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Found 6 results

  1. I was just wondering if there will be any way to increase stash size in the future because my stash is full and I have tried many ways to save space but to no avail.
  2. hi everybody, i just wanted to give my two thoughts on the stash size. i did buy the game for around 50 euros and got 10x23 stash from it and am tellin you thats WAY not enough. aswell i think that eod edition owners (and the owner of the other versions) would be quite happy with double the space. My point is 10x23 is to less and nobody would get hurt if youd dlouble everybodys stash. thanks for thinking about it and have a nice day.
  3. is there a way or will there be a way to upgrade the size of your container and/or stash? i got the cheaper option but now wish i had spent a little bit more for more room as it's hard to manage with such a small stash and container compared to my friends.
  4. KngRetro

    Only Issue I have with this game

    Give the Standard Edition players a bigger stash, or atleast release a small 5$ stash boost pack, this stash is ridiculously small and honestly frankly annoying, It's just limiting the game for me, and I really dont want to buy a whole new version just for an extended stash. So please, improve this.
  5. Monty_CRO

    Stash size expansion

    Hello devs! Love the new update, so much improvements it's hard to remember them all. Love the improved performance and sounds in particular. I did not notice the size increase in our stash tho, will that come in the near future? Thanks!
  6. One of the biggest con of this game (while it's still not out) according to some is the continent size, which is set to be 16x16 kms, and is going to cause too many firefights according to the same people. I played Planetside 2 for like 600 hours or something, maybe more, and what I can say, is that with 8x8 continents, on low populated servers, you barely get a fight going on. Why am I comparing this to Escape from Tarkov ? Because Planetside 2 on low pop is not even close of what is EfT meant to be, in fact, since it's 64 players, in a map that is much more dense, and twice as big as Planetside's continents, it's going to be pretty empty when it comes to players per km². So unless there are going to be hundreds of scavs controlled by the AI at the same time, it might not be that much of a mayhem, considering that the size of planetside continent is just tiny, but already so wide if you put a lot of stuff in it. Not that I'm against big maps, but please, people should maybe realize that 8x8 is already huge, and if planetside continents were dense building-wise (they're almost literally empty), finding a fight on low pop servers would actually be a challenge itself, let alone finding a fight on a continent that is twice as big. I'd definitely love to see extensions of the playable zone since repetitive gameplay is never good, but really, staph complaining about size, we all know it doesn't matter. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) what am I even doing with my life, writing some random things at 2:30am.
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