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Found 9 results

  1. mikeburna

    About Stream Sniping

    hi guys, i just want to do a thread about stream sniping, cause we collected some proofs and want to show you this. where can i do this? special topic? or send privat via email to you? hugs and killes mike burna
  2. Товарищи разработчики. ПРОБЛЕМА. Как Снайпер Швейцарской армии с многолетним стажем в высокоточной стрельбе вам пишу (хвастовство, конечно, но хочу, что бы вы понимали, что не от балды пишу). Оптика и снайпинг в общем - убого! Сейчас поясню почему... Высокократная оптика СЛИШКОМ резкая. СЛИШКОМ. Подозреваю, что оно подвергается параметру чувствительности при прицеливании. В ней ооочень плохо видно (я даже в самой дешёвой видел лучше, чем в вашей игровой). Просто страх. Детали невнятны. Углы смазаны. Свет падает ужасно. Какие то странные блики. Тёмные края внутри (такое
  3. Darrakis

    Useless sniper bullets

    We are talking about realistic gameplay and make everything harder and slower but when it comes to snipers they are already weak as f*. 85 health in thorax are u kidding ? There is 1 bullet that has this much damge and its not even one tapping thorax with 4 lwl armor . I'm very sad about this because I like sniper in 'realistic' games but there is no explanation for this nonsense. Ok I get it mosin is op but mosin isn't that only using this ammo. Lps got nerfed by 2x price and m80 is useless as well (in snipers not in rsas or smtg). I can't even one tap scavs in chest with lps or m80 ! When we
  4. Started as a joke, but then I thought why not. Offering sniping courses and wouldn't mind fellow snipers join as well. Anyone would be interested?
  5. Brick-Wood

    Range finder

    A range finder would be perfect item to ad to Escape form Trakov. it would be wery useful for sniping and longe range engagements and it fits right into the game based on that it is set in a modern era. it would also be to great help for begginers and more experienst players, because it would help peolpe more easly understand bullet drop and sniping in this game. i do understand that it would make the quest "Shoter born in heaven" a bit to easy, so my recommendation to this problem, is that you make it so you cant complete the quest while carrying a range finder. Use and compellability:
  6. MrMarshallMan3

    Minor Animation Suggestions

    One of subtle animations I adored from the Battlefield series is that when sniping, after firing your shot you can keep holding down left-click to stop your character from loading the next shot of a bolt-action rifle. This way you can follow your shot to make adjustments for your next one. Even if this is an animation unlocked by leveling up your sniper skill or reload skill, it would be REALLY useful and I feel a lot of people would agree!
  7. MorisCami

    Patient Sniper Controls

    Hi all!! Have mentioned this in general discussions before. Would love to see a control option for bolt action snipers that would allow me to stall the pulling back of the bolt. For example, I fire a round and keep the left mouse button pressed. Then when it is released, I pull the bolt to chamber the next round. Sometimes on long distance shots it can be hard to tell if a round found its mark. Keep up the good work!!!
  8. MorisCami

    Patience and Sniping

    Hi all, I apologise if this has been suggested before. I don't have a great deal of free time to scour the forums but anyway... One thing that i would really love to see with the sniping is an option for disabling an automatic bolt reload before the next shot with weapons like the SV98. If such a system were implemented you could have the next 'left click' chamber the next round allowing players to track the shots they fire and reload when they desire allowing more control in long range engagements. I am rarely able to make it into a raid with a sniper rifle, but the few times i have mana
  9. Europoor

    When will people grow up?

    Every second topic created nowadays is about snipers, sniper rifles, long range combat, and such things. Grow up people, most combat are fought within 150m from each other, and at this distance, a shotgun buckshot could be even as deadly as a 7,62x54R. Many legends and myths were born about snipers from time to time, but heroes are born on the battlefield, not outside from it. Be a good teamplayer, and join your teams effort to achieve victory (now talking about escaping) and don't just sit in a comfy hidden position. My personal frustration just grows a level bigger, when I think about all th
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