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Found 16 results

  1. Spectator6

    Choice of Reticle

    EFT currently provides for custom-tailored firearms, thanks to its robust weapon modifications. Why not go one step further and allow users to choose their scope reticles too? Maybe give specifications to the player base and allow the community to make them for you, ready to import into the game? Just as an internal testing team is no match for thousands of online beta testers currently putting the game through its paces, perhaps allowing the player base to contribute some sort of "sight picture" files to the devs could allow for tons of tons of relatively "simple" content to be added in
  2. Game version: Бета версия. Testing distance: 255 meters. FOV: 25. Graphics settings: Resolution - 2560х1440. Reshade. Textures - high(affect sights marks). SSAO, HDR. Anything else on low or turned off. Prices indicated for traders with maximum authority level(♕, 4, 5,crown, royal). Price coefficient stated (in brackets after price) compared to Belomo PK-06 (as most popular scope), $ prices converted to ₽ prices as 1 per 95. Scopes mounted to AK-74N, on "Tactica Tula 10000 mount", or rifle receiver scope mount. Belomo PK-06, Skier I, ₽3900 (1.0).
  3. Hey Battlestate Games & community, I would like to propose the idea to make laser based sights, such as the Eotech holographic, EKP-08 and any other sights that cast a light onto glass; standard red-dot sights, behave more like their realistic counterparts. Below I have linked multiple images for you to take a look at. As well as three proposals. Please take the time to look at them and consider implementing them. Proposal 1: ADS and looking through a sight and how the mind "casts" the red-dot *Mind my gross feet in the picture and the absolute mess of my room. Take a lo
  4. Rekonsile

    Iron sights FOV bugs

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/777381606 can we get a fix for iron sights? or a real way to zero them at the least?
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/769357666 This link shows you why you can always trust where your sights are lined up! Devs are you working on a fix for some of these guns that still have these issues?
  6. Tannheuser

    Canted iron sights

    Canted iron sights in addition to existing options. Would be great addition when running scopes or NVGs. Long live iron sights!
  7. Please! Do a quick overhaul of the Zeroing-System. It doesn´t have to be extremely complicated, just let us zero our weapons ourself instead of using the standart-ammo as fixed increment/basis. Like, as simple as: A range of 0 to 400 Starting at 0 for point blank! Increment of 10 or 20 If you don´t wanna change it at all, PLEASE, atleast put all optics to 0 as standart and not 25/50/... That we can also effectively use faster bullets then the standart-ammo. Like atm, the 7N37 is effectively unuseable with most optics, since the bullet is ~double speed as p
  8. I was just in a raid using a AKM/VPO-209 with an EO TEC 553 sight. At roughly 10m I was aiming for a headshot, but after about 5 shots (all aimed at the head) I made the kill. His comrade then killed me after I thought I'd made a good two headshots again. Confused as to how it took so many shots on a target without any helmet I noticed that the killing blow was in the stomach. The range was set at 50 in the bottom right of the screen. Are there new variables that manage this kind of accuracy discrepancy? Is it a bug, do I need to level up my character's skills to make this more obviously
  9. Krinkles

    Iron Sight Issues

    So I've found that, in my experience, that aiming with iron sights consistently hast he bullet being lower than where the point of aim should be; much, much lower in a lot of cases. At first I figured I was just too close, and the sights were zeroed for something further out, but as I tried it at varying ranges I found it consistently shot low (much greater distances becoming subject to excessive displacement long before anything conclusive could be surmised). However, at close and modest ranges, it was low every time. Like, real low; seemed to want to pull to the left on the first shot as wel
  10. amazingman

    sight durability

    I was thinking about sights having a durability and when they lose durability to running or shooting (you can choose how much durability) And another thing is that if the durability gets too low the sights can change range or it can lead your gun to shoot inaccurately. idk might be a good idea msg me for another suggestion on this topic.
  11. G'day gentlemen here is a couple Ideas I think would improve this amazing game. One Being able choose the position of the sight by click dragging the sight along the rail. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two Adding Different M4/AR Variants Adding different barrels and uppers for the M4 like a 20 inch barrel and .300 blackout barr
  12. Skully172

    DI Optical red dot sights

    It's just a red dot that I think would be awesome in game. I don't know if the tarkov team can add these because they would need licensing and stuff but I thought I would at least point it out cause I think it looks sort of interesting. FC1: EG1:
  13. Hi all, I collected screens of scopes and sights. Unfortunately I am unable to link the pictures with the full versions directly, so please use the links below, in case you need the full screen (1920x1040) resolution. Scopes with zoom: Fullscreen link: http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-scopes-01/ Sights without zoom: Fullscreen link: http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-scopes-02/ Also I am working to create a list of all scopes and sights similar to the following images: Bravo Scope with FF3 RDS for close combat
  14. Himmuguegeli

    Reflex-/Holographic Sights

    Good morning, I´ve got 3 suggestions for the game and hope that the developers could consider using them. The first is about already existing mechanics and the Aimpoint sights (the micro and that new one which is coming). I´m not sure if that´s already on your to-do list but the T-1 should have 2 dot sizes and night vision compability. Quotes from the official website: Source: Official Aimpoint Website To make it fit into the game mechanics you could simply make 3 versions of it available. A small weak one for night visions, and the 2
  15. Ewendel88

    Cobra Family Sights Shade

    Whats the word on the Cobra Family Sights Shade? I bought one for an epk-8-18 i have and there doesn't seem to be any way of attaching it. Does the sight have to be mounted? are they just not working yet or am I missing something?
  16. Scruffy

    AK Zeroed Soviet Way

    For anyone who might find this interesting:
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