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  1. Hoo boy, here I go writing Tarkov suggestions while at work again! I am gonna say I would like to see a Stress skill added to Tarkov. I think this could change the game in the way that the game responds to what kinds of situations you get into. I don't know if stress is the right words for it. Could call it calm also, or something along those lines. Here is an example of what I think the stress/calm skill should do. I think it should kind of be a secondary invisible health bar, but not for your health obviously, but for your character to retain control of himself. Say for example if this is implemented and you fully dehydrate yourself (shoutout to jaeger) your character will start to panic. He will pant, maybe shout out loud, Get increased stamina due to adrenaline because he is practically panicking, have delayed response when moving, kind of like inertia but increased. He will however not be really combat effective, you could randomize his ergo/mouse sensitivity constantly so It's really hard as the player to use it to his advantage, and that it's an actual panic attack because he fears he is about to die. He being your character. You can also force fast-reloading AKA dropping mags on reload while said panic attack is active. As I mentioned before with being combat ineffective, the second way this skill would impact your character would be in terms of a firefight. Say for example You just cross the bridge on customs, you get shot at by the 50. Cal and the scavs outside on the road, you take cover and suddenly you are being suppressed which makes your character panic, by increasing the stress meter because bullets are landing on your position, making it harder for you to peak out and return fire, and in fact a lot easier for you to back off, then either decide if you want to retreat or flank around. With this it enforces a bit of a slower playstyle, so if Tarkov is supposed to be a fast-paced FPS then by all means I might have wasted your time so far and I apologize. It will pace down the game and it will give it a bit more of a tactical sense, because you as a player will have to think, what if there is a 5 man player team that I run into crossing that field on woods. What if I get caught in the somewhat open and my character would be able to properly run to cover, have an escape route or return fire because while being suppressed your character will have a panic attack making it very hard to go forward in an engagement. Speaking of being prepared for said engagements or simply removing a panic attack, You can currently in game hold your breath with any weapon. What if you as a player could control that manually (inhale-wait-exhale-repeat) to reduce your characters stress and make him a bit more calm. Or you could use a morphine or any other stim that makes you calm, but I have my sights on the lesser healthy items in the game. Say for example you had just been ambushed by either players or scavs, you ran away and luckily got out alive. You find a bush that you like to sit in, so you take out a Tarkov beer or Reshala's vodka to take a sip from along with a pack of cigarettes to light a smoke to reduce your characters panic attack down to a more controllable level before you proceed with your raid. This also makes matches, lighters and cigarettes have more use than just either task items or hideout items. In terms of levelling up this skill I have one of two suggestions as of the benefits it could do. If Tarkov is supposed to be a fast-paced fps game then I think at max skill you should be immune to having panic attacks at any sort, or at least close to that. If Tarkov is however the opposite, You could make it so your character with max skill is immune to getting panic attacks from zero energy, or getting hit with a bullet in the leg even. If people have a better idea as to benefits of levelling this up, please write below. I hope my suggestion here can be useful in some sense and have a pleasant day whoever is reading! On a plus note, doesn't look like my boss has seen me writing this today so I am in the clear!
  2. Finnevius

    I have 1 skill point to spend

    I haven't noticed this before and I can't find a way to use it anyway, just wanted you all to know if this is something that came with the U2019 patch
  3. Balwan

    Covert movement on elite

    hello community, this is the first wipe i play actively this game. and at this point i realized that the only way to kill effectively is by taking the advantage of the peaker and try to max out the strengh skill. (u move faster than the others nd kill them before they even see u) however i try to skill almost every game my covert movement skill and im actually at level 16 or so and pmc should be 19% quieter than an untrained pmc. and for some reason i cant note any efforts from this skill. if someone have maxed this skill to elite please let me know about the benefits. is the pmc generally quiter or just in covert movement mode? my core statement is: "make covert movement great again" gl hf
  4. Now I will start this with a message to the moderators, I am unsure if this will be part of the Karma system, if so please lock the thread thanks ❤️ TL;DR: I would like to be able to see my SCAVs Skills similar to my PMC page. -------------- Honestly, this is just a simple addition I think, and I do not know why I like it so much; but I do run scav a lot while I wait for my friends to get online. I would love to be able to just check my SCAV's skills as they are carried over in like a hidden second player page that is only viewable inside a SCAV run. I have a couple thoughts on suggestions: 1st: I think it would be good to just see the SCAVs skills on a separate tab or within the skills tab, have a drop down to switch that view to the SCAV? 2nd: I think another fun thing would be adding more use to the SCAV Case. By this I mean once you have the addition to the hideout; you will be able to see the stats of your SCAV. If this is a path everyone likes, I would also suggest blocking seeing skills of the SCAV in raid until this has been unlocked. 3rd: I think this is the most different from what I would like to do. What I mean is that I think random stats for every SCAV you play would be nice to see? Maybe have them be random based off of the "Level" of the SCAV or your Karma (Depending on how that will truly work). The more you play and the higher you get the SCAV level the better the base random stats could be? Maybe make the case give a boost to the SCAV stats as well? Those are my random thoughts turned suggestions. I would love to see what people think about it. I am open to constructive criticisms with suggested changes, alterations, or what you would rather see instead. Thanks for your time, happy raiding 👍
  5. Some of the skills have very solid Elite perks. Consider spreading them perks out over the milestone levels of the skill, E.g. Lv15, 30, 45 Each of these levels unlocks one of the perks.
  6. JustBiased

    Rolling Onto Your Back While Prone

    Being able to roll onto your back while prone would further enhance the immersion into a real fire fight. As it currently stands in the game going prone is only beneficial if the enemy does not know where you are at. Going prone when the enemy knows your location immediately places you at a disadvantage with only a very select few options. One of the worst-case scenarios being, if the enemy is behind you when you go prone. To mitigate the drawback of going prone when coming into contact from the rear, I suggest implementing the ability to roll onto your back. This option will help level the odds of surviving such an encounter by creating more uncertainty; even if the approaching player thinks he/she has the drop on their target. You could even take it a step further and limit movement while on your back to strictly pushing with your feet; considering your hands will be occupied with your weapon and you are basically a turtle.
  7. I understand that alot of you don't care about soft skills, But they present a huge advantage in combat. Outflanking someone wins you a fight, and furthermore not losing your skills or dying of dehydration is godlike! The issue I have is you need to spend way over 100+ hours grinding these skills to get 51 Elite...This gives players who no-life the game a huge advantage. As someone who has to work it sucks knowing someone will have an advantage because they jumped 10000000 times with max carry weight. I have almost 100 Hours played in this wipe and I am only 15 strength...
  8. -Tkullberg-

    Bug or what? (Strength skill)

    Hello. Was playing on shoreline, trying to lvl strength skill, i got to lvl 2 (yaay, finaly i can upgrade my hideout (vents).. I thought.. I got killed... Checked the skills.. im at lvl 1 again with same score (12.3/20) What have i missed..? Did i lose my lvl in skill bc I died? have played 2 more hours just to trying lvl up it but no luck.. Any clue guys? I mean.. it would be fun to actual build my hideout.. Anyway, love to you all ♥
  9. Hijack_Dallas

    Schleichen seit 0.12.6

    Ich weiss jetzt nicht, ob dazu schon eine Antwort kam, wenn ja, dann bitte hier noch einmal posten, aber... Ich habe und einige weitere bemerkt, dass das Schleichen inzw viel schwieriger geworden ist. Vorher war es relativ lautlos gewesen, aber seit dem Patch ist es praktisch unmöglich, sich an einem heranzuschleichen. Ich möchte jetzt nicht hören; Dann rushe den Feind. Das ist und war nie immer die beste Option. Oft genug hat man jemanden eiskalt erwischt, wenn man sich an diesen herangeschlichen hat. Und das fehlt seit 0.12.6... dieses Heimtückische Schleichen und dann killen, wie ein Assassine. Es sei denn, BSG möchte, dass man nun wirklich Covert Movement levelt, damit man dann wirklich schleichen kann.
  10. Seeing as Nikita has said the the flea market will be for found-in-raid items only, maybe there should be an ability to break down player's gear for repair resources. There was a mention of dogtags possibly being a type of currency (a sum of all the lvls of the dogtags you have in stash) so maybe player's gear that you stole in raid could break down into a type of repair resource (or currency). These points could be dependent on the health of the gear you stole and a 'Repair' skill that allows you to extract more repair resources out of the items. Those resources could then be applied to existing gear within your stash to repair them, allowing an addition repair option so you don't have to spend Rubles every time. The 'Repair' skill could also be leveled up so that it could take less repair resources to repair gear. Just a thought I would like some discussion around seeing as it seems like the gear I would exit the raid with will now only be able to be sold to vendors.
  11. Zolty47

    Personal wishlist for EFT

    Hello everyone, I would like to share with you a list of features, game mechanics, guns etc. that I would like to see in EFT. On map Labs Features: 1. Raiders can also spawn if you use a keycard. The load outs of these raiders are security level dependent, juggernaut level for red and black keycard rooms. These Raiders investigate for intruders at the opened door, inside the room and surroundings. Then patrol around the disturbed security area. Actively looking for intruders. React to gun fire and movement noise. 2. Reduce the extract points from 7 to 5. Are a bit too much imo. Features for all maps: 1. Minimal raid time of 20 minutes for above level 15 players, after these 20 min raid are gone, extract points will be activated. 2. Secure container is locked against any loot for above level 15 players, these 2 changes make the raids more livid, fight for loot, defend it, easy looting for beginners only. 3.  Balancing hatchling runs vs geared runs, speed of hatchlings brings them first to loot room, but then they will have to still defend the loot. 4. Thermal scopes work realistically: A. Body and clothing have not everywhere the same temperature, even games like Splinter Cell 1 had already a more realistic thermal mechanic. B. gLass blocks thermal sight 5. Anti-cheat: Possible to send a kill-camera-feed with the name 6. Fix the micro freezes 7. Realistic armour with weak points: A. Example: Armour vest is weak on side profile (only flexible material, no ceramic or metal plates), shoulder parts and armpits. 8. Fix shotguns please, they seem to be severely bugged 9. AI personality and skill set: Give AI a more profound personality pattern, scavs should have different skills set on a table from 1 to 10, following possible skills: A. Talkativity B. Grenade throwing C. Sneaking/Stealth D. Recoil control/ gun handling E. Precision F. Situational awareness G. Team work H. Reaction speed from 200 ms to 900 ms. I. Seeing in dark places, recognition speed of intruders, like in Splinter cell Blacklist 10. More map interaction: A. Light switches B. Motion sensor bound lights C. Fuse boxes in basements D. Power supply for buildings can be turned on and off in the basement E. Destructible wall parts to find hidden loot or alternative entrance. F. Locked crates, that can only be opened by a crowbar or blow torch G. Doors can be relocked H. Ladders can be used I. Usable Curtains, Drapes J. Fence cutter, feature for extracting for example K. Dead letter boxes from traders (rather complex feature to dedign and balance) 11. Random loot spawns, only buildings are fix, but room and exact location is random 12. Skills can increase but also decrease depending on playstyle (endurance and strength can decrease again, slowly, if not used most of the time, muscle get sized down by body if not needed) 13. Treasure chests / personal hidable stash boxes: A. 3 different versions: 3x3 fields 6 kg heavy, 4x4 fields 10 kg, 5x5 fields 15 kg B. 1 Chest per map maximal for you, can spawn only in your game session, can be looted from other spawned in players then too. 14. All keys and keycards have limited usages, also the paracord. 15. Gun and drum mag jamming, galling of special gun parts over time, needed to be replaced after some time. 16. Healing should be more realistic: A. Binding your arm for example has to be completed to heal you, knoted the binding to hold B. Blood loss debuff, blood conserves, how realistic it will be to do it by yourself?? C. To fix broken bones should be a longer animation 17. Step-less weight system: A. Starting by 0 kg, every pound / 500 gramm debuffs increase slowly in a realistic way. 18. Stamina bar has 4 zones: A. Green 100 % - 75 %: gives buffs Yellow 75 % - 50 % : no buffs, minor debuffs Orange 50 % - 25 %: middle debuffs Red 25 % - 0 %: major debuffs Make the effects realistic as possible, think about your own body, how he reacts if you go to your limits. 19. Goal: raid for needed gear, not just money. A. Only what you found personally can be sold on flea market. B. Top 30 % gear can either be traded against other „found in raid items“, dollar and euro OR to this terms only sold and bought to traders, not allowed on flea market at all. Traders will give you much less than they would demand for the item. 20. List the names of all competing players that played on the map after the raid. Possible to tag him as a cheater and send video proof, 15 seconds death cam or personal feed. A. For players IP adresses should be of course concealed, only visible for server, server also get to know hardware data of every player. To identify using platform. B. 2 way identification for player account, bound to smartphone and personal ID. 21. Clothing should be possible to be recolored, to create team based looks. Carmouflage pattern and pattern for guns, backpacks and clothing. Realistic skins. Can mix up to 4 different colors into the pattern. 22. Carmouflage color for the face 23. Carmourflage disabled for top 15 % of armour backpacks. 24. AI able to use mortars and MGs, grenade launchers, but only elite AI, not scavs. Precision should be bad. Please feel free to add your own points and critisize mine in a fair way.
  12. Dear BSG Devs, Title says it all. With all due respect, the new skill system sucks. It breaks the gameplay and the immersion even more. Our PMC is an ex-soldier, right? Soldiers have better combat ability than civies, they can be trained to become more efficient. Perhaps, you did it for balancing issue between hardcore and casual players. Hardcore players will still cheese all the skills, it just takes them a little bit longer. Meanwhile, casual players will never get the chance to level up their skills (even by normal gameplay). And by the time, we level up the skills a little bit, they all get wiped lol XD This will eventually reinforce the hatchling issue since casuals will never be able to have high passive skills against the hardcore, so casuals be like, "why bother doing PvP in the first place if we can just do hatchling and loot good stuffs and stash them in our stupid Secure Container?!" Remove this skill exhaustion, Nikita!!! This skill exhaustion only makes sense when the game is fully released (no more wipe). Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  13. Strength seems like an impossible skill to train legitimately and is probably the best skill to get levels in. Realistically throwing grenades isn't going to make you run faster and hitting your friend in the leg shouldn't give you anything. I propose a gym (bench press) in the hideout:- I see it functioning as a time locked activity (maybe once a day - two days) drains your energy and hydration and you incur the "overworked" status debuff. Overworked status debuff lowers your overall stamina by a few points and/or lowers your endurance(The timer and severity of this debuff would need testing). The bench should give a flat amount of skillpoints depending on level of the bench and throughout the wipe therapist unlocks items to help increase strength gain as a way for players that start later into the wipe to keep up (not catch-up but around 60-70% of the strength level of dedicated players). These might not be needed if strength skill points needed per level grow more exponentially as you level. Pros: Time gated (no more cheesing with melee) Models for the bench/weights are already in the game. Catch up mechanics allow for fairer playing field where dedicated players still have the advantage. Rest area negative debuff gets a useful buff. New costly single use med items. High tier food market opens up abit. New places to find loot and could create some early game hot spots as strength training early is beneficial. Can't hatchling the weights (loot item) away because they are too heavy for gamma. Cons: Debuff can reduce the fun you have ingame if you decide to work out but end up playing later. Some people like having huge advantages through cheesing strength. Out of raid skill gain is questionable. Missing a day puts you (slightly) behind the curve. The catch-up mechanic does not work in a wipeless Tarkov. Grenade price decrease? I am still quite new to Tarkov (probably 80-90 hours total) but I feel this suggestion helps the general gameplay loop of the game for both the more casual player whilst still giving the dedicated players an edge and clears up some "fuzzy" gameplay mechanics. TL;DR: Time gated strength training from gym equipment that give flat Strength points with new cumbersome and large loot items. Small debuff for gaining strength and increase for food market.
  14. It'd be an interesting new feature to the game when a body part of player is destroyed (blacked out) your character reacts loudly to the pain by cursing and screaming. As you level up 'Stress resistance' your PMC has a less stressful response when a body part is destroyed. This would add an interesting new feature to combat as players can know when another player is badly wounded. As a player levels up their stress resistance it become more difficult for a players enemies to determine if they're wounded badly or not. This would also add extra immersion to the game.
  15. Please stop the bleeding of character skill progress while offline.. I Work long hours and cant game Mondays to Thursdays, when i jump back in on Fridays, I loose a pretty hefty chunk from every skill.. I literally go from work straight to bed. It just counters my lust for playing the game knowing that if dont play for a week then I loose allot of progress.. And to repair the damage Im gonna have to grind the whole weekend to just get it back... It really makes me rethink playing the game. Investing time into character improvement is one of the things i love doing. But not if im gonna loose that progress while im at work anyways and not get to enjoy the benefits..
  16. keyciraptor

    skill progression lost when dying

    Hello Guys I want to ask if there is a thing like loosing skill progression when you die. Hatchlings, and i have to say i like to play couple rounds hatchlings aswell, would be nerfed in this case. Cause right now there is just no problem and even no reason not to run factory some couple of hatchling rounds. Someone who goes full mounted has always to fear to lose something, why has the hatchlings nothing to lose? A little bit of progression lost in skills would be maybe a reason for some guys not to run hatchlings nonstop. maybe the progression would be always bigger more you dont success a raid. lets say, you lose 5xp when you die first time, if you dont end the next raid you will lose 25, if you dont end the next again you will lose 50 and so go on. in this case people would MAYBE not run only hatchling rounds. i know this game is in beta, i play it for a long time and i can clearly see improvments in all ways (stamina lose by hitting with axe is a good start!) and i know the game will change further and further. Just asking if there is something like this already or planned. thanks guys
  17. RigidMan

    Prone skill

    Hi there; I've just upped my prone skill though it's supposed not to be available in beta... Did this happen to anyone else ? Here's the screen :
  18. TheBigZwiebula

    skill bug

    hi ich habe schon vor einiger zeit meinen memory skill auf elite trainiert und sollte daher keinerlei fortschritt bei sämtlichen skills verlieren können. dies war auch lange so aber seitdem mein strength nun auch endlich auf max ist verliere ich konstant fortschritt bei den skills endurance und health. egal wie viel ich im raid renne oder an strecke zurücklege, diese zwei skills sinken permanent ohne möglichkeit diesem entegegen zu wirken andere skills sind davon nicht betroffen, nur diese zwei. endurance scheine ich auch wesentlich schneller zu vergessen als health. ist das so gewollt oder hat jemand die gleichen/ähnliche probleme? support ticket ist zumindest mal raus
  19. Edit: changed title to better reflect the situation in the video Hi all, a friend of mine on our Discord shared this video with us yesterday, of him going into Factory with a hatchet and coming out with Fort, Ops-Core and M4. The main part I would like you to look at is where he starts to stalk the geared player, and manages to retain his nerve once he gets the drop on him. Enjoy!
  20. Bonjour à tous, Voila j'ai un problème concernant les Skill : -Intellect -Immunity Je ne trouve pas comment monter ses caractéristiques. Quelqu'un pourrait-il me venir en aide ? Merci
  21. Wiplash78

    Hacks or skills?

    So my mates and I were in customs in dorm 3 story. I was sitting at the stairs 3rd floor away from windows to not get snipped or spotted and to cover our rear. One of us 3rd floor with me at a window aways from me, one 2nd floor window. Second floor guy gets wasted second later the 3rd floor guy was like okay this guy is good no way he knows where I am caps lock super slow walk to the kitchen to catch him on my 3rd floor guy. Waited for over 10 minutes till I heard him coming over, sounded like he came straight to the third floor to wait me out too, 100% no way he knew i was there, saw i wasn't gonna go so first grenade tried to get it in by the sound but missed then again and got me the one after that. Seems really sketchy that he didn't do that on the second or first floor but straight to where I was and just didn't seem right. And here is the video of where it happened. Let me know thanks!
  22. DragonForceWR

    [Add] Stealth Skill

    Escape from Tarkov got so many Skills. We got Strengh, Health, Intelligence etc. But why isnt there some kind of Stealth Skill ? Why isnt there anything about Stealth / Sneaking around? I would like to see for example if you sneak alot --> the skill will get increased ---> you are able to sneak faster without noises or you will be more quiet in everything (looting, sneaking / walking, eating etc) It would be like the counter part of the skill that makes you hear enemys in further distances.
  23. Steventot

    Hacks or skill?

    I won't disclose the players name for now but this happened just a half an hour ago. I was running down a hill when I noticed a player below me. He was running the other direction. I must add, it was raining on Shoreline and I had 2 other mates behind me, like 50 ¬ 70m. Suddenly this guy turns around, and knows exactly my location, shooting right at me ( I was prone at this stage just over the crest). So I was wondering how was he able to hit me. At this point my mates were perfectly stationary in a bush behind over the crest. I died and right after that he headshoted my mate perfectly hidden in a bush with perfect accuracy, just right after he killed me. The third mate was even further away up on the crest where he had no chance to see or know he is there yet he hit him with a perfect headshot. I know it was a "one man group" because the same guy killed all three of us. This is not the first time I have seen something dodgy so I wonder was it skill or something else... Every non server side game is hackable, exploitable in a way or another. I understand the devs are dealing with this kind of stuff fearcefully. I am just curious and starting a discussions what others think about my story and if they have experienced something similar lately!? Peace
  24. Waterhook

    Is hacking a thing?

    Hello everyone. I will start off my saying I am new to the game, me and my friend just bought it today, and we have now slowly started to understand how the game works. I am enjoying the game a fair bit now. After finally getting my first extraction complete, it started to overshadow the times I've been killed by a sniper while being unarmed or the times I've had a teammate stab me in the back while I search a crate, just so he could get my pistol. My question is if hacking is a thing in this game? Me and my friend just died in a game, where we were hidden in a little wooden area, with atleast 3 meters between us, him laying down and me standing up. This guy must have sneaked up on us, and killed us both with an insane amount of accuracy and within an extremely short amount of time. I've attatched a few pictures for reference to what happened. I want to point out that I am not nameshaming anyone. This guy could just be really really skilled, I do not know. I guess I am also asking to learn. Then next time i will remember to be more careful due to the risk of being able to be killed like this. Thanks, In advande. Cya on the field! Regards.
  25. CanondeathTV

    Strength skill changes

    Strength is one of the most imporatant skills right now and will greatly effect gameplay. The only problem is that you mainly get strength from overweighting yourself. My suggestion is to scale the experience gain with the level of armor you are wearing, this allows for a gameplay where you don't need to focus on training your skills to not lack behind other players cause they trained their skills in a manner like stacking t bags in your gamma case. Their is a risk & reward for having armor out to gain strength. I would recommend everything up to Fort-Armor to be very low in the gain of strength since it is very easy to optain. thank you for reading and maybe even considering a change Canondeath
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