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Found 7 results

  1. CyanideSpooked

    Spawn camping is real

    Kind of stupid how almost every game iv went into now has been people sitting and camping spawns or having it where I would spawn in right next to a scav and instantly die because I don't have enough time to pull out a gun or even know where I get shot from. I think there should be something to help fix this because I'm tired of losing sets of gear to bots and spawn camping nerds.


    I don't know if it is just me, but why has it happend 3 times now spawning in as a scav just too get capped in the head within 9 seconds of a match? This is just my opinion it shouldn't give you a 30 min cool down because I didn't get the chance too even move 2 feet. we started a 4 man SCAV on factory and within 9 seconds I was dead. The screen was not even done clearing the black facade thing it does when you load in! Its really R E A L L Y annoying that you go in and try to make money just to get punished due to predictable spawns. as well as a 30 min cool down even though you didn't get too move your SCAV 2 feet And there is no "get good" in this situation when you cant even control the character yet and you are already dead. any suggestions? or comments?
  3. MurlocBerserker

    Are spawn kills on factory common?

    Why and how does this happen? I mean aren't players (that abuse it) and developers ashamed of this blatant issue? I'm new but this doesn't give me any will to play more... I just had decent gear and thought "let's try the factory map", yeah I guess not.
  4. IfOnly

    Instant Spawnkill?

    Today i loaded up Tarkov Went for a scav run on factory search for a game for a total of 4 minutes finally load in and instantly die with a total raid time of 2 seconds was this cheating or just complete total bullshit
  5. You know that in Shoreline you can spawn as a player scav in trap island, near the tunnel extract. Everytime I spawn there as a player scav I get shot at when leaving the boat by PMCs camping me out at least 75% of the times. It is like the old "blinking red light" of PMCs but this time for player scavs, you know you dont have a chance. They can camp in the bushes in frony of the boat, in the rocks near the boat so that they shoot you from the back, etc. I always leave the boat thinking: "I am gonna die in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... BUM", I am dead. You also cannot counter-act them with your little pistol or your broken 209 with no stock because they have big boy guns. It doesnt promote fair gameplay and that spawn wastes a lot of scav runs that could be decent. Even during midnight people still camp it, this is so unfair...
  6. ugurgulay

    About Random Spawns

    Me and 4 other friends can not enjoying play this game anymore random spawns is not completly random, sometimes players can spawn behind us and kill instantly, need spawn protection like if player in 'xx radius' dont spawn change the another spawn point please made this we cant play anymore Absolutly Customs ! omg peoples everywhere
  7. perf74

    Cheat et Spawnkill

    Salut à la communauté Tout d'abord avant de casser du bois sur le dos de ce jeu je tien a dire que le jeu est géniale, riche en ressource , le principe est vraiment cool. Mais je tien a pousser un coup de gueule quand au nombre de cheater et le nombre de spawkill auquel j'ai du faire face qui franchement gâche l’expérience de jeu. J’espère vraiment qu'il vont trouver un moyen pour parer c'est 2 fléau et faire de ce jeu une tuerie. A bon entendeur Pouvez me dire si vous avez le meme probleme que moi svp. Perff
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