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Found 14 results

  1. I have installed and uninstalled tarkov a few times now, and every time I install I am capped at a download speed of (at most) 1mb, usually less. With every installation I try and find a fix for my slow slow speed I cant seem to find any information that actually helps. Thanks for any help. My current speed. My tarkov download speed.
  2. j4mes92

    Loading screens

    Someone let me know when this game is actually playable. I spend 8 minutes loading into an offline game and when I die, the main menu takes like 3 mins to load. This is stupid.
  3. GoForce1

    Game Optimization

    Hello Developers, Escape From Tarkov is a great game with one major flaw. Sure the game is in the beta form so some grace is necessary. And sure things like the AI and flee-market can be hard to balance. However, the biggest problem is the game's optimization. Tarkov will never be a top market, consumer friendly, game with its current optimization. For instance, I run a 1050 ti and with my graphics on low, if i'm lucky, I get a consistent 50 frames. The 1050 ti is an above average graphics card and yet i'm getting terrible frames. It is not just graphics either, menu lag, long matching times, terrible map chunk loading, etc. I don't pretend to know a lot about optimization and therefore will not pretend to provide a solution. However, Tarkov will do significantly better if the developers spend more time making the game more efficient and faster for mid-range computers. For reference, play Rainbow Six Siege on high and get 80-70 frames consistently. Compared to Tarkov, where after optimizing everything on my pc (Low settings, killing background processes, etc.) I get close to an inconsistent 60 frames. Bare in mind, I mentioned only a few things that are optimized poorly, there are many others such as: distance rendering efficiency, ambient light efficiency, scope magnification, and player's interactions with objects. These are the main issues that I could think of, however, i'm sure that there are others. I would also like to address anyone that is currently typing a rebuttal to my statement "Tarkov will never be a top market, consumer friendly, game with its current optimization". Yes, granted, the game may never be a "top market" general "consumer friendly" game. However, Tarkov will have a much better player base if the game is more available to those who are not running god PC specs. This is not speculative either, games with better optimization generally do better than games that require heavy PC specs. So, in conclusion, Tarkov is a great game and has already done a great job with gameplay and creating an enjoyable environment, but I would like to see the developers spend more time and money into improving the game as a whole to make it more accessible.
  4. calin1996

    1 mbs download cap?

    Hello all! For some reason, game is capped at 1mbs download. Ipv6 is disabled, tried with cable/wifi. Nothing works. Any tips?
  5. shaunylimx

    Download HELP!!

    Hi all, Ever since the patch yesterday, I'm having problems running the game. First, I tried running the game this morning, but the launcher was stuck on "Checking the Game" screen for hours, i eventually gave up and decided to reinstall the launcher and the game.. After i reinstalled the launcher, it was running fine, but the reinstallation of the game is taking forever. (Stuck on 1 kb/s - 2kb/s and doesnt go higher) It is definitely not an internet issue since i can run other games just fine. Have checked my Firewall, Administrative Settings, Restarting my computer, clearing my temp folder and whatever i can think of but to no avail.. Wondering if anyone is facing / had faced this issue before and can lend me a helping hand? Would really appreciate the help!!
  6. nickenich2

    Slow Downloadspeed

    Hello Guys, am i the only one with slow download speed? Yesterday i got 120 KB/sec after many restarts and tests with vpn it wouldnt get better so i thought "try it tomorrow". Now i got 450 KB/sec which would take a long time too. Do you guys have any tricks for full downloadspeed? Yesterday i saw people downloading with 9MB/sec rate. Some others got the problem too and switches to their notebook and were able to download with full speed.. Maybe you guys can help me
  7. Hello everyone! I have an issue after the latest patch, that never appeared befor! So tried to download the latest update for the game and for some reason the maximum download speed i reach was 5-10 kb/s. Took me around 1 hour to download the 50 mb patch. After the download finished, i tried to start EFT but i got an error that state: "Game files corrupt please reinstall the game". I wanted to reinstall the game anyway's because i never did it befor and i pretty much play since alpha. So i deleted the game and started the download and guess what happend pretty much the same.. Maximum downloadspeed i reached was 20kb/s and i normaly download with around 10 mb/s. Well tried to reinstall the launcher but even when i was downloading from the offical homepage i got the same speed again around 20 kb/s... I tried so much stuff nothing worked out even tried out: Vpn's, port forwarding, changing dns server, running as admin in high priority, deleting all existing files from eft, restarting my router, restarting pc, checked window's updates, disabling firewall, checked if there is no anti virus running, closed all unnecessary program's, tried to download the game via browser link but nothing helped! I still manage to download the launch but after i tried to install the game i got an error (Check screenshot). https://i.gyazo.com/2ec9013dba867b779fb293bc497ab926.jpg So i pretty much out of option's and idear's. I spend around 2 hour's in the forum and apprently some people have the same issue without getting any help (got an automated reply from the support which didn't helped me at all) or they could fix it by running the launcher as an admin but i did that changed absolutely nothing! I'am pretty disappointed that the support, can't help me they basicly just ignore my/our issue without really looking into it, I mean i spend 150 Euro for the game, i expect some sort of helpful reply not an automated email... Also this isnt a new thing alot of people still have the issue and they make post's in the forum but no one seems to have an idear how to fix it properly.. And btw it was working fine for me befor like 4-5 patches. I tried my best to make this understandable. I hope this text is readable don't judge me i'am from germany and english is not my native language and i pretty much haven't really learned it in school it's all self taught
  8. escapedtearkov

    Slow Install Speeds

    I bought this game last Saturday and have still not managed to install it. I spent 4 days downloading this at 50kb/s only to have it corrupt at 99%. I have also tried every fix that I could find while searching the forum and have run out of things to do. I usually manage to get 4mb/s on any other game launcher and this just doesn't make sense. I have seen people state that the devs do not have a fix, yet this problem seems to date back months (really wishing I had looked harder for problems before buying this game). I was told to submit a ticket and this website does not even allow me to do that as I typed out my issue and when I click "submit" it does absolutely nothing. I just reinstalled the launcher and its the same. Someone said the devs emailed him a link to download the files online as opposed to through the launcher but I cannot contact support as the support link simply does not work for me. Does anyone out there have any ideas as to what to do next. I bought CyberGhost 7 as I was told using a VPN may help but it does not make any difference at all and that was my last option. Thanks in advance.
  9. escapedtearkov

    Slow Install Speeds

    I just purchased EFT and I cannot seem to pass 100kb/s. I was stuck at 40kb/s prior and was told I needed a VPN, after purchase of the VPN I am now at 100kb/s (not very helpful lol) my friend who lives down the street also bought it and downloaded it in 40 minutes. I have tried every fix on the forum and nothing works. I have tried to submit a ticket to support and it does not even allow me to. Anyone else still suffering from this issue and does the Dev team simply ignore it?
  10. Dear Dev's, or comunity maybe you can help me. I normaly have a download rate of 10 mB/s. Since the last few days I have a rate of 110 kB/s with your launcher. What is happening? I hope you can help me.
  11. DeltaForce650

    slow start and lag

    When I bought this game on 2/23 it ran perfectly so I thought. I can spawn any wear on factory with every one els but on any other map It takes about 3 extra mins to spawn from the the spawn time count down, but when ever it takes that long or even randomly it will lag for about 2 more minutes (even if i spawn in with every one els on factory) . This is horrible for playing with my friend because most of the time he will die before im even in the game. My specs are gtx 1080 ti founders, 8 gigs of gram, i76700 processor, 1.80 teribite of data 1 teribite left, windows 10, really goood inter net about 100+ megabits perscond when this game is running for too long it gets worse but for some reason when i first got the game i did not have this problem, could it be the stash size? Its the only thing I can think of also when i finaly spawn in it lagggs like crazy most of the time, if your going to say the ram i dont go above 80% memory in task manager it stays at about 60 when other games and thats fine on other games but what dos catch my eye is the fact that my disk on the task mangier is almost all ways is on 99% but it is all ways at 99% for other games and i dont have a problem with other games when its above 99%,so disk is 99 and memory is 60%-(sometimes 80%) 90% of the time my settings in the game are at medium and iv tryed about everything like resarting game, computer,internet only having tarkov open,other than uninstalling the game because i am scared that ill lose my stuff
  12. YohanCarl

    Hyper Slow Download game

    I just buy the game today,dowload the game client and start download the game but the download is super slow like 90kbs it take an eternity for 4gb i have a internet connection 100mbs please give me an answer i spend 50 buck for this game . I tried anything for speedup the download and nothing happens like reset the modem,close anything active in my pc ,my region is EU and i live in italy .
  13. bradleytwin01

    Slow walking speed

    So I've noticed occasionally my PMC will start walking extremely slow as if I had pressed the actual walk key, but I didn't because I can still hear myself moving, and also it happens when my legs aren't damaged. Is this a feature of the game? Like is my bag too full or something? Or is this more of a glitch?
  14. Bonjour à tous, J'ai eu aujourd'hui comme plusieurs autres joueurs de la beta, un problème pour télécharger le jeu. J'ai une fibre d'1gb/s dans les deux sens et pourtant je ne pouvais dépasser les 170kb/s sur le launcher. En cherchant avec certains membres du discord EFT FR, nous avons trouvé qu'en passant sous VPN ce problème était résolu, je suis donc passé de 170kb/s à 20mb/s. Je vous conseil donc d'aller vous prendre un petit VPN gratuit sur le net (y'en a vraiment des tonnes) et de relancer le téléchargement une fois sous le réseau privé. Bon jeu à tous.
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