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Found 24 results

  1. Tarkov Fan Art

    I am pretty much hyped by EFT these days. I made a sketch inspired by this awesome game. More to come. Cheers!
  2. We need more cheap snipers.. Wet job pt 6 is insane!! the kills to attain the mastery are crazy but doable if you are happy to grind it out.. which yeah fair enough I am, but not for the price of the set up.. sniper rifle alone even before you take a secondary for back up is damn painful considering how many attempts you are gonna have to go through. eg. Basic armor: kiver,pacca,scav vest Weapon: DVL suppressed (NO SCOPE) ammo,meds, water = (RU-254,617) (RU-254,617) no scope no secondary...÷ 4,000,000 =15 times 74N bare just silencer = RU/49,848 + 254,617 =RU-304465÷ 4,000,000 =13 times M4 bare just silencer = RU/160,610 +254,617 = RU-415,227÷ 4,000,000 = 9 times Basic armor: kiver,pacca,scav vest Weapon: SV-98 (NO SCOPE) ammo,meds, water = (RU-179,266) (RU-179,266) without scope no secondary ÷ 4,000,000 = 22 times 74N bare just silencer = RU-49,848 + RU-179,266 = RU-229,114 ÷ 4,000,000 =7 times M4 bare just silencer = RU-160,610 + RU-179,266 = RU-339876 ÷ 4,000,000 = 11 times so for the money I am willing to set aside for wet work pt 6 (RU-4,000,000) and say I survive a few at most I'm gonna get 20 attempts :\ hmm for 4M RU 20 is not gonna be enough to get that mission done.. I mean I get it they want you to get a good feel for the guns and the play style that comes with them but the price needs to be drove down.. The amount of kills fair enough you get to play a different way for a few weeks I'm cool with that and you get a satisfying body count out of it to. But for 20 attempts 4mill.. OUCH! The only answer I can think of is to put in cheaper snipers. the price of the SV98 and DVL I'm cool with but I want some 40-80k rifles was thinking like.. Winchester model 70 vz-54/91 cz750 m24 m40a3 m40a5 mts-116m svt-40 Mauser 98k something along those lines.
  3. Jackson Barret Fan Art #4

  4. Good day, with sniper rifles (Bolt action rifles) I think it's not good that they reload after a shot automatic. It is therefore not possible to track with a riflescope if the target has been hit. A normal shooter follows the shot and is watching the target has been hit in sight. then will be reloaded. It is possible that the sniper rifles must be reloaded manually after the shot, to be able to follow the shot? Best regards (Sorry for bad english)**
  5. Hello, just wanna ask if this task or skill got fixed or not before I get into it. I heared you only need to kill 1 scav/player to get to level 7 and complete quest. Well I killed a few Scavs, Bear and Usec too with DVL-10 that gave me some points into it. VSS and AS VAL that are marked as "SniperRifles" doesnt give anything into skill progression. Anyone tried with SV-98? Anyone found a bug to skip it like Deadly did? Anyone found some efficient or worthy way to make this quest? Anyone got any info on this being already fixed in some hotfix?
  6. Sniper Rifle Damage

    In my time of EFT over the past few months I have witnessed and experienced that decline of the damage of bolt action sniper rifles. It is infuriating when you get to Wet Job Part 6 when you need to reach level 7 in sniping and the gun damage is basically the equivalent of shooting someone with a potato cannon from a distance of anything more than 50m. I love the bolt action snipers when you witness your opponent drop in one shot but recently it take anything from 3 to 5 to kill any armored target. Headshots with those guns also are render useless, since apparently even targets with the lightest of armor aka the Kolpak takes more than one shot to kill with an 7.62x54mm SNB round (High Armor Pen. and Flesh Damage) from an SV-98. Even DeadlySlob showed this in one of recent videos and probably many more have as well. I am begging you on behalf of the community of Tarkov. Make the Bolt Actions useful and powerful like they once were.
  7. The KGB Spy

    I call this one the KGB M4,i just wanted to make a joke weapon.This was originally made as the M4A1 Long Range,but i had a better idea.This is the RSASS in it's cheapest form.Don't have 1.600 dollars for RSASS?I mena..the M4 is like 1.300..but whatever.This joke weapons has the stock PRS GEN 2 FDE from the RSASS and the scope which is the beautiful hensoldt scope.Nothing else changed about this weapon. This joke weapon is only for use on long ranges,so 500-1000 meters.But of course there is no such place you can kill someone at 1km distance in tarkov..well,not yet.~ Hope you enjoy this last version of the M4,that will be the first series of the M4 rifles from Tarkov. Next time i'll be building some SEAL type M4's.
  8. SVD/SWD as a weapon ingame?

    Hey guys, I searched forum and website but did not find anything about it. I is a lovely game and as it is made by Russian developers with a focus on Russian weapons, I was wondering if we may find the SVD/SWD some time alter in the game? Personally it is one of my favourite weapons, as I had the luck aswell to try it out in real life. Despite that it would perfectly fit into the game atmsophere and setting. What are your thoughts?
  9. buff snipers

    we arent able to 1hk someone in the chest anymore after 100m plz adress this
  10. so snipers are currently a bit underweilming because of their dmg combined with their fire rate, i mean they are shooting 7.62x54 or .308 that are bullets designeted to kill someone with or without armor (especially soft armor ) up to very long ranges (especially from long barrels guns like sniper). what happens in game is that with all types of these bullets you cannt 1hk at the stomach and 1hk to the chest up to distances like 150-175m what makes not viable as a long range gun. this doesnt make sense in a realistic sense and in a balance sense , bc a shot with 7.6254 or .308 will kill you or take you out of combat even at very long ranges and a shot in the stomach area would cause serious dmg and bleeding and make you out off combat very easily. CHANGES AND IDEAS: all these changes can be done with a single hotfix or even server side patch 1.increase the dmg of the snipers and remove the multipliers: currently sniper only 1hk at CQB bc there is multipliers on the chest, imo they should increase the dmg of the sniper a lot and remove the multiplier so on the end the snipers would be able to 1hk to the chest even at very long rages and even trought lvl 2 armor. 2.add a feature to snipers stomach shots to make some of them 1hk: stomach shots should be 1hk if the dmg is high enought , so for example lets say the dmg of the buffed 7.62x54 7n1 IS 135 without multipliers, to kill someone on the chest it would require 80 so the dmg decrease over distance and trought armor/objects could reduce the dmg up to 54 so it would be still a chest 1hk in the case of the stomach lets say that the the single dmg shot required to 1hk would be 100, so this leaves us with a max of 34 dmg to be reduced to it be a hitkill and this is lower than a chest shot meaning that a chest shot would still be more lethal than a stomach one
  11. USEC Sniping Doodle

    I drew this one at school as well,just had more time for it
  12. 570 meter shot on woods

    570m kill this was not offline rifle i used was the DVL-10,killed a player on the sniper rock near the sawmill from the checkpoint where the rocks are,i love this game
  13. Hey guys! I just want to share our 4 men boost on customs for sniper rifle ( theres SV98 etc. always) There is always a way! So if u play with your friends try this PS. You can boost on that tower on the left also
  14. There is a sniper on customs that overviews the bridge and gas station, he always spawns on a roof inside the city. How do you kill him?
  15. Suicide scav

    Not completely positive but I think one of the scav snipers in customs ended up killing himself with ricochet. I was standing under the first sniper scav you can encounter on customs and it was at the edge trying to shoot me but was hitting the roof u see it's feet till it just fell over. There's Always the chance someone just shot it with something silenced and never came over to investigate but it's very unlikely. Just wondering if anybody else has ever witnessed something like this before?
  16. Snipers Hip fire in the game is way to predictable anyones with a gaming monitor or application and use a " hip fire crossair " overlay and use the sniper riffle with hip fire reticule and the sniper always shoot at the same spot on the screen without scoping , this will make this kind of tactics insanely brutal and unfair .... snipers to be precise should be shoot from the scope ADS and not from the hip ... Hip fire on sniper should be insanely inacurate unless your at 2 feet away from the guy
  17. Товарищи разработчики. ПРОБЛЕМА. Как Снайпер Швейцарской армии с многолетним стажем в высокоточной стрельбе вам пишу (хвастовство, конечно, но хочу, что бы вы понимали, что не от балды пишу). Оптика и снайпинг в общем - убого! Сейчас поясню почему... Высокократная оптика СЛИШКОМ резкая. СЛИШКОМ. Подозреваю, что оно подвергается параметру чувствительности при прицеливании. В ней ооочень плохо видно (я даже в самой дешёвой видел лучше, чем в вашей игровой). Просто страх. Детали невнятны. Углы смазаны. Свет падает ужасно. Какие то странные блики. Тёмные края внутри (такое может быть только если глаз ну ооочень неправильно стоит...). Благо тумана а ля Battlefield 4 нет. Слишком маленькая "картинка оптики". Про картинку вокруг оптики ничего не имею, всё соответствует реальности, но вот окно оптики слишком мало, я ни разу не смог бы всем глазом увидеть такое малюсенькое окно оптики правильно спозиционировав. РЕШЕНИЕ. Итак. Это вам небольшое мнение, думаю, что я не одинок в этом. Что я предлагаю с этим делать. Сделайте оптику более адекватной , как и чувствительность, не в общем при прицеливании, а в соотношении с увеличилкой (для пример, если увеличение при прицеливании кратность х1, то например чувствительность 80% от основной, а при х10 всего лишь 8%) или ввести ещё один параметр чувствительности для оптики. Сделайте "чистое окно". Без смазываний или начинайте морочиться с реальным качеством оптики (это кропотно, поверьте), но лучше просто чистый прицел. Что можно было бы сделать это чёрные края при перемещении прицела при приближении, как в случае с "весом оружия" при перемещении рук. Окно можно увеличить так, что бы края оптики касались экрана изнутри или даже слегка выходили за него (картинка вокруг это хорошая идея). Я с удовольствием приду вам на помощь при необходимости или каком то вопросе касающимся снайпинга, обращение с оптикой или высокоточкой, как и с оружием в общем (я вам отправлял фото 550го СИГа и много чего ещё, скоро отправлю ещё детальные фото аксессуаров (приклад, цевьё и т.д.)). С Уважением, Александр Витязь
  18. I'm looking for a Sniper Buddy/Spotter preferably with real life experience and good military Coms radio skills. Must be prepared to swap between roles from time to time. It's only a two/three man team, so final selection will be extremely tough. Will mix up game-play with assaults/room to room clearance, and/or whatever else is need to complete the overall game objectives/support the main Team. However, focus will be on sniping and causing maximum casualties to the enemy and/or hindering enemy advancement. Locating sniper weapons, ammo, and other accessories could be a challenge. Hopefully, there will be a target range to master our markmanship/snipping skills,tactics, and techniques etc. Must be prepared to play either side if necessary, and/or whoever pays us the most and/or complete any ingame contract kill orders. Must be mature, good humoured, and prepared to have a few drinks/ laughs ingame. Must not be too serious as well, but prepared to keep full game immersion at all times and have fun. "X" may take the lead position of this small elite squad on his return from current o/s operations. Send me your expression of interest for now. We can then meet up when BETA is released via Teamspeak or Discord and discuss it further. Everything above may be subject to change depending upon the final release version of EFT. DEV could have other plans for us as well and/or in the future.
  19. Which Is The Best Sniper Scope Ever Made? Surgeon rifle .308 w/ Nightforce scope & AWC suppressor. Would love to see this in the game.
  20. Death Scream Sound Effects

    Just wondering if there might be some death scream sound effects? I like the indoor ones as well in BF4? Not sure if death is a laughing matter. LOL Just found the indoor screams below.
  21. Urban Sniper Pictures

    Post your favourite urban sniper picture here. Inspirational.
  22. When will people grow up?

    Every second topic created nowadays is about snipers, sniper rifles, long range combat, and such things. Grow up people, most combat are fought within 150m from each other, and at this distance, a shotgun buckshot could be even as deadly as a 7,62x54R. Many legends and myths were born about snipers from time to time, but heroes are born on the battlefield, not outside from it. Be a good teamplayer, and join your teams effort to achieve victory (now talking about escaping) and don't just sit in a comfy hidden position. My personal frustration just grows a level bigger, when I think about all the future players, who were playing in arcadey games (COD, BF) and were sniping, because it was the easiest way to achieve a good "K/D ratio".
  23. VSS Vintorez/AS VAL

    I hope we can have them.