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Found 22 results

  1. CypherNil

    Tie strength xp to jumping again

    With the recent patch adding skill exhaustion there is now no reason to leave strength in its current state. It is one of the only skills not connected to a frequently used action in the game. As early hideout progression (vents) is tied to strengh level 3, Players are given no choice but to specificly grind strength XP inorder to level it rather then naturally developing the skill while playing. This is the opposite of whats intended is it not? I'd take another look at how skills fit in the game anyway, Adding additonal rules to a skill system that, by its very nature, encourges skill grinding makes no sense at all.
  2. Scionti

    Skills are horribly broken...

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but I can't find anything in the search function. Rather than just complain, lets spitball some ideas for replacement skill systems. As the current one is cancer. Maybe something akin to Diablo 2, where you put a point into something each level for some skills? (again spitballing here)
  3. Dear BSG & EFT community, Title says it all...Can I use Hideout to level up my PMC's Passive Skills? For instance, can I use Hideout's Shooting Range to level up my Recoil Control Skill? Or leveling up Passive Skills still has to be done only in online Raid? Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  4. As far as hideout it’d be cool to see some sort of offline skill progression option i.e. like you could put you PMC into the firing range to practice either a basic task (or more/better complex tasks unlock overtime) and once he completes it certain stats/skills improve a certain or random amount (i.e. recoil control, weapon class lvl or mastery, etc). Also the PMC should have to have a certain energy lvl and or other requirements to start it and possibly a rest time requirement before you can start or schedule another task (offline) for him to perform. Basically some sort of learning/practicing system so when you’re done raiding or don’t have time to play for a while you could still login and have you PMC improve, and obviously make it so someone can’t just setup unlimited tasks for the PMC to perform and improve on without having to ever login. Also maybe add items you need to collect and consume to start and perform a task making it so you would have to raid and you couldn’t just build up a PMC without raiding.
  5. MIkeKillson

    Remove recoil skill ?

    As it is right now tarkov has recoil auto adjusted for you like everyone knows but in my option and a few others I know of that creates a less skillful gameplay and even more so when you spend a few hours cheesing your recoil and assault skill up to the point that everyone gun becomes a laser beam as you can see in a video a guy made here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWzWIEkO8GY - An yes i understand the RPG element of the game but its a little out of hand at the moment if you ask me , My option I think BSG should remove it all together and add a base spray pattern like games have in the past or just Nerf it all together . Doing so would make macro recoil control a thing but for the majority of the community this would not really effect them an aside from that a system could be made to catch said macro { easier said then done I know and it would be alot more work for BSG } if it can be done at all i don't know . If you would like to charm in an agree disagree or even come up with a better idea on how this could be fixed please share and thanks for reading gl in .12
  6. The upcoming update, and wipe that will certainly come with it, are massively anticipated by the community - Both those that are currently playing now, and certainly by those that stopped playing weeks ago out of frustration or boredom. .12 is going to be the largest update that the game has seen to date, with the inclusion of the Military Base map and the hideout, and we are all really excited to finally get our hands on it them. That being said, however, there are always people that hate to see wipes happen for whichever reason. There are a lot of unknowns with the hideout as of yet. There have been rumors that we'll be able to take the PC parts from in raid and build bitcoin mining rigs, and Nikita confirmed that out of raid healing is definitely inbound, and there's tell of other PMC tamagachi-like maintenance potentially coming with that. I saw a post on the subreddit talking about the possibility of keeping soft skills to try it out for a wipe, and to say the least feedback was mixed, but I'm not sure that it's actually a bad idea. I've been playing the game since however the goddamn long, back when buying EOD was the only way to get into the game. I've played every wipe, and been around for a minute, but in all that time usually only end up with perception at 51 - That's not quitting after two months, either. I'm currently sitting at level 50, and have 14 endurance and 11 strength. I throw a lot of grenades, and don't exactly wear light kit. But then, I'm also not bludgeoning anyone with a crowbar, or roasting my toes. If there are not plans for the inclusion of passive skill leveling with the hideouts implementation in .12, it doesn't seem unreasonable to suggest that soft skills aren't reset with the wipe in an effort to both appease those that are inherently anti-wipe, while also testing the viability of long term skill leveling through multiple wipes in an effort to determine whether or not the current (non-cheese) skill leveling is viable for longer gameplay. I'll include a poll here to get initial thoughts from folks that happen to see the posting, just to get an initial feel for community thoughts.
  7. redsoldier3000

    Skill not working as intended?

    I have a question regarding the skills in the game. Specifically, ‘Attention’. I’ve watched a stream of a person who has reached a high level of Attention and noticed that the description of the bonus does not line up with the results. The increased loot speed does seem to have the effect. But the increased chance for loot quality does not seem to work (, at least not as much as it says). My questions are: · Is the skill currently working as intended? · Are there any planned changed to this skill?
  8. buckmg1

    ETA on Skills Overhaul?

    I was wondering when BSG is planning to work on skills more so since it has lately been on content. Currently skill gain is a bit much and a lot of skills aren't yet complete like lockpicking.
  9. Shiggles

    Skills bugged out

    Hi all. So i completed and a task and this happened... does anyone have any idea whats happened and how to fix it? Thanks in advance
  10. HavoKizICeCoLD

    Leveling & Experience

    OK, so I can't seem to figure out if your PMC character level effects anything. I understand how the individual skill leveling works (Vitality, Strength, etc.) and I understand that trader relations are increased at certain PMC level milestones, but I'm wondering, besides for the aforementioned, what's the difference between a lvl 01 player and a lvl 15 player?
  11. Skills, useful and needed for Escape. Usually included in anything "RPG" related. Skills are pretty overwhelming to level, and yield a powerful reward if completed to max. What if everyone could have these rewards? What if it was easier to obtain? What if this post was just useless in general? Who knows, only one can find out... NOTE: Hideouts apparently will have various ways to include leveling your skills as well but, I imagine we are a long ways away from getting hideouts. ---------------Obtaining faster XP/Elite--------------- Skills should be leveled with actual player level - This is one option that honestly makes the most sense. As you progress that is how they will level up as well. Does it take away the aspect of leveling skills one by one and rewarding you for hard work? Yes. However, it makes the playing field near perfect for everyone. Quest Rewards - Simple, quest give points towards skills. Daily Missions - Daily missions are planned, why not allow some of these to help level up skills? Complete the task and it will help you gain additional XP towards skill it would reward. While this is effective it would still take time to eventually hit elite. XP for Escape - Right now you get a multiplier for XP in general (to level your character) for Escaping. I believe its 0.5 instead of 0.1 (This may have changed.) In game if you live beyond 30 + minutes while doing certain task to level up a skill you gain additional XP for it. KIA, Left, or Ran Through grants ZERO. The following suggestions above are for one purpose. To allow people to easily gain XP while still doing something. Its very clear glitches that are abused by exploiters have elite status skills in current game version/wipe. Its very clear that elite status skills are quite powerful, and instead of removing skill improvise by allowing others to achieve the same status. ---------------Balancing skills/elite--------------- Below here we are basically going to turn up the "RPG" aspect of the game by allowing players to wisely choose there skills. The goal of this to allow players to have free will to choose how they want to play the game while balancing things so one can't be "cheek breeki broken" status. Only allowing 1-3 elite skills active at once - This includes if you somehow have leveled every-single skill in the game. Now why this? Max strength, endurance, health. You are personally a great killing machine for CQC. However, you aren't much of a survivor like the man who has Stress resistance, Metabolism and First aid he can live through just about anything that comes at him..as long as a bullet doesn't enter his head. Maybe...you wanna just be a treasure hunter and loot items quickly, and obtain more from a usual load so you go into Attention, Charisma and Searching. AKA This would allow some special types of roles. NOTE: This would NOT effect weapon mastering. One elite skill unlocked immediately every 15 levels - As above, if you could have 3 elite skills max you could have all 3. Maybe just one, this idea plays with the note above. Character Creation Skill - What if we could automatically have one skill off the bat? Would you choose better health, healing, strength, endurance, maybe be greedy and get looting? Its up to you. This was a small write up, and obviously no matter how great it sounds on paper it could have consequences in game. What do you all think? I just hope you enjoyed the read, never cage your mind as it can imagine great things. How do you think Escape was made? - Cobearz
  12. bjoernben

    Holiday Mode

    As daily player I would like to have some kind of holiday function so that I can set my account (for example once a month) into holiday mode and skills won't decrease because I can't play the game. Please. (c;
  13. weeping-pirate

    Are skills going to be rebalanced?

    I've been wondering since currrent strenght and endurance makes you usain bolt x 100(just having a laugh) is this going to be rebalanced ? Currently strenght combined with the current tickrate makes targets almost impossible to hit unless your directly behind them. A speed hack isnt far of from having max lvl strenght. Giving a small boost to maximum speed is alright after playing way more hours compared with lets say a lvl 1. but currently it feels like unlocking a hack. Same goes for endurance, I basicly never run out of stamina , if i do i just walk for 2.5 seconds and im full ready to sprint at lightning speed the remaining 50% of the largest map. Personally anything above a slight increase in endurance and speed in a realistic shooter i find too much. makes things unbalanced, specially considering the possible gap in gear.
  14. Is there any specific actions that level memory up im trying to get into this game but i keep losing skills while at work and would like to prioritize getting metabolism and memory I know about eating crackers and drinking juice for metabolism but cant figure out how to get memory experience
  15. CanondeathTV

    Strength skill changes

    Strength is one of the most imporatant skills right now and will greatly effect gameplay. The only problem is that you mainly get strength from overweighting yourself. My suggestion is to scale the experience gain with the level of armor you are wearing, this allows for a gameplay where you don't need to focus on training your skills to not lack behind other players cause they trained their skills in a manner like stacking t bags in your gamma case. Their is a risk & reward for having armor out to gain strength. I would recommend everything up to Fort-Armor to be very low in the gain of strength since it is very easy to optain. thank you for reading and maybe even considering a change Canondeath
  16. Kaddahn

    Strength leveling

    I would think that strength should lvl-up by melee attacks, especialy due to melee kills.
  17. Hi guys, It's me (again) ... I really think the skill system could be an issue in the future. The skill system give advantages to old/good players against new/casual gamers. RPG is a paradox on a FPS game, more you're good, more you get XP and more the game give you a lot of advantages (Skills bonus & weapon access). This will make the new player experience harder over time, and less challenging for good/old players. And I don't think it's realistic to be stronger after each bullet you take ... So I'm against the skill system and I have already talked about this with a BSG crew member. They couldn't change the entire vision of their game. And in the future PMC will fight together against Scavs in Raid. But Scavs have skills too and what about freeroam & arena mode ? I suggest something different without removing the skill system : My idea is more like a personnalisation system adapted to your game style (Rush, Snip, Close combat, ...). At the beginning, all players have a fixed amount of skill points they can distribute between different attributes. You can't change your distribution without creating a new character (or with a lot of IG money). For example : Endurance (10 points to distribute) : - Stamina : +10% /level - Breath holding time : +20% /level - Health : +1 point /level/bodypart Strength (10 points) : - Jump height : +3% /level - Carrying weight : +4% /level - Mouvement speed : +3% /level - Recoil : -3% /level Dexterity (10 points) : - Reloading time : -3% /level - Aim speed : -3% /level - Weapon switching time : -5% /level - Accuracy : +5% / level Perception (10 points) : - Distance (reducing FOG) : +10% /level - FOV : +2% /level - Hearing (increase soundstep of other players for example) : +3% /level Mind strength (10 points) : - Blurred vision (when taking damage) : -5% /level - Chance of pain shock : -5% /level - Tremor oscillation : -5% /level Agility (10 points) : - Mouvement noise : -3% /level - Turning speed : +5% /level - Precision with grenades : + 10% /level - Loot Speed : -10% /level ...
  18. Hedloc

    Skill progression system

    Am i the only one curious about the skill progression system, we haven't seen anything related. how will level up work? possible classes ? a skill tree.? from what i understand you are advertising EFT as a mmorpg, i'm intrestested in the RPG part of the game, a modding sys is not enough to make an fps an rpg.
  19. Ok, starting this off loving tarkove, cant wait for the wipe coming for the new gear. So i have been around in many different fps, and different games in general and one of the big issues when i see it comes down to camo is it never works, arma, all you need to do is dumb down your settings and be out far ranged and the grass de-resses so you can see the guy like he is a sore thumb. even more so when your dealing with games that allow the ability to toggle between 'fpp' first person perspective to 'tpp' third person perspective, now i dont think this will ever have an effect in Tarkov because i do not see it ever allowing TPP but, scum another game in development has been working on a skill system with allows you to better hide yourself with a better camo skill making it so the person has to have a better perspective skill to notice the person say crawling in the grass, so would be intresting to see something similar, im not going to like their stuff here but go take a look its rather cool. secondly i will say this, i am a huge stalker fan ever since i played, i never played contract wars by battle state games but when i saw escape from tarkov i felt like i was right at home with a new stalker esk game. I know radiation and other natural hazards will be placed in to the game at a later date but i can for one say there might be others out there who would like to see a another game more/map setting with allows for a more stalker esk feeling, be it with anomalies or even mutates wild life to add to the dangers of Tarkov. On the topic of wild life i wouldn't mind seeing something of the kin of stay dogs or even attack dogs around some maps, such as customs or forest, maby even some wolves, i say this becouse with how the Ai right now is, they are more or less stuck to their programed areas and stay there, perhaps haveing some animals added in later in development it would add just another element of danger to watch out for rather then just the scav or the pmc's with could also add an element to the game with could also help pmc's and scav's locate players trying to sneak around and who were unfortunate enough to stumble in to the three or four stray dogs who are now attacking love the idea of the open world i really am, again going back to stalker i loved the idea of its open map, but the thing i have to worrie about when it comes to the concept of the safehouse later on is this... in GTA if someone knows were your safe house is all they have to do is sit out side of it and just rocket you right as you leave it, and the same can be vary true to this game if an open world dose come to birth, So what i would suggest is perhaps the ability to choose a building to create an instance of a safe house once you enter it your safe and can do your dealings and when your done leave, allowing something like this for any building you can get to, but perhaps to limit abuse make it so that you have to have an item and mark the house with it and a defend it untill its finished. while limiting it only one safe house, and if you want to move safe houses your going to need to move your gear with a little help from your buddies so it would make choosing a location for a safe house a worth while and thoughtful one to choose its location. Im sure someone has broached this idea already down the forum but i would like to see what other people think of this ideas leave some feed back
  20. Jorick

    Please consider adding this

    Basically, in the list of skills, BEAR operators have the AK weapon system skills and USEC have AR weapon system skills, but I saw that the amount of skills for USEC operators is lower than BEAR's, so I thought about this : how about adding HK weapon systems to the USEC operators ? HK weapons are used a lot by western countries, from the basic policemen to elite intervention groups, without forgetting professional armies. Here are the skills, quoted from the skill details thread:
  21. redsoldier3000

    Update on skill details

    Hello there, about 4 months ago a thread was made by the devs about skills. All of the skills were listed and their category they belong to. "At the moment, Escape from Tarkov features the following skills: P.S. the list is not complete and will be updated later." However since then no other word has been said about the matter. Are all skills listed still actual? are new ones added? The reason i ask is because in the screenshot in the thread not all of the skills were in-game yet. I mostly ask this because of the following skills: Trap placement / Mine planting / Explosive devices. Because they indicate whether or not traps and explosives will be implemented. If any player has any information regarding the matter, please share.
  22. One idea I thought might be a good fit for something in Escape From Tarkov was having a skill for Hacking, particular electronic devices. The idea is based on one of my favourite indie games - NEO Scavenger. The idea is that any lootable electronic devices in the world such as laptops, smartphones, tablets etc could possibly contain valuable intel. However these devices would be encrypted and would require skills in hacking to crack the encryption. Once the device is cracked and open, a USB device would also be required so transfer the data onto it. You could possibly just carry the device but I would put forward the ideathat carrying a laptop is more space than a USB, and only to carry the device if you didn't have a USB handy. This data could then be sold to Traders, the quality of the data could be randomised - I.E cracking a laptop might have barely any information and fetch a low price, whereas cracking another laptop, the information could be extremely valuable to whichever trader you are selling to and net you a nice price.
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