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Found 3 results

  1. Well, in my experience I have only used the splints in less than 10 occasions and in 99.99% of the time I have found analgesics more useful (Nothing new.). BUT, in the last update use painkillers with a blackened leg and run, It makes you lose Hit Points, which makes sense, THE LEG IS BROKEN and you are "forcing" a limb to work without proper medical treatment, and without analgesics your general mobility is reduced. So, as the description says "Common splint for fixing the damaged bones in position as an emergency aid measure." it would make sense to be able to regain some mobility
  2. Hummz21

    Idea for Splints

    Hi, at the moment Splints are useless becaus a fracture will not happend when you get hit. Your limb will be black out in a few seconds. For this case i have a idea for the Splints: Splints are able zu bring back black out arms and legs up to 10HP once. When you leg gets black out you can use a splint bring it back with maximum 10Hp. So you can run 10 steps without taking damage or usings Painkiller all the time, but when you get hit again on this limb, it will be black out for ever for this raid and you will get dmg after every sprint step and you need Morphine to walk normal.
  3. Captain_Kzer

    Making Splints Useful

    Splints in the current state of the game are useless, because incurring a fracture without immediately getting the limb blacked out is rare to the point of virtual nonexistence. To remedy this and thus bring better balance to the different medical treatment options in game I suggest a simple mechanical change: Make splints a healing item which heals 1 damage and is able to be used on blacked out limbs, bringing them from 0 health to 1. From here there appear to be two courses of action which would allow splints to be more useful or less useful: 1.) Allow players to heal the limb
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