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Found 1 result

  1. Burrower


    BEFORE THE MATCH... -Keys, maps, and quest items can only be placed into your container. (This would solve hatchlings hiding pistols or weapons and dragging them for use in the match). This would also apply to all hidden bandages, ammunition, attachments, drinks/food, etc. The item placed in your special container is LOCKED when the match begins... DURING THE MATCH... -If you have a container with 9 boxes for example... 1 box in your container has a keybar. You can still use this keybar with keys to open doors. THIS KEYBAR IS LOCKED in box 1 of your gamma container because that's where you placed it BEFORE the match started. If you find any item DURING the match, it can be placed into the special container (boxes 2-9) and moved around freely in your container or back to use when needed BUT... there is a 10 second cool-down when dragging an item TO and FROM this special container during the match. AFTER THE MATCH... -All items placed in the special container can be moved. If a player leaves an item NOT ALLOWED INTO A MATCH (weapon, armor, meds, etc.) in the container... either a new match CANNOT be started OR another idea is that this item will preoccupy that spot and not allowed for use in the next match and will remain in the container. That's a developer choice... CURRENCY... *The hardest decision is currency. Personally, I wouldn't allow currency to be brought into a match because that can be used on woods for example to escape. As far as finding currency DURING the match is INSANELY difficult to come to an agreement on. This is coming from someone who is fair and bought the Edge of Darkness pack... OPTIONS: 1) Currency CANNOT be placed into special containers 2) Currency CAN be placed into special containers once they are found in a match but for every 1/10 of the total stack, 10 seconds is added to the move. example: 10,000 roubles takes 10 seconds to move to your special container. 100,000 roubles takes 60 seconds to move to your special container. 3) Currency can be placed into special containers but at a 1/4 stack limit example: 25,000 roubles can only be allowed into your special container. As for American dollars and euros, a player won't find that many in a match in the current state of the game and move time can be adjusted accordingly... Done. Someone hire me.
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