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Found 9 results

  1. SmokeyChicken

    Shoreline Extracts Bad Design

    Shoreline extracts are needlessly frustrating. I dont really see a reason for a map this big to sometimes have 1 open extract per player. Road to customs sometimes being closed after a certain point basically punishes you for staying in the raid longer and only having one open optional extract makes it incredibly easy to spawncamp, which is something I feel like is not in the interest of the developers. For a map that big, either add more extracts or atleast make the extracts more reliable so players dont get all funneld into one extract for one cowardly extract camper to take them all out. I cant count the amount of raids where I had to run around the entire map to check all the conditional extracts because Road to Customs was closed and subsequently got killed by some coward hiding in a bush at rock passage. Its not engaging gameplay and is needlessly frustrating and should be fixed immediately imo. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. So the problem is that shoreline is unplayable at my pc, already started a topic about that and apparently i'm not the only one, but before i was able to get him lvl 4 just doing the tasks on other maps, but now that it's needed 0,75 i need to do a shoreline quest. BUT IT'S F*CKING IMPOSSIBLE! Seriously it lags like hell on my PC ***expecialy on firefights*** (my fps goes to 5). I almost died for a guy with a makarov last time, and before that i surprised a geared guy from behind with my SKS, i clicked like 15 times on my mouse, but because of the lag only 2 shots came out before he turned and killed me. (Seriously, it's so freakin frustating). I give up, can't play shoreline. All i'm asking is to return the rep needed to 0,65 or make it possible to achieve 0,75 only playing other maps tasks. All other maps runs close to 80fps, but shoreline runs at 50 in the middle of nowhere, 25~30 at resort, but everytime i started shooting it lags like hell (i also have huge fps drops at random times as well, but shooting lags everytime and i also realised that it gets much worse when scavs spawn). Plz consider my sugestion, because i'm locked at skier lvl 3 right now.
  3. A perfect example of how to conduct your raids on shoreline. https://plays.tv/video/5a9ae40b5603c730f8/that-good-220k-per-10-min-run-shoreline?from=user
  4. Buenas tardes chicos/as. Os voy dejando los videos sobre como resolver las nuevas misiones de Therapist. Task Health Care Privacy (part I) Las dos primeras las encontraremos en la salida a tunel y la ultima, cerca del helicoptero en SPA, adjunto video:
  5. DMALsenpaiii


    clink the foillowing link to my channel, showing the bug. BUG HERE Would not allow me to extract even tho the countdown went off, anyone else have this issue?
  6. Ah, an AFK Bear on shoreline? Don't mind if I do. Hmm I sense a problem. Nothing a shotgun blast can't fix! Well, he isn't going down anytime soon. I'll wait a few minutes to see if it catches up. Ten minutes have passed and he still stands, mocking me, ever taunting me with free loot. Tarkov wins this day, sadly.
  7. MrAnd3rson

    15 min on Shoreline

    I just had a scav run on Shoreline with 15 minute left from the game. Of course I couldn't extract in time. I believe it shouldn't be possible to spawn with such time left remaining.
  8. So I've discovered this strange key that looks like a 3 story dorm customs key but its called "Sanatorium Key" It's marked as a quest item and it can be "overlooked". Is there some kinda quest or door I don't know about? I've only found one other thread about it and it was literally just one speculation comment. Maybe for future Peacekeeper quests or something? Any information would be appreciated, thanks y'all.
  9. WARhead85a

    Shoreline Karte

    meine kleine gruppe und ich suchen eine karte von shoreline. wer eine zu verkaufen hat für INGAMEGELD oder ITEMS ,der melde sich gerne bei mir.
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