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Found 7 results

  1. The Essence of Tarkov

    We present to you, "The Essence of Tarkov". This piece of cinematic art was made by Josh Buendia and some of his mates. Sometimes, you just have to stop and admire the beauty in Tarkov. GJ Josh!
  2. Why am i lagging on Shoreline

    Im using that DPI on Application, i redone my settings in Nvidia multiple times (currently just doing that "let the Application decide" option bcs i dont really bother anymore), im using memory cleaner in the background bcs for some Reason this game eats 12 GB RAM ! So tell me how is it still possible that i cant get over 26 fps on shoreline in this bs sanatorium or the gas station..... i mean im not running a high-end system (Obviously) , but it should be possible to play this game on solid 60 fps on lowend settings. srsly and what about the 16 billion patches per day i cant even find any patchnotes for them ? My Specs: Win 10 Pro 64 bit Nvidia geforce 1060 6gb Zotac Intel i5-4590 4x3,3 ghz 12 gb Ram @ 1600 Mhz
  3. since the Update today, I cant load into shoreline anymore. It does all the loading until Synchronizing with other players and at 100% it crashes the game, sometimes my whole PC shuts down. I cant reconnect aswell, crashes again and again. All the other maps work just fine. I have a AMD Ryzen 5 1600, a GTX 1080 and 16gb RAM. Any ideas why this could be? Cheers
  4. Is there a way to get into the second estate in the Shoreline map? Is there a different key or anything which will allow me to get into the estate with the truck outside?
  5. Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    Attention, Mercs! Final photos of Shoreline have been received. This was some nice work! Have a look at these and update your files for mission prep. We will let you know when it's time to roll out. Until then, be safe out there. Translations: Portuguese translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc
  6. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Listen up, Mercs! *************************** We have just received some new intel on the Shoreline location. One of our scouts was able to cross an auxiliary pipe into the far end of the compound. Unfortunately, he was met with numerous contacts and did not make it. But he was able to start a transmission of the photos he was able to grab. The signal is kind of weak in that area, so the pictures are slow to upload. Here are the ones that we have received so far, we will update you with the rest in a few. Now that we have a lay of the land, we can make preparations to head up the coast and try to find some clue as to how we can escape this blasted city. Stay frosty out there boys...Over and out! Translations: Portuguese translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc
  7. Cari amici! Siamo lieti di presentare gli screenshot e le concept art della nuova map location, che presto verrà inserita in Escape from Tarkov, ecco a voi: The Shoreline [La linea Costiera Lungomare]. The Shoreline è la seconda posizione più vicina al punto di controllo militare all’ingresso dell’area portuale – il punto di evacuazione di Tarkov. Questa location caratterizzato da una dimensione notevolmente più grande di qualunque altro punto di Tarkov, ed è quindi ricca di una varietà di paesaggi e oggetti mai visti prima. Il territorio ospita un villaggio parzialmente abbandonato, abitazioni privati moderne e campi coltivabili , oltre ad un esteso lungomare con un cantiere navale, una stazione di servizio per il rifornimento di carburante, una stazione meteo, una stazione per ripetizione del segnale cellulare e altri luoghi interessanti Il suo punto di interesse principale è il grande centro sanitario “Azure Coast”, costituito da diversi edifici con una propria centrale idroelettrica. L’uscita principale della mappa sarà situata accanto al principale punto di controllo delle forze armate russe all’entrata del porto.