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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, some of you might also like sniping in EFT. My question is whats your longest shot distance? I've been sniping on Shoreline with Remington and M4 and my record is quiet insane I guess... Did it today with M4, was actually a few player hits, no scavs 672 Meters - Take a look at the screenshot. You can post a screenshot of your score as well JetSkyy
  2. The Karma System

    Perhaps I haven't learned or gather enough information about the upcoming Karma system, but my current understanding is this: Killing scavs and opposite PMC players gives you good karma, while killing friendly PMC players gives you negative karma. If this understanding of what the Karma system is mostly going to be, can someone explain how this would work in an effective way in EFT? Since it is rather difficult to distinguish PMC factions unless there is a clear line of sight, and enough time to make an assessment of another players team, it seems incredibly risky to leave yourself vulnerable and open to fire. I would hate to be shot and lose my gear for the sake of "not losing karma" because another player took advantage of a precious second. Would a karma system really encourage players to refrain from shooting another player if they are unsure of their faction just because of a negative karma penalty with the stakes high as they are? Once again, I may not have all the details of how the karma system is planned, but I don't see it stopping the majority of players from firing on others when it's such a risk. What are your thoughts and do you think a karma system will help or not work?
  3. Thinking about handcuffs and 'Shot on sight' situation and all the other things... How about add 'Wounded' condition like Rust? I think it would offers a few good things in EFT. First. You can perform 'Kill Confirmation' moves. You can just snipe him from far away in cold blood, or go near him and shot him in the head with shotgun like execution style. Second. Co-op players can take care each other. For once (twice is too good IMO), they can give their comrade a second chance. Third. You can handcuff victim and do whatever you want to do. Loot him, talk to him, even teabag him. You can kill him after you done with him, or bandage him and let him live. Victim will be free after a while but he can't do anything but flee because he doesn't have weapons anymore. Buuut, maybe he got a pistol in Gamma container. Who knows, he might pay you back. How about it?