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Found 7 results

  1. calvin012

    DTO ENG/NL community recruiting!

    Welcome! We are DTO better known as Dutch Tarkov Operators! We are an active medium tarkov community in which you can find other players to play and chat with in our discord channels. We are growing hard and are expanding fast! We often host events, giveaways and much more. If you are interested please click the link below and start playing today! For any further questions please contact our staff members. https://discord.gg/P8cnvHX
  2. TenaciousJ

    Hideout with Friends

    Greetings Operatives. Sitting alone in my desolate hideaway contemplating the atrocities committed by my hands across the city of Tarkov I've decided I have grown weary of the solitude hermit lifestyle and would like to have my fellow raiders over for some friendly company for a brief escape from the constant proxy warfare. Implementing a feature where you could invite people on your friends list over to your hideout I feel as though would be an excellent idea for the devs to explore as well as a pretty sensible one. Playing the game I've wanted to show my friends the progress I make on my hideout and blow off some steam using the Shooting Range between runs, but I have no way to do this. Beyond being an avenue to simply show off your hideout it can also be used as a great place to group before a raid, your party could do a quick weapons warm-up using the Shooting Range as I mentioned previously, Medstation/Nutrition Unit/Water Collector/Rest Space's passive regeneration effecting all PMC's actively in the hideout, gifting and or quick bartering items with your comrades via the Stash, entering a map for a raid as a group using the Security entrance. An addition like this could also open up avenues to possibly expand upon the hideout with new constructs revolving around the aforementioned social feature. Personally I don't feel like implementing something like this would be entirely too difficult, whoever is hosting players at their hideout could pry just host their own small server on their network before entering a raid together without BattleState having to use a global one but I could be completely wrong. I would like to hear what my fellow operatives think of this idea whether it seems both plausible and practical, maybe some of you who like the idea also have some thoughts of your own of what could be done to make the hideout have some social oriented features. Happy Hunting - Reposted from Questions & suggestions
  3. This group is to help UK based players find team mates for raids. https://discord.gg/q76rTW eft team finder forum on discord
  4. BlessEbin

    Mentor/Apprentice program

    Implementing some sort of mentorship program so veteran players can help out the newcomers for rewards. This game has a fairly steep learning curve and at its current state, it's not exactly newcomer friendly. This issue could be alleviated by implementing a mentorship program similar to how several MMOs approach the subject. Not only will this encourage potential buyers to get the game, it'll also be a great chance for escapers to make new comrades.

    EFT 2018!

    Cannot login to EFT i cannot log into my email to get device code for EFT because i no longer use that email... Well make sure that you know you can change your email for your profile on your account when you first login to EFT sorry i had a derp moment lol but it takes 2 weeks to get the email changed as a security measure good job EFT depelopment great security measures and im happy after trying for 2 months i got EFT back and have to wait 9 days to play again keep up the good work in 2018 Battlestate!!! Have an exciting New Year and make sure the development is smooth.
  6. SgtShadowsong

    Looking for people 18+

    Hello Our Survivors Den is looking empty and I am hoping to get a few active people to play with. Just write down below or pm me and I'll send you the discord link. Only requirements I have is that you do not rage, I seriously can't stand that, it's just a game, take it easy. You do not need to be a veteran/pro just be easy going and it will be all cool and the last requirement is that you can communicate well in English or else we'll have an issue on our hands. I hope you'll join us and together we'll survive the harsh condition in Tarkov! /Sgt.Shadowsong signing off. Ps: With that said I am not interested in joining another discord channel so do not link yours below it is not why I made this post. Pss: We are from different regions of the world but mainly USA/Europe.
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