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Found 10 results



    I don't know if it is just me, but why has it happend 3 times now spawning in as a scav just too get capped in the head within 9 seconds of a match? This is just my opinion it shouldn't give you a 30 min cool down because I didn't get the chance too even move 2 feet. we started a 4 man SCAV on factory and within 9 seconds I was dead. The screen was not even done clearing the black facade thing it does when you load in! Its really R E A L L Y annoying that you go in and try to make money just to get punished due to predictable spawns. as well as a 30 min cool down even though you didn't get too move your SCAV 2 feet And there is no "get good" in this situation when you cant even control the character yet and you are already dead. any suggestions? or comments?
  2. I'm sure this has been suggested before but it would be nice if you got your items back provided you died within the first minute or two of spawning in. Three times today I've spawned in maybe 30 meters from another player who got the drop on me and twice I spawned on other players who didn't stand a chance as I think they just spawned. It makes it frustrating when you play back to back and get wiped after taking a few steps only to lose 100% of your items. Either spawns need to be adjusted, or there needs to be some sort of minute-long immunity to losing your stuff. As for potential abuse of it... make it to where if your group members kill you your stuff isn't preserved (to prevent duplication) but if it's a random you get it back. I don't think this would be game-breaking to include - but could actually keep people playing and make people less frustrated.
  3. Hello. My friend has a slower computer than the rest of our pack and oftentimes he is spawning 1-5 minutes later than the rest of group, sometimes we are already at 80 water and energy when he spawns. Why can't all players from a group spawn at once?
  4. I have a question about spawning in game, for this example customs. Whenever I spawn at the customs spawn point in Customs, I will hatchet run straight to the apartments, ill be the first one there, yet I hear gunfire at the checkpoint already. Then when I get to the checkpoint, scavs and geared PMC will already be dead there. Do people spawn on both sides of the map in customs or woods or is there something else I'm not getting.
  5. sginga

    Open world spawning

    So after buying and playing this game for a week or so, I was wondering how you guys think you are going to handle open world spawning. Would there be a collection of open world spawns that people choose from, or would it be a larger version of now, where like 20 people spawn into the map at random spots. Just curious and is my first forum post so please excuse me if I broke any rules TY,
  6. Rainbowless

    Raid Spawning

    Hi I've been playing for a few weeks now and I have a question, if anyone has an answer. I'm wondering is it possible to spawn into a raid alone, just you and scav AI? Sometimes I do night games and no one is in the preraid list thing, then I go into the raid and feel like no one is there and I don't hear any gunfire from anywhere. Just wondering if it is possible, or it has a minimal of pmc's needed to create the raid, so it will just wait until pmc's join to create it. I tried to just search the topic but couldn't find anything for days, on this exact topic. Thanks so much in advance!♥
  7. PilgrimGamer

    Squad Spawning In

    So I just recently had an encounter on the night time version of Customs, and I ran into a person who I started to shoot at but then suddenly 3 more guys popped up right in front of my eyes. I was wondering if it's possible to spawn groups farther away from solo players? Or at least spread them out a bit instead of stacking them on top of one another? It makes the play session much less fun and even though I only lost a PACA, KIVER, and Vityaz. I'm still annoyed that people can just pop up right in front of me, and that I don't have much of a chance to run through the map. I understand that if I took a different route I might have avoided them but I don't think groups of 4 should spawn so close to the edge of the spawn where the map begins. I feel like solo players should have at least the head start advantage... EDIT: Video brightness and contrast was increased afterwards to help you see what happened.
  8. jrp8588

    AI Spawn

    Apologies if this is already a topic, but couldn't see anything regarding this. My eg is on Shoreline, I made it to the gas station, a bot was stuck on the fence and shot at me, he missed me completely and i killed him no problem. I then got all the way to the end of the map and before the last patch of sand before the extraction i crouched by the boathouse on the left and check my view all around so not to be shot before extracting. A Bot SPAWNED 3 feet to my right in my FOV and one shot me in the head with a Makarov! This spawning out of thin air is a constant buzzkill for me and many others im sure. Please think about them spawning possible away from you then moving around for you to hear or see like other players. Its more realistic and doesnt discourage people to quit etc. I switched the game off after this BullSh*t and gave up on trying to get more gear to build my stash up again. I really really do appreciate the work and effort that has gone into this game and I am not against anyone but I just feel like this is something to raise as it's happened to many times this week. you guys have done a great job, im sure this is just a BETA bug and i apologise if this is already being looked into. thank you for giving us all the chance to voice ourselves. I also cannot record at the moment due to fps drops and lag therefore i dont have this on video.
  9. Hello DEVs and players alike, Not to disclose anything to contrary. so I will keep this simple. I wonder if the idea of a blip system above heads of friends you are playing with In a group would sit well, however I know this may be frowned upon within the community, and some would say it takes away from the 'realism' and dynamics of EFT. but at the same time if not taking away any of the realism is your chosen path, then could we at least have the possibility of spawning a group of players in a party in the same area so as to make recognizing them from the start a bit more simple? Or failing that Can we Have Arm bands with different colors / designs for each group?
  10. skullhead51

    Scav spawning system?

    How will scavs, both player or AI spawn? Do they appear on the edges of the map or anywhere where there are no players or is there a set amount from the start?
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