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Found 89 results

  1. ErikStoner98

    Spawnpoints Customs

    First of all, why is this the only place I can start a topic? I know it shouldn't be here but the others are ''Archive'' or unclickable. However, Why in the world are there 2 spawn points right next to eachother. 3 seconds in game and I got shot by another player. Or vice versa. They really need to remove the spawn at big red where you start by the busses. You can get shot from multiple ways. People abuse this a lot. And it is awful to start and get instantly killed. This is not the first topic as well. Older ones from last year described the same problem and its still not fixed? Sincerely, A concernt player.
  2. Vtrap

    PMC group spawn problem

    Hello, I'm playing your game for a while now and am very much enjoying it! There is one thing I'd really like you to improve though: I'm playing together with a friend who needs very long to load the map - there are generally 2+ minutes difference between our loading times. This causes us to not spawn together, since the game doesnt wait for him to load before starting: I'd start when the round starts and he gets late spawn. This is problematic, because when I try to stay at the spot where I spawned (and he will spawn 2 min later), I have to defend against passing groups of players who spawned nearby. When I start playing and moving into a better position as soon as I spawn, he is alone on spawn and it takes a lot of effort to regroup. Either way, when this happens, I die before he spawns most of the time, and he will have to try completing the round on his own before we can try to play together again. I'm enjoying the game very much when we can play together though, which happens sometimes when we have matching times of 2min+, which makes up for the difference in loading times. I'd be incredibly happy if you could do something about this issue - my suggestions are: a) If you group up before a match, let the whole group wait for the slowest player in the group. I'd much rather have a late spawn together with my friend, than spawning at the beginning of a match without him. If thats not how everyone feels about this, you could make it an option at the time of group creation/spawn. b) Let the player in the same group, who gets late spawn because of long loading times, spawn next to the players who already have spawned and are on the move. Im not sure about this ( b) ) being abusable though. Thank you very much for reading and keep up the good work! Vtrap
  3. lexafram

    Reduce Ammo packs spawn rate

    Hello, with the addition of the new customs expansion and ever since reserve dropped, i've seen a lot of ammo packs being spawned. I think this contradicts with the idea that tarkov should be hard and it reduces the sense of progression you get in the game. Since ammo like BT is spawning alot, the prices have fallen so low, to be sometimes at the 200 RUB point. This is not acceptable since its the better penetrating variant of BP which is at more than 350 RUB per round. Since BT can also reliably shred level 4 and 5 armor, its nerfs armor even more and makes it that level 4 is practically useless if you dont play against very bad players with very bad ammo (which is very rare considering the players average playtime and informations about ammo etc) . So my suggestion would be to first reduce the drop chance of BT packs, ESPECIALLY the 120 round packs and then up the spawn rate for "bad" ammo types, such as pistol calibres and lower penetration rifles rounds. Thanks for reading PS: this was already something i worried when reserve dropped, but with the addition of a second "ammo spawn" map (customs) it has truly made a difference.
  4. Broccio

    Death spawn

    I don't know what happend, but there is a short about it... Video I just want to let developper see this so it won't happend again. Btw it was the first time i get this.
  5. Spawned in 20 seconds late in the raid (Reserve) I barely even look where I am and I get shot in the chest once and try to run to cover just to die in 17 seconds in the raid Like come the duck on battlestate what the duck is this poo ?
  6. Ever since the new patch, whenever i try to load into either a Scav or PMC, i either a) dont spawn in and i'm stuck in loading screen or b) my character is frozen at spawn and i cant move, shoot or do anything. I try to leave the raid and come back but it doesnt work. Any advice? I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I'm attaching a photo of my PMC being suspended in mid-air. I can't shoot, move, or anything. Its extremely frustrating. Please help
  7. So apparantly I am no longer allowed to spawn propperly.. I always spawn outside the map flying and cant do anything. Scav runs also dont work and I get the empty main menu background but the ingame sound and am stuck.. Anyone had that before and any suggestions? I tried clearing the cache, game integrity and also reinstalled the game.. Really sucks
  8. RadioactiveGGz

    Spawning late as pmc

    So I've noticed this weird thing happening to me for 2 days now, the first day I just thought it was the game being weird as usual, but today it seems to be the exact same thing. Whenever I "hatchling" run on Interchange I spawn 1 minute and 30 seconds into the game meaning that I will always die to pmc camping inside or outside because of better positioning etc, I was just wondering if this was something intentional to lower the amount of people trying to go in naked and profit. I've now tried about 10-15 times and all the times I've spawned 1.5min late and I can promise you that its not the my computer. //Some random noob trying to make cash from naked runs. Although to defend myself I do lab runs daily and reserve with A friend of mine but tbh we die alot so to make up for the money I do the naked runs (Sorry if I don't have the most perfect english it's not my main language)
  9. migidey

    Spawning later than friend

    Been grouping up with a friend and a few times I have spawned in later than my friend, whole 4 minutes later once. My specs are better than his and my internet connection is the same if not better, anyone know if there's a way to avoid this happening? The only thing that might be worse for me than my friend is the NAT type, could that affect the matchmaking like that?
  10. DavidMReyes

    SPAWN de los Raiders. (Sugerencia)

    Estaría genial que los Raiders hicieran SPAWN mediante eventos especiales como el aterrizaje de un AH-6 Little-Bird (obviamente no aplica para Labs) en lugar de simplemente aparecer de la nada. Adjunto imagen de ejemplo.
  11. AtoK09

    PMC Spawns

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin neu im Spiel und bin recht schlecht. So weit, so gut... Gerade hatte ich als PMC die Situation, dass ich im Spiel spawne (vermutlich westlich von "road to mitilary base") und nach sage und schreibe 33 sek von 'nem Spieler niedergemäht wurde. Kann es sein, dass jmd so dicht neben mir spawnt? Herzlichen Dank für die Rückmeldungen...
  12. silverhammer92

    Spawns explained

    Hi all I am trying to understand how spawns work in Tarkov but I don't find anything online and in the game it is hard to find it out by myself. So maybe you guys know more than me. I am wondering when and how spawns work. Every map has a set amount of PMC's on that map (e.g. 6-9). Does that mean that there are always between 6 and 9 PMC's or that at the beginning of the game there will be 6-9 PMC's spawning at the same time? In other words: If i kill 9 PMC's I can be assured there is no other PMC on the map? Can PMC also spawn later in the game or only at the beginning? When do Scav's spawn? Only at the beginning or in the middle of a game? Does that also apply to playerscavs? How many playerscavs can spawn? Is the spawn-location of PMC's (and playerspawns) completely random or is there some sort of balance (e.g. half of PMC's on one side of the map, the other half on the other side)? So many questions... but I hope someone has some insight :-) Cheers Silverhammer
  13. The_Grape_king

    Why are there still late spawn?

    Why dosen´t everyone spawn att the same time? 90%of raids i go with my friends i spawn before them and have to wait 2-5mins for them to spawn. I have ben killed multiple times while waiting for my friends. I remember that the community has complained about this but why isn´t it fixed?
  14. Idk how many of you have had this issue but I am getting tired of being spawned in to raids with either my PMC or Scav and only have 10-5 mins or less (2 mins was my last raid timer) to just get to the other side of the map to extract, it doesn't give us time to loot, PvPvE or even get to our extract. If you do get out and had little of time to loot on your way out of the raid, the time between spawn and extract are so close that you can't get enough XP for it to count as a success so you lose everything you gained in that raid. This is getting very frustrating. My last raid timer I had 2 mins to get from my spawn to loot enough xp and get to my extract for it to be a success, but as you guessed it I was counted as MIA along with my friend who played with me and we lost all the items we looted on the way. Waste of my time. Please set a time limit on when a server stops accepting new raiders. It is not enjoyable to get in to a raid with no time especially after waiting for so long looking for a server to join.
  15. The_Omegaman

    Spawn Campers

    New to the game and spawned as a Scav. As soon as I appeared, I was shot and killed by an enemy player. He was waiting at the spawn. How will you be addressing this?
  16. Mafo

    Please fix the spawn trapping!

    So I bought this game yesterday, and I'm all for it being a hardcore shooter, but I can't enjoy the game if I can't even spawn in right. I literally get killed within 2 minutes of spawning in. It's ridiculous.
  17. I've enjoyed raids where I actually got to move, but I've had quite a few which have lasted no longer than 20 to 30 seconds, simply because I was shot at as soon as I spawned by another player. I get that it is meant to be a hardcore game, but barely being able to even move before I'm shot is kind of a buzz kill.
  18. Around half of the games I play as PMC end after a bunch of seconds for getting killed in the spawn point. When the loading screen takes long time to load, it happens to get killed even before entering the game. This problem destroy the gameplay and it should be fixed. Adding a safe area could be a solution. Please do something beacuse this problem is a real thing.
  19. Hi, ich suche verzweifelt ein Schlüsselbund für meine Schlüssel. Kennt Ihr einen Spawnpunkt für die Keybar? Bin für jede Hilfe sehr dankbar LG
  20. gragon9800

    Real talk

    Spawn in and die to a cheater, got a little salty but the next thing that happened was spawning into woods as a PMC 5 minutes into raid, I spawned at 44 minutes like we are not suppose to, and then on top of that what really grinds my gears is spawning 20 feet from another player and dying 10 seconds off of spawn with end game gear. You guys should probably fix this as it is not a hard fix so I am sure you could do it.
  21. Bacon_Wizard

    Map customizations

    Hi, I see some good maps sometimes that the community created to map out the loot, spawns and AI spawn locations. Some community maps look really well done. May someone let me know of any good software that can make nice map mods? Ex: Icon's of loot containers such as coats, boxes, ammo boxes, weapon boxes ect.
  22. Good morning, afternoon, and evening. With this being a open beta game let me say it is a wonderful thing, This change and are altered as to balance the game better things are nerfed things are altered and im quite happy to see the patch notes for .9 is going to be changing how spawning it working once more. Im writing this after having had four games back to back of fully kitted groups spawning more or less right on top of me and my buddy. Much like old customs were everyone was less then a ball throw away from each other. I know some of you have the same issue i do spawning in only to hear ak fire almost inches away from you or if your the one lucky ass who gets spawned on the other side of the map away from everyone you can move in to a location hassle free. It is a wonderful think they are removing the option for you to spawn were you want with the use of maps, with was more or less their only use in game. But this may not change the main issue, this is with groups spawning right in next to each other. A prime point of this can be pointed out as interchange. With how the map is currently laid out there is only a limited space were spawns can happen with do not put you at risk of being in someone's cross hair right off the bat. I think a slight expansion of the map or even of were the spawns are such as the broken over pass or even the substation. would help to mitigate a large amount of the issues with this. This is part of the changes on more then a few of the maps adding more spawn points, and exit points for people to get away or enter the map, but i do think there needs to be more places such as these even if the maps need to be expanded to be able to fit them, Such as shoreline. If there was more space between players map wise it would help players feel less like they are use pissing their gear off in the raid becouse someone just happened to get lucky and spawn a short sprint away from them, IF we incressed the distance between the spawns and expanded a few of the maps to allow such an action it would allow people a fighting chance. This is honestly my own feelings on how the current spawning is working and i do hope with .9 we see some important with the spawning for players getting in to a raid hassle free Because honestly there is nothing worse then going in geared only to die 3-4 minutes in to the game.
  23. I spawned with my buddy on Shoreline as PMC and the round was about to end XD I don't know why dat happed to us and how... PLS Battlestate explaine me why I lost my Gear after spawning ? why? That is quiet tilting... Pls give me back my loot kappa JK Video will follow is uploading ^^''
  24. Enemy-Shark

    10 sec nach dem Spawn tot

    Ich glaube nach einigen Spawns auf verschieden Maps und nahe zu einem sofortigem Tod frage ich mich, ob man überhaupt daran denkt mal die Spawns zu ändern? Egal ob Customs, Woods oder Factory der, der ab und zu Sekunden vor einem Spawned hat Spaß bzw. anders herum oder man hat Glück wenn der Spawn dort ist wo nicht 3 Gegner auf 1qm Spawnen... Und die Spwans als Scav sind nicht besser also da ist eher die Zeit das Problem. Als Scav kommt man in eine Runde und die ist oft schon vorbei. Auf Shoreline fangen dann die ''Scavfights'' an. Auf Customs hat man noch vergleichsweise gute Chancen einen PMC zu sehen und Factory ist Leer nur die Scavs sind da fast immer und der letzte Player Scav, der die anderen Player Scavs abschlachtet gewinnt. Im Endeffekt will ich nach dem ich gespawnt bin mehr als 3 Minuten leben (also bei Factory sollte es nicht so sein ) und als Scav wenigstens ab und an die PMC's nerven nicht unbedingt töten XD Sonst bin ich zufrieden mit den Performance und ja ich gebe zu die traurigen Hacker sind Helden für sich...
  25. Prometheus

    Spawning next to players?

    Hey I was just wondering if this was a bug I ran into or what happened. I spawned within feet of another player, thank god I was just doing a hatchet run and was paying attention.
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