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Found 9 results

  1. FlowmotionFx

    Switching Shoulders - Weapon Shouldering

    Hello EFT development team, I was thinking and one of my favorite aspects from some excellent games is switching firing position between left and right shoulders. This is especially useful when using dead space to cut angles on corners or cover depending on whether you are cycling to the left or to the right. I was also thinking you could add some leveling aspect to this, where you choose your dominant shoulder at character selection and then have to level each shoulder individually. The dominant shoulder you select at character creation would have a significant boost or even start at max capacity. This could also play into which way you free fire your weapon around corners with (LAlt+S). There could even be potential here to implement damaged arms having more weapon sway while ADS and make splinting fractured arms more of a priority. This is very realistic and commonly trained in elite law enforcement and military, so I feel it would compliment Escape From Tarkov's unique mil-sim, RPG gameplay. I hope that you all enjoy this idea also and your consideration is appreciated in advance! P.S. I am not aware if this concept has been submitted prior to me but I can understand the likelihood, thank you anyways if this is old news! Best Regards, Flowmotion Fx
  2. dark2000

    Shooting range

    As in the title. I know that you can technically go offline, but Tarkov lacks in possibility to obtain raw data about certain weapons from the first hand, like effective range, recoil, etc. Shooting range could be a really nice and helpfull addition to the game, especially for new people.
  3. Okay, call me a noob(I'm level around 10 anyway) if you wish but I'm sick of getting sniped from bushes and its friends. Could anyone please tell me what settings should I change to get overall more visibility and smoother gunplay? I'm playing on high graphs. Just turned off the headbobbing, tuned up the FOV and it's way way better but I'm wondering if there is any other things such as this or if lowering graphics helps with visibility. Thanks for the answers.
  4. azsamurai

    Shooting through fence Customs

    There is an NPC behind the main gas station, on a look out perch type thing.. seems to be behind a bullet proof chain link fence. 1 whole 5.45x39 mag, 5 shots of 12 gauge and 1 mag from a P226 and he still stood returning fire to me. Help me understand? Is there a game mechanic i'm not familar with?
  5. derickfoggs

    make shooting through fences do damage

    so my last few games in the beginning of customs i was behind a fence with a tt pistol and shot a guy with no head armor 5 times in the head through the fence and he didn't even slow down. it shows the hit animation and blood that i was indeed hitting him in the head, but there was no desync from what i could tell as he responded appropriately by killing me. this has happened numerous times causing my death.
  6. blancjoker

    Firing Range

    It would be nice to have a place where we could test out new weapons/attachments without having to jump into a game. Just like a little room with cardboard targets or glass bottles for us to shoot at would be awesome! And while I'm here, could throw in a "loot crate" in the shooting range which will have all of your stuff in it, so you can take weapons and mods and keep shooting/practicing.
  7. Dex (Aust)

    How To Hold A High Powered Rifle

    Sorry, I just had to share this video.
  8. jmh1189

    Shooting skills

    First off, thank you for putting so much detail into weapons handling. I have a few suggestions for skill progression. As an avid shooter myself, I think it would bring the realism out in terms of implementing shooting skill. What i mean by this: When a person first picks up a gun and learns the basics on how to fire, reload, clear malfunctions etc. They are generally slow and clumsy. If you could put as part of the skill tree a part dedicated to weapon experience, that would be amazing. A few suggestions for progressive shooting skills. #1: sight picture - For a fresh player, maybe have animation fumble to get the right sight picture when aiming and regaining sight picture after shots. This will keep new players from being able to lay down immense amounts of accurate fire in short periods of time. As the player invests points into their sight picture, they start to be able to aim quicker and pull their gun out of recoil quicker for follow up shots. #2: Weapons malfunction clearing - for a first time shooter getting a stove pipe or another failure to fire, they generally fumble with their gun for a bit trying to figure it out and clear the malfunction. After points are added to this tree, they become quicker at clearing malfunctions and getting back into the fight. Hell, even safeties on certain guns cause delays because of inexperience. #3: Reloading speed and method - im sure this has already been covered. #4: fatigue - people can't shoot forever. When i go a few months without shooting, i noticed i get fatigued much quicker. I can maybe go through a hundred rounds depending on the trigger weight before my fingers can barely pull the trigger. After a while i can shoot far more. Also, as fatigue becomes an issue, accuracy degrades and the hands start to shake. I think these are all things that can be done and would add a very important aspect of realism and create more immersive game mechanics. These types of details if you want to implement them could bring the entire gun community to this game. Any thoughts from backers/devs?
  9. ObsidianCry

    Shoulder Transitions

    I have just seen your video over the in game implemented animation and... wow good work guys... now, only one question, are you planning to add the shoulder transitions for the cover and corner management?
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