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Found 17 results

  1. It'd be an interesting new feature to the game when a body part of player is destroyed (blacked out) your character reacts loudly to the pain by cursing and screaming. As you level up 'Stress resistance' your PMC has a less stressful response when a body part is destroyed. This would add an interesting new feature to combat as players can know when another player is badly wounded. As a player levels up their stress resistance it become more difficult for a players enemies to determine if they're wounded badly or not. This would also add extra immersion to the game.
  2. Please stop the bleeding of character skill progress while offline.. I Work long hours and cant game Mondays to Thursdays, when i jump back in on Fridays, I loose a pretty hefty chunk from every skill.. I literally go from work straight to bed. It just counters my lust for playing the game knowing that if dont play for a week then I loose allot of progress.. And to repair the damage Im gonna have to grind the whole weekend to just get it back... It really makes me rethink playing the game. Investing time into character improvement is one of the things i love doing. But not if im gonna loose that progress while im at work anyways and not get to enjoy the benefits..
  3. keyciraptor

    skill progression lost when dying

    Hello Guys I want to ask if there is a thing like loosing skill progression when you die. Hatchlings, and i have to say i like to play couple rounds hatchlings aswell, would be nerfed in this case. Cause right now there is just no problem and even no reason not to run factory some couple of hatchling rounds. Someone who goes full mounted has always to fear to lose something, why has the hatchlings nothing to lose? A little bit of progression lost in skills would be maybe a reason for some guys not to run hatchlings nonstop. maybe the progression would be always bigger more you dont success a raid. lets say, you lose 5xp when you die first time, if you dont end the next raid you will lose 25, if you dont end the next again you will lose 50 and so go on. in this case people would MAYBE not run only hatchling rounds. i know this game is in beta, i play it for a long time and i can clearly see improvments in all ways (stamina lose by hitting with axe is a good start!) and i know the game will change further and further. Just asking if there is something like this already or planned. thanks guys
  4. RigidMan

    Prone skill

    Hi there; I've just upped my prone skill though it's supposed not to be available in beta... Did this happen to anyone else ? Here's the screen :
  5. TheBigZwiebula

    skill bug

    hi ich habe schon vor einiger zeit meinen memory skill auf elite trainiert und sollte daher keinerlei fortschritt bei sämtlichen skills verlieren können. dies war auch lange so aber seitdem mein strength nun auch endlich auf max ist verliere ich konstant fortschritt bei den skills endurance und health. egal wie viel ich im raid renne oder an strecke zurücklege, diese zwei skills sinken permanent ohne möglichkeit diesem entegegen zu wirken andere skills sind davon nicht betroffen, nur diese zwei. endurance scheine ich auch wesentlich schneller zu vergessen als health. ist das so gewollt oder hat jemand die gleichen/ähnliche probleme? support ticket ist zumindest mal raus
  6. Edit: changed title to better reflect the situation in the video Hi all, a friend of mine on our Discord shared this video with us yesterday, of him going into Factory with a hatchet and coming out with Fort, Ops-Core and M4. The main part I would like you to look at is where he starts to stalk the geared player, and manages to retain his nerve once he gets the drop on him. Enjoy!
  7. I understand that alot of you don't care about soft skills, But they present a huge advantage in combat. Outflanking someone wins you a fight, and furthermore not losing your skills or dying of dehydration is godlike! The issue I have is you need to spend way over 100+ hours grinding these skills to get 51 Elite...This gives players who no-life the game a huge advantage. As someone who has to work it sucks knowing someone will have an advantage because they jumped 10000000 times with max carry weight. I have almost 100 Hours played in this wipe and I am only 15 strength...
  8. Bonjour à tous, Voila j'ai un problème concernant les Skill : -Intellect -Immunity Je ne trouve pas comment monter ses caractéristiques. Quelqu'un pourrait-il me venir en aide ? Merci
  9. Wiplash78

    Hacks or skills?

    So my mates and I were in customs in dorm 3 story. I was sitting at the stairs 3rd floor away from windows to not get snipped or spotted and to cover our rear. One of us 3rd floor with me at a window aways from me, one 2nd floor window. Second floor guy gets wasted second later the 3rd floor guy was like okay this guy is good no way he knows where I am caps lock super slow walk to the kitchen to catch him on my 3rd floor guy. Waited for over 10 minutes till I heard him coming over, sounded like he came straight to the third floor to wait me out too, 100% no way he knew i was there, saw i wasn't gonna go so first grenade tried to get it in by the sound but missed then again and got me the one after that. Seems really sketchy that he didn't do that on the second or first floor but straight to where I was and just didn't seem right. And here is the video of where it happened. Let me know thanks!
  10. DragonForceWR

    [Add] Stealth Skill

    Escape from Tarkov got so many Skills. We got Strengh, Health, Intelligence etc. But why isnt there some kind of Stealth Skill ? Why isnt there anything about Stealth / Sneaking around? I would like to see for example if you sneak alot --> the skill will get increased ---> you are able to sneak faster without noises or you will be more quiet in everything (looting, sneaking / walking, eating etc) It would be like the counter part of the skill that makes you hear enemys in further distances.
  11. Steventot

    Hacks or skill?

    I won't disclose the players name for now but this happened just a half an hour ago. I was running down a hill when I noticed a player below me. He was running the other direction. I must add, it was raining on Shoreline and I had 2 other mates behind me, like 50 ¬ 70m. Suddenly this guy turns around, and knows exactly my location, shooting right at me ( I was prone at this stage just over the crest). So I was wondering how was he able to hit me. At this point my mates were perfectly stationary in a bush behind over the crest. I died and right after that he headshoted my mate perfectly hidden in a bush with perfect accuracy, just right after he killed me. The third mate was even further away up on the crest where he had no chance to see or know he is there yet he hit him with a perfect headshot. I know it was a "one man group" because the same guy killed all three of us. This is not the first time I have seen something dodgy so I wonder was it skill or something else... Every non server side game is hackable, exploitable in a way or another. I understand the devs are dealing with this kind of stuff fearcefully. I am just curious and starting a discussions what others think about my story and if they have experienced something similar lately!? Peace
  12. Waterhook

    Is hacking a thing?

    Hello everyone. I will start off my saying I am new to the game, me and my friend just bought it today, and we have now slowly started to understand how the game works. I am enjoying the game a fair bit now. After finally getting my first extraction complete, it started to overshadow the times I've been killed by a sniper while being unarmed or the times I've had a teammate stab me in the back while I search a crate, just so he could get my pistol. My question is if hacking is a thing in this game? Me and my friend just died in a game, where we were hidden in a little wooden area, with atleast 3 meters between us, him laying down and me standing up. This guy must have sneaked up on us, and killed us both with an insane amount of accuracy and within an extremely short amount of time. I've attatched a few pictures for reference to what happened. I want to point out that I am not nameshaming anyone. This guy could just be really really skilled, I do not know. I guess I am also asking to learn. Then next time i will remember to be more careful due to the risk of being able to be killed like this. Thanks, In advande. Cya on the field! Regards.
  13. CanondeathTV

    Strength skill changes

    Strength is one of the most imporatant skills right now and will greatly effect gameplay. The only problem is that you mainly get strength from overweighting yourself. My suggestion is to scale the experience gain with the level of armor you are wearing, this allows for a gameplay where you don't need to focus on training your skills to not lack behind other players cause they trained their skills in a manner like stacking t bags in your gamma case. Their is a risk & reward for having armor out to gain strength. I would recommend everything up to Fort-Armor to be very low in the gain of strength since it is very easy to optain. thank you for reading and maybe even considering a change Canondeath
  14. Lyntheros

    Red Skill Bar

    So my Perception was Elite, as it's quite easy to get there. But the more I play the more I lose of it? And the empty bar has turned RED. And I haven't gotten a single point towards it again. And I lose one maximum point every few games. Can someone tell me why that is, and if I can reverse this?
  15. hello developers, As a long time alpha tester and player of this beautiful game i would like to give feedback and criticism to what you are doing next for game play elements and mechanics of the game. I believe that Tarkov has a really unique play style of game-play I've seen in years. The brutal and fast pace of CQC and med range combat, to the long distance engagements. So when it comes to micro managing your character and weapon I strongly suggest you keep it the same. I heard that you will be adding motion cap for "loading magazine" and "medicine" which will completely change the dynamic of everyone playing the game. I understand that you want to make a really hardcore FPS but theres many things in this game that are just video game logic you cannot fix. this game to me is what is walking on this thin silver lining of realism and skill with entertainment. adding these motion caps in my opinion will not only take away the skill of managing bullets and tracking your magazines ammo count. It will change this (in my opinion) great combat and PvP into something i believe this game doesn't fit. if you must add animation to medicine that is fine, but i believe if you must it shouldn't interrupt the players movement, only the ability to shoot back. there is many situations i can explain how even medicine animations could possibly hinder game-play and the ability to counter your opponents ect ect ect. I dont want drive away from my point though on this thread. thank you for reading and i hope you can consider my feedback and maybe respond
  16. Agen7orange

    Weapon Skill distribution streamlining

    Hey guys, First off I've been out of the game for a while, so correct me if this has already been established, but i searched the forum and didn't see anything about this. As far as the weapons proficiency skills go, if you use a gun a lot, then you get increased skill for it. Now a days, we're seeing the addition to a lot of weapons of the same base platform (I.E. Kalashnikov family weapons: Saiga 12g, Vityas, AK74, AKS74u, AKM, etc.) I feel like using any one of the weapons should also give weapon experience to guns in its family (albeit at a lower rate) . So if I've been playing with the AK74 a lot.. I'd be able to pick up an AKS, Vityas, AKM, SVD, etc and be able to carry over familiarity of that weapon system. After all, that's the advantage of having guns in similar platforms. My example would be something like i get 100% xp rate for the gun i'm currently using, and 50% (or whatever lower rate you guys decide is best) for all weapons in the family of firearms. I'm just following the real life logic that goes behind weapon design, familiarity plays a huge role and is what makes the Kalashnikov family so great (IMO). Anyways feel free to let me know if this is already a thing, I've been walking the streets of Tarkov again recently and picking up a dead dude's silenced Vityaz made me think of this haha. ITS GOOD TO BE BACK
  17. jmh1189

    Shooting skills

    First off, thank you for putting so much detail into weapons handling. I have a few suggestions for skill progression. As an avid shooter myself, I think it would bring the realism out in terms of implementing shooting skill. What i mean by this: When a person first picks up a gun and learns the basics on how to fire, reload, clear malfunctions etc. They are generally slow and clumsy. If you could put as part of the skill tree a part dedicated to weapon experience, that would be amazing. A few suggestions for progressive shooting skills. #1: sight picture - For a fresh player, maybe have animation fumble to get the right sight picture when aiming and regaining sight picture after shots. This will keep new players from being able to lay down immense amounts of accurate fire in short periods of time. As the player invests points into their sight picture, they start to be able to aim quicker and pull their gun out of recoil quicker for follow up shots. #2: Weapons malfunction clearing - for a first time shooter getting a stove pipe or another failure to fire, they generally fumble with their gun for a bit trying to figure it out and clear the malfunction. After points are added to this tree, they become quicker at clearing malfunctions and getting back into the fight. Hell, even safeties on certain guns cause delays because of inexperience. #3: Reloading speed and method - im sure this has already been covered. #4: fatigue - people can't shoot forever. When i go a few months without shooting, i noticed i get fatigued much quicker. I can maybe go through a hundred rounds depending on the trigger weight before my fingers can barely pull the trigger. After a while i can shoot far more. Also, as fatigue becomes an issue, accuracy degrades and the hands start to shake. I think these are all things that can be done and would add a very important aspect of realism and create more immersive game mechanics. These types of details if you want to implement them could bring the entire gun community to this game. Any thoughts from backers/devs?
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