker ) ok where to begin.... have been surviving for allmost 6 years now across many lands with even more challenges, helping those i could along the way some of witch i still call friends to this day. the escapade began in an in chernarus where a mad plague of humans broke out funny thing is it seams that it wasn't the ones that ate your flesh you had to watch out for, it seams that those still human where affected the worst, killing with out remorse just to find an item not caring what some ones story was. this was the begining it soon spreed ......... my opinion on the ingame sherpaing is we need communication, yes ive helped a few axe/knife people but they will never truly learn through head noods please feel free to share your story and hear others. knowledge is power