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Found 2 results

  1. Please look into Tarkov Shooter Part 8 as it is near impossible to complete when you finally reach it. I know that the streamers seem to breeze through this quest but keep in mind that they have an entire community behind them who are more than willing to help them to cheat the quest. For the rest of us, we never get past it since by the time we get the quest almost no one is running woods anymore. When you do get a server with players its at the low end of players needed that being 6 out of 12. that means if 2 squads run into each other and 2 people die I cannot complete this quest in that run. I know you want there to be skill involved but there is no way to get to 4 players on woods when there are only 6 to begin with. I would ask that it be brought down to 3 kills required or make it so you need 4 kills without getting killed but you can do it over multiple raids. I would love to test and experience the rest of the quests but I cant. Since this quest has been added I have been unable to get past it with hundreds of hours on Woods. That means I can never get to the rest of the quests or the CAPPA container. I have lost all my friends on Tarkov as they all refuse to ever play again. None of us are able to get past this quest thus the game stops being fun and just becomes frustrating. The quests should be hard and it should take time to complete them but honestly this is ruining the game for a lot of people. Thank you for an otherwise AMAZING game. Love you all.
  2. Akitosenshi

    The Tarkov shooter Part 3

    I am currently stuck with doing the "The Tarkov shooter part 3" quest. I think it's very annoying that you have to use a weapon that is designed for everything but close combat to kill PMCs at a maximum range of 15 meters. The Mosin is a really powerfull weapon but while fighting close range it is hugely inferior to any weapon that is semi or full auto or a shotgun. That is the reason why I always carry a sidearm when sniping, because I have a much higher chance of survival when engaged at close range with let's say an assault rifle. if I only had a bolt action rifle with me, most of the time I can return fire once before I have to retreat else I would be dead near instantly. I think it is not a good quest objectively because it makes no sense at all to fight with a bolt action rifle at this range (sure you can kill players with a Mosin in cqc but I think it requires far too much luck in many cases). My suggestion would be either to remove the quest completely or at least increase the max distance (to something like 30-75). PS: I don't like any other game as much as I love Tarkov but this quest just triggers pure hate in me, so much that I once stopped playing Tarkov for a full month, just because of this Tarkov shooter part 3. So I hope this gets some attention and that the devs consider reworking this specific quest. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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