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Found 4 results

  1. show us the server status

    I think that the server status should be showed to us players before connecting. Im tired of entering lagged serves, where i get a scav by the back with a shotgun, and he doesnt die, but seconds later i simply die, the problem is that the guy wasnt having connection issues. I was, but i didnt know that, so when i rushed behind him and mowed him with my 12, that simply didnt happen for him, only me, so i belive he saw me still behind him and finished me off. Well i believe that similar situations would be avoided if we could check the servers Ping and state. Only this variables would help a lot to evade this kind of situations. Appreciate your time.
  2. Scav vs Rogue Scav AI problem

    In order to fix the current scav AI problem, I propose this: I was just in a firefight with a player scav who had gone rogue, the AI scavs then started an engagement. I helped, hit the player scav and killed him; then was promptly shot by the AI scavs. It seems the AI has no way of determining who is friendly to them and who isnt, meaning that they just see scav vs scav and eliminate both ends of the problem. The Karma system wouldnt fix this issue, before someone suggests it, because those scavs dont know me from a bar of soap. All they would do, is shoot me too because they have no information to suggest I'm friendly. I'm proposing that Rogue Scav players are marked so the AI can find them. Perhaps the easiest way to solve this AI problem is to make it so the rogue scav is a marked man. All of the local scavs are notified (by radio or whatever) that there is a rogue nearby and he is kill on sight, meaning there would be a reward of rep (with scavs) + a monetary / item reward for protecting them. The rogue scav could be marked with an IR strobe, or perhaps change their skin like in DayZ or even just something simple like they have a red arm band or something that they gain on rogue status. There needs to be a marker or trigger, something both visual (for the player) and a code level implementation for the AI to scan for, to indicate a Rogue scav over a normal one. After the AI problem is solved (which shouldnt be super difficult) by adding an AI routine, Karma, Good or Bad could be awarded for participation.
  3. Error 605

    Salut, J'ai lu (et puis testé) sur le forum Anglais, que pour ne pas avoir cette erreur, dans la liste des joueurs avant de rejoindre la map, invitez quelqu'un, n'importe qui, sans attendre que la personne réponde. Le jeu crois que vous êtes en groupe et vous fait passer en priorité. Plus d'erreur 605 ! Evidemment, si tout le monde se met à le faire, ça peut revenir mais en attendant, si ça peut aider Musty.
  4. I absolutely hate hatchlings right now because they are always unnecessarily aggressive towards everyone. If a hatchling decides to be aggressive towards me, I shoot it in the leg and make it suffer until i get bored and then shoot it in the head. If the hatchling does the friendly wiggle, I find as much loot as I can for it and give everything to it. I have every trader maxed and I have as much gear as I will ever need so it doesn't matter at all if I die. If anybody else sees a hatchling that deserves to die, don't do it the courtesy of killing it, break its leg and watch it suffer until it either disconnects or gets killed by a scav. duck every shitty hatchling.