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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, It would be a nice feature if we could adjust the iron sights elevation / range like the other optics. Since many rear sights in game have the build in range increments. Also it would enable us to adjust the iron sights for a 6 o'clock hold. Which would make it easier for leading moving targets. Cheers Fray
  2. Hi guys, I'm an random airsoft player in Taiwan and just started playing EFT recently. I found Zenit-BelOMO PK-06 in game might fit my need in real life airsoft game in comparison to overpriced American products that we have around. Unfortunately my Russian is limited to stuff like CYKA BLYAT, and Zenit-BelOMO hasn't responded to my email inquiry. Can you guys help me find some websites that sell PK-06 and ship internationally?
  3. Chouette

    Iron sights testing

    Hello folks, I did some iron sights testing using version with the weapons I use the most, for my own reference, I put the results here if it can be useful, tested VPO-136, SKS, AK-74N and AKS-74U, TT and PM, at a distance of 50 meters (rough estimation, I put a picture of the test position if someone feels like giving an exact distance). I didn't do smgs, I know PP-19-01 and Saig-9 show the same problems though. In summary (pictures 2560x1440, FOV 59): Rifles with rear sight installed: Zeroing is way too low, sight adjustment does nothing. Rifles without rear sight (except AKS-74U): Helps to get a better sight picture, but too accurate (same grouping as with the rear sight installed). Pistols: Zeroing is good (about 15 m, some drop at 50 m), but too accurate at range (grouping at 50 m is really tight, same grouping as with the rifles). Enjoy,
  4. LostInTheABCs

    Glock Sight Mod

    I'm level two with the Mechanic and I got the Aimtech Tiger Shark sight mounl, but I can't find an actual sight for the glock. Does anyone know which sights work and where to find them? Thanks
  5. TAW_Mokkastube

    Using Iron Sight while PSO is Attached

    Hi guys! I looked at my AKMN in the modding screen from multiple directions and tought about a secondary sight option for a PSO AK Rifle with a Magpul MOE foregrip. Is it possible to use the Iron Sight while the PSO equiped irl? I never used a PSO AK irl so i have no clue :-). But if it´s possible that would be a nice addition to the game. What you guys think about it? Is someon here who can confirm or refute if that would be possible? Thanks for responding. Greetings, Mokkastube
  6. Chouette

    SKS iron sights use with PSO

    Hello, I have several questions / suggestions, I don't know if they were covered before (no luck with search). I'm talking about the PSO / SKS combination but most of these questions apply to other rifles and other scopes as well. 1. will it be possible to toggle between PSO and iron sight (PSO does not completely obscure the iron sight, so it will be very helpful to be able to use it) 2. will there be a option to adjust the distance of the iron sight with page up / down (rear sight has a slide system with distance graduations adjust the height) 3. About picking up a scope in field, when I find a PSO in a crate, I can attach it right away to the rifle, and it is magically aligned. I suggest that only scopes that are taken from the stash are accurate, others should be off aim (randomized). 4. about changing the scope distance with page up / down, I find it really strange that a scope can change distance on the fly, I suggest that zeroing distance can be set from the property view (so still doable in field like with a screw driver) but not be modified on the fly (for the scopes that can't do that IRL). Thanks a lot!
  7. IcRyI

    Acog sight

    Okay so i was super duper hyped for the new acog sight and first time I use it i was kinda disappointed because of how it looks. This is not supposed to be a insult to the designer or developer but I would love to see another option added for the Recticle (So you can just change it with the Ctrl+T(? I think)). Here are some suggestions from some other games with Acog Sights in them: Arma 3: Pubg: From Reddit:
  8. Voxtrot

    HAMR Sight bug for me

    When I use the HAMR sight on my M4 and try to switch the sights between scope and red dot. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, and also I tried to switch with my other guns and it worked it just doesn't for the HAMR sight. If any one knows how to fix this or also has this problem I would like to know.
  9. canoztrk24

    HAMR/ELCAN Zoom Weirdness

    Okay, so I see all of the YouTubers and whatnot using both ELCAN's and HAMR's they look about the same size and their screens zoom the same amount. But, when I try, the HAMR is massive compared to the ELCAN. Here are some comparison pictures. Please help and explain, and if possible tell me how to reduce that zoom on the HAMR (not 4x magnification.)
  10. R_O_G_E

    Should add this scope

    Just an idea but i feel like we need a scope like this added something that is like a 2.5x sight. yes i know about the elcan zoom as well but it feels very wierd looking down it so i feel like if we had a sight that was purely just meant for a 2.5 times it might look a bit better. thank you for everyone that agrees with me hopefully we can get it added. PS you dont need to add the canted sight but that would be cool as well... Roge
  11. RabidWeasel95

    how to use bravo sight

    hi everyone, i just got a bravo sight in a raid with another sight on top of it, I don't know how to use the sight at all because the key binding labels are a bit outdated, I want to know how to zoom in and out, change from top sight to bottom sight, and anything else i need to know, I will greatly appreciate any help i can get
  12. Hi, I was mostly was attracted to EFT because the game is literally innawoods tacticool gun porn fantasy - I love it! The realistic gunplay and the attention to detail to the firearms is amazing. I hope this game does really well on release. One thing I noticed however - that might make the game more realistic is a improved sight picture for reflex sights such as red dots and holographic sights. Allow me elaborate: Normally, when a shooter aims a red dot or holosight, you would keep both eyes open, therefore the physical sight apperatus does not take up your vision (the sight apperatus itself becomes somewhat transparent) and the reticle stays clear functions as something akin to a laser pointer that only you can see for faster and more accurate target acquisition. What could possibly be a semi-realistic implementation is if you aim with a reflex sight, the sight picture (besides reticle) becomes semi-transparent, therefore giving reflex sights a bigger advantage than just running plain ironsights. It would be nice if the game treated red dots and holosights a bit more than just a reticle floating inside a frame - it might be even more realistic if the devs implent eye damage and having one eye hit reverts the sight picture to the "classic videogame" one-eye view. VBS (a military simulator utilized by the US Army, for those unfamiliar) actually implents this, as seen here at 1:53 I do not think it would be too difficult to implement this by making the reflex sight picture semi-transparent while keeping the reticle crosshair itself clear. Tell me what you guys think
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