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Found 8 results

  1. So after a while of weird and funny encounters i came to the conclusion that the sound distance at which silenced gunshots can be heard are just broken. Sure silencers need to be useful, but it‘s absurd when i and 2 other people can’t hear the dude who’s shooting at us from under 100m, but only hear the impact of the bullets, or my PMC getting hurt. (Sometimes without any impact sound) It just seems extreme inconsistent and just broken overall. Kinda like if the sound just get‘s cut off if you cross a certain short distance. My friends confirm that too everytime. I once shot with a silenced M700 next to a friend at a distance of <50m on Woods too, and he didn’t hear anything. The thing is like i said before, that it basically mutes the sound at a fairly short to medium distance, even though it should only make it quiter. Maybe the sound reduction for silencers is just too high across the board, or maybe the sound reduction per meter (or whatever calculation its based on) is too abrupt? Maybe a combination of both? Or idk... a bug? I‘m not an expert. It feels broken to me, thats all i want to say with that. PS: You can hear the shells landing on the ground from a certain gun. And by that i mean at any distance, lol.
  2. Hello guys, i want to share my experience about supressed guns with supersonic ammunition. at ranges from 70+ meters you basically cant hear any gunshots anymore from supressed guns running supersonic ammunition The experience this provides is basically if people are over 70 or 100 meters and shoot at you, you dont get any sound ques where the shooter is shooting from, it just leaves you guessing which is why i think is quite unbalanced and should be tweaked properly. Now since the nature of supersonic ammo is that regardless of what supressor you put on it, it will still be noticeable from longer ranges due to the crack when the bullet breaks sound barrier. How to fix it: Since we can hear unsupressed weapons quite good , even at longer ranges, i would suggest making supressed weapons only sligthtly quieter for the sake that you could still hear slightest little crack from which direction the gunshot is comming from, yet this still wouldnt be easy to spot the shooter, but would give a general idea where the gunshot is comming from, it would be more balanced and more realistic
  3. samwise420


    Hi, The current state of Suppressors make them a necessity when taking gear into a raid, and understandably they are end-game gear. However, being on the receiving end of a suppressed weapon is no fun as it is impossible to determine where the shots are coming from. The range at which suppressed shots can be heard is often less than engagement distance therefore there is often no chance of fighting back. Subsonic bullet use should be promoted when using suppressors however, they should have little effect when used with supersonic bullets, only deadening the sound. Are there any plans to change suppressors from the current 'Hollywood' style into something more realistic? Love the game by the way, it has huge potential.
  4. Smutje-Krabbe

    What about suppressor Covers? [images]

    I wud love to see those in the game! With a new suppressor type or as additional gear! Tell me what u think and pls post some good Images of some covers ud like to see in the game. Greetings, Smutje from Germany! Love u EFT Devs and Community.
  5. Ich benutze zur Zeit ein AK74N und ein HexagonAK74 Schalldämpfer. Ich habe das gefühl das er den Schall oder das Schussgeräusch an sich nicht dämpft. Hat da auch wer seine erfahrungen?
  6. Please Developers, Sort this mayhem out. Every single person has silencers on an M4 and fort armor. PLEASE, can you make silencers not appear in any trader so that way you have to loot boxes and crates to get them and if possible PLEASE could you fix fort armor values? I can be in a game with 42/58 on a repaired fort and then when I leave the game it is 0/58. This leads me to believe that it should be broken but isn't so it's keeping me alive, which sure is nice but not when EVERYBODY has fort, I cant shoot them in the chest, shoulders, neck or back. This needs fixing urgently as it means that basically bad connection, failed calculations and a fast fire rate beats you no matter what. I just want this game to go back to high gear being rare and skill being what made the game good, not spamming M4 runs until you are out of gear and stop playing. Please get back to me on this if you read it.
  7. PoeticSinner


    Just wondering how silent will guns using silencers actually be because a lot of games tend to still be pretty loud for balance reasons. Did a quick search and only only found topics discussing wear and attaching them, but not on their effect audible wise.
  8. Had an Idea, Maybe the option to create an improvised suppressor would be good in moderation? I think there would have to be limitations so not everyone has them, Maybe make one of the materials needed quite rare and only have the ability to create them as part of one of the in game skills..... Whats everyone's thoughts?
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