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Found 20 results

  1. I have checked the forum and didn't saw any suggestion like this so i would like to make a little one myself. So far ( not long its my first wipe but i play with other friends who has played couple wipes already ) i have noticed that some of the loot especially weapon creates and weapon air drops just as other loot doesn't see much action and is considered waist of space since after u get the ability to trade on flee market u just want to maximise rubles per slot. The flea market also makes a lot of things much easier like quest progression because all the preparation part is actually already done for u since u just buy stuff u need or weapons ( for killing quests ). But if u introduced Solo self-found the game actually becomes more difficult in a good way. Its not just making game harder it forces u to take stuff that u normally would buy and collect weapons parts will make sense again. But also it slows down progression a lot and makes people play much safer with loot they need for some kind of objective. Also i would still leave people actual ability to trade during the raid. Some people could maybe even go to raid with a bunch of rubles just to maybe buy stuff from another pmcs or scavs. So the concept i think is pretty interesting and u can think of it as a actually viable option ( Look Path of Exile ). I also think that for it to work u probably must increase stash size just for this mode only maybe even double its original sizes since collecting thousands of mods takes aaaa lot of space. It would be great if u guys said something about it and maybe some improvements since "Path of Exile" and this games are different.
  2. I play EFT alone. And im kinda tired of all the 3 to 5 man teams running around. As a solo player i can not win against a 3 man team of average players. it is not possible. I can kill one maybe two players but i will need to reload my weapon and any average player will push me and kill me while i reload. You can say I should not put my self in a situation where i shoot at 3 man team. But often it is not known that they are 3. Eksample: A man comes around a corner its me or him. I kill him but 2 more comes rushing out from the same corner. In no way will i have the ammo to kill both after killing the first person. This happens to me like 80% of the time i get killed. i run into a team and get my ass handed to me. I like hardcore aspect of eft. But there needs to be a bid of fair play. Plus insurance gives no mening TBH for a solo player. I dont have a mate that can take my gear and throw it in a bush. but when im killed they can completly loot me. And now with the ammo situation as it is. Ill need a lot more bullet to kill anyone. in some situations its really is 100% impossible to win a battle against 3 or more. What im asking for is a tick i can press on so i can chose not to come into a raid with 3 man teams or more. Im okey with waiting 5 min more to find a server. Just to have a fair fight.
  3. I have been playing Tarkov for a while, and just started playing seriously this wipe. I decided I wanted to finish all of the quests, and see how long it would take me. Being 2/3rds of the way done, I am very happy with my progress, and enjoying the quests thoroughly. My problem comes when I am fighting other PMC's. I know this topic has been debated over and over, and people always say suck it up, whatever, but the solo vs groups is slowly making me hate this game. Let me give you the bare points: I feel as though I am an alright player. I know how to take fights, and how to run, and the general tactics surrounding an FPS game. I know when fighting groups, you need to force fights into 1v1's, and can't peek all the enemies at the same time. The problem is, I am not a god tier player. I don't have ridiculous aim and spray transfers. I love Tarkov because it's tactical, its difficult, and it is all about strategy. But every time I take a fight with a group, I shoot the first one, and immediately try to run, because I assume there will be a second one. By killing one person, I have given up my position, told them what gear I have, told them what weapon I am using, and shown them how fast I can kill them. I give literally every tactical advantage up to the next person in the group, who now knows my position, knows what I can do, while I have no Intel whatsoever. If I don't hit ridiculous shots, or completely stomp them in one spray, I cannot live. I know I am not bad at the game, but I also know I am not great at the game either. I can pull off 1v2's occasionally, but only when I hit some nasty shots or do a very cheesy peek through something. I know people are going to say, "Get better, play better, blah blah blah, but I play this game a ton, and know I'm not bad at it. If the only way to be able to play solo is to be an order of magnitude of skill better than the person you are facing, then I don't know if I want to play this game. Being tactically better just doesn't cut it when it's a solo vs. a group. You just need to be mechanically better than them by a significant margin. I am not a god at this game, and most likely never will be. Today, I took 24 fights against PMC's. 6 Were against solo players, 16 against duos. I won 5 of the 6 1v1's, and 2 of the 16 1v2's. I really am just losing hope about playing this game. Don't even get me started on the fights vs 3 or more players. If the only way I can play this game is to get a friend to play all the time, and only play with them, I might just not play the game at all. Now, I am not saying I have a solution. I don't really know what you can do, and I understand that the game is being designed around squad play. I also think that losing a lot of people because playing solo sucks so much, and people don't have friends to play with is an awful way to create a game, because you are alienating what I believe to be a significant part of the player base. P.S. I humbly request that nobody starts spamming get good in this thread, I am looking for some wisdom from a solo who went through the stage I am going through right now, to help get me over the hump. I love this game so much, but it's become so toxic to me that I might just go back to rainbow six and cs:go, despite them feeling like watered down baby games after playing Tarkov. P.P.S. Is the second time on labs supposed to be for solos? I thought it was, but I keep running into groups in labs.
  4. FranthePrincess

    Please Add Solo Que

    I've had this opinion for a while now but I feel like this wipe has gotten even worse so once again I'm making this suggestion. EFT needs solo que so badly. My last 12 deaths have been from groups of players (minus 2 where I died from a scav wall banging be through a car and one where my weapons glitched and I was stuck in an animation mid firefight). I run into groups of players almost every raid and it's getting to the point where I kind of want to quit. I've been playing this game since we only had paca's and gold chain forts as armor. I love this game, but it just so frustrating thinking that I'm losing fights because of a massive man disadvantage. I feel like playing with a group and going against solo's kind of also doesn't fit within the game. To me at least, EFT is really all about risk and reward. But taking a squad really has no downsides when compared to being solo and is essentially an easy mode. There's enough loot on every map for a full squad, and while you are a bit more easy to spot, that disadvantage is heavily outweighed by your extra man count. Obviously, people should be able to play with friends. I've done a couple dozen raids with friends myself over the years. But I really wish there was a solo and group que (maybe a solo, due-trio, and big squad que if the wait times aren't to long). Sorry if this feels to ranty. I've seen a lot of other players complain about this too so I figured I'd at least try to voice my opinion.
  5. ShadowOS

    No love for Solo players

    I enjoy everything about this game but I am tired of having to kill a group of 3 or more in order to survive a raid. All my friends don't have time or patience to play this game so I am stuck to playing solo. So please and a solo / squad mode. This would literally make the game 100% more enjoyable for a lot of us. I would rather wait 10 min in queue than have to match another group. I just want to play and have fun, tired of having a disadvantage.
  6. Where to begin. Played this game since its release and after every reset, and my experience has not changed one bit. to start off i own the basic edition of the game, naturally that means im at a disadvantage to almost every player already. every raid you go on there are far more geared people that simply dont die (point blank range shotgun did 0 dmg due to armour.. okay then sure...) after about 1 - 2 weeks of playing after every reset i find myself in the same position as before. no money. no loot. no items literally nothing. never ever surviving a raid. never being able to kill a player as i mentioned before no amount of bullets can beat the size of some peoples wallet. with all this in mind there is no progression in this game at all, completely unfair to about more than half of the player-base from what i can gather. unless you have a large wallet or a big streamer there really is no point in owning this game at all you throw money away at it and are not rewarded by the game by playing and or getting kills. some might say you can insure your gear, which you can. but ive never had a item returned to me in the entire time ive played? evidence suggests that it either doesn't work or my gear gets looted every time (why bother looting someone who never gets past the first 2 tasks and only has a pistol 90% of the time??) well this can be fixed if the devs cared about their player-base (lol this wont ever happen but the point needs to be made) they would allow single player progression. at least then at some point you just might be able to fight against another player, who has a aim-bot and all the armour and gear in the world. probably wont happen but at least you will then have something to play with. AND be able to progress in the game. As with every reset i have said before. my experience hasn't changed in this game at all, unable to loot anything, unable to survive one raid, end up losing all my money and gear. having to HOPEFULLY SUCCEED a knife run in factory (never works btw) in the hope i can get some nails to sell for 115 roubles... yeah this is fun... CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE naturally i've thrown away my 50 quid on this game. i hope this message gets out to players looking for real players reviews and not the big few streamers or big wallet fans who bought their success instead of earning it. otherwise how is this game fun? when everything you do. you lose? thats not rewarding or fun at all. hell even dark souls is hard but it rewards you. this game cant even reward a player.
  7. TheWhiteDeathKS

    Please add solo mod

    Dear BSG, The high amount of cheaters are killing the replayability of the game. Its obvious that you cant handle all the cheaters around. You proberbly banning accounts etc. but thats not enough. You have to put a sistem where the players directly mainboard gets banned so it wouldnt be enough to buy a new account of the game. That cheater have to buy a full pc. Those guys who creates those cheats are surley working night n day without any pause to ruin the experience of people who aint cheating. They make theyre money from all the buyers around the world. So it would be good if you going to add a game mode where you are basicaly solo in the game. Put more NPC's in the game more bots more raiders more bosses. Let ''friends'' play in one server without any other player. And remove the flea market completley from the game. If you dont find a solution about the cheating problem you have to turn things drasticaly to make the game replayability again. For example the main map where you going to start with the quests is customs. But customs are so much overloaded with people who have high gear and killing you just for fun. People aint going to raids anymore with any gear on. You basically face mostly hatchlings. A couple of nights ago ive killed exactly 6 pmcs in shorline who had nothing on it. Not even a pistol. And there are days where you facing as a solo player a whole squad of high end geared people and you have no chance to survive if you not having the right bullets with you. Do it like division as example. Division have got a seperate PVP and a PVE mod. Also game called World of Warcraft does have servers which are for pvp and pve. So please go ahead and do the same for tarkov. All you have to do is ASK the player who want to enter the map ''PVE / PVP'' if he/she chooses PVP he comes across with ONLY PMC's. If he/she chooses PVE he comes across with NPC's (Scavs = bots not players) And for example if you add a sistem like this there is a high chance that people going to absue the areas ofcourse thats why i said on the begining remove the flea market completley. On areas which can spawn high valueable stuff let the bots be stronger add more raiders which are covering the area like i mentioned the map customs. On Doorms for example put more raiders there give us the chance to take advantage of our silencers or nightvisions or even take advantage from the weather. Dear BSG team i know that you can do stuff like this. If you have been able to create such a beautiful game than please work harder for it to keep it alive. Im fully aware that this is still the beta of the game its not the full version there will be more features in future....etc.etc.etc. thats the only reason why iam not raging at all. Iam just one of many dissapointed customers who want to have the experience which we have paid for and not letting us ruin the game from people who are so sick that they even dont know what for a damage they causing.
  8. Mleeeda

    Teams of 3-5

    Ok so id say I have an issue with how many people are actually allowed in as a team, ive downed 3 people or 4 people just to get rolled by a 4th/5th man when thinking its safe, personally I only have an issue with a 4 or 5man squad being allowed into raids like interchange, ideally id like to see a map soley for 2man squads at a max, ive never done anything more than being solo so I know ill be a minority of players having this issue. I do get a thrill after soloing triple/4man teams but for the most part its not exactly fun goibg broke and having to be a rat to go back in and get mowed down by a 5man team. Just wish we could get some solo player friendly maps having a max of 2 ppl in a team, not for every map.
  9. Currently offline mode is just for walking around and checking out a map you aren't particularly familiar with, or to test new guns until you get the range in the hideout. I have a couple ideas how to make offline mode more useful hopefully without destroying the balance of the game. I think leaving it so you can't keep anything you get inside would be absolutely necessary to keep people from just farming offline mode, never going into an online raid. Though I do think you should be able to work on skills (with diminishing returns and at a slower rate than online) with the caveat that you have to get enough xp and survive the raid. I would also suggest that dying in offline costs you your gear, but allow you to insure your gear before going in, that way if you die you will get your gear back but you will have to wait a bit (you could also make it so different vendors have different success rates at returning your gear ie. Prapor = 85%, Therapist = 95%), also you should have to heal up between offline raids. Another suggestion would be to award players who meet certain (like 5K/10K/15K) xp requirements and survive a random barter item and have to possibility to get a rare barter item go up depending on how well they do in the offline raid. My final suggestion is that you could use these as narrative devices to unlock online maps, and example would be you have to retrieve an item from the customs building move across the river collect items from dorms, then an item from new gas and finally an item from old gas, then extract after which online customs raids would unlock and these items could be narrative devices explaining the backstory for the map. This could be used to introduce people to each map and provide a little narrative background as to why a map is significant and possibly how it got that way. To keep players from abusing it it could be a special variation that you can only access a certain number of times per day/week.
  10. I know I'm not the first guy to suggest this and chances are a few minutes after I post this it'll flooded with the typical "git gud" diatribe, but for players that prefer solo play for the enjoyment and for player in regions where there are no dedicated servers resulting in a ping so high you need to be able to see into the future to avoid certain death, perhaps finding a way to introduce a separate offline PMC character with an inventory and skill progression that is only available offline with items and loot taken from offline raids only being available to the offline character? I know this would be a difficult task as it would require a separate system of shopkeepers who only deal in offline loot and would take up more space due to more character stats needing to be retained, but it would make the game a lot more enjoyable for people who don't want to spend weeks grinding to half a million roubles worth of gear to be lost to some guy camping in a bush behind a crate to shoot you in the back of the head when your inventory is open and for people who, like myself, frequently find ourselves emptying half an AK mag into a scav, running away because it didn't do anything and then getting killed from halfway across the map when the lag finally catches up.
  11. Hey, i wanna talk about server's without team option. I would like that there is server's without team option, because i always play alone, i like that. Always when i play solo i find teams as big as 4 and that really annoying when you kill one and the second guy kills you... Ive spent over 2 million rubles a day to just get killed by team and that is so annoying. Couple days ago i only found teams in customs and died like 20 times without exstracting ones because when i killed one there was second guy waiting for me ... i think that is unfair to play against teams in solo.
  12. Hey, I really enjoy the game so far. Though what ruins my experience & ingame inventory are the scavs. Maybe I need to git gud! But you decide. So what happens to me all the time is, getting killed by scavs during looting. I often checked every corner/basicly everywhere around me in 360* before looting. And than suddenly during night raids, you see a flashlight aimed at you, BANG, yer dead bro. Or during the day, it's just a loud bang, you're dead. It feels like mister good ol' shotgun scav is just spawning behind you, instant runs towards my position and shoots the life out of me. What also happens often, you walk and walk, go through a fence and suddenly there is good ol' shotgun scav waiting for you. BANG, RIP!!! And for the love of god I can't complete this medallion quest in the truck on customs, there is this scav sniper on the roof. I tried sneaking around him, you check the roof, he walks just away. Okay let's open the truck door. Trying to jump on the box wich is really hard btw. First attempt failed, mister sniper scav instead headshots me. So than I grab an AK with scope. I kill the sniper scav on the roof. Check near the area. I see another scav as he see's me, he almost kills me, hit me in every body part for some reason. I heal up. Just as I press escape. Mister good ol' shotgun scav is behind me again. BANG. Kinda get's old fast. I think you really need to do something about the AI. It feels like aimbot/wallhack/spawn behind ur ass while yer looting. Not an AI at all. Also wonder when we can climb stuff, got stuck on interchange the other day. With no way out.
  13. TheNamelessDude

    Cerco persone con cui giocare :D

    Salve a tutti Cerco persone noob friendly con cui giocare in maniera non troppo hardcore. Premetto che gioco da poco e non conosco alla perfezione tutte le mappe. Se vi va contattatemi e sentitevi liberi di aggiungermi su steam: The Nameless One
  14. Buenas a todos y antes de nada daros las gracias. Pues el problema que tengo es que inicio el juego y todo funciona sin problemas, carga los mapas y demás correctamente ( de momento solo he probado offline), pero cuando ya estoy en el mapa de juego el personaje comienza a moverse solo y a subir la vista constantemente hacia el cielo, yo puedo moverlo con los controles pero en cuanto dejo de hacerlo este vuelve a subir la vista automáticamente, no se a que puede deberse ya que no me había pasado anteriormente. Con el resto de juegos nunca he tenido ningún problema, si a alguien también le ha pasado o sabe a que se puede deber seria de gran ayuda para poder disfrutar de este juego. Un saludo.
  15. Can we have solo matchmaking only as a option for players who don't want to play against groups of players? I think the largest group allowed is 5 players. 5 players vs the rest is not really fair to someone who just plays by himself. PUBG has the option for solo players to only match with other solo players. Can we have this function in EFT?
  16. Hallo Zusammen Ich habe das Spiel vor 1 Jahr zum ersten mal gespielt, und starb damals selbst im Squad recht oft. Seit 2 Wochen habe ich wieder angefangen nachdem ich einem Twitchstreamer zugeschaut hatte. (Eroktic) Der spielte das Spiel solo mit AKSU oder AKN und ging dabei recht schnell voran auf der Map Shoreline. Teilweise tut er das ohne auf Geräusche zu achten mit Musik auf den Ohren. Er hat aber auch den Skill dazu ;). Ich habe also meine extrem vorsichtige Herangehensweise von vor 1 Jahr umgewandelt in einen mix aus sprinten und kurzen stops um zu lauschen. Für mich hat das Wunder bewirkt und ich habe plötzlich überlebt und Kills gemacht. (Meine Favoriten AKN und SKS) Andererseits kenne ich einen Streamer, der fast immer wenn ich einschalte voll Ausgerüstet mit 3 Kumpels im neuen Shorelines Hospital campt. Wie erfolgreich das ist weis ich nun auch nicht. Da mir der Stream dann schnell zu langweilig wird und ich wieder selbst losziehe. Wie ist eure beste Solostrategie? Ich bin mit meinem Rennen und alles was vor mir auftaucht töten oder verstecken, falls zuviel kommt gut gefahren. (Bin erst lvl 14) Eigentlich sterbe ich so nur noch, wenn ich aus versehen in einen Squad renne ohne Deckung in der Nähe oder wenn einer von der Seite mit Schalldämpfer auf mich schiesst und ich zu lange brauche um ihn zu orten oder Granaten ;D. Als schleichender lahmer Angsthase hatte ich eigentlich 0 Erfolg damals. Keine Kills ausser 1-2 Scavs und wurde so oft von hinten überrascht. Grüsse Edit: Ich glaube auch das neue spawn System hilft mir stark. Ich liebe es.
  17. Bryboskie

    Push for squad play

    I have heard Klean say multiple times that the devs are pusing for squad play and the game will start to move in that direction. What does that push to squad play look like? Personally this is kind of off putting. I really like squadding up with buddies but sometimes lone wolfing can be very fun and rewarding.
  18. zpwarrior

    5-Man Squad Wipe

    I had one of the more intense gun fights of all my hours in Tarkov last night. My buddy was waiting for my in the Custom's lobby and said he sent me an invite when he saw me. I clicked yes right away, only to freak out and realize some random player invited me to a group and started the game. I frantically pressed back, just to realize it was too late. So I sat at the reconnect screen for a bit, in hopes that he would just run away from the spawn and not kill me as I loaded in. I load in and luckily he is no where to be seen, so I make my way down the left side of the first bridge over the water. I notice a fully geared guy across the street and i immediately dump a whole clip into. As I see his body slump over, I notice two other players take aim and start firing, at which point I step back down the hill. I pop back up and scare the advancing squad member back to cover, lob a grenade forward and retreat under the bridge. I hear several grenades go off as I sprint around to construction and attempt a flank. I make my way through construction, passed the whole in the wall near bus station and head into the brush across the street.I figured they were either collecting his gear and moving on or holding their position. I run right into FOUR other squad members in the brush while they were mid sprint. I was literally in the middle of them and immediately lay a burst into two of them, practically killing one, who dropped to the ground in a panicked state. His buddy was not so fortunate, because he took several to the head as he passed in front of the one I was aiming at. I panic start a reload and mid reload I see one approach me and hesitate, worrying about killing his teammates, at which point my reload finished and a two round burst found his head. I switch back over to the first guy I shot at and finished the job(he was still laying down, probably healing). I feel a shot to the back, flip around and fire a nice burst into his upper body, causing him to drop. I sat there dumbfounded that I was alive with a simple paca and an m4 against a 5 man squad. I looked over the ravaged bodies of my enemies and turned, to my friend who was just laughing on the other side of the room. I determined they grab their buddies fort armor and tried to escape with it. Also after further investigation I think I remember finding out the 3 medium geared players had no armor pen rounds. The two what appeared be semi experienced players were taken out of the fight too quick and between a 5-man squad, they need to work on their communication. The next game my buddy covered me in the apartments while I killed a three man squad followed by a duo at the end. It was funny because I got way more experience(Also my highest) for that one than my solo squad wipe, but that had to do alot with the level ranges of the payers.
  19. Can you guys PLEASE make SOLO servers for solo players and SQUAD servers for SQUAD players just like Player Unknown Battlegrounds. It ruins the experience for solo players when they keep getting group ganged by a whole squad. Its the main reason why I dont play as much. Please please make a SOLO ONLY server. You'll bring fair play to the community.
  20. BigDan818

    Please make SOLO servers ! !

    Can you guys PLEASE PLEASE make SOLO servers for solo players and SQUAD servers for squad players just like Player Unknown Battlegrounds. It ruins the experience for solo players when they keep getting group ganged by a whole squad. Its the main reason why I dont play as much. Please please make a SOLO ONLY server. You'll bring fair play to the community. Its a must. Thank you
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