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Found 75 results

  1. The_Omegaman

    Spawn Campers

    New to the game and spawned as a Scav. As soon as I appeared, I was shot and killed by an enemy player. He was waiting at the spawn. How will you be addressing this?
  2. Mafo

    Please fix the spawn trapping!

    So I bought this game yesterday, and I'm all for it being a hardcore shooter, but I can't enjoy the game if I can't even spawn in right. I literally get killed within 2 minutes of spawning in. It's ridiculous.
  3. I've enjoyed raids where I actually got to move, but I've had quite a few which have lasted no longer than 20 to 30 seconds, simply because I was shot at as soon as I spawned by another player. I get that it is meant to be a hardcore game, but barely being able to even move before I'm shot is kind of a buzz kill.
  4. Around half of the games I play as PMC end after a bunch of seconds for getting killed in the spawn point. When the loading screen takes long time to load, it happens to get killed even before entering the game. This problem destroy the gameplay and it should be fixed. Adding a safe area could be a solution. Please do something beacuse this problem is a real thing.
  5. Hi, ich suche verzweifelt ein Schlüsselbund für meine Schlüssel. Kennt Ihr einen Spawnpunkt für die Keybar? Bin für jede Hilfe sehr dankbar LG
  6. gragon9800

    Real talk

    Spawn in and die to a cheater, got a little salty but the next thing that happened was spawning into woods as a PMC 5 minutes into raid, I spawned at 44 minutes like we are not suppose to, and then on top of that what really grinds my gears is spawning 20 feet from another player and dying 10 seconds off of spawn with end game gear. You guys should probably fix this as it is not a hard fix so I am sure you could do it.
  7. Bacon_Wizard

    Map customizations

    Hi, I see some good maps sometimes that the community created to map out the loot, spawns and AI spawn locations. Some community maps look really well done. May someone let me know of any good software that can make nice map mods? Ex: Icon's of loot containers such as coats, boxes, ammo boxes, weapon boxes ect.
  8. Good morning, afternoon, and evening. With this being a open beta game let me say it is a wonderful thing, This change and are altered as to balance the game better things are nerfed things are altered and im quite happy to see the patch notes for .9 is going to be changing how spawning it working once more. Im writing this after having had four games back to back of fully kitted groups spawning more or less right on top of me and my buddy. Much like old customs were everyone was less then a ball throw away from each other. I know some of you have the same issue i do spawning in only to hear ak fire almost inches away from you or if your the one lucky ass who gets spawned on the other side of the map away from everyone you can move in to a location hassle free. It is a wonderful think they are removing the option for you to spawn were you want with the use of maps, with was more or less their only use in game. But this may not change the main issue, this is with groups spawning right in next to each other. A prime point of this can be pointed out as interchange. With how the map is currently laid out there is only a limited space were spawns can happen with do not put you at risk of being in someone's cross hair right off the bat. I think a slight expansion of the map or even of were the spawns are such as the broken over pass or even the substation. would help to mitigate a large amount of the issues with this. This is part of the changes on more then a few of the maps adding more spawn points, and exit points for people to get away or enter the map, but i do think there needs to be more places such as these even if the maps need to be expanded to be able to fit them, Such as shoreline. If there was more space between players map wise it would help players feel less like they are use pissing their gear off in the raid becouse someone just happened to get lucky and spawn a short sprint away from them, IF we incressed the distance between the spawns and expanded a few of the maps to allow such an action it would allow people a fighting chance. This is honestly my own feelings on how the current spawning is working and i do hope with .9 we see some important with the spawning for players getting in to a raid hassle free Because honestly there is nothing worse then going in geared only to die 3-4 minutes in to the game.
  9. I spawned with my buddy on Shoreline as PMC and the round was about to end XD I don't know why dat happed to us and how... PLS Battlestate explaine me why I lost my Gear after spawning ? why? That is quiet tilting... Pls give me back my loot kappa JK Video will follow is uploading ^^''
  10. Enemy-Shark

    10 sec nach dem Spawn tot

    Ich glaube nach einigen Spawns auf verschieden Maps und nahe zu einem sofortigem Tod frage ich mich, ob man überhaupt daran denkt mal die Spawns zu ändern? Egal ob Customs, Woods oder Factory der, der ab und zu Sekunden vor einem Spawned hat Spaß bzw. anders herum oder man hat Glück wenn der Spawn dort ist wo nicht 3 Gegner auf 1qm Spawnen... Und die Spwans als Scav sind nicht besser also da ist eher die Zeit das Problem. Als Scav kommt man in eine Runde und die ist oft schon vorbei. Auf Shoreline fangen dann die ''Scavfights'' an. Auf Customs hat man noch vergleichsweise gute Chancen einen PMC zu sehen und Factory ist Leer nur die Scavs sind da fast immer und der letzte Player Scav, der die anderen Player Scavs abschlachtet gewinnt. Im Endeffekt will ich nach dem ich gespawnt bin mehr als 3 Minuten leben (also bei Factory sollte es nicht so sein ) und als Scav wenigstens ab und an die PMC's nerven nicht unbedingt töten XD Sonst bin ich zufrieden mit den Performance und ja ich gebe zu die traurigen Hacker sind Helden für sich...
  11. Prometheus

    Spawning next to players?

    Hey I was just wondering if this was a bug I ran into or what happened. I spawned within feet of another player, thank god I was just doing a hatchet run and was paying attention.
  12. Hallo, ich muss ja sagen, dass ich ein sehr großer Fan von diesem Spiel bin, dennoch ist mir in letzter Zeit etwas sehr negatives aufgefallen. Mir ist es jetzt schon öffters passiert, dass ich nach einem Kampf gegen mehrere Bots beim looten von neu spawnenden Bots erschossen wurde. Generell habe ich nichts gegen die neu erscheinenden Bots im Spiel aber wenn ich in einem Gebiet gerade 5 Bots gekillt habe und ich eine gewisse Zeit warte um sicher zu gehen, dass da kein Gegner mehr ist und ich dann von 3 neu gespawnten Bots beim looten gekillt werde, dann ist das für mich ein echter Spaßkiller des Spiels. Evtl. kommt es mir auch nur so vor, deswegen würde ich gerne die Meinung anderer Leute dazu wissen ob es ihnen auch so geht. Ein weiterer Punkt ist das Spawncamping in EFT. Mehrfach hintereinander bin ich als PMC, direkt nach dem Spawnen, von Spielern getötet worden, ohne reagieren zu können. Dass Spawncampen eine Sache und einfach nur Erbärmlich ist müssen wir hier nicht ausdiskutieren, denn es ist uns allen klar. Ich hoffe nur, dass dies ein Entwickler liest und etwas dagegen unternimmt, z.b. dass mann nicht da spawnt wo gerade andere Spieler sind. Es ist mir klar, dass dies nicht ganz einfach ist aber evtl. bekommen es die Entwickler gebacken. Danke
  13. HattoriHanzo31

    Spawn Solution!

    Vote for the solution to the RAMPANT spawning issues that everyone has problems with at one point or another. Respond 1, 2, 3 or 4 accordingly: 1 - each game instance is capped at 2 squads (maxed at 3-5 people depending on the map), each of which spawns on opposing sides of the map, with the unlucky few solo players split between the 2 sides. 2 - different game instances set aside for essentially squad only matches. Depending on the size of the map, two or three 3-5 man squads are spawned as far away from each other as possible, no solo players are allowed into these matches, aside from scavs obviously. 3 - spawn zones cease to exist, maps do not let you choose a side, spawns are entirely random throughout the whole map (scavs spawn in slightly later to compensate for this). 4 - remains the same and everyone keeps bitching about it silently within their VOIP client of choice.
  14. donkeykong03


    The new map is awesome! Except when I get in a new match, as soon as i load in there's generally someone already shooting at me right away. And if not then I'll walk a few steps and someone is already shooting at me. Spread out the spawns more maybe? Something.
  15. Eaglewarrior27

    Late spawning, and messed up spawns

    Typically when I play EFT I Queue up with one of my friends. When ever we load into a match sometimes he loads in up to a minute before I do. When I eventually spawn in the game tries to spawn me in close to where he has made it in the time I was loading. On three separate occasions I have spawned right beside a random player after I finished loading. It seems to happen on Customs the most. One occasion he loaded in before me and spawned at the Checkpoint Tower on Boiler Tanks spawn. He ran forward through the big hole in the wall and I loaded in into the building there across the road , with the forklifts. However it spawned me next to a random player. He must have been Queued with someone else because we looked at each other before he turned away, after making sure it wasn't my friend I shot him and took his loot. I'm wondering how the game can spawn me next to a random player I did not queue with, and if this issue has happened to many other people?
  16. _Dex-

    Loot/spawn maps

    Hoi, Nog een nederlander die zich hier aansluit!! Weet iemand toevallig een recente link van een map waar de volgende punten opstaan: Loot, spawns, NPC's, exit locaties? Als ik ga google kom ik veel verschillende plaatjes tegen maar niet echt 1 duidelijke
  17. TalRasha

    Fix Riverside Shoreline spawns

    Shoreline Riverside spawns are broken, too far away from health resort. This is not normal to have spawns like that, when I go geared I get spawn near water 100km from health resort, and when I go as a hatchet I get opposite spawn right behind health resort. This logic should be reversed.
  18. Noggerno11

    Group matching

    Hey, first at all, im not the guy who complains about every shi* , but... A huge problem , that makes me pissed so hard is that you only get queued against teams in EfT. It cant be real that in every round you face off against bigger groups. I have no problem if there are 2 man groups, you can handle them as a solo player somehow. But nearly everytime i solo queue i get matched with 3 man groups or even squads. And its no fun loosing aginst these squads 9 out of 10 times and lose your sh*t over and over again. I dont even care if i have to wait some more min. if i get matched with other solo players or 2 man groups instead... (( would even solve the hatchling problem if you have to wait a longer time to load the game) But PLEASE! ; Fix this asap. Im not the only one who gets removed up by that , all in all nearly every friend of mine and me , are not playing anymore cuz of this crap
  19. The_Giant

    Woods spawns colliding?

    I just went and load into a Woods run as hatchling to do the 14 scav kills on woods for the prapor quest, and as soon as we all got deployed, i got dropped right next to 2 ENEMIES that i was NOT matchmade with at all. So that throws up the question, is this the only spawn colliding with other teams???????
  20. bencehartmann

    Woods spawn

    Okay i spawned in TWICE with FULL GEAR and got killed straight away by a guy who literally spawned BEHIND ME, also i just went into another raid and my M4 bugged and couldn't reload it so i lost another full gear. So i want my gear BACK !!
  21. Hey there, I would appreciate if you could check the excessive long loading screen on some games, i just attempted to spawn but once it happened i was dead already, all i got was a screen with the name of the guy that killed me. That's really annoying. Thanks
  22. Heyndlgarndl

    Scav spawns on factory

    Hi. I love factory even though it gets a bit crazy sometimes. But Im getting shot on spawn as a scav repeatedly.
  23. I've noticed a few times that when people are spawning in, their character spawns in sometimes even 30sec - 1min before the person is deployed. It makes them incredibly easy targets to spawn campers since they can just be killed the instant they are deployed. Even a hatchling with an axe can kill a geared player if he/she positions themselves properly. I know spawn camping will always be a threat, however it would be nice if both players were at the same level as to not give an advantage. My suggestion would be to make the character model spawn in as the last thing on deployment, or if that is not possible, make the character model not visible until the player is deployed. Thanks for making a great game!
  24. spectre121

    Team Spawn Bug ?

    Hello Guys, I went Factory with a friend. I spawned Barrels and my friend spawned Redlights. Somehow some other guy spawned with me barrels and some other guy spawned with my friend redlights. I think they was probably mates. Unfortunaly I got no Screenshots or videos. Just wanted to ask if you guys know this maybe already. I will try to bring next time I got this a video or at least screens. Cheers
  25. Serandis

    M4A1 Glitch/Bug?

    Hey there, as the most know there are about 6 - 7 spawns in Factory. And u usually just spawn at a spawn randomly, even if you´re with your partner/s. But i noticed that litteraly every single time i have an M4A1, i get into a bugged game where i spawn into my mate or join late / spawn into another player. That´s weird. Happened about 6 times now. Is there a confirmation about glitches with M4? Cause i killed about 500 - 700 players right now and i´ve never seen anyone with M4. Only AK´s. Would like to know. Greetings!
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