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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings to you, developers of EFT and you beautiful people of the EFT Community, I am an extremely new player in EFT, but have been a gamer of all sorts of game for the last 27 years and I have to say that I have never seen a game with so much potential as EFT. I want to see this game succeed and become a staple for the genre. And in many ways, it already is. Enough of that though, let's get into a couple of suggestions that I had. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* I do want to lay down some groundwork and some premises before I go into the meat and potato. 1- I am well aware that my suggestions MAY be very far from the Devs vision and plans for the game. Because of my respect for that, I'd like to underline that my suggestions come from purely a personal wish; a wish to, perhaps, see them implemented sooner or later. In no ways I am suggesting that the Devs SHOULD or MUST change thier scope for this game. So if you feel compelled to comment that "dats not the devs plan"...save it. I'm aware. 2- I suck at the game big time. But I love the premise of it regardless, so I play it. The fact that I am nowhere near the top names of the leaderboard, should not influence the credibility and validity of my suggestions. Besides...we are talking about suggestions, not orders. So if you feel like criticizing my suggestions based on...well...your feelings that day, save it. I'm well aware that my suggestions may be subject for laughter to you and others. 3- I am NOT aware that these suggestions have already been made and declined. So if I bring up points that have already been dismissed by the devs, let me know, civilly and constructively. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* With that out of the way let's talk about Story Mode. Why do I bring it up ( i know, boooriiiingg) and what do I see this game do with it. But most importantly: why oh why do I think it could be a good idea to implement in the game. Let's take it from the top: -- WHY SINGLE PLAYER AND WHAT STORY MODE -- We all know here what type of game Escape From Tarkov is. We all know that its ultra realism and deep weapon sim nature, make it a dream come true for competitive shooter gamers. However EST has (willingly or unwillingly, perhaps) created an incredibly solid foundation for not just the present day, but for next-gen shooter of all genre. With its deep control system, inventory management, weapon response and realism, this game has spoiled us, if you may. I cringe anytime I play a game that doesn't have proper sound recorded, arcade mechanics and less than realistic looks, even. Is it just me? Maybe, but indulge me for a second and think of how huge and incredibly satisfying a potential Story Mode, with a plot well written, a level design that is top notch - just like what we already see in the multiplayer already, by the way -, character creation and customization, skill trees, perk point attributions, survival mechanics, could be. Single Player in EFT, should be. of course, COMPLETELY SEPARATE, from the Multiplayer experience. Nothing crosses over: no items, rares, weapons, experience...nothing. It is a completely separate, fully self sufficient reality. What I am talking about here is to take the customization mechanics and use them into a play mode that allows everyone to experience it and makes them want to, even more, take that knowledge on the multiplayer ground, against, other players. I am talking about a full Special Forces Simulator, Action/RPG, with elements of survival, quests, mission rewards and tactical co-op integration. I am talking about the next gen Action shooter RPG. Call me crazy or delusional, as you may, but this very thought blows my mind. I want it so bad. I am talking about a Single Player that has few, but very engaging modes: a. Loadout Room: A open and close space where one can gain familiarity with his gear and all the gear in the game. Where it can field test gun modifications and game mechanics. b. Single Player Story Mode: with a plot, voice acted, soundtrack, cut scenes. I'm thinking big here because there is massive potential. But it doesn't have to be this big. It could be even just a bunch of missions that you go through and go from rags to riches, type of deal. c. Co-Op Story Mode (up to 4 players) d. Shooting Range Challenges: A Shooting range where you enter alone or with up to 8 friends to complete challenges and compete against each other, to see who's got better aim. Completing challenges awards items you can then use in your story mode as you progress. I am aware that the co-op modes I suggested, are not technically Single Player, but the realm and context of what you play is single player. You co-op a story mode, if you catch my meaning. What I have imagined for EFT is a story mode that picks up the lore of the game. I have several ideas for a plot line that could potentially fit in the game, so DEVs, if you are interested in suggestions about that, let me know. I'd be open to give some ideas. I'm not going to crowd this topic even further. --SO WHY IS IT A GOOD IDEA, AGAIN?-- I believe that today, games are moving into a more and more multiplayer platform. This is all well and good, but there is still a massive chunk of people that loves the single player experience. I love immersing myself in the game mechanics and grow and progress within the story. Falling in love with characters, relate to life experiences. That's what gaming is about, in some cases. It's story telling and pure entertainment. The reason I'm so convinced that EFT could revolutionize the Single Player world, as well as the multiplayer world, is because it has a strong structure and game mechanics. I imagine missions in the story mode where we are tasked to recover a nuclear detonator fallen in the hands of (put faction name here). I imagine having to approach the mission according to the gear and skills we have available at that point: if we have a suppressed weapon, we could strive for a silent and more tactical approach. What about if we only have a shotgun? We can't approach long range, so we need to play it differently. Or we can go full on only knife, if we so wish. Using the enemy's weapons as we kill them. Every mission is re playable later, with the gear you have so far collected. When I imagine all this, knowing the mechanics of EFT, I just want to play it so bad. --CAN THE GAME BENEFIT FROM A SINGLE PLAYER MODE?-- It is very much my belief, that a game like EFT, can ONLY benefit from a Single Player mode. I believe that the numbers of sales would only improve and more and more people would then be exposed and drawn in the main attraction: the Multiplayer. It would allow less confident players, to still want to play it and get into it, BECAUSE, there is a Single Player mode, where they can practice and perfection their skills and confidence. It would benefit the game, because it would add a massive layer of depth to the game, through a well crafted story, that draws people in not simply because of the high-adrenaline feeling, but also emotionally and sentimentally. There are only few games that I still play from 20 years ago, and those are the games that made me feel something inside, that I attached emotionally to. I am of the strong belief that, if EFT crafted a great story, people would flood in from everywhere, trying to experience a campaign mode that encouraged them to play the game, be less frustrated with loosing gear, and not abandon the title because they feel not good enough at the game, and leave feeling they have wasted money on "another game". Instead, you give them something to come back too and, eventually, help them feel more comfortable and confident with this incredible game. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* I know, super long. Super boring and super hyperbole-filled piece. But I hope this gave you, at least, a good read, devs. Hopefully, whilst swamped with updates and work to do on the current game ( which I am aware it's a ton of queued up work), you may find time to give this a thought. And perhaps you already did and strongly decided against a single player mode, in which case: more power to you and I truly hope you'll make EFT the game you all have in mind to make. Peace, a massive fan.
  2. Proto21

    Separate Offline Mode

    It would be cool if the offline mode was separate from the normal multiplayer by having a separate inventory and leveling for people who have internet issues or just want to play against ai.
  3. MK2016

    Single Player Mode

    So first, i just want to give you guys the thumbs up for making a hardcore fps, like many pc gamers who love Rainbow Six 3/SWAT 4/Squad/ARMA/STALKER/Insurgency and the like, i really appreciate it. The gunplay, sounds....everything, is absolutely sublime and you should be proud of what you have created so far. I am annoyed to report that i havent been enjoying the online experience as much as i want to. Don't get me wrong, i don't have any complaints about network related issues like lag or desync, but i just have not been enjoying alot of the elements of multiplayer. I'm asking that you consider a Single Player mode, with a seperate character and progression from the online world. Being able to play this game at my own pace and really allow me to get sucked into the atmosphere this game has to offer would really be appreciated. The current offline mode, while limited in its scope, and limited in the time that it is available, gives me a chance to have a taste of the gameworld in a way that i can enjoy (at least until all the AI drop dead from starvation(?) and the level is kind of ruined ). A proper Single Player mode, with expanded gameworld like more scavs, some AI PMCs etc, would allow people to play the game in a way and at a pace that is not possible in the online world. Again, well done on everything you have created so far, i wish the Tarkov team all the best for the future, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  4. Why are guns in single fire by default. Why. In what scenario would I be like lucky I wasn't able to shoot multiple bullets at once which would cause more damage. I understand one shot it better for less recoil but why would I want less recoil for the small exchange of not being able to shoot. So sniping is one case where no recoil is more important than being able to shoot multiple bullets but that's one scenario which I find my self shooting someone from a range only every 6th kill all the other, would be kills is me getting killed because recoil is more important than being able to shoot back. Is there a setting or could one be added for this?
  5. therealtenman

    Single player In full release?

    TL;DR are there plans for an offline mode that doesn't revert progress? It would make more money since you would be able to sell to a larger crowd and not annoy the MP group. I searched for but found no dev response, only players, so that was surprising. I assume I can't search worth a damn because this has to have come up before now.... I know we have offline already, but that is obviously used for testing, practising key mapping and learning maps. I know we have AI that works decently, player-less trading, instance based maps and quests involved inside those instances. Essentially Single player mode is already there, all it needs is MP feature taken out, a local save file to be created and an extra menu button and Single player is in. Easy as pie, as far my non-coder mind can see. My question is, are there plans for an offline mode that doesn't revert progress between raids? It would make more money since you would be able to sell to a larger crowd and not annoy the MP group with changes. Stalker fans wouldn't complain as much because of the player killing. People angry at cheaters/hackers would be able to still play with tantrums. Etc, etc. I would assume that there would be no connection to MP for balance and fairness. Totally new character for SP, no ability to interact with MP in any way to stop SP cheating effecting MP inventory. Its sort of a suggestion but mainly a question. So it can be answered neatly in the questions area. Cheers for reading it, signed, TheRealTenman P.S. Sorry if it has been answered, I looked for a half hour for anything including "single" and "single player", on the about page, in the questions area, in the suggestions, in general and so on. Nothing from devs that I could find. Super weird if it hasn't been asked. Super weird if I couldn't find it. Anyhow thanks.
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