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Found 9 results

  1. Vodka_Hardbass

    Can I run it?

    Another one of these posts... I5-4570 GTX 1650 16GB RAM Game installed on SSD Can I run it?
  2. Alexravnsbo

    60 FPS Locked or free 120 FPS

    So, quick question. Is it better to cap the FPS at 60 and have a non-fluctuating fps? Or is it better to set it at max limit of 120? On reserve and shoreline, my average fps is in the general area of 75-90. Sometimes it goes above 100.
  3. kencanitano

    Computer specs needed to play?

    GPU Intel Hd Graphics 530 2GB INTEL i5-6400 @2.70 GHz 1800MB 8GB RAM I for sure know this is not enough to play even at lowest quality settings. Where and what should I upgrade in order to play without issues? (I don’t need to play at full HD 100 fps)
  4. TizzleBabyBoomn

    Are my specs good enough to run the game

    It's a stupid question to ask I see when players post their specs their numbers are way above mines and they still have problems. Don't laugh but I have a HP all in one 24 Foxx Intel (r) core (tm) i3-8130u CPU @2.20 GHZ 8GB RAM 64 bit. I only got this computer because the people at rent a center said it could hold the gaming files. Can I do anything to make it more acceptable for Tarkov or should I bring the computer back before I'm done making payments on it. I've only played a total of 2 hours lag free with tarkov and it was the best 2 hours of my life. Mind you I've had the game for 4 months 😭 please anyone I feel stupid for even coming ask the question I need help.
  5. stAKato

    Shooters and weapons' behavior

    Hello Escapers and thoses who made us trying to Escape, For better realism and combat feelings, you may add some new features like: New specs for barrels - Cooling / Overheating. As you should know, a barrel that is overheating is less precise, wiggling because of the ductile properties of heated metals. A cartridge with heavy load of powder will overheat quicker your barrel than a regular one, and btw decrease durability. More barrel types - Heavy, slim, fluted... Impacts on overheating, weight (stamina should drain faster with a heavy weapon), durability would be more important. Implement some real recoil, full auto is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too precise, even if we consider we are playing former or actual PMC/Soldier. Weight, fatigue, weather impact accuracy. Implement some real carrying weight buff/nerf - you CAN'T carry 80+ kg, run and shoot properly on this planet. Make some objects that are too heavy uncarriable (yes, you with your 75kg backpack full of juice) or stamina drain very fast and recover slowly. i.e. You're carrying 75kg, your PMC/SCAV should not pick this 40kg juicy bag up, but if you do, your character will suffer back/neck/kneepain, stamina drop in a few seconds when running and in a few minutes of walk. Thanks for reading
  6. Enjoythesuffering

    4:3 aspect ratio, pc spec expectations

    hello guys and congratulations on your game which got me really immersed since day 1. In this post i want to address one matter that i found and believe should be addressed a.s.a.p , as well as some general questions so as to what i should expect. So, when i play in 1024x768 resolution (4:3) the menu's have scroll bars, which makes it a lot more time costly to manage inventory, loot bodies etc. i believe 4:3 does not work at all, since switching between 16:9 and 4:3 does literally nth. Should it be fixed, i would have a lot better gaming experience. i can provide screenshots if needed. 2nd and last, do you expect the game to be sufficiently less cpu/ram/gpu intensive when released? i am not talking about the memory leak problem since i managed to more or less work around it, just in general. my pc is at the low tier, so my only expectation is to play with 1024:768 resolution, all settings at low and just some antialiasing since it is mandatory to spot enemies, and be able to maintain stable fps above 40-50 (60 being GG) . right now my fps range to 20-40 in customs. my specs are: Laptop: win 7, i5 3210m 2.5ghz, 8gb ram and an nvidia gt640m 2gb gpu. i find my fps expectations realistic for the final optimized product, what do you think? Thank you, and keep up the good work, we are looking forward to EFT being the best realistic fps to date! P.S.: the 2017 notes are very promising, both me and my friends that play the game are very pleased by your approach, making the game even more realistic and hardcore. that's what we need!
  7. EpicOblivion

    Game hardware question

    Really curious as to why Tarkov is demanding so much RAM? I have an 8gb 1070 that is using around 3%? Like i really am curious as to why it is doing this. This game runs on the Unity engine which isn't that demanding right? Technical explanations would be great. Thanks.
  8. Taco_Demolisher

    8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

  9. hiniberus

    What PC's do the devs have?

    Hey folks, Pre note: I did see the 'approximate' specifications topic, however here I wish to see their setup because they have some pretty impressive FPS while recording! I've seen some pretty impressive things from the test videos that the dev dairies have shown. Though I'm left wondering, just what kind of (beastly) pc do they have to be able to run the game with such high quality and what is the general FPS while play-I mean, testing/showcasing ? This is just to get a general idea about what components they have to be able to run the game as magically as they do. Thanks in advance!
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