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Found 17 results

  1. MasaruSanji

    dual render technique scope

    I just want to talk about would is possible if EFT will have dual render technique -As I know. EFT use magnification technique.(I not sure. sorry if I'm wrong.) it is ingame's farme upsized to scope because this techique it cannot use seperate FOV that is the reason why when player use x1 scope it will zoom all player's screen. Why dual render - In my opinion, dual render is make game more immersive because of difference FOV between inside and outside of scope. But what is good and bad for this techique - Good player will have more FOV when they on scope. more immersive to the sight - Bad performance impact some player will have headaches because the difference of rander range The video that can told you more information between these technique : And this is **What if EFT use dual render by me** s It would be nice if dual render is happend in EFT it could make more immersive in my opinion but I understand some people like it and some people don't. it could be an option for player to choose that they like it or not.
  2. Spectator6

    Choice of Reticle

    EFT currently provides for custom-tailored firearms, thanks to its robust weapon modifications. Why not go one step further and allow users to choose their scope reticles too? Maybe give specifications to the player base and allow the community to make them for you, ready to import into the game? Just as an internal testing team is no match for thousands of online beta testers currently putting the game through its paces, perhaps allowing the player base to contribute some sort of "sight picture" files to the devs could allow for tons of tons of relatively "simple" content to be added into the game? Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Note the multitude of varieties in sight picture and coloring that is offered to the buyer, all for a single model of scope: https://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product2.php?id=AccuPoint&mid=1-6x24 Thoughts? Improvements?
  3. Game version: Бета версия. Testing distance: 255 meters. FOV: 25. Graphics settings: Resolution - 2560х1440. Reshade. Textures - high(affect sights marks). SSAO, HDR. Anything else on low or turned off. Prices indicated for traders with maximum authority level(♕, 4, 5,crown, royal). Price coefficient stated (in brackets after price) compared to Belomo PK-06 (as most popular scope), $ prices converted to ₽ prices as 1 per 95. Scopes mounted to AK-74N, on "Tactica Tula 10000 mount", or rifle receiver scope mount. Belomo PK-06, Skier I, ₽3900 (1.0). VOMZ Pilad P1X42 "WEAVER", Skier I, ₽4900 (1.3). OKP-7, Skier II, ₽9600 (2.5). Cobra EKP-8-18, Prapor II, ₽9700 (2.5). Cobra EKP-8-02, Prapor I, ₽9700 (2.5). Aimpoint Micro T-1, Peacekeeper I, $123 (3). Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight, Peacekeeper III, $136 (3.3). OKP-7 dovetail, Skier III, ₽14400 (3.7). Walther MRS, Skier III / Peacekeeper II, ₽19000 / $201 (4.9). Burris FastFire 3, Skier II / Peacekeeper I, ₽19500 / $205 (5). Eotech 553, Skier III, ₽24000 (6.2). Eotech XPS3-0, Skier ♕ / Peacekeeper II , $274 / $254 (6.2). Eotech XPS3-2, Peacekeeper I, $265 (6.5). Leupold Mark 4 HAMR 4x24mm DeltaPoint, Peacekeeper ♕, $316 (7.7). ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x, Peacekeeper III, $389 (9.5). Sig BRAVO4 4x30, Peacekeeper ♕, $519 (12.6). March Tactical 3-24x42 FFP, Skier ♕/Peacekeeper ♕, ₽64200 / $678 (16.5). Hensoldt FF 3-12x56, Skier II, 71000 (18.2). Zenit-Belomo PSO 1М2-1 4х24, Prapor II, Two cans of condensed milk (priceless). Images as imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/4eUf8 List of scopes: Belomo PK-06, Skier I, ₽3900 (1.0). ВОМЗ Пилад P1X42 "WEAVER", Skier I, ₽4900 (1.3). OKP-7, Skier II, ₽9600 (2.5). Cobra EKP-8-18, Prapor II, ₽9700 (2.5). Cobra EKP-8-02, Prapor I, ₽9700 (2.5). Aimpoint Micro T-1, Peacekeeper I, $123 (3). Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight, Peacekeeper III, $136 (3.3). OKP-7 dovetail, Skier III, ₽14400 (3.7). Walther MRS, Skier III / Peacekeeper II, ₽19000 / $201 (4.9). Burris FastFire 3, Skier II / Peacekeeper I, ₽19500 / $205 (5). Eotech 553, Skier III, ₽24000 (6.2). Eotech XPS3-0, Skier ♕ / Peacekeeper II , $274 / $254 (6.2). Eotech XPS3-2, Peacekeeper I, $265 (6.5). Leupold Mark 4 HAMR 4x24mm DeltaPoint, Peacekeeper ♕, $316 (7.7). ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x, Peacekeeper III, $389 (9.5). Sig BRAVO4 4x30, Peacekeeper ♕, $519 (12.6). March Tactical 3-24x42 FFP, Skier ♕/Peacekeeper ♕, ₽64200 / $678 (16.5). Hensoldt FF 3-12x56, Skier II, 71000 (18.2). Zenit-Belomo PSO 1М2-1 4х24, Prapor II, Two cans of condensed milk (priceless). Original Russian topic (Русскоязычная тема):
  4. Hey Battlestate Games & community, I would like to propose the idea to make laser based sights, such as the Eotech holographic, EKP-08 and any other sights that cast a light onto glass; standard red-dot sights, behave more like their realistic counterparts. Below I have linked multiple images for you to take a look at. As well as three proposals. Please take the time to look at them and consider implementing them. Proposal 1: ADS and looking through a sight and how the mind "casts" the red-dot *Mind my gross feet in the picture and the absolute mess of my room. Take a look at the images I uploaded of my current in-game ak-74m. Then take a look at the images I have uploaded of my VFC VR-16 Airsoft rifle. As you can see everything seems to add up alright. Both are working guns and from the perspective of the viewer, both red-dot sights work perfectly fine. For reference sake, the red-dot I am using is the Holosun HS406a Tube Red-Dot sight. Now as many of you may know already, red-dot sights in most games are very inaccurate to their real life counterparts because of the limited perspective of cameras and 2D environments. Escape from Tarkov is already one of the most realistic games I have played (in-terms of gun physics) however the developers haven't seemed to have done anything about the way red-dot sights perform in real life. In reality the biggest benefit of a red-dot is that you can keep both eyes open to cast the dot into the middle of your vision while focusing on a target thus eliminating the need for a rear sight in the case of an iron sight. This can allow for faster aiming and wider fields of view. The best way I would describe it, is like giving yourself a hip-fire reticle, like in more arcade style games such as call of duty, or battlefield. Now in games, you cannot easily show this because of the limited perspective of a camera. It would be especially difficult to try to cast a dot into your character's vision very well and have it be usable, but there are ways of attempting to make sights more realistic. Take a look at the images provided below. I have tried to illustrate (through crappy photo shopping) what it looks like while looking through a sight in real life. Basically my brain automatically stops focusing on the frame of the lens and sort of blurs it out. Meanwhile my other eye can still see perfectly around the sight, therefore I can see the ground perfectly, while aiming down my sights in real life. In my opinion Escape from Tarkov should attempt to replicate this and add not only to the uses of red-dots, but also to the realism of them. One method would be to blur out the frame of the lens as well as make it more opaque. Look at the first eotech, which is basically how most games would show it. The second image is an attempt to emulate how those sights look to me. If you were to blur the top of the sights out, and make them more opaque, you could open up the shooter's field of view, and more effectively portray what it feels like to use a red-dot sight. This is a somewhat easy way of making the sights more realistic. By opening up the shooter's view, via blur and opacity, it can better simulate how the sight would function in reality. Proposal 2: Glass quality, breakage and dust. One of the most important parts of a sight is it's quality of glass. Glass quality can be changed through numerous things but I'll focus on some of the main ones. First: Better sight? Higher Quality Glass. Here is an example. My sight The Holosun, has good quality glass but it is slight tinted. This is helpful for shading and certain scenes, but sometimes having perfectly clear glass can be more helpful (though that is a subjective opinion). In comparison, when I was buying my sight I had the option of buying the Aimpoint Patrol. The aimpoint was about $400 CAD more expensive but it had a higher clarity of glass and was less tinted inside (at least to me). One method of showing glass quality in game would be to add slight tinting to some of the sights with lower quality glass. Thus making people WANT the better sights. They will offer not just an aesthetic change but a functional one as well. Breakage and dust. As you can see in my pictures my holosun has flip-up sight protectors on it. These are used when transporting the lens to prevent it from getting scratched. Now in-game you most likely wouldn't want to have any sight protectors but this does bring up the fair point of getting your lens scratched and beat up as the raid goes on. I would like to propose that as time goes on if you aim down your sights i.e. "Expose" your sight and walk through bushes and trees there is that chance that your lens could get scratched, which will somewhat impede your vision. I would also like to propose the idea that dust can get into your lens which you will then have to wipe off if you go prone in dust areas, as well as the longer you spend in a raid. These may seem like minor issues, but taking care of your lenses is actually incredibly important in real life when shooting and should also be important in a realism based game such as Escape from Tarkov. These effects should be reset after a raid, but would facilitate the need for a cloth of some kind for cleaning. This effect would also be applicable to Ballistic goggles and other vision based equipment. You could also wipe off lenses with your hands but it will be less effective. Proposal 3: More options, micro-dots, mid-tiers Adding in more real-life mid-tier sights to give people more options. For example, I know more people that own a Holosun than those that own an Aimpoint, simply because Holosuns are cheaper sights. Yet I don't see very many in-game because they haven't been added in yet. It would be nice to see some more of these sights offered by the traders. For example, you could get a cheaper Holosun microdot from traders at say, level two, and at level 3 have access to the aimpoint microdot, which would showed as being better. It would offer more sight choices and lower price options for the traders and newer players. Now you already have this implemented with different TYPES of sights. But I mean different versions of the same sight, as in the difference between the Holosun Tube sight (mine) and the Aimpoint Patrol. Same as the Aimpoint T1, and the Holosun 403a microdot sight. Stuff more like that. Anyways those are my proposals. I would very much like to see the first one implemented as red-dot sights will otherwise just be glorified iron sights. Dust stuff isn't very important for games but it could be a big part of the game later on. And more sights would be coming anyways, so I suppose I didn't really need to list that one.. but oh well. Anyways thanks for reading my essay.
  5. Rekonsile

    Iron sights FOV bugs

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/777381606 can we get a fix for iron sights? or a real way to zero them at the least?
  6. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/769357666 This link shows you why you can always trust where your sights are lined up! Devs are you working on a fix for some of these guns that still have these issues?
  7. Tannheuser

    Canted iron sights

    Canted iron sights in addition to existing options. Would be great addition when running scopes or NVGs. Long live iron sights!
  8. Please! Do a quick overhaul of the Zeroing-System. It doesn´t have to be extremely complicated, just let us zero our weapons ourself instead of using the standart-ammo as fixed increment/basis. Like, as simple as: A range of 0 to 400 Starting at 0 for point blank! Increment of 10 or 20 If you don´t wanna change it at all, PLEASE, atleast put all optics to 0 as standart and not 25/50/... That we can also effectively use faster bullets then the standart-ammo. Like atm, the 7N37 is effectively unuseable with most optics, since the bullet is ~double speed as pst-gzh 😥 For everyone that doesn´t know, how zeroing exactly works in Tarkov at the moment: The game takes the standart-ammunition for every weapon with vanilla-mods (barrels, muzle devises,...) and calculates the range increment for exactly that combination. If you put a Scope/Sight on your weapon, you will perfectly hit targets at set distance, wich you can set via the built in Zeroing system (that you can set to like 25,50,100,200,...). But the momen,t you use another ammunition (wich is often faster/slower), any other barrels, silencers, flash-hiders, etc. that effect your muzzle velocity, it gets more and more inaccurate. To the point, where zeroing is completely useless or even impossible, like stated above with 7N37 as an example. And thanks to the devs for that otherwise very cool game. ❤️
  9. I was just in a raid using a AKM/VPO-209 with an EO TEC 553 sight. At roughly 10m I was aiming for a headshot, but after about 5 shots (all aimed at the head) I made the kill. His comrade then killed me after I thought I'd made a good two headshots again. Confused as to how it took so many shots on a target without any helmet I noticed that the killing blow was in the stomach. The range was set at 50 in the bottom right of the screen. Are there new variables that manage this kind of accuracy discrepancy? Is it a bug, do I need to level up my character's skills to make this more obviously accurate in a way we didn't pre patch 12? Or are the basic setups of a gun in this bracket far less reliable than before?
  10. Krinkles

    Iron Sight Issues

    So I've found that, in my experience, that aiming with iron sights consistently hast he bullet being lower than where the point of aim should be; much, much lower in a lot of cases. At first I figured I was just too close, and the sights were zeroed for something further out, but as I tried it at varying ranges I found it consistently shot low (much greater distances becoming subject to excessive displacement long before anything conclusive could be surmised). However, at close and modest ranges, it was low every time. Like, real low; seemed to want to pull to the left on the first shot as well. I shot it several times after the first to make sure it in itself wasn't just scatter, and each time the patterns held. Somewhat ironically, the grouping on the PPS proved to be most consistent at closer ranges, but it still pulled way down. On it's image I've moved closer to the target (center of the 5 on the licence plate) after shooting, to show this. I tried to sidestep to give an idea of where I had leveled the shots when I fired, but there's some variance, just with the character's static breathing and all. I was holding Shift during each shot, but not afterwards. Now, this could totally be a setting I don't know about, or some weird like "oh, well your gun-skill is low so your character's constantly overcompensating when the start shooting," or something like that, but I don't believe it is. With the stubby 74, especially, I find I'd basically have to cover the target in the large flat surface under the top of the sight to get it closer to where I'd want it to be.
  11. amazingman

    sight durability

    I was thinking about sights having a durability and when they lose durability to running or shooting (you can choose how much durability) And another thing is that if the durability gets too low the sights can change range or it can lead your gun to shoot inaccurately. idk might be a good idea msg me for another suggestion on this topic.
  12. G'day gentlemen here is a couple Ideas I think would improve this amazing game. One Being able choose the position of the sight by click dragging the sight along the rail. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two Adding Different M4/AR Variants Adding different barrels and uppers for the M4 like a 20 inch barrel and .300 blackout barrels and uppers just to give it a bit more variety and I don't think it would take much remodeling (but I'm not a game dev so could be talking out of my ass). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three Ammo Box Having a ammo box similar to the ICase and the MoneyCase that holds 1000 rounds or something. Instead of having your whole inventory full of ammunition. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Four The Clothing Trader I know the clothing trader is coming but I think a really cool addition would be if the clothes have different purposes besides just looks. Maybe during the winter some clothes are warmer then others to prevent shivering or hypothermia. Or have area's of maps that have radiation and you need certain gear in order to go in those area's. Gas Masks would also be a really cool addition to the game. I know there is filters in game and having a STALKER or METRO apocalypse feeling with radiation or biohazards threats in game would be awesome sauce. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra thoughts Right now I personalty think Tarkov feels like CoD with gear but I'm sure with the updates that the game will change dramatically over time. But I would like more of an emphasis on looting instead of just getting everything from traders. I think that finding the parts for a gun instead of buying them would add immensely to the game and give people a reason to loot the whole map instead of sprinting straight to the "good loot spots". And people would use what ever they could get their hands on instead of the perfect totally decked out rifle every time like old AK's without dust covers extra. Personally my favorite settings in games are the post-apocalypse Chernobyl feeling type games like STALKER and Merto 2033. The thing that makes them so fun is not only are you fighting Scav's and NPC's but you are fighting against some 3rd factor. With STALKER and Metro its both the environment weather, radiation and monsters of some kind. It really adds too the atmosphere, with Tarkov monsters definitely would be out of place but is there any plans to add weather survival mechanics with winter maps or some kind bio weapon or radiation in the maps? Those pictures kinda encompass the feeling I'm talking about. It gives me chills thinking about it and I love it. ANYWAY Keep up the good work Dev's I love the game and I would like to know what the community thinks as well.
  13. Skully172

    DI Optical red dot sights

    It's just a red dot that I think would be awesome in game. I don't know if the tarkov team can add these because they would need licensing and stuff but I thought I would at least point it out cause I think it looks sort of interesting. FC1: EG1:
  14. Hi all, I collected screens of scopes and sights. Unfortunately I am unable to link the pictures with the full versions directly, so please use the links below, in case you need the full screen (1920x1040) resolution. Scopes with zoom: Fullscreen link: http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-scopes-01/ Sights without zoom: Fullscreen link: http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-scopes-02/ Also I am working to create a list of all scopes and sights similar to the following images: Bravo Scope with FF3 RDS for close combat fights (see full screen to check which items are needed for this combination): http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-scope-bravo4-total-01-2/
  15. Himmuguegeli

    Reflex-/Holographic Sights

    Good morning, I´ve got 3 suggestions for the game and hope that the developers could consider using them. The first is about already existing mechanics and the Aimpoint sights (the micro and that new one which is coming). I´m not sure if that´s already on your to-do list but the T-1 should have 2 dot sizes and night vision compability. Quotes from the official website: Source: Official Aimpoint Website To make it fit into the game mechanics you could simply make 3 versions of it available. A small weak one for night visions, and the 2 and 4 MOA dot sizes by cycling the sight mode. This could also be done for the new incoming Aimpoint sight. It would expand the use of the already existing Micro since the Dot is way too big for distances bigger than CQB situations. The second suggestion of mine is a bit more difficult to take over but I hope that you still consider it. It´s about reflex- and holographic sights (without magnification). In real life you use them while keeping both eyes open. Without going into too much detail now I would like to point out that you have a way better sight picture in reality duo to the fact that you can “see through” the optics frame which could also represented in game. Since the third dimension can´t be displayed on a monitor you could still present the advantage for the player (over an Iron-sight) by making the sight and weapon transparent/dispersed. I took myself some time to do a montage of what it could look like. Before: After: I would like to hear what the opinion of everyone is about that. It is kind of revolutionary since no other game very tried that (as far as I´m aware of) and if it´s even possible with the engine. Obviously it could be done in different way, I just thought it looks the best/fitting if I give it a dispersed and transparent look. So what do you think? The last and third one is a small request. I would be very happy about the ability to switch the weapon on “safe” (if the weapon has that function). I think the best would be to give it an own button (so people do not land on the “safe” by accident). It would add a bit towards the immersion and me and my friends would actually use it. Besides that I would like to tell you that I love the game and wish you and the game the best. I think you´re on a great and unique road already. Have a nice day, Himmu.
  16. Ewendel88

    Cobra Family Sights Shade

    Whats the word on the Cobra Family Sights Shade? I bought one for an epk-8-18 i have and there doesn't seem to be any way of attaching it. Does the sight have to be mounted? are they just not working yet or am I missing something?
  17. Scruffy

    AK Zeroed Soviet Way

    For anyone who might find this interesting:
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