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  1. i understand wipes are to reset people to a certain point where all are equal(and in the beta state the game is in, is to fix issues and other problems), however when the game fully launches i would hope the wipes stay, albeit with some changes to allow for progress to not be completely lost. 1: give us a "wipe stash". now i dont mean let us store whatever or give us a massive inventory to stash stuff, just give us the ability to put some boxes with stuff in them in a hidey hole so we can keep our Ash12.7 amd the 40,000 rounds of pp ammo we got from Santa.(and also maybe like 40 tourniquets to help with heavy bleeding) 2: let us keep our hidey hole. it would help massively if we can keep the progress we made on the hideout, both with getting back into the game after wipes and also to make it so our hard work means something, i spent 5+ hours and lost ALOT of guns to get these damn nuts and bolts and by god i am keeping the workbench i made with them. 3: our character and things that we had. its fine if the characters lose there skills but i would like it to be made as if we didnt play the game for a few weeks/months, based on skill level just to set people back a bit, like someone who doesn't have many skills would lose a level or 2, but someone with level 30-40 would lose like 10 or 15 levels. 4:traders, reputation, and quests. with traders we should keep reputation gained but need to re-grind the level they where at, with the quests they give we wouldn't get certain rewards if we already finished the quest, like we wouldn't get rep with them if we finished it before or some quests wont be given, such as the quest to get jager we would have him there for not need to gain him or the quest for introduction gotten from Sidorovich i hope these ideas are useful to the devs, unless they weren't in witch case whatever
  2. Finnevius

    I have 1 skill point to spend

    I haven't noticed this before and I can't find a way to use it anyway, just wanted you all to know if this is something that came with the U2019 patch
  3. jockmcplop

    Complete rework of skills

    So the skill system, in my opinion, is absolutely horrible. Currently its only purpose is to give massive advantages to those who play the game the most, and in doing so put off anyone who doesn't have 8 hours a day to play the game. Its a big part of the reason i'm currently not playing the game. My suggestion would be to do away with growth of skills altogether, and simply have assignable skill points on character creation that allow the player to specialize their character. This would give the player a dilemma (do you want that extra strength, or better hideout management?), allow squad players to have roles within their squad, therefore adding complexity to the squad dynamics, and give solo players more of a chance of getting in and out of a raid by focusing all their points on speed and stamina type attributes. The advantages of this kind of system for a Tarkov style game are many, whereas the current system does nothing to but add to the sense of everlasting grind. In my opinion.
  4. Balwan

    Covert movement on elite

    hello community, this is the first wipe i play actively this game. and at this point i realized that the only way to kill effectively is by taking the advantage of the peaker and try to max out the strengh skill. (u move faster than the others nd kill them before they even see u) however i try to skill almost every game my covert movement skill and im actually at level 16 or so and pmc should be 19% quieter than an untrained pmc. and for some reason i cant note any efforts from this skill. if someone have maxed this skill to elite please let me know about the benefits. is the pmc generally quiter or just in covert movement mode? my core statement is: "make covert movement great again" gl hf
  5. I think that kind of summary would inform people of how much skill leveling adds up after a lot of raids Also it would make people feel better after dying in a raid, because you would still see some progress being made even if you died without putting anything in to your safe container
  6. HavenAU


    I think it'd be really cool if USEC had a soft-skill for "Language" and as they progress through the game hearing SCAV and BEAR voices, the skill would increase, allowing for parts of the language to be understood. The information would be heard in broken English or translated into Broken English subtitles, with proficiency to understand being subject to skill level.
  7. How would yall feel if you could keep 1/25 of your skills for next wipe
  8. Skills: From 1-30 50 skill points to LVL up, 31-50 100 Skill points to LVL up. Level CAP 30 then you have to do a mission for specific trader to unlock lvl 50 CAP. Every 5 skill lvls you get 1 point to allocate into PERKs after lvl 20 every 10 points you get 1 PERK point. You can Choose from 2 perks in same Column only 1. LVL 5 - 1st point, LVL 10 2th Points.... LVL 30 5th point .... Fitness lvls up with moving, running, carrying weight. Fitness Every 5 steps 10Xp points every 100Xp points 0.1 skill point (moving overweight 0.2). PERK 1 - Endurance +20% / Carry Weight +10% PERK 2 - Sprint speed +10% / Jump Hight +20% PERK 3 - Endurance +20% / Carry Weight +10% PERK 4 - Sprint speed +10% / Jump Hight +20% PERK 5 - Fall dmg - 20% / Carry Weight +10% PERK 6 - Ergo + 5 % / Endurance + 50% PERK 7 - Removes heavy Breathing / Dropping Backpack makes no sound Tactical Movement = Covert Movement + Prone Movement + Aim Drills Tactical Movement lvls up moving in Prone, Crouch, Moving while ADS, Shooting while moving, moving slow. Every 5 steps 10Xp points every 100Xp points 0.1 skill point (moving under 2 conditions eg.: EDS and Slow(Slowest possible) movement 0.2). PERK 1 - Arm Stamina +10% / Movement sound -10% PERK 2 - Arm Stamina +10% / Movement sound -10% PERK 3 - Crouch/Prone Speed +10% / Ergo + 2,5% PERK 4 - Crouch/Prone Speed +10% / Ergo + 2,5% PERK 5 - Moving While ADS + 10% / ADS Sound - 10% PERK 6 - Arm Stamina +15% / ADS Sound - 20% PERK 7 - ON Tac device makes no sound / ADS sway with no stamina -25% Health = Vitality + Health + Metabolism Health Lvls ups by Running 1 Km, Drinking 1L Liquids, Loosing 1L of Blood you get 0.2 points.(Remove 10 Energy from Rest place upgrade) PERK 1 - Energy/Water loss -10% / Broken bone -5% PERK 2 - Energy/Water loss -10% / Broken bone -5% PERK 3 - DMG taken by blood lost - 5% / DMG taken by Starvation /Dehydration - 5% PERK 4 - DMG taken by blood lost - 5% / DMG taken by Starvation /Dehydration - 5% PERK 5 - Energy +10 / Water +10 PERK 6 - DMG taken by blood lost - 10% / DMG taken by Starvation /Dehydration - 10% PERK 7 - Tunnel Vision from Starvation or Dehydration is Delayed by 60 seconds / Pain Debuff effect is delayed by 45 seconds Looting = Attention + Search Looting Lvls up with Searching, Looting items that have XP value based on their sell value. PERK 1- 4 are automatically added as they add 10% Search Speed PERK 1 - Search Speed +10% PERK 2 - Search Speed +10% PERK 3 - Search Speed +10% PERK 4 - Search Speed +10% PERK 5 - Search Speed of Items 1x2 +20% / Search Speed of Items 2x2 +20% PERK 6 - Search Speed of all Duffle bags* + 30% / Search Speed of all Weapon boxes + 15% PERK 7 - Search Speed of Rigs + 15% / Search Speed of pockets + 30% Medic = First Aid + Surgery Medic lvls up with Healing same as now XP gain, 100XP 0,1 point to Skill. use of Meds time should be increased by 3 seconds, Stopping light bleeds should cost 50% more, heavy bleed should't be stopped with med kits. PERK 1 - Meds use - 1 sec / Meds lost of dur - 5% PERK 2 - Meds use - 1 sec / Meds lost of dur - 5% PERK 3 - Stopping bleeds cost 25% less / Surgery takes 1,5 sec less time PERK 4 - Stopping bleeds cost 25% less / Surgery takes 1,5 sec less time PERK 5 - Heavy bleed can be stopped by using whole med kit +3 sec to use / Surgery restores body part with 10 health PERK 6 - Meds use - 2 sec / Meds lost of dur - 10% PERK 7 - Heavy bleed can be stopped by using 200/400 of Salewa or 200/300 of IFAK / Grizzly Restores body parts for 500Sec Hideout = Hideout Management + Crafting - MAX LVL 30 Hideout lvls up like now PERK 1 - Craft time of Ammo -10 % / Craft time of Meds -10 % PERK 2 - Craft time of Ammo -10 % / Craft time of Meds -10 % PERK 3 - Craft time of Food -20% / Craft time of Pure Water - 10% PERK 4 - Fuel Consumption - 5% / FP-100 - 10% PERK 5 - Water collector doesn't need Filter to run but its -50% slower (you cant use Water Filter anymore) / Craft time of Moonshine -20% Stress Resistance - will be covered separately Recoil Control - Remove, Moved to mastery Throwables - Remove Mag Drills - Remove Intellect - Remove Memory - Remove Charisma - Remove Perception - Remove All the Weapon based skill move to Mastery Mastery will be in Pt 2. If you get this FAR thank you very much for reading !
  9. Some of the skills have very solid Elite perks. Consider spreading them perks out over the milestone levels of the skill, E.g. Lv15, 30, 45 Each of these levels unlocks one of the perks.
  10. [sorry my bad english] Does this skill really work? I just "chatting" with a "veteran" dude and hes saying that he has max skill and get more loot is it true? Do you have any official proves or posts?
  11. TheSzeckler


    We have a Library in our hideout, how about adding 50 Books each giving you a little boost when placed in your library, these books can be stored in your Library, the books have to be found in raid in order to be able to store it in the Library, you should be able to store only 1 of the same book in your library, having a full collection would boost your skill development while in raid by 15% , having half the collection should give 5% boost. Various missions can be created from this, also various rewards from completing any mission. Lets fill our libraries ? Let me know if this is a good idea.
  12. Nicht_Manni

    Skill Pushen

    Wie siehts eigentlich aus mit Leuten die in einer Gruppe ihre Skills pushen. Wie zb. 4 Stück die sich gegenseitig mit einer Nahkampfwaffe hauen und sich wieder heilen. Erlaubt oder Verboten?
  13. There's a planned rework of some soft skills coming in 0.12.7+ and a further rework coming later according to Nikita. Does this mean some skills will be getting reset mid-wipe? If so it'd be awesome to have a rough idea which skills are being reset, so we can work around it a little. For example if we knew Strength would be reset with 0.12.7 then we could either grind out the levels needed for the Hideout or avoid trying to level it until after the reset. Personally I was planning to run assault rifles from early on next wipe to level that skill, but if I knew it was going to be getting reset I might go with snipers more. Thanks.
  14. So I got Tarkov a few weeks ago and have been grinding away at the normal Tarkov journey when I hit a pretty hard roadblock in upgrading my stash: Vents 3, and by extension, Strength 3. I did some research and math, and it seems like the most efficient way to level my strength (it’s level 1 right now) would be to throw 553 grenades across 90 raids, which would cost at least 500k rubles. As it stands, the only other options would be tons of melee attacks or 60+ kilometers of walking overweight. I’ve studied exercise physiology since I was 15, and strength training since I was around 20, so I thought I might be uniquely qualified to share some thoughts on how Tarkov could implement a solution that is simultaneously fun, realistic, and balanced. (I’ll add a TLDR at the bottom as well) Measuring Strength The first problem we need to solve to link Tarkov to the real world is to quantify how we measure strength, and how that measurement ties into physical performance. Fortunately, that’s relatively simple. In the real world, tons of studies show that exercises like squat, deadlift, and clean and jerk are heavily correlated with both jump height, load carrying, and sprint speed. A couple links to scientific studies if interested: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/8551766_Strong_Correlation_of_Maximal_Squat_Strength_With_Sprint_Performance_and_Vertical_Jump_Height_in_Elite_Soccer_Players http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= This is pretty much what Tarkov does: more strength = faster sprinting, higher jumping, farther throws, bigger loads carried. Strength is Tarkov would probably correspond to deadlift, squat, bench, and possibly overhead press (also likely relative to bodyweight) in a real world PMC. Pretty straightforward. Increasing Strength So Tarkov has a fairly realistic set of outputs for strength: great! How do we model growing it? I’d suggest we start by looking at the Westside Barbell method, a training method which has resulted in numerous record breaking lifts, helped me personally hit a 400lb deadlift, and fittingly enough, is HEAVILY inspired by Soviet weightlifting methodology (clearly a fit for Tarkov ;). Link to a summary of the ideas: https://www.westside-barbell.com/blogs/2007-articles/strength-training-methods Basically, strength can be trained in 3 ways (2 of which most lifters don’t know or think about). Maximal force, maximum velocity, and repitition (usually to failure). Repitition is the classic 8-12 reps to failure, maximal force is 90-105% of 1 rep max in 1-3 rep sets, maximum velocity is 40% of 1 rep max in 1-3 rep sets (cleans, jumps, and other explosive movements can do this too). What does this look like in tarkov? Strength should increase when you -Sprint or jump (anything that decreases lower body stamina) with more experience gained when going to failure. If you’re overweight or critically overweight, the experience should go up even more to a point. -Hit or aim a weapon, more experience again gained when going to failure. Grenades should drain upper body stamina if they don’t already -Walk while overweight, with a significant increase in experience gained while critical overweight (see further balancing below) A quick note that extremely explosive movement (jumps/throws/sprints) from full stamina should be significantly more powerful than movement at low stamina since force output is at maximum, AND should also generate more strength experience than movement in the mid-range because the velocity is higher. A cue might be required to help players be consistent with grenade throws. Balancing this in Tarkov So how do you balance this in Tarkov? From what I’ve heard (before my time), streamers found ways to quickly level strength to max using sprinting/jumping and other means. It sounds like the response was removing some ways of gaining strength experience (not good) and the addition of diminishing returns on skill experience in raid (very good). I’d propose the answer to this problem is really simple: why can’t someone become super strong super fast in real life? The answer is pretty simple: they get tired and burnt out. Westside’s training methods (and Russian training methods) tend to pretty sharply limit the amount of intense workouts that happen in a week (or at least regiment them heavily with large volum). In fact, if you workout enough, you can actually stunt the progress you’ve made. What this would look like in Tarkov: make the skill progression speed reduction MUCH more aggressive… and in some cases even going negative. I’d advocate a higher starting progression speed… possibly as much as 200% because limited workouts/training consistently can have a huge effect. Then drop down to 100%, but then drop progressively to 25%, 0%, or even -25%. Potentially make the time penalties larger if you want too. Realistically (thought maybe not practically) those penalties would extend across raids if you did a lot back to back. That might be implemented however. You might tie the penalties to energy and hydration at some level as well. This would incentivize players to consistently train their skills during normal play because the initial skill leveling is so high, BUT heavily punish grinding. This makes sense in real life: consistency wins in strength development, and overtraining has serious consequences and diminishing returns vs simple consistent work over time. Further balancing while making the game more interesting Let’s be honest though, there are MUCH more interesting and immediate consequences to the activities leading to strength growth though. Anyone who’s every done a squat workout that leaves them barely able to walk can attest to this. I’d suggest part of the approach balancing grinding is actually around the gameplay mechanics here. Sprinting/jumping/running has serious consequences and has the opportunity to make Tarkov more interesting… and even more hardcore. The guiding principle is to turn the physiology stats (health, energy, hydration, arm stamina, leg stamina) into a dynamic system that works together. Change list -Stamina regen is proportional to current health (which represents the cardiovascular system). This allows for gameplay like wounding an enemy player in the woods so they’re slower and easier to track down and catch, and adds more tension to taking damage in combat. -Blacked limbs significantly reduce total stamina in the appropriate area. You might even be able to replace the normal limb penalty here since you’re effectively getting locked in the red part of the stamina bar if this happens, or at very least have basically a few milimeters of green before you go to red. (See below) -Add the fatigue effect for low leg stamina, and the tremor effect for low arm stamina, which can go through painkillers (though stims might be able to take this away). Make the tremor effect reduce melee damage. -If you zero arm or leg stamina, add a pain effect that persists until the stamina isn’t red anymore. -Increase energy and hydration drain when moving, any time stamina is below max, and significantly when in the red. -Optional: increase jump height/move and sprint speed/aim steadiness and other forms of physical output near the top of the stamina bar -Optional: make the stamina bar regen faster at the bottom, slower at the top to balance the above. It takes longer to recover peak strength than to recover basic strength. -Optional: any time stamina is drained, and ESPECIALLY when drained in the red, temporarily reduce the total size of the stamina bar. Somewhat covered by energy, but there should be some long term cost in a raid. Might be better to just make stamina regen proportional to energy and hydration in addition to health in some way though. (Easiest way to model this IMO is to create a differential equation where stamina regen amount is proportional to energy and hydration loss, and make it so stamina regens faster in the red, slower at the top. This would create a smoother system with fewer thresholds, but would be harder to understand). TLDR Summary -Strength goes up when sprinting, aiming, jumping, throwing, melee attacks, walking while overweight (more experience while critical overweight). -Health damage reduces stamina regen, blacked limbs reduce total arm and leg stamina -Actions with a full stamina bar are more powerful/faster/stronger and generate more XP (while the bar is close to full) since the speed is higher. -Actions with a low stamina bar generate more XP, but also trigger a tremor/fatigue affect in the red (tremor for arms, fatigue for legs) and pain if they zero out, and increase energy and hydration loss. -Skill progression speed starts at 200%, but goes down to 25%, 0%, or potentially even -25% over the course of a raid (to simulate overtraining vs consistent training) I hope this was interesting, and hopefully Nikita sees this :) Please share any comments, questions, or suggestions below.
  15. I know the health system is discussed in great volume, however I feel my suggestion is aimed more towards realism which I believe is the main goal for the developers. My suggestion is not to change the way damage is applied, or how armour protects you or anything like that. I would like to propose that the health stats are removed from the overview, and as you train in medical-related skills, you can check your status (similar to a magazine ammo check). This skill will also change how medical treatment is applied, and allow for players to treat their team-mates with an emphasis on combat roles, as discussed by Nikita in a recent "Team" podcast. Values and descriptions etc. are obviously just examples. You would be able to tell if you've been shot in the leg etc. but unless you're a surgeon or a trained combat medic, you realistically wouldn't know the severity right away. As you train in this particular skill, you become more adept at analysing wounds and their severity. For example "Fully operational limb" could turn to what we know as 50% health. and a status check would indicate "Major wound - gunshot/shrapnel etc.". If it's nearly blacked out, it would state "Critical wound - Gunshot/Shrapnel etc.". As you become more specialised in treatment, it would become more specific in the actual health of the limb and display it as a % value with the damage type. This could also open doors for diversity in team based combat, where certain players focus on medical treatment and can be the medic of the group, and certain skill levels are required to operate different forms of medical equipment such as surgical kits requiring level 10 and AI-2s requiring level 1. Additionally, this could improve the effectiveness (per use) that can be healed in a single cycle. Scavs will have to be considered in this implementation as well - although it seems Scavs currently do have their own level system in play at the moment, so this could just carry over directly! Opinions welcome
  16. Hippolytussk1

    Remove Skill system altogether

    Skill leveling is tedious. With a game that requires us to hide in bushes and wait for opportune moments for yonks already, skill honing just makes it such a grind. The game is hard enough already. Why add another element of advantage. It makes the game less balanced e.g. pouch sizes and stash sizes etc Also I think making skill points necessary to upgrade poo (like those stupid level 3 vents) makes me so tired.
  17. BlasphemyGames

    Skills Reset.

    Greetings- I know what you're all thinking, this guy is coming to cry about the skills reset, and yes I am. Sort of... I agree that the exploiters are cheap and them maxing skills out is a bit frustrating. Especially for the honest players who grind the skills honestly with HOURS and HOURS of game play. But this reset is less about testing the overweight mechanic and more about punishing the exploiters. Which would be fine if it didn't take so long to grind something like endurance. I just recently hit level 11 endurance and it took me AGES. I feel like I ran all over shoreline at least a thousand times, running to exhaustion, recovering, running again, etc... Sure the exploiters did theirs in like 10min and that's not fair. But this roll back for EVERYONE really only punishes the legit players. We grind and grind and feel good about our small and meager gains. Which now we will have to do all over again. I really would prefer this just be a full wipe as opposed to a couple skills reset. Because where as us legit players will have to start grinding countless hours away for the small quality of life things that comes with having more endurance or strength for instance. The exploiters will not be slowed down at all. In a day or 2 they will have devised some new way to break the game and get their stats back and be back to max in no time at all. Meanwhile us legit players will be still at level 4 or 5 skill level grinding away and suffering in the trenches. At least with a full wipe everyone is reset across the board. The exploiters are back to square 1, gear wise as well as skill wise and everyone has to fight and claw their way to a spot in tarkov. This is just my take on it. Happy to hear counter points or solidarity comrades speaking up about this.
  18. Grrrrrrh

    Some random ideas

    Dear devs, watching the last few vodcasts with steamer and nikita i had some ideas that didnt came up. 1. With the seperation of stamina, i think it would be reasonable to correlate lower stamina with endurance and upper stamina with strength. I would rename them as well. 1.1. Firmness influences the amount of stamina and the rate of exhaustion while running or jumping. Firmness allows you to jump higher, sprint faster and carry more weight. Max Level: +150% Lower Stamina Leveled though Sprinting, Jumping, Walking with 0 Stamina. 1.2 Force allows you to throw farther, hit harder, carry more weight, as well as holding and restoring breath. Max Level: -500% breath recovery time Leveled though Throwing Nades, Melee attacks, Aiming, Holding Breath. If firmness and force are max level: Only backpack weight is counted. 2. A Ghillie suit was also suggested in some steams and youtube vids. A Ghillie suit would be OP, if it would just be an addition to the 'normal' loadout. So there have to be some harsh retributions. 2.1. Ghillie suit Type: Armored chest rig Slot: Chest rig Weight: 5 kg Grid Size: 4x8 Material: Burlap Armorclass: 0 Armorzones: Head, Thorax, Stomach, Arms and Legs Durability: 30 Bonus: If prone and undetected, detection radius from raiders and scavs is (significantly) reduced. Penalties: -15% movement speed, -8% turning speed Blocks Armor chest: Yes Blocks Backpack slot: Yes Blocks on Back slot: Yes Inventory: 6 Slots (2*1x2, 2*1x1) 2.2. A Ghillie Suit can only be created in the hideout. This raw Ghillie Suit must be combined with mapspecific items, such as leafs and twigs from Woods, Customs, Reserve and Shoreline, Iron Oxide, Cobalt Aluminate, Dust and Cloth for Factory, Labs and Steets of Tarkov. 2.3. If a Ghillie Suit exists then camouflage for your weapon should exist as well. 2.4. With the footage of new prone movements, there could be leaning onto a wall and similar 'hiding' prone movements. 2.5. Talking about camouflage: ToYown Camo Face Paint. (Cosmetic) 3. Everything PVP related needs a counter measurement: Thinking about Thermals. 3.1. Jel Zel Stunt Gel Type: Gel Weight: 0.5 kg Grid Size 2x1 Sold by Therapist LL4 Barter (6 Grizzly or so) Use time: 10s Effect: Buffs: Adds 'Its ducking Cold' for 240 seconds (reduces Body Surface Tempature to 12° C), Debuffs: Duration 240s Decreases Metabolism (-20) Delay 250s: Duration 120s Decreases Hydration (-1.2/s), Energy (-0.2/s) Looting 50 Examine 25 4. Passive and Active Skill improvement. Right now its all passive. In the X-Mas Vodcast Nikita revealed, that there are ideas for an active Skillsystem as well. Great. 4.1. Implementation in Quests I suggest that Questlines should be excluding each other to some capacity. Right now everyone can do every quest. It would be great to see specialization in some areas. For Example: There are basic quests that everyone can do. Like all the quests before lvl 10 or 20. Each dealer then has some amount of quests that everyone can do, but there are Questlines that focus on different combat skills and practical skills. there exclude each other. As rewards the player can unlock one additional Elite Perk in the related combat skill and practical skill. Meaningful variation would be: 1. Sniper Rifles and Pistols, Prone and Sniping 2. Sub Machine Guns and Melee, Silent Operations and Night Operations 3. Assault Rifles and Underbarrel Launcher, Heavy Vests and Weapon Modding 4. Designated Marksman Rifle and Trowables, Clean Operations and Weapon Maintenace 5. Light Machine guns and Sub Machine guns, First aid and Field medicine 6. Revolver and Shotguns, Advanced Modding and light vests, 7. Launcher and Heavy machine guns, Heavy Vests and Weapon Maintenance. That would cover all seven dealers. All the other practical skills like auction, Lockpicking, Covert movement are passive like all mental and physical skills. If not via the skill system this could be determine the survivor class. (there is something like that in the overview i believe) 4.2. General Implementations Too complex systems suck. Just give each ten level on Point for each Physical, Mental, Combat and Practical skill. For people like me, who like to do other poo, cheesing is not an option. Stay healthy.
  19. MIkeKillson

    Remove recoil skill ?

    As it is right now tarkov has recoil auto adjusted for you like everyone knows but in my option and a few others I know of that creates a less skillful gameplay and even more so when you spend a few hours cheesing your recoil and assault skill up to the point that everyone gun becomes a laser beam as you can see in a video a guy made here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWzWIEkO8GY - An yes i understand the RPG element of the game but its a little out of hand at the moment if you ask me , My option I think BSG should remove it all together and add a base spray pattern like games have in the past or just Nerf it all together . Doing so would make macro recoil control a thing but for the majority of the community this would not really effect them an aside from that a system could be made to catch said macro { easier said then done I know and it would be alot more work for BSG } if it can be done at all i don't know . If you would like to charm in an agree disagree or even come up with a better idea on how this could be fixed please share and thanks for reading gl in .12
  20. fiftyfootant

    Skill change/full reset?

    So i was workin on my hideout, got to 2.9/3 strength the other day and was gonna finish it off today so i can finally build the level 3 vents. I come back on today and find myself at 0 strength. Seeing as its one of the SLOWEST skills to level, i hope its a bug that will be fixed - and i find that rather a large piss off if it isnt a bug. I understand adding in stamina, but i see no need for the strength reset. Now i gotta spend another stupid long time grinding to get that stupid skill up, instead of enjoying the game the way im supposed to. if its intentional, it seems like a bad way to alienate players who dont wanna grind for 80 more hours against a bunch of tryhard no lifers. Just my two cents.
  21. CypherNil

    Tie strength xp to jumping again

    With the recent patch adding skill exhaustion there is now no reason to leave strength in its current state. It is one of the only skills not connected to a frequently used action in the game. As early hideout progression (vents) is tied to strengh level 3, Players are given no choice but to specificly grind strength XP inorder to level it rather then naturally developing the skill while playing. This is the opposite of whats intended is it not? I'd take another look at how skills fit in the game anyway, Adding additonal rules to a skill system that, by its very nature, encourges skill grinding makes no sense at all.
  22. Scionti

    Skills are horribly broken...

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but I can't find anything in the search function. Rather than just complain, lets spitball some ideas for replacement skill systems. As the current one is cancer. Maybe something akin to Diablo 2, where you put a point into something each level for some skills? (again spitballing here)
  23. Dear BSG & EFT community, Title says it all...Can I use Hideout to level up my PMC's Passive Skills? For instance, can I use Hideout's Shooting Range to level up my Recoil Control Skill? Or leveling up Passive Skills still has to be done only in online Raid? Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  24. As far as hideout it’d be cool to see some sort of offline skill progression option i.e. like you could put you PMC into the firing range to practice either a basic task (or more/better complex tasks unlock overtime) and once he completes it certain stats/skills improve a certain or random amount (i.e. recoil control, weapon class lvl or mastery, etc). Also the PMC should have to have a certain energy lvl and or other requirements to start it and possibly a rest time requirement before you can start or schedule another task (offline) for him to perform. Basically some sort of learning/practicing system so when you’re done raiding or don’t have time to play for a while you could still login and have you PMC improve, and obviously make it so someone can’t just setup unlimited tasks for the PMC to perform and improve on without having to ever login. Also maybe add items you need to collect and consume to start and perform a task making it so you would have to raid and you couldn’t just build up a PMC without raiding.
  25. The upcoming update, and wipe that will certainly come with it, are massively anticipated by the community - Both those that are currently playing now, and certainly by those that stopped playing weeks ago out of frustration or boredom. .12 is going to be the largest update that the game has seen to date, with the inclusion of the Military Base map and the hideout, and we are all really excited to finally get our hands on it them. That being said, however, there are always people that hate to see wipes happen for whichever reason. There are a lot of unknowns with the hideout as of yet. There have been rumors that we'll be able to take the PC parts from in raid and build bitcoin mining rigs, and Nikita confirmed that out of raid healing is definitely inbound, and there's tell of other PMC tamagachi-like maintenance potentially coming with that. I saw a post on the subreddit talking about the possibility of keeping soft skills to try it out for a wipe, and to say the least feedback was mixed, but I'm not sure that it's actually a bad idea. I've been playing the game since however the goddamn long, back when buying EOD was the only way to get into the game. I've played every wipe, and been around for a minute, but in all that time usually only end up with perception at 51 - That's not quitting after two months, either. I'm currently sitting at level 50, and have 14 endurance and 11 strength. I throw a lot of grenades, and don't exactly wear light kit. But then, I'm also not bludgeoning anyone with a crowbar, or roasting my toes. If there are not plans for the inclusion of passive skill leveling with the hideouts implementation in .12, it doesn't seem unreasonable to suggest that soft skills aren't reset with the wipe in an effort to both appease those that are inherently anti-wipe, while also testing the viability of long term skill leveling through multiple wipes in an effort to determine whether or not the current (non-cheese) skill leveling is viable for longer gameplay. I'll include a poll here to get initial thoughts from folks that happen to see the posting, just to get an initial feel for community thoughts.
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