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Found 23 results

  1. We All know shotgun scavs are broken, The last shotgun buff was a joke. The past 3 days have been such a bad experience for me in TARKOV. Ive never been 1 shot so many times from shotgun scavs. It dose not matter how geared you are, How far you are, How fast you are. THEY AIM LOCK THE SMALLEST HIT BOXES With INHUMAN reaction times. Its actually trash game play. I actually will do my best too just avoid them because THEY ARE BROKEN. I watch HOURS of gameplay. Im not the only one getting 1 Shot by this broken Mechanic. FIX IT. Like I actually fear them at this point. THE BOSSES ARE EASIER.
  2. patrickvandiek

    reload suggestion for shotgun

    ive got a suggestion for a reload, like when you double tap R you just throw the mag and put a new one in faster right. what about this, if your shotgun has an 4 to 8 capacity [no mag] and you double tap R how about it starts double or quad loading the shotgun cuz you know the reload on shotguns is pretty slow
  3. Quite recently stumbled onto a youtube video about test firing some newly made SlapShot USA slugs. These slugs are special in the sense that they can hit muzzle velocities up to 3300FPS, which is completely unheard of in the shotgun territory. Website: LINK. Video: LINK. What do you think of them?
  4. Assault Scopes FOV On shotguns such as the 153 & 133, the Kiba Arms International SPRM mount for pump-action shotguns causes all assault scopes that I've tested to have unusable FOV and Scope Shadow. On scopes such as the Monstrum Compact Scope (which is 2x magnification) about half is filled with scope shadow and the other half isn't even at the right magnification (it basically acts like<1x magnification) I also attempted to use the Valday and Elcan Specters. They both suffer from the same problem at 1x and are equally as unusable with their magnified setting. <
  5. skybellrock

    Shotgun Sniper Scavs Return!

    So, the phenomenon is back. Ive had multiple shotgun scavs shoot me and hitting with a ridiculous accuracy although theyre multiple hundred meters away. Lately scavs has also got insane aim at you. When i lay down and a scav is about 100 meters away they will somehow still hit me with a 100% accuracy. This is completely broken. Something has to happen. Its in all honesty game ruining.
  6. Gallano

    Shotgun with Magazine

    Hi there I know that EFT has too many mods, and all of them exist IRL, but, why shotguns don't have magazine (I'm talking about MR-133, MP-153 and M870, not Toz or Saiga)?
  7. xRejectz

    Shotguns for M4

    So usually I save my 153 shotgun receivers and trade 4 for an M4. Well I got to the peacekeeper screen and the option is no longer there. Any idea why?
  8. TuNE_ThE_SouND

    sawn off shotgun in pistol slot?

    hey guys i want to know what you guys think of something like this. all i ask if that everyone is honest.
  9. theravensniffer

    Buckshot Fix?!?!

    Let me start by saying this post is mostly directed to unarmored players/body parts. Obviously armor would stop most shot/slugs and most of the damage. I've had multiple instances of using the 12 gauge shotguns in game, shooting unarmored players/scavs within 10 feet, and not killing them in one shot. I checked the after game log and it says all pellets hit(8 pellets 256 damage). This is completely unrealistic by anyone's definition. First of all 00 buckshot shoots 8-9 pellets which are approximately 9mm in diameter and have a muzzle velocity of nearly 1200 fps, which is comparable to a 9
  10. Fx9

    SLUG's !!!!

    Have you(devs.) ever seen a slug fire before? It penetrates steelblocks on car/truck engien's.... but it don't penetrate bodyarmor ??? Tell me how that is possible??
  11. Squirrel1sniper

    Broken game

    Ive been trying to enjoy the new update but somethings seriously wrong. Leg meta doesn't exist. 6 shots shotgun close range to the legs should kill someone? with 26 registered hits. I'm a little bit triggered with this game at the moment. The last update the netcode was better. I die like 4 seconds after someone shot me and always end up trading kills and never winning coz of the huge amount of lag on both ends. It is unplayable. This is one of my favourite games but its gonna die if these issues aren't fixed. Cant even play this game anymore. Im done.
  12. And you aren't allowed to examine the magazine tube while holding a gun. (?????????????) Look I love these devs but this is just straight up retarded. "Oh man, I've got one shell left in this 870 I picked up, I'd love to put these 12 gauge shells into the gun, but unfortanetly I haven't had a chance to look at the magazine tube and realize that its a magazine tube! Wait what? You mean I can just look at the magazine tube that's right there on my gun, or I can just load the shells anyway since knowing what a magazine tube is has no effect on your ability to put shells into a gun? No w
  13. SklerosGR

    *Bug* Shotgun mp133 !

    Hello, devs ! I was playing about 1 hr today , eft .. and I find out that I cant reload my shotgun (MP133) because an error appeared on the bottom right of my screen .. I dont remember what it said but I think something like "examine magazine" or smt .. but the bullets 12x70 were examined.. PLS FIX!
  14. Sirshroomz

    Shotguns vs armor

    I have a suggestion on how shotguns work in tarkov. in the real world shooting buckshot about 10 feet at a target the spread is tight enough to be considered a slug basically. maybe treat buckshot within that range as a slug perhaps? What do you guys think?
  15. Hi everybody! In my last game I was full life with 1 leg 0 HP. Scav see me and he kill me with 1 hit in the leg with 0 HP Someone can tell me how is that possible that 1 hit kill me? I got 300+ hp left
  16. Arzzet


    Hi there! This topic is as much a suggestion as a report bug: First tell, let's say is a night raid, then you kill someone who is using a flashlight on a shotgun for example, it remains turned on on the dead body, is cool, but then a bug occurs, as you can search the body and take the flashlight out the weapon, but you'll see the weapon is still iluminating with that flashlight. The second thing I've noticed is that doesn't generate the proper shadow when you pass in front of the light. Is a thing needs to be fixed. After that I realized a that if they fix this issue, yo
  17. sevin

    Shotgun aiming

    Hello, new player here. Very excited about this game and finally took the plunge last night. Other people have already commented about the suppressor sounds so I'll leave that alone. The rest of the sounds in the game are pretty phenomenal so far. As a new player, starting out with pretty low-level gear one of the things I wanted to focus on was the shotgun, and to that end I'd like to make some suggestions based on shotgun experience in other games. 1. I fired some buckshot in to various surfaces to count the buckshot pellets and was only seeing 5 pellets. It would be nice t
  18. I've acquired three MR-133 shotguns so far, during separate games playing as a Scav on the Customs map. One has six rounds in its magazine, the other two need topping up. When I click on any of the MR-133s, the "load" and "unload" labels are ghosted, which means I can't toggle on either to execute the relevant action. Bugged maybe? Any suggestions would be appreciated...
  19. I met you in customs as a scav 20 minutes ago, we teamed up. We looked through dorms. I gave you my shotgun you gave me your money. please let me know.
  20. DrakeVanders

    Shotgun Ammunition

    Something I'm surprised I haven't seen yet is a more comprehensive list of ammunition for shotguns. Now while I'm suggesting too many of the "Exotic" ammo types what I am suggesting is the number of types of what some would say is "Standard" shotgun ammunition. The amount of ammo types in terms of 5,45x39 and 9x18mm is mind boggling but when you get down to Western Ammo Types like 9x19mm and 5,56mm it's comparitively sparse. Then you have shotgun ammunition which only has two, Buckshot and Slugs. Besides a few "exotic" shells which I'll mention later here's some suggestions for expan
  21. D4rkK9th

    Shotgun Reload animation break

    I noticed that when reloading a shotgun, you can't stop and start shooting until finish loading all the rounds, I think you should be able to stop mid way to keep shooting. I did a quick search and couldn't find any info about it. if so please disregard. Thanks for this great game btw.
  22. I wonder if you will be able to breach doors with your squad by using specific rounds on the hinges of the door with a shotgun?
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