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Found 15 results

  1. Trent2098

    Spawning late

    What’s the deal with spawning in with like 6 minutes left before the raid is ended? That has happened twice today both on interchange and waisted my scav each time. If there’s something I can do to fix this someone please let me know. I’ve already selected the only available servers in my area and this still happens.

    LOOT is the only thing I care ಠ_ಠ ?

    One of the most important things in this game. But how to do it enjoyable ? I have a idea that would discouraged loot hoes and grindfest would be removed. I think the biggest problem concerning this topic is loot spawns. For a survival game with such amount of a detail in maps and very nice graphic, loot spawns are stupid thing to do because there is no one who would explore the map and enjoyed the visuals, graphic,overall atmosphere and the most important EXPLORATION in a game. Just take for example the most played map with the biggest amount of loot right now. SHORELINE, almost all fights and all players are situated on health spa area which makes a rest of the map totally irrelevant. You could just throw a ducking concrete wall around that area make some extract there( or leave scav extracts) and you got a map... Which is totally not enjoyable for me personally to have this kind of play style situated only for a loot. Deleting loot spawns and certain rooms which are OP what concerns loot would be way more enjoyable for game, add a possibility of totally random loot. For etc. you can find VSS on the ground random house, on a bed ... and not to make some lockers spawn much more powerful on loot than other, just increase RNG and delete those stupid loot spawns with a certain weapons spawns(like DVLs ... do it random). Also do woods (I don´t mean map I mean woods in general ) more enjoyable and situated for loot for etc. add some scripted dead bodies which would actually have a weapons in their hands and also some gear and make them random not a dead body that would spawn on certain place every time, NO please. Every game should position of these bodies change randomly in a whole woods area for etc also loot on them and chance of their loot of them it´s simple and much more enjoyable in my opinion. It would also prevented camping in certain loot areas because there would not be some OP place in a map, an every place would be OP. Game would be much more enjoyable when you have to listen and be on guard whole game not just only when you get to stupid loot area and extract. I think it´s a great hardcore element that would deleted some of the problems which this game currently has.
  3. darkninjastar

    Factory spawns/Major spike in lag

    Got a few clips here of factory spawns being amazing, Then the most amazing lag spikes of all time. This kinda crap gets old real fast and I really hope its dealt with in this next patch.
  4. Goodmydaniel

    The spawns in Woods

    Like, what is this, a joke? So i just went into a raid with my PMC. I wanted to make a quick hatchling run and see the loot in ZB-014 and maybe save something. I went into a night server, and quickly spawned. I knew where i spawned and instantly wanted to run. THEN suddenly someone runs INFRONT of me. We literally spawned next to each other. Is that a bug, or just bad spawns? I seriously want to know.

    SCAV Spawns

    Scav spawns seem a bit crazy right now. Twice now iv'e spawned IN an exfil! lol. Love the game but 8 second scav runs are not very fun! Anyone else had this happen to them since the new patch?.
  6. I repeatedly have spawned in on factory and was killed seconds later by someone camping my spawn. The old spawns were better, less camping.
  7. Heyndlgarndl

    Offline Mode with Scavs at PMC Spawns

    Hi. Is it possible to have scavs spawn at PMC locations in offline mode? I would like to practice situations that are closer to online rounds. Cheers.
  8. Why are PMC spawns like 30m away from each other? Does anyone test such thing before its implemented to live servers?Whats the point of loot when u got killed/or get kill like 10 s after spawn...
  9. BIGWACK45_9


    Just Curious are the Developers going to give you some kind of immunity when you immediately Spawn in and get Killed and lose all your good stuff? I can be the only Play who has had this happen to them. Like a 15 second immunity to at least run away or etc.... Anyone Else have this Problem.? P.S. Btw don't crawl under the trains you will get stuck and be forced to leave game.
  10. JesusFutaChrist

    Factory Spawns jus a lil brok

    So me and my friend were going into a geared factory raid just the usual. now i noticed we spawned across the map what i wasnt ready for was the part where i would die with in 9 seconds from spawning into the game. now i don't know about you but there's nothing for triggering than dying to something that's not your fault.
  11. 5ir5oTexSTC5uZ4

    Current Factory spawns + some suggestions

    Twice in a row now (and some other times too) I've been killed right after spawning on Factory, losing my newbie gear. I understand you're supposed to be alert right off the bat. The thing is that on maps that aren't Factory, you can try to avoid enemies after spawning. You don't need to face them. This allows players with significantly inferior gear to be alive for more than 10 seconds into the raid. On factory, however, the tunnel spawns are absolutely terrible. There are some spawns that leave you sandwiched between other players. If the gear is equal-ish it's fair-ish but the person with inferior gear (basically me, always) will always die right at the spawn (as long as it's in the tunnel, as I said). To "fix" this, I think all the players shouldn't spawn in some sort of "lane" of people, it would be nice if spawns were spread around the building a lot more. Obviously, players shouldn't spawn too close to loot spawn, though. Alternatively, spawns (or the map) could be altered in a way so spawned players always have 2-3 ways to flee. This would eliminate the occurrence of a) being stuck between other players that want to kill you and b) fleeing from one superior player and running into the arms of another one 3 seconds into the game. I'd also like to mention that this sort of stuff doesn't happen to me a lot on the spawns that aren't directly in the tunnel, so I guess those are fair. However, Tunnel spawns aren't. What do you think about this? Any other suggestions?
  12. MIkeKillson

    More spawn killing this patch

    Is it just me or is the spawn killing at a all time high lately on customs and woods , Just today I've been killed near right away after spawning on each of the maps and not just once but 3 times in a row now . It seems not not matter where i choose to spawn too it hasn't help one bit . maybe i'm just really unlucky ?
  13. TechoverMana

    Factory Group Spawns

    I thought that the EFT devs had fixed the group spawning so that people actually would spawn together if they're in a group, like it does with every other map, but factory? Why is it total luck of the draw if a group on factory spawns together or not, when it's clearly not on every other map? At least if it was consistent it'd be one thing but it randomly decides if you'll spawn together or not. If the devs don't want people to group up in factory, make that clear so people no longer group up or don't allow it. But if you're going to allow people to group, have them spawn together like they do for every other map.
  14. ZordRak

    Safe spawns.

    As far as I know, at current state, there are no functions to check whether the place you spawn is safe or not. There are only few places on maps where players spawn and some folks use it for easy loot. Its really frustrating spawning in front of a guy with shotgun aimed at you. And it happaned to me like 4x now. It would be really nice to get rid of this unholy practice.
  15. Madithamonsta

    Spawned with another player inside of me

    I'm not entirely sure, sure if the player spawned inside of me, or if i spawned inside of him, but about 5-10 minutes ago it happened. I was able to see the inside of someone else's head upon spawning into the level. before I could do anything I was dead, on account of my computer getting low fps right after I spawn. On that note, I would like to suggest that spawn points be moved further apart, particularly for people not in groups with each other.
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