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Found 19 results

  1. If you jump while sprinting the speed indicator (little arrow) resets back to a position as if you were not sprinting, but you actually are sprinting if you never released the [W] key. HOW TO REPRODUCE: press [W] to move forward press [Shift] to sprint (you will notice the little arrow from the speed indicator moves to the far right) press [Space] to jump while you sprint, but never release [W] if you did this correct, you should keep sprinting after you landed from the jump (assuming you still have [W] pressed) if you look at the speed indicator, the little arrow is on a position as if you were not sprinting Another silly bug in game... please fix!
  2. The speed indicator does not work when you have no body armor equipped (regardless what your current weight is). The little arrow indicator only moves to the far right when you equip your body armor back on. Two screenshots are provided to explain this in more detail. A silly little bug...please fix!
  3. I have installed and uninstalled tarkov a few times now, and every time I install I am capped at a download speed of (at most) 1mb, usually less. With every installation I try and find a fix for my slow slow speed I cant seem to find any information that actually helps. Thanks for any help. My current speed. My tarkov download speed.
  4. I've been trying to download the game for 2 days. I searched all the forums and got no results. When I try to download the game, I get a very low download speed in the launcher. Normally I have 100 mb /s internet. Other downloads have no problem. As soon as the download is finished I get the cheksum error and have to download it again.
  5. Downloading the game is unbearably slow, i am living in israel and the download speed of the game is capped to 200kb/s i tried using vpn/making exceptions to my firewall even disabling it, without no avail, what really sucks is there is a server here in Tel-Aviv and yet the download is so slow it feels like im downloading the game from another continent in the other side of the earth is there any way to get a direct link to the download server, so i could at least download it using a high speed proxy, or even a torrent file will suffice. Thanks for coming to my TED talk ..
  6. ErikStoner98


    So this is the very first time that me and a friend of mine we're a 1000% sure that the guy: '''' (I kept the last part away due to guidelines and such) was speedhacking across the map on reserve. He was on the train exit and we were on the bunkers he just flown across and looked right at me and just tapped me in the head. My friend continued to go to the exit and got shot as well seeing him almost fly across the map. I have seen dosen of YouTube vids where the same problems accure. We we're not yet 5 minutes in game as well. I'm not mad but dissapointed that people use this. It ruins the gaming experience that Tarkov does so well. I don't know if this is right forum to do so, but I don't know where I can report cheaters. And yes sorry, no footage.
  7. itsmarra

    Download Speed issues

    Hi everyone, i am re-installing the game on my new M.2 Samsung , but my average download speed for some reason, it's 50 KB/s. Usually, i use to download file at least at 10 MB/s or more, because i have a Gigabit. Also i tried reading on the Forum for some fix, for exampe deactivating the IPV6, or using a VPN, but nothing of these seems work for me... Please someone can give me some infos ? Thanks
  8. Ctenophoria

    Not a Question but an FYI

    With the help of a crack pot research team, Black Deadstar Soulreaver234, and Jukebox we have begun to successfully gather height data for our PMC, using barrels to measure height, and dimensions of tiles is a secret location we have got the height and run speed recorded of out PMC, our goal is to pack up a nice sheet on calculating scale on maps, for distance to objectives and manual zeroing of rifles. We hope to output this within a few days to a week.
  9. Pripyat_Strelok

    Priorities Scheduling and Core Mechanics

    Hello. I've been playing EFT for almost a year now and I think I can make some considerations about 2 of the most important mechanics in the game. Now, please consider this as my Point Of View, not some criticism nor a rant, because your project has a LOT of potential and I'm just giving my advice so you can make use of it in the best way. -The first thing I would like to talk about is the Movements Speed. This mechanic is a very important one in my opinion, so it should be treated carefully. Now, I was searching this kind of topic on the Internet for some time, then I came across this post: https://amp.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/bx6tdx/eft_movement_rates/ After reading the whole discussion, i couldn't disagree: movements are indeed too fast (both walking and running speed) and I tought this was a good point actually. Because, you see, coming from titles like Squad, Project Reality: BF2 and Arma, I think movements speed could be slowed down a little more than a bit...I would like to make you notice the speed of the movements of the people in the RAID shorts, in the patch trailers, where you move way slowly than the actual gameplay, or just take some reference from the link above. If movements were that slow, this game would become far more realistic than what it's now, and surely a goddamn piece of art. -The second main mechanic i would like to discuss is the damage; in my opinion, the HP system is old and quite inadequate, I'll explain why: In MilSim titles, the characters' bodies (or limbs in Tarkov case), don't have a number of HP, and neither they do in real life. Actually it's quite simple: you get shot, you are incapacitated of shooting back to begin with (because a lot of time people just absorb the shot like it was made of paper -in case of an arm or stomach hit- without an immediate negative effect and are usually able to shoot back AND kill without much problems). Now I know it's not so easy to decide to solve the issue and it takes a LOT of time, but this is a core mechanic and it is a main issue in my opinion which needs to be fixed ASAP instead of adding new content to the game (I have nothing against new content) but, as the title suggest, it would be very healthy for the game if you consider rescheduling your priorities and address them to fix these vital mechanics. Once again, this is just my POV, not a criticism nor a rant, i just think that making these changes to the core mechanics will turn the game into something really, REALLY outstanding, since (I'll never stop saying this) it has A LOT of potential. Thanks for your time.
  10. escapedtearkov

    Slow Install Speeds

    I bought this game last Saturday and have still not managed to install it. I spent 4 days downloading this at 50kb/s only to have it corrupt at 99%. I have also tried every fix that I could find while searching the forum and have run out of things to do. I usually manage to get 4mb/s on any other game launcher and this just doesn't make sense. I have seen people state that the devs do not have a fix, yet this problem seems to date back months (really wishing I had looked harder for problems before buying this game). I was told to submit a ticket and this website does not even allow me to do that as I typed out my issue and when I click "submit" it does absolutely nothing. I just reinstalled the launcher and its the same. Someone said the devs emailed him a link to download the files online as opposed to through the launcher but I cannot contact support as the support link simply does not work for me. Does anyone out there have any ideas as to what to do next. I bought CyberGhost 7 as I was told using a VPN may help but it does not make any difference at all and that was my last option. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, As far as I'm aware the movement system is already undergoing some changes, including a vaulting mechanic which should help us traverse terrain much more smoothly! However, I have a couple suggestions of my own, which I believe would give us greater control over our PMCs and create a more natural/organic feeling whilst moving around the game world (as well as how others are perceived!). Apologies if many of these are already planned/confirmed, I tend to miss a lot of news due to being busy playing the game! 1.) Link actions like prone/stand, crawl, ADS, check mag, looting, check inventory, change fire mode, traverse up/down terrain/ledges, open doors and the associated sound/volume levels to movement speed. This will allow us to Go between stances and interactions at a much slower, but quieter manner Make movement more deliberate and controlled, rather than have our PMC throw themselves around recklessly when we're trying to sneak 2.) Greatly restrict X-axis turn speed whilst sprinting, this will make it extremely difficult for players to abuse the lack of momentum in-game 3.) Introduce a speed-up / slow-down whilst sprinting. What I mean by this, is not have our PMC go from 0-60mph instantly, as well as have them slow down back to walking pace once finished sprinting. Letting go of 'W' completely will result in an abrupt stop, causing a 'slide' and corresponding noise (already in-game) 4.) Have prone/stand affect stamina, to reduce the effectiveness of 'prone spam' 5.) Introduce a left/right roll ability whilst prone (unable to perform with backpack equipped) ---------- Scavs (AI) Introduce different states; Relaxed - smoking, sitting, group talking around fire barrel etc Patrol - these Scavs are on patrol as per their patrol schedule, weapons in low ready, maybe drinking/smoking also Alert - these guys know there's a USEC scumbag in the area and are looking for them It's super immersion breaking that the Scavs are all patrolling with their weapons shouldered, I feel it would be good for both gameplay and general atmosphere of the game to have more natural Scavs! ---------- Thanks for your time, again I'm sure a lot of these have been mentioned, just not in the first few pages of the Search Function (there is one topic which contains some movement ideas, but is more generalised from December 2017). Cheers, Dan
  12. Hey! 1.) What do you guys think about a sling attachment? It would increase weapon change speed very slightly. You could switch to and from frags faster as well with appropriate animations. It would simply be another amazing attachment in the game 2.) HIGH level camouflage paint for your weapon: This should only be done at very high level, to replicate a hard core SF unit. But having an option of painting a color scheme over your weapon would be amazing... 3.) Camo wrap for a specific marksman rifle: Be it an M24, Dragnov, RSAS, and SV-98.(God forbid, right?!) As well as a simple helmet with some ghullie material ontop of it. Now i think it should be minimal for both the rifle and the helmet, because the balance of these items can get out of control quick! But, there would be no gamebreaking effect from only the rifle cover and helmet ghuillie material attachment. Literally, could simply be 2 different shades of grass that you attatch/wrap onto your new 6B47 helmet Cheers brothers. keep up the amazing work.
  13. Please look at the footage and tell me what you saw, is this speed hacking or network lag? Even Scav AI couldn't follow him... I saw TBuckNasty peeking from behind a tank, as I run towards that direction the AI Scavs are firing at him and he zooms from screen left to right. You can barely see him running from the trees into a trailer shack, and then he zooms right out to attack, its nuts. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/254116882
  14. FlipFlop942


    So i connected to two games one after the other and found speed hackes sprinting through woods and killed me through a wall. Do you guys actually have an anit-Cheat? I have the name if you'd ever like it cause i know yall don't like name dropping.
  15. Can someone give me the low-down on Fence? I completely mis-understand this trader/part of the game and I can't seem to buy anything from him no matter how quick I am on clicking the item I want. Is he some type of multi-trader and is it worth gaining reputation with him? also what's the future going to be with him? thanks guys, please share you knowledge.
  16. i wanna see if we can get some weapons released sooner than some others so we can get into late game even more, and even implement more slots for armor like single slot for leg armor, and single slot for arm armor so we can get away from people power spraying you legs and getting the RNG for you losing a limb and dieing then losing a massive amount of gear and loot. As well some impromptu armor explained in my last topic if you haven't read it i would stop what you are doing and read it so the second part will make sense.
  17. i wanna see if we can get some weapons released sooner than some others so we can get into late game even more, and even implement more slots for armor like single slot for leg armor, and single slot for arm armor so we can get away from people power spraying you legs and getting the RNG for you losing a limb and dieing then losing a massive amount of gear and loot. As well some crafted impromptu armor explained in my last topic if you haven't read it i would stop what you are doing and read it so the second part will make sense.
  18. Slimmmm

    Game/Patch Download Speed

    Anyone any ideas why when I DL the game or patches I only seem to get 1mb/sec DL? I have a 200MB DL and on steam I get upto 30mb/s typically 12-15mb. Thanks JAson
  19. K1zlyar

    Movement Dynamics + Crafting

    Hey guys, So, I absolutely love your work. I've just got a couple of ideas. I was playing Survarium and I really like how they have done different features for different factions/character profiles. I like how, as a generalization, 2 factions in Survarium are typified by having a lower weight limit, less access to heavy armor, but having greater stamina, being faster and quieter on their feet and more proficient with long range weapons (perhaps they could also be better at assassination/melee). Whilst the other 2 can carry heavy weights, have higher grade armor, but are slower, louder and focus on short-mid range weaponry with higher damage outputs. I guess this is also a fairly realistic concept. Wearing a NIJ class IV Molle vest with front and rear plates will weigh in around 15 kg plus all your ammo bags and pouches. If you were to sprint 200m and then try to shoulder it, it wouldn't be easy, you may catch you're rifle or sling on a pouch etc. None the less you could take hits from an AK without break through. And reload would be faster due to ergonomic pouches. On the flipside, if you had a NIJ class IIIA covert vest weighing in at 6 kg with a comfortable jacket over the top, your ability to move is enhanced, your aiming speed faster and your fatigue levels lower. But if you get hit by an AK... ouch. And reloading from a pocket or satchel bag would be slower. Another thought... I was thinking about if I were in a survival situation in a hostile city. What would I be doing? ... probably scavenging for whatever I could find. I think it would also be really cool and realistic for crafting and customization to play a large role, especially early on in the game when finances may be tight. For instance, say you find a knife, but it has no sheath... You're then clearing and scavenging your way through a building and you come across a leather or canvas sofa, or even a seatbelt out of a car... You can scavenge it, along with nylon cord from venetian blinds or curtains, and craft it into a basic sheath, thus improving your melee skill and speed. Here are a few other ideas of scavengable materials and their possible uses: Seat belt - Rifle sling/sheath Wire - Lock picks Radio parts/electronics - Basic jammers/transmission boosters Chemicals - Explosives/diversions Pipe/plumbing fittings - Suppressors/flash hiders/muzzle brakes Scrap metal/springs/blades - Traps/snares/alarms Motors/alternators - Generators As for weapons, I'd love to see suppressed firearms such as the AAC Honeybadger, AS VAL, VSS Vintorez as well as detachables, because... common sense says when you're alone in a hostile city, best try not to be seen (ghillie suits could be cool too) or heard. These are just ideas, I may be suggesting what others before me already have. And I realize that you Devs have more than enough on your plate! But you're legends IMO. Cheers
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