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Found 30 results

  1. Helmets

    How many people think that using a helmet should reduce hearing distance/accuracy if not used with comtacs, making viable not using a helmets. (just a thought)
  2. Searching sound effect

    Everytime I search a body, the searching sound effect gives me the impression that someone is coming nearby. That makes me all paranoid, I close the tab immediately and prepare myself for combat. After 5-10 seconds I realize there's nothing so I go back to the inventory and finish the looting. Maybe its just me, or maybe I'll get used to it, but I wonder if other player think the same thing. Can the sound effect be tweaked so that we don't mistake it for an enemy's footsteps? Cheers !
  3. Verical Sound

    Ok so I was wondering, I am not a developer or anything, but this idea ran in my head. 1)What do you think of you hearing sounds above you better in the left ear bud when you press the key "e". so when you lean, the above sound will travel to the closer ear to the ceiling. The principle is the closer your ears are to the ceiling/ to the floor will determine where the person is 2) Looking up will increase mildly the clarity of the sound coming from above. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thought of this because in human beings we aren't born with vertical localization, we learn it and it is dependent on the person head shape, and when a person hears a sound from above, they shift the pinna of their ears slightly to where they think it is coming from to confirm that it is actually above. Example if someone is walking on a floor above me, its instinctive to look up even if its for a sec, and thats all that is required to confirm location
  4. Armor and Sound

    Someone in full fort and fast should not be a ninja just from slow walking compared to a paka or even someone naked
  5. I have been dealing with this issue for a couple weeks now and am wondering if anyone else is too. When I start the game, I notice that all my customized settings are always reverted back to the games default setup. I have to keep inputting my custom graphics, sound, and controls in every time I play the game. It is becoming very frustrating since I had no problems with this when I first got the game in early January 2018. Yes I hit 'SAVE' every time I exit the settings. Once I do change the controls to how I play, they stay the whole time I have EFT open on my pc. Alt-Tab'ing does not revert my controls. Once I close the game and start it backup, the settings are reverted. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling and that didn't work. Please help
  6. 7.1 Sound

    While some sounds are pretty loud. Why not has some imersion? Using a 7.1 phones are pretty useless without support.
  7. Sound inverted

    Hey, just started a factory run and the sound is inverted L/R. Any issue with this for others? Setting i've pressed accidentally? Using Sennheiser 2CH surround sound headphones.
  8. Scav Bug

    After downloading the patch today I've had sever instances where I've been killed by an AI Scav because his weapon makes no noise when he fires it. I just fall over dead with no clue that I was even being shot at. I get no suppression nor any noise from bullets going by. It's just instant death and when I check the screen after it shows I was killed by a scav. Their characters will still say things and I can hear that but like 20% of the time I hear no gunfire whatsoever and just die.
  9. Unrealistic surround sound.

    The game is extremely difficult, unreal. As the main reason at the moment to see the sound in the game. I have PC speakers 2.1. If someone shoots on me, it's virtually impossible to find out where the shots are coming from. Likewise when they start talking around. It does not matter whether he is talking behind his back or next to me. I always hear it as if they were before me. In the real world, people have ears. It makes it easy to determine where the sound comes from. When they watch the sound, I usually get it from another direction. The game is like a lottery. Either I will see them before, or they do me. Once someone starts to shoot me, it's lost.
  10. Environment sounds so high

    In this game environment sounds so high, - In rainy map sounds not like dynamic and giving same rain noise allways ... maybe in change indoors ... - Grass sounds so high and really distract the players (Grass noise = Gun shoot)
  11. Don't get me wrong, I consider this game the most realistic and innovative FPS game out there and It solves all the problems we encounter and complain about in those other games. You have so many options and your actions and decisions have weight and consequences in Tarkov that's what makes it so different compared to those other games. but every step, every lean, every crouch, feels horrendously slow, unresponsive, or downright nauseating, the sounds are inconsistent, obnoxious, confusing, and often unheard by others. you either; die almost instantly even if you landed more shots and shot first, you get shot so many times its ridiculous and you survive anyway with 2 health in your leg or arm, or you instakill them unscaved or with just a blacked out stomach and now your losing health like Dracula just locked his jaws onto your jugular and wont let go and even if you brought something to drink your still gona end up dead to dehydration in less than 5 minutes. I love this game but its faults are clear and painful to endure and it makes this game's pros feel like drops of water in a desert of cons. Instead of Tarkov being a total improvement in the FPS genre it feels more like a 2 steps forward 1 step back situation. movement does not feel fluid at all and to top it off every single thing you do seems to be ridiculously obnoxious and loud even turning or aiming down sights sounds like someone crunching a plastic bag and its never clear whether or not you can or cannot be heard. I know many of these sounds cant actually be heard by other players because I have had tons of players run right up to me like maniacs without making a sound as if they were wearing felt slippers and walking on velvet carpeting, so these sounds just serve to make you uncomfortable and unsure. its aggravating when you spend 10-40 minutes crouching across the map on the slowest crouch speed checking every angle, and getting stuck on every pebble and crack because movement speed affects step height for some reason. Just to die to some maniac playing like its his average cod game bolting at full speed and hardly making a sound while you sit there tense as all hell because it feels like you are wearing a plastic suit with air horns between each joint. way too often do gunfights look more ridiculous and comical than realistic and invigorating. its often 2 dudes waddling back and fourth like penguins while unnecessary afflictions and weapon bobbing cause their guns to bounce around like a sock puppet show being given by an epileptic having a seizure until they've both dumped an entire mag and have to reload. now they're both triple amputees and its a race for whoever can take painkillers first and turn back into luke cage to soak up their enemies next mag like a sponge We all know what I'm talking about here and we've all experienced it, this game is both extremes of the FPS genre, Either the extra realism works out nice and creates a very cool scenario for you to enjoy or it falls flat on its face and creates a ridiculous mess. some changes need to be made but I'm confident they will come.
  12. Not sure if everyone is getting this, but we are taking damage from a player with absolutely not shot heard, from our entire squad. As in our squad will not hear shots at all but people die and a player has killed us. usually multiple damage times then death. Utter quiet while it happens. Anyone else get this?
  13. I know this has been mentioned but I feel more attention should be placed upon this very important aspect of the game and it's effect on the immersion of the Sim. In preparation for EfT 2018 and the open beta, I would hope that the known issues with SPACIAL SOUND will be addressed. The distance from the pmc's ear to a sound is completely inaccurate as well as the direction it is coming from. Sounds from the rear will actually present themselves in front of your pmc's ears and vise-versa. (left and right directions are, in fact, separated but are far from being accurate and blending into the 360 and 180 directions properly). This is what can be considered an extreme immersion breaking factor when playing in a sim like this where it is vital to know your surroundings, not only by sight...(which is naturally hindered by the nice in-game visual environment that players and scavs can use and blend in it's cover)...but by sound as well. There are some great sounds that exist in the game, you just can't pinpoint an accurate direction of where they came from, which is an easy thing to do in real life as well as something that all games with immersion focus on. Side note...there is a single thunder strike that happens sometimes when loading into Shoreline or woods, I can't recall which, but it sounds awesome and doesn't happen during gameplay. I wanted to mention this because epic sounds like that make the game feel more immersive. That specific sound actually helps the game feel like the SVD is not the loudest thing in the entire game environment no matter how far away you are, lol... Thanks for reading!
  14. Localized ambient sounds

    To me it seems like the ambient sounds are way too localized. when you move out from a container or a warehouse in the rain to the outside its a very noticeable and sharp transition, its not very "realistic" to my opinion. I think there should be more "fade in/out" (cross fade) between the 2 environments ambient sound so it doesn't feel so mechanical. Peace.
  15. Schüsse in Game

    Hey, seid dem letzten großen Patch habe ich öfters das Problem das ich im Game (im Raid) keine Schüsse von anderen Spielern höre, Ich sehe sie, erleide Schaden etc. jedoch kann ich nicht hören ob sie und von wo sie schießen... hat jemand das selbige Problem? Gibt es eine Lösung oder ist das momentan ein bekanntes Problem, ich höre sonst alles im Game, Leute Rennen/gehen, Bots Reden meinen Charakter Stöhnen einfach alles außer die Schüsse was verdammt wichtig ist und ärgerlich wenn man deswegen stirbt!... <.< Gruß Marvelous
  16. It's pretty hard to know exactly from were a noise come from. I'm probably wrong but i think it's because EFT don't use "doppler" for the sound effect. I hope someday we will have something similar as Counter Strike ...
  17. Soundproblem

    So i dont hear any ingame Sound and i dont know how to fix it
  18. Sound for loading In

    As the title entails a simple sound for loading in. Usually when playing any other map than factory I shift tab out to do something while I wait BUT because all the bird noises begin once you finish loading the map you never know when you've truly loaded in. So I think any small noise to notify you of being loaded in would be great.
  19. Current ingame soundsystem isnt great at all, position and depth or what you wanna call it is terrible, sound from other players bleeding into the noise\sounds i make. For example. If a player is above me i will automatically make more noise, if player near or above me is running my character also make weird sounds like im sprinting even tho i move slow. If someone is after me, most of the time i have to guess where he will make contact, often i die because i think he is coming from the opposite direction. Impossible to locate him by sound if he dont step on something you know where is if you know the map well enough. Players can walk up stairs right beside you, sounds like they is far away. Just to shot you in the back because you trusted the sound. Some players can sprint and not make sound at all. Is it related to desync or is it a bug in the game it self? Walking on some surfaces make so much noise, walk on wooden floor above minimal speed sounds like you are running + stomping. IS it only me that think its freakishly loud compared to metal etc? Like in factory 3 floor, if you dont wanna announce you are there you have to walk as slow as possible. 1 notch above = allot of noise. Any news regarding 5.1 sound? I have tried to get info regarding this for maybe 8 month, others have also asked about this. But never get a reply, not that iv seen anyways. Why cant you share some information on how its going? Are there issues you struggle to fix, it was implemented for a short time. But was little bugged like much of the sound i made came from rear speakers. Other than that, it was a huge improvement compared to what we got to day. I learned factory when it was enabled, when i got used to hearing my self in the rear it was like day and night regarding hearing where other player where. So was a bit disepointed when i read it was fixed, just to realize you just went back to the good old stereo thats been used since i got the game.
  20. Hiya Devs and all Just a question about sound changing from the outdoor environment straight to the indoor building: It seems that when I walk between in and out of the doorway of a building, there is a extreme change of sound that is just not quite right. here is a Video example: I've also done a drawing diagram too of the situation within this forum (sorry poor diagram, I am noob).. Tell me what you think everyone, or am I being too picky?
  21. Hello, I would like to start with saying that I love the sound design in this game. Being a sound designer myself I know the amount of, time, money, production, and work that went into recording and producing the games foley. Let alone the programing for when sounds get triggered. Its an extremely complex design and it sounds great! I do however have a couple complaints; direction, and distance of the gunshot sfx. I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this but sometimes when I hear a gunshot it sounds like its coming from in front of me but its actually rear left. Or for example, on woods, when someone fires from the sawmill and I'm at the cave it sounds like its less than 100 meters from me. Its probably that I have not adjusted to all the sound effects, and their different variants when fired from a distance. But it confuses the hell out of me sometimes. I have also noticed that when I sprint around the footstep sound effects coming from my player sound shorter or even non-existent at times.
  22. Is anyone else getting the feedback when being killed by an automatic weapon? It just keeps BLARING after you're dead for 5+ seconds?
  23. sound bug?

    I have been running Factory today, and have noticed a sound bug while playing. Multiple times I have been "shot" and killed without any sound from the weapon. I am confident they were not suppressed as twice it was with a shotgun at relatively close range. I have not noticed the sound issue before today, and am unsure if other players are having the same issue or not.
  24. Okay my problem is this. I have really nice headphones and I use a sound card(seperate one) to play, but when I play the game usually the sounds suggest that an player or scav is right to me. Although they're o n another level of the building. Something similar happens when I try to determine where the sound is coming from and how far is it I do not succeed. I use the same tactics (at sound level) to play Battlefield 1 and everything is fine. Also I found my first chest armor!!! Exiting times. I use BeyerDynamics DT990 Pro 250 ohm Edition. The sound card is Sound Blaster Z.
  25. Warum hört man manchmal Fuss Schritte nicht auch wenn der Bot 2 meter von einem entfernt ist dass ist so unrealistisch aber man selber immer irgendwelche Geräusche macht bitte macht auch mal was am sound...