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Found 49 results

  1. I've only had it happen once but I would guess I'm not the only one. It is a problem that people camp the spawns but in since the game is still in development I suppose something like this is suspected. Granted I'd prefer to get ambushed than stabbed in the back at least it adds to the tacticool bit. Thoughts on certain situations like this?
  2. DYING ON SPAWN. 3 players same time

    Me & 2 of my friends all just die within a few seconds of us all spawning at shoreline. All fully geared. All killed by a player "LOOPER" I spawned in with level 2 helmet & armour. (Kiver & paca) Scout sniper vest & mbss backback I had an: SV98 with 4 clips Silenced kepr, meds & nades. Whatever the hell that was. Spawn in & die. Anyone else on shoreline just have this problem.
  3. So I bought this game yesterday, and I'm all for it being a hardcore shooter, but I can't enjoy the game if I can't even spawn in right. I literally get killed within 2 minutes of spawning in. It's ridiculous.
  4. Compilation of my suggestions

    These are some of the suggestions I have come up with. I will add more to this thread as I think of them or see something that can be improved upon through gameplay. Dynamic Loot Spawn: Right now, many people know of the location of good crates and loot through the maps. I propose a a more dynamic loot spawn system, where crates, guns, attachments, and other goodies, can all spawn dynamically through out the map and the loot experience is rarely the same. Other loot and fight games already use dynamic loot spawns (ex. DayZ, the BR games, and various other survival games). I don't think that static loot spawns should be entirely removed, I just think that maybe there should be fewer of them possibly. The static spawns give players a good guaranteed chance to loot something of use, relying less on RNG, while the dynamic spawns would encourage exploration and lead to more fights in less obvious areas. This might also spread the population out through the maps rather than having everyone congregate to singular points which would increase the tension when walking through virtually every square foot of a map. Right now with only static spawns, there are sections of the raids where I have virtually no fear of any fight because there's virtually nothing of use on those parts of the map, lets add some more possibilities. Level Restricted Matchmaking: This is something I DON'T think should be implemented during the betas until right near release only to test out bugs in implementing the matchmaking system (most likely a week or two needed to test this is all). A matchmaking system that restricts you based on a level range I think will be a great QOL change to the game upon release that will ease the barrier for entry to new players, create a more balanced game play in raids, and help overall player retention in my opinion. Have it so that players can only be in a raid with other players within a given level range. These ranged don't have to be set in stone either and can change with balance patches and metrics collected by the dev team. My example for these ranges I've thought of would be lvl 1-25, 26-35, 36-50, and so on and so on. At some point (and I'm not sure when), you can remove the restrictions from a certain level and on because those players will be here to stay anyway, and any queue time increase at implementing restrictions at that point would do little more than to frustrate higher level players. I think this restriction will serve to allow players around similar levels to have more fair and balanced fights and not constantly feel like it's impossible to progress. It will also allow the devs to scale down which scavs can spawn in certain level restriction brackets so certain loot becomes unobtainable in the early levels. By keeping the ranges rather large early on, it also doesn't reduce the chance for a level 1 player to come across someone fairly well geared so the danger element still exists, also the opportunity for a well played kill rewarding a new player with some good stuff as well. This would obviously take some time after implementation in the game to iron out the level brackets and which ranges work best. With adding new guns, balance would have to be looked at which is why i propose that these brackets be dynamic and easy to change by the devs on the fly based on metrics collected by the devs. You wouldn't even have to tell the playerbase what the brackets are or when they change, it would simply be there in the back end keeping our play experience at an optimal level. Vaulting and Weapon Resting: These are features I assume are already planned and i assume have already been discussed, so I won't go into detail, I will simply state what they are, and they are pretty self explanatory. UI QOL Changes: This is a pretty broad category and can constantly be changing as development continues but I will give one example of something I feel needs to be addressed. I can not think of a single good reason why we can't simply click, and hit a purchase button on something we want to buy from a trader instead of using the fill command. I understand that money is a physical item in the game, and you need to tell the game that you want to use some of a physical stack of money to make a purchase, but I feel like on the server side, this can be easily condensed into a single button. Outside of the actual game play, I think less tedium should exist in the UI prior to joining a raid. Keep the more realistic touches to game play, where time equals risk, but limit it when no player interaction is possible. These are my suggestions thus far. I'm sure I will think of more as time goes on and I will update this thread as needed. Feel free to comment on, or add to any of my points.
  5. A Revision to Current Spawn System

    Hi guys, This is my first post on the forums I believe, I've had a look through the last couple of pages within the suggestions thread and I couldn't see anything of this nature, so went ahead and took it upon myself to address an issue which I think has become quite prominent recently. This issue doesn't seem to occur on Shoreline from my experience, as the map is large enough to accommodate several different spawn locations, and I don't play Factory, so I can't comment on that map either. However, with Customs and Woods I find this issue regularly means a loss of gear within a few minutes of spawning in, if that. With the current state of the game, I simply find the spawns are too close in proximity to each other. In previous re-iterations of the spawn system, we of course came to know different spawn locations but they were far apart enough from each other that players can retreat to relative safety before other players showed up. I love the idea of splitting the spawns to both ends of the map, but I believe either we have too many players in one map at the moment, or too many spawns in one location. Customs features several spawn locations around the white water towers in the industrial section of the map, where several players will engage each other within the first few seconds of spawning. Not only does this cause issues for groups of players waiting for their allies to spawn with them, but in general, I don't think it makes for a fun experience. Individuals with higher quality gear are going to come out on top 90% of the time, because you haven't had time to scavenge your own gear or even try to take them by surprise. I'd like to hear other's opinions on changing the current spawn system to spread spawns further throughout the map, or simply bringing down the player count for the maps that seem to be having the most issues with this recently. Maybe just I'm experiencing this! Please share your views below. Thanks.
  6. This should not be happening.

    Why does the server not check with the client loading status before spawning players in? Shouldn't it always be waiting till the client is fully pre loaded before spawning in like it does when you get into a fresh raid right at the start? Current meta on customs seems to be exploiting this system by taking in grenades and sprinting to check spawns and grenading players who are loading in, resulting in situations like this. Shortest grenade fuse is 3 seconds. That means the server is spawning players in at least 3 seconds before the client is loading. That is quite a ridiculous amount of desync between the two. I'd like to think it's just a result of the increased players with the 7 day passes, but this has happened to me before in a previous patch, but now it is becoming a common occurance. Also the game doesn't seem to like loading in when already dead as it will fail to load post game screens or if loading in happens too long after already dying it just give a disconnect error and goes straight back to main screen with no reconnect chance.
  7. i was unfamilliar with the whole trolling thing so far, even trough the alpha... 3 fully armored guys invited me to join in their squad and spawnkilled me as soon as the game starded. i recommand sanctions for teamkill in general, and something (really) more serious for spawnkilling teammates at game start. i know its the purpose of this game to get you into hard situations, but this is just a frustrating waste of time. we don't need to loose stuff stupidly, and doubt every squad we join in. cancerous behavior have to be punished.
  8. About Random Spawns

    Me and 4 other friends can not enjoying play this game anymore random spawns is not completly random, sometimes players can spawn behind us and kill instantly, need spawn protection like if player in 'xx radius' dont spawn change the another spawn point please made this we cant play anymore Absolutly Customs ! omg peoples everywhere
  9. Hallo Tarkovler Ich bin neu in Tarkov und würde gerne wissen, wenn z.b ich in einem Raid bin und alle Spieler eliminiert habe, bin ich dann alleine oder Spawnen weitere Spieler nach? Nach dem man alle Scav's (NPC) getötet hat, spawnen weitere nach? (und Scav-spieler?) Danke im voraus für eure antworten Gruß KillahFace
  10. Spawning Near Other Players

    Would it be possible to have the server to check the various spawn points on a map for other players not in your group before selecting your random spawn point? It becomes increasingly frustrating to spawn into a map and being shot (or even hatcheted) within two seconds of loading in (not an exaggeration, I've had someone stand next to me and hatchet me as soon as I enter the map). If the server checks other player proximity to spawns and then selects a spawn point furthest from other players it will help eliminate what feels like a very unfair death and increases the likelihood people won't bother with the game. If there are no available spawns because of player proximity then give the player the option to wait for a spawn to become available. On an additional note, would it be possible to ensure all players in a group load into a map at the same time? There's been times when I've loaded into a map and had to wait one or two minutes for one of my team mates to spawn, it would be better if we were held on the loading screen until everyone was ready to go.
  11. Okay, I might be exaggerating when I say this happens in "most" of my games, but this is ridiculous. I wait in a 20 minute queue time, which i completely understand, not complaining about that, but I wait in the queue, finally get in the game, and before I can even turn around, there are 5 bullets in my head and I'm dead. I attached a picture as proof. I was alive for 3 seconds after waiting in a 12 minute queue. I get the game is in alpha, that's why I'm posting this. I feel like the developers need to make the spawns farther apart, or if they cant, have the game recognize that "oh, there is an enemy 3 feet away from this spawn point, lets spawn in another one". I feel like this would make the game a lot more enjoyable and a lot less frustrating. Please let me know if i am doing anything wrong or if you have any recommendations.
  12. Spawn points

    Hello dear devs me and my friends spawning too near enemy we died of that 2 3 times without even shot single fire like 0.45 sec after deploying and we died sorry for bad english i hope you undersand what i mean
  13. Spawning Positions

    Few of my spawns since the most recent patch have been quite horrible. Couple of them i dont even get a chance to move before i get killed, spawn in and as soon as i come off the black screen there is someone either next to me or running up. just played one few hours ago that i spawned dead, went from loading screen to raid end screen without ever loading on the map. has anybody else noticed something like this since they started to choosing of spawn locations? Or do i just have absolute shite luck past few days?
  14. Explain to me a spawn system

    Hello, Can somebody explain to me a spawn system? How long PMS's can spawn? How long after raid start is for AI Scavs spawn? When real players can join to raid as a scav? When are happening a scavs spawn waves? When PMS's cant connect to a raid as a scav? Sorry for my english.
  15. let's try to give some general feedback to developers here. And see what people think about spawn system in general. Please answer the Questions: Do you like the current spawn system? Do you like the recent changes on the spawn, if not what part you don't like? Would you prefer a more spread spawn system where players have to move on the map to be able to engage in a firefight OR a spawn that makes firefight necessary at the beginning? Do you think every player should spawn at the start of the match OR spread across the match time (balancing the loot with the number of players in the match)?
  16. PMC Spawn system

    Hi This game used to have some predictable spawns and After the patch the gameplay, lag etc is diffent, ok... BUT Now the spawns are even more predictable and With fast feet you can get to the spawn and kill players spawning in... today only I have spawned and died several times immediately after hitting solid ground, shot by a PMC. Is it hard making the spawns more diverced? ~elfie
  17. PMC Spwan system

    Hi This game used to have some predictable spawns and After the patch the gameplay, lag etc is diffent, ok... BUT Now the spawns are even more predictable and With fast feet you can get to the spawn and kill players spawning in... today only I have spawned and died several times immediately after hitting solid ground, shot by a PMC. Is it hard making the spawns more diverced? ~elfie
  18. Question about the new spawn system

    It's a simple question coming out from the 5.0 patch note.... In the patch note is write this : So my question is: how this will work within parties ?
  19. Hey guys! I'm a new player and I'm loving the game so far, just wondering about players in a raid. Do more players join the game once you kill other players i'm not talking about the scav players but PMCs, I know about the player limit in the different maps in Tarkov but I was just curious if more players are free to join a game in progress if the player limit isn't reached. Thanks guys, hope to see you in the raid Falsefitt.
  20. Spawn camping has to stop. Several times i get killed straight after spawn , without been able to even take a step. I have lost a few AKs and body armor to this crap. Spawn camping is killing the game. Fix it, make players invicible for 5 sec after spawn or something similar, or force player to escape spawn zones. We can loose 40k of gear in 1 sec because this is allowed.
  21. Rare spawn death moments

    Hi i know these moments are rare but i had spawned in on woods map in the building right next to the train tracks and as my screen done the transition from black screen to game all i hear is a barrage of bullets and a glimpse of a person in front of me before i hit the floor fully geared. Is this known to the devs or is it by chance i spawned into the game a little ways through and the person just happened to be there?
  22. Scav spawn suggestion

    Hey, guys! Just a request - when I spawn in a game (especially as a low-life scav), is there any change I could NOT spawn in front of a player? At least to some distance? If player position is A > then scav spawnpoint must be at least A+50 meters. As a general logic. Or 100 meters, whatever you wanna make it. Or maybe another workaround - if you are so unlucky to die in the first minute, as a scav, then you can instantly jump into another game, and not wait 30 minutes... Thing is this just happened to me for the second time in two days and I have to say it's not only unfair, but it contributes towards making the game a bad experience. Spawning in front of a player and getting insta-killed is by no means something fun. Thank you for reading, cheers!
  23. I am new to EFT and, in order to learn how to control my character, aim and shoot and to learn the maps I have been playing as a scav and choosing to enter raids quite late so they are relatively quiet. I would say that nearly half the times I have done this, I have been killed within the first few seconds after spawning (i.e. my game time after death shows something like 16 seconds). This is very frustrating, 'cause I then have to wait through another half hour cool-down period before I can try again. Searching this forum and elsewhere, the consensus seems to be that this is usually because other players spawning as scavs in the same location shoot you. Also, possibly because scavs spawn in rather few well known locations, a few people are "spawn camping". I really cannot see the point in this! At that point, my body isn't worth looting, so why do it? We are told that the game will eventually have a karma system which will punish this sort of anti-social behavior to some degree. Hope that is implemented soon! In the mean time, would it be possible to skip the 30 min cool-down if death occurs, say, within the first minute? That would at least ameliorate some of the frustration.
  24. The title says it all. People can't play and explore the map camp spawns because they suck and cant do anything else. Players spawning are 100% vulnerable and can't do anything.
  25. Right now I get spawn-killed 1/8 games as a scav and it seems like the same people killing me at the same spawn points. As a player there is nothing you can do when you get shot and are still seeing the information in the lower left, and then you have a 30 minute timer to make it worse. Could adding more varied spawn points help cut down on this behavior? I dont know of other ways to cut down on it so much as this is rampant in any game with death or login spawns where other players are already engaged in content.