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Found 40 results

  1. Hallo Community, Ich benutze zurzeit Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro und dazu ein Focusrite Sound Solo- Interface. Natürlich ist damit der Sound super clean, jedoch wenn ich mal überraschend beschossen werden, bekomme ich einen halben herzinfarkt aufgrund der intensität der Geräusche. Dabei ist dies ja nichtmal ein extrem basshaltiges sound Setup, sondern eher ein wenig basshaltiges, neutrales, klares. Gibt es möglichkeiten das man die intensität der Geräusche ein wenig raus nimmt, jedoch nicht die Lautstärke? Manchmal erschrecke ich mir vor meinen eigenen schritten wenn ich zB. Comtechs trage und mach dann erstmal Bewegungen die echt nicht schön sind. Das Problem ist einfach, ich bin von Natur aus ein schisser, würde auch gern mehr spielen aber die Sounds machen mich echt fertig. Ich habe vor einiger Zeit auch mal ein Youtube Video gesehen, der den Sound etwas verändert hat um einen Tinitus vorzubeugen. Jedoch finde ich das nicht mehr. Gruß Olli
  2. I have been dealing with this issue for a couple weeks now and am wondering if anyone else is too. When I start the game, I notice that all my customized settings are always reverted back to the games default setup. I have to keep inputting my custom graphics, sound, and controls in every time I play the game. It is becoming very frustrating since I had no problems with this when I first got the game in early January 2018. Yes I hit 'SAVE' every time I exit the settings. Once I do change the controls to how I play, they stay the whole time I have EFT open on my pc. Alt-Tab'ing does not revert my controls. Once I close the game and start it backup, the settings are reverted. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling and that didn't work. Please help
  3. Hi all, As far as I'm aware the movement system is already undergoing some changes, including a vaulting mechanic which should help us traverse terrain much more smoothly! However, I have a couple suggestions of my own, which I believe would give us greater control over our PMCs and create a more natural/organic feeling whilst moving around the game world (as well as how others are perceived!). Apologies if many of these are already planned/confirmed, I tend to miss a lot of news due to being busy playing the game! 1.) Link actions like prone/stand, crawl, ADS, check mag, looting, check inventory, change fire mode, traverse up/down terrain/ledges, open doors and the associated sound/volume levels to movement speed. This will allow us to Go between stances and interactions at a much slower, but quieter manner Make movement more deliberate and controlled, rather than have our PMC throw themselves around recklessly when we're trying to sneak 2.) Greatly restrict X-axis turn speed whilst sprinting, this will make it extremely difficult for players to abuse the lack of momentum in-game 3.) Introduce a speed-up / slow-down whilst sprinting. What I mean by this, is not have our PMC go from 0-60mph instantly, as well as have them slow down back to walking pace once finished sprinting. Letting go of 'W' completely will result in an abrupt stop, causing a 'slide' and corresponding noise (already in-game) 4.) Have prone/stand affect stamina, to reduce the effectiveness of 'prone spam' 5.) Introduce a left/right roll ability whilst prone (unable to perform with backpack equipped) ---------- Scavs (AI) Introduce different states; Relaxed - smoking, sitting, group talking around fire barrel etc Patrol - these Scavs are on patrol as per their patrol schedule, weapons in low ready, maybe drinking/smoking also Alert - these guys know there's a USEC scumbag in the area and are looking for them It's super immersion breaking that the Scavs are all patrolling with their weapons shouldered, I feel it would be good for both gameplay and general atmosphere of the game to have more natural Scavs! ---------- Thanks for your time, again I'm sure a lot of these have been mentioned, just not in the first few pages of the Search Function (there is one topic which contains some movement ideas, but is more generalised from December 2017). Cheers, Dan
  4. 0PreCutEagle71

    music soundtracks

    Hello folks, I don't know if off-topic forum is correct for this topic. Anyway, (This topic is about music soundtracks). In the Prepare For Escape'-esque themes in the main menu music for example "Dark Horizon" and many more in the near future and until it is forthcoming i.e. Releasing etc. Will the all of the music tracks come onto like Spotify, iTunes (others streaming platforms of music) after the game been released? feel free to comment
  5. Kwandes

    Selectable Sound Device

    Hello, Recently I have decided to setup my OBS to record EFT gameplay. I like to setup different channels for different source, like Virtual Cable A (VB A) for the game, Virtual Cable B for discord etc. That allows me to easily tweak sound when processing the footage. But to my surprise, it is impossible for EFT. I'm using Sonic Studio 3 (ROG Strix B350-f motherboard) and it does not detect EFT as a sound source. Windows sounds does not see EFT as a sound by itself either. I have tried other means and it seems impossible to set custom sound device routing for EFT. The workaround I found is changing default device to given device, for example VB A, launching EFT (which sets default device as it's output device) and then switching back to previous default device, with EFT now playing on VB A. The issue with this is extra hassle I have to go through every time I want to launch the game and worsens overall experience. I would like to note that once VOIP is added, device routing in sound menu will be even more important. It would be really nice if an extra option in sound menu of choosing which device to use, for both input and output. Also I suspect you have "masked" the program so make sound hacks harder to create but a dedicated hacker will have no issues using the workaround and your "protection" only hinders normal users and content creators. Thank you for your time, Loyal player and supporter
  6. frkr

    7.1 Sound

    While some sounds are pretty loud. Why not has some imersion? Using a 7.1 phones are pretty useless without support.
  7. CRAZZY1

    Sound traps

    So i was thinking if you could set sound tripwires against doors and such by using junk items and have a sound tripwire it wont kill so its not unbalanced at the start to avoid bugs mostly but if it was just when u walked over it or tripped over it the junk would make a lot of noise alerting you just like in the book i would really like to see that added later in to the game what do you think thanks for reading.
  8. Cześć, Zastanawiam się odnośnie pozycjonowania przeciwników na słuchawkach, a mianowicie: Posiadam pro słuchawki HyperX Cloud II i naprawdę jeśli ktoś biega lub strzela to jestem w stanie określić bardzo dobrze gdzie jest. Ale problem jest z tymi dźwiękami skradania, bo gdy ja skradam się to zawsze wydaje mi się, że robię dużo hałasu nawet na jednej kresce poruszania. No i do czego zmierzam, a no do tego, że chyba odgłosy na kucaka i ze zmniejszona prędkością nie są adekwatne do tego co słyszymy i przeciwnik. Nie chodzi też o odleglość bo to wiadoma sprawa ale jeszcze nie słyszałem by ktoś wydał np. odgłos szurającego szkła czy takich cichutkich na kucaka ruchów, szmerów ubrania, jedynie jak ktoś normalnym krokiem idzie to wtedy jest to miej więcej na równi słyszalne. Tak jakby niektóre dźwięki nie były synchronizowane pomiędzy graczami. Natomiast odgłosy ładowania itp są już normalne, problem tylko z tymi skradankowymi szuraniami, jest chyba coś z nimi nie tak.... Nie wiem czy to tylko moje już schizy czy każdy to zauważył
  9. UnifiBg

    No Sound damage/shots bug

    Not sure if everyone is getting this, but we are taking damage from a player with absolutely not shot heard, from our entire squad. As in our squad will not hear shots at all but people die and a player has killed us. usually multiple damage times then death. Utter quiet while it happens. Anyone else get this?
  10. PredatorMkII

    Foliage Contact Sound Effects

    Hello, I've put around 100 hours in Tarkov now, and have noticed something: The sound effects triggered by physical contact with foliage are too harsh and binary. They lack nuance; when I am crouched and hiding in a bush, a minor rotation shouldn't trigger the same decibels as a PMC sprinting through a bush, and yet that's basically what happens. When I am located at the outermost fringes of a tree's branches, or a bush, and make a minor movement, the same thing happens. The sound effects that are triggered by minor interactions are disproportionate to the movement involved; it's unrealistic. Important refinements must be undertaken here, as stealth is an integral aspect of Tarkov's gameplay, and players who are trying to leverage this are being punished. A broader range of sound effects for foliage interaction would help, as well as connecting fade in/out audio gain effects to player animation speed to amplify or dampen the noise generated by interaction with foliage accordingly, to create much more organic and realistic gameplay. I know I'm not the only one who's noticed this, so I hope it's taken into account. Thank you.
  11. TarkovCitizen71281

    Eq tune setup for arctic7

    Hy all! I bought a new steel series artic 7 but the sounds is not the best one. I tried to set the eq perfectly but i dont know how can i reach the best performance.
  12. Margali


    I Had doubts about bad, unrealistic sound effect in Tarkov. And now I have evidence why Sound Effects and Sound systems are Unrealistic and bad in EFT. Here is my Letter for your team, I contribute my time and knowledge writing this post. (if you are interested in my background: I’m owner and main specialist of Engineering & Developing company in Caucasus. We are first in this region in Professional Recording and Measurement, Insulation & Acoustics …) There are two main issues with Sounds. The way your sound designer record Sound Effects are wrong. Qualification of your sound designer / Time he contributes this project. To get realistic 360 Sound response: You should record sound FX using surrounding microphone system in one mix. Sound System Must recorded parallel at the same time in 3 ranges: Close, Mid and Long. To get Clear and realistic Stereo Image You must use Precision Acoustics Measurement / Modular microphones with good Phase Characteristics. (low budget DPA 4091, Earth Works) Don’t Lie to us…. Saying that you use expensive equipment in recordings. I only see this Cheap 200$ Zoom recorder with Boom in all developer reports. You even don’t use dedicated microphone and are using integrated low end one. To get realistic Sound response of ACTION. You must not record weapon from behind. You must Use Surrounding system + Additional microphones in Shooting direction. Bullet Generates Motion Sound in air and throws most Kinetic energy on traveling direction…. If recorded correctly you can distinguish the direction of shooting better, especially in street. Unrealistic Running, Jumping, Crawling, Standing from laying position, Bag Searching, Bad dropping Sound effects: You Should Control Sound Level of Sound effects with Sound level meter. And save that data for all Actions… No one Has Plat Foot in Army and no one Run the way you are recording it. Do you have logic?! It’s pathetic. You should record actual running action on path full off microphones to get fade sound. You should record actual running by tiny fixed microphones with booms near shoes. The Terrible Sound of Running on Asphalt/Ground has reverberation like it was recorded in building. GJ. That run sounds like old Plastic military shoes. In realistic world here are more army shoes with rubber finish. There must be additional Skill for running: Running on foot fingers. Player Can run on foot finger with low rig. The sprint Speed in higher, and Noise Generated is very LOW. It will add more dynamics and action in game, adding new playing style: Silent, Dynamic maneuver for Team or alone predator. On heavy rig Player physical almost can’t use that skill because of the weight. On top level, He can start sprint on foot fingers in 1-3 seconds, after continue in army style and always ends in army style when heavy rigged. 3. No one Closes doors, stand up from laying position, searching bad SO LOUDLY in situation that you are near to expose and get killed... There must be system for action speed vs sound. Fast action = Noise generated; Slow action = almost noise free sound generated that can be hear only in 2-3 meters. You get -12 dB sound level drop in 3 meters. And -18 dB in 6 meters… The Same logic and Sound system must be used in all actions: Fast Standing from laying position vs 3X slow Action. Fast Search noise vs 3X Slow. Fast Door open/Close Vs 3X slow, especially at the end of animation. I See your Team does not work too much. Shame on you Guys. Your team recorded sound effect in building only for this patch. Sound FX recording process does not require months. Sound developer Team can work almost independently from Programmer’s Team and Get Ready FX Library… I don’t want to remind about income and budget Tarkov has. Simple Math ... I want this game to success.... And ... YOU Welcome, i Contribute ideas to Blizzard HOTS and their developer team use that in next patches. I contributed Several ideas in EFT with other Guys about Night vision, and other spreads but i only got bad feedback from your Team. instead of saying thanks you just ignore, write comment that this idea is bad, or it will ruing the game and i see this idea realized in next patch. YOU ACT LIKE YOU ARE NOT LISTENING COMMUNITY BUT YOU REALLY ARE AND TAKING IDEAS FORM THEM SO. DON'T ACT THE OLD WAY AGAIN...
  13. raleubojica

    Sound engine?

    I don't see any sound related updates for 2018 dev plan, is that a miss or there will be no work on sound for Tarkov except voip?
  14. qS_Sachiel

    Sound inverted

    Hey, just started a factory run and the sound is inverted L/R. Any issue with this for others? Setting i've pressed accidentally? Using Sennheiser 2CH surround sound headphones.
  15. ugurgulay

    Environment sounds so high

    In this game environment sounds so high, - In rainy map sounds not like dynamic and giving same rain noise allways ... maybe in change indoors ... - Grass sounds so high and really distract the players (Grass noise = Gun shoot)
  16. CommieJesus


    How many people think that using a helmet should reduce hearing distance/accuracy if not used with comtacs, making viable not using a helmets. (just a thought)
  17. Artyom91

    Searching sound effect

    Everytime I search a body, the searching sound effect gives me the impression that someone is coming nearby. That makes me all paranoid, I close the tab immediately and prepare myself for combat. After 5-10 seconds I realize there's nothing so I go back to the inventory and finish the looting. Maybe its just me, or maybe I'll get used to it, but I wonder if other player think the same thing. Can the sound effect be tweaked so that we don't mistake it for an enemy's footsteps? Cheers !
  18. Renhard

    Verical Sound

    Ok so I was wondering, I am not a developer or anything, but this idea ran in my head. 1)What do you think of you hearing sounds above you better in the left ear bud when you press the key "e". so when you lean, the above sound will travel to the closer ear to the ceiling. The principle is the closer your ears are to the ceiling/ to the floor will determine where the person is 2) Looking up will increase mildly the clarity of the sound coming from above. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thought of this because in human beings we aren't born with vertical localization, we learn it and it is dependent on the person head shape, and when a person hears a sound from above, they shift the pinna of their ears slightly to where they think it is coming from to confirm that it is actually above. Example if someone is walking on a floor above me, its instinctive to look up even if its for a sec, and thats all that is required to confirm location
  19. AirRegalia

    Armor and Sound

    Someone in full fort and fast should not be a ninja just from slow walking compared to a paka or even someone naked
  20. Okay my problem is this. I have really nice headphones and I use a sound card(seperate one) to play, but when I play the game usually the sounds suggest that an player or scav is right to me. Although they're o n another level of the building. Something similar happens when I try to determine where the sound is coming from and how far is it I do not succeed. I use the same tactics (at sound level) to play Battlefield 1 and everything is fine. Also I found my first chest armor!!! Exiting times. I use BeyerDynamics DT990 Pro 250 ohm Edition. The sound card is Sound Blaster Z.
  21. It's pretty hard to know exactly from were a noise come from. I'm probably wrong but i think it's because EFT don't use "doppler" for the sound effect. I hope someday we will have something similar as Counter Strike ...
  22. Broman

    Scav Bug

    After downloading the patch today I've had sever instances where I've been killed by an AI Scav because his weapon makes no noise when he fires it. I just fall over dead with no clue that I was even being shot at. I get no suppression nor any noise from bullets going by. It's just instant death and when I check the screen after it shows I was killed by a scav. Their characters will still say things and I can hear that but like 20% of the time I hear no gunfire whatsoever and just die.
  23. IkaSGC

    Unrealistic surround sound.

    The game is extremely difficult, unreal. As the main reason at the moment to see the sound in the game. I have PC speakers 2.1. If someone shoots on me, it's virtually impossible to find out where the shots are coming from. Likewise when they start talking around. It does not matter whether he is talking behind his back or next to me. I always hear it as if they were before me. In the real world, people have ears. It makes it easy to determine where the sound comes from. When they watch the sound, I usually get it from another direction. The game is like a lottery. Either I will see them before, or they do me. Once someone starts to shoot me, it's lost.
  24. Don't get me wrong, I consider this game the most realistic and innovative FPS game out there and It solves all the problems we encounter and complain about in those other games. You have so many options and your actions and decisions have weight and consequences in Tarkov that's what makes it so different compared to those other games. but every step, every lean, every crouch, feels horrendously slow, unresponsive, or downright nauseating, the sounds are inconsistent, obnoxious, confusing, and often unheard by others. you either; die almost instantly even if you landed more shots and shot first, you get shot so many times its ridiculous and you survive anyway with 2 health in your leg or arm, or you instakill them unscaved or with just a blacked out stomach and now your losing health like Dracula just locked his jaws onto your jugular and wont let go and even if you brought something to drink your still gona end up dead to dehydration in less than 5 minutes. I love this game but its faults are clear and painful to endure and it makes this game's pros feel like drops of water in a desert of cons. Instead of Tarkov being a total improvement in the FPS genre it feels more like a 2 steps forward 1 step back situation. movement does not feel fluid at all and to top it off every single thing you do seems to be ridiculously obnoxious and loud even turning or aiming down sights sounds like someone crunching a plastic bag and its never clear whether or not you can or cannot be heard. I know many of these sounds cant actually be heard by other players because I have had tons of players run right up to me like maniacs without making a sound as if they were wearing felt slippers and walking on velvet carpeting, so these sounds just serve to make you uncomfortable and unsure. its aggravating when you spend 10-40 minutes crouching across the map on the slowest crouch speed checking every angle, and getting stuck on every pebble and crack because movement speed affects step height for some reason. Just to die to some maniac playing like its his average cod game bolting at full speed and hardly making a sound while you sit there tense as all hell because it feels like you are wearing a plastic suit with air horns between each joint. way too often do gunfights look more ridiculous and comical than realistic and invigorating. its often 2 dudes waddling back and fourth like penguins while unnecessary afflictions and weapon bobbing cause their guns to bounce around like a sock puppet show being given by an epileptic having a seizure until they've both dumped an entire mag and have to reload. now they're both triple amputees and its a race for whoever can take painkillers first and turn back into luke cage to soak up their enemies next mag like a sponge We all know what I'm talking about here and we've all experienced it, this game is both extremes of the FPS genre, Either the extra realism works out nice and creates a very cool scenario for you to enjoy or it falls flat on its face and creates a ridiculous mess. some changes need to be made but I'm confident they will come.
  25. I know this has been mentioned but I feel more attention should be placed upon this very important aspect of the game and it's effect on the immersion of the Sim. In preparation for EfT 2018 and the open beta, I would hope that the known issues with SPACIAL SOUND will be addressed. The distance from the pmc's ear to a sound is completely inaccurate as well as the direction it is coming from. Sounds from the rear will actually present themselves in front of your pmc's ears and vise-versa. (left and right directions are, in fact, separated but are far from being accurate and blending into the 360 and 180 directions properly). This is what can be considered an extreme immersion breaking factor when playing in a sim like this where it is vital to know your surroundings, not only by sight...(which is naturally hindered by the nice in-game visual environment that players and scavs can use and blend in it's cover)...but by sound as well. There are some great sounds that exist in the game, you just can't pinpoint an accurate direction of where they came from, which is an easy thing to do in real life as well as something that all games with immersion focus on. Side note...there is a single thunder strike that happens sometimes when loading into Shoreline or woods, I can't recall which, but it sounds awesome and doesn't happen during gameplay. I wanted to mention this because epic sounds like that make the game feel more immersive. That specific sound actually helps the game feel like the SVD is not the loudest thing in the entire game environment no matter how far away you are, lol... Thanks for reading!
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