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Found 10 results

  1. What i suggest here is simply for ergonomic in inventory/stash, it doens't change the game but might improve the inventory management. I think players will gain time if there's a (new) shortcut to put item inside the last object opened (boxes / rigs /backpack ...). This new shortcut could but be used by shift (or ctrl) right click. For exemple : You just bought a scav junk box and want to fill it. Instead of drag and dropping items, you open the box and shift right click on items you want to put inside, the items are now inside the junk box. If this idea is not possible for some reasons, I think that being able to select multiple item and drag and dropping them at once (like the ctrl left click on the files explorer) would also save some time to players when sorting their stash.
  2. D3st1nY_00

    Sorting tasks-list!

    A good QOL improvement might be to be able to sort the Tasks in the "Character/TASK"-Tab. The Tasks-List should be sortable by Trader / Type / Task(Name) / Location regards D3
  3. NinjaClif

    Lock Items in Stash

    This is mainly for automatic sorting. If there was a way to lock items in place such as cases the automatic sorting would be more useful cause you could lock it to the bottom of your stash and sort the stuff you don't have locked.
  4. Hey everyone, this is my first time posting on the forums here so any feedback on formatting is welcomed. Anyway, to start my suggestion it has to do with keeping inventories and stashes tidy. Being someone who loves to have things organized, the sorting feature that currently exists can be both helpful and chaotic at the same time. I wanted to propose an idea where players can select items to "lock" them into place and be ignored by the sorting feature. This would then allow a player to have any items that are not locked to be sorted as the current sorting feature allows. For example, in my case I would lock all of my containers and maybe certain weapons and then upon pressing the sort button, all things like meds and food and newly acquired items will be sorted near the top to be easily organized into my appropriate locations. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your own suggestions or ideas!
  5. Vershet

    Hideout crafting sorting

    I had a suggestion for the developers. It has frustrated me many times that the items craftable in the hideout is sorted in what seems like a random order. Even when its an item just finished crafting, let alone the sluggishness of looking through the available options. I came up with (What seems to me) an easy solution: - Put the item that is crafting/finished crafting on top of the list. (FIFO queue) - Put the items that you have the required materials for as a 2nd priority, and keep the rest in a logical order. So for example if AP 6.3 bullets are put on the bottom of the list (Starts with an A but just as an example) every time I need to check the materials I need for it I know I just have to scroll all the way down. I hope this will be looked at and taken into consideration :). Cheers
  6. The_Grape_king

    Backpack/sorting quality of life update

    I am an owner of a large backpack stash an little other room in my stash. as you may know you cant equip more than one trizip or larger back pack at a time. what I'm suggesting is tat you could equip them temporarily as well as take other items that you cant take into a raid so that it would be easier to sort items in your stash. you would not be able to go in to a raid when you have them in your inventory.
  7. JWiley

    Vendor Inventory Sorting

    On each Inventory screen there are button that highlight the items in that category. Suggestion: When one of these buttons is clicked. Remove/Hide all other items from the list and re-sort the list from the category selected. -w
  8. D3st1nY_00

    Trader Sorting options/ Filter

    One Thing i'm looking for is a sorting function, so that for example: sorting option 1: all ammo comes first, all mags, all scopes,, all scopemounts, all grips (main grips, frontgrips), all stocks, handguards, .... ect. sorting option 2: sort objects by trader level (lvl 1 items first, lvl 2 second, lvl 3 - 3rd, lvl 4 - last sorting option 3: by name... or just modify the filters already ingame... maybe the easiest option this option is just a modification of the filter already ingame... just modify it, that only those items selected are shown... Kind regards D3
  9. Niahkl

    Stash sorting system

    I suggest a sorting system of the Stash to make stash management less tedious and time intensive. I would prefer a free system to maintain room for personal preferences and emphasis. The idea is as follows: Allow assigning stash Areas for certain Item-Types per dragging or clicking the desired cells. The size could be a single cell, a row or a block of cells of any size. Item types would be categories: -weapons -meds -YouNameIt WIthin those category cells, rows or blocks you can assign furter restrictions and ammounts. Example: Create a 2x5 area inb your stash for "meds". Assign a 1x2 subspace in meds for "Bandages". Maybe allow colorizing the background of those areas. Now i would suggest that items you ctrl-click from your inventory into your stash directly go into the assigned areas. For a final luxurary feature i would suggest a possible category "sell", where all the items go when the designated area is full. This system would allow a free, modular management of the stash depending on personal preferences or current item needs and would allow for a quick and clean dropping off of items inbetween raids. Let me know what you think or add your own suggestions.
  10. okay lets get to the business. what i am suggesting is the option to buy containers to make sorting easier. for example you could buy ammo cans to sort your ammo types and make it easier to find them, this would also declutter the inventory a little. containers such as tupperware(low end containers), these could be used to store all sorts of small things such as medicines food keys and other small items. implementing this would make it easier to sort items and make it less of a headache. ofcourse ammo cans would not be cheap because these are surplus, maybe add 3 types of this container. the pistol caliber ammo cans(small size) the assault rifle cans(medium size) and the grenade cans, with this i mean about the size of an ammunition can of a 40mm grenade, these woudl be the most expensive as this is the biggest size container. the tupperware could be found in the raids as a rare item and the cans could be only obtained via traders. but that would be your call.
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