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Found 7 results

  1. Sprint in crouch and prone positions (stealth movement while prone also needed). Sprint in stand position (Left, Right, Back). Sprint while aiming down sight (As cover fire when sprinting Left).
  2. Hi! My english is not so good. So sorry for this. But please separate the sprint and breath holding button be couse this is terrible combo. Many times i die when i wanna aim with breath holding. Becouse my character if a little bit moving and i aiming then use the shift start to sprint. And this is sooo anoying thing. So plese take 1-1 button for the sprint and for the breath holding. Thanks. If you agree with this one please do a +1 or reply something. I hope not i the only one with this problem. Ohhh its a different storry. But maybe check. I saw 1 guys who fly in the sky over 2-3 m my head. Then stop 4-5 m ahead then miss from the sky. 3-4 sec later come out from the wood pile and killed me 1 shotgun shoot. But i heard many empty bullets hit the ground not only one! I think this was a cheater. And he know where i am becouse immadietly shoot my way. Sorry for my bad english again. I hope you understand. But the main problem is separate the 2 button please!!
  3. GrimTactics

    Menu & prone suggestion

    Yo, wassup people of Tarkov. I, like you have escaped. And for some reason, just like you, will enter again and again. Until then, we all inevitably die and are miraculously brought back to life; I share with you my story of that which I have learned of the land of Tarkov. Here we glow: * MENU CONCEPT - So starting with the menu, and I'm sure this may have been a suggestion in the past. . . I haven't bothered to search, I only wish to share. For my convenience, time saving, and menu lag. . . Simply make the menu of "Character" and "Trading" one screen with alternate tabs for the traders. These tabs could even have easy tabbing hotkey numbers for access between each such as 1 - 6 for each trader/character menu; etc. * SPRINT FROM PRONE CONCEPT - The other idea has to do with the combination of sprinting from a prone position. I was in a situation where I was prone, and could have easily re-positioned in order to kill my opponent. Now I know it's as simple as pressing the prone hotkey, casually getting up to a standing position, and then sprinting. This takes time and allows an easy target for death and anger. Errr, me angry for I should have lived. I will however accept games not being reality and move on from this catastrophe. If instead one could hold "W + Shift" for sprint, negating the hold breathe option because one is trying to GTFO. . . The character would instantly (with gear/weight in mind) get up to a standing position and begin sprinting. As opposed to casually standing, being still for a moment, having a sprint lag and having to press the shift key multiple times for the game to register. I'm not sure, maybe this is only my problem. . . I feel as tho a lot of games, since they're not reality, they have that bit of lag in registering key presses and movement. Anyway, these are a couple of the most intuitive ideas I've come up with that I believe will improve the quality of game play experience for all. Until next time. . . See you on the other side of my crosshair! - ' - - Peace
  4. Ryukenstein

    Combat Suggestion

    I was noticing that there are still some problems with smooth combat, im pretty much a fast and aggressive playstyle player, and i can say i really like this game, in many many ways. i can't wait to its actual release. So going straight, i have noticed that i cannot fast aim while i sprint, i have to completely stop sprinting and then right click to aim, which is something pretty slow in my opinion, and thats why i mention that i am a fast playstyle player, i like to sprint fast aim, rush etc. and i belive there are many other like me so... i was wondering if you guys can take my suggestion pretty much as a nice detail, and make me know if there is a way to manually fix this. if not my suggestion is: Please, make the Aiming possible while holding shift and sprinting and priorizing the aim over the sprint so the player can pause sprinting and aim automatically . i believe this will make controls something more intuitive instead of getting used to them in a pretty forced way. i took my time to make some ilustrations. (note: im not comparing this game, just making an example of a pretty universal control profile of a pretty good and old shooter)
  5. Kanteh

    Periodical Sprinting

    Dear Developers, can u take a closer look on sprinting pls. i saw a twitchstreamer using periodical sprinting and so i tried it myself. It totaly destroys the game in my opinion since it gives u tone of advantages and is absolutly unrealistic in a game what wants to be an hardcore simulation shooter. --ADVANTAGES: - quitter! yes its a lot quiter then even slow walking, u dont even hear metal surfaces on factory, while dashing over them - didnt try if its faster then running but its defenetly not slower. -gunready. between every dash ur gun is ready !!! to aim perfecly like 20meters or something Together with the still bad netcode/performance he uses it to what u nearly could describe as warping around corners. the other person dont have any time to react, since he warps around corner, gets bets view and clean shot, since there is no bad aim or something after the dash. its like a ability in overwatch. --REALISM: -quitter ? this should be quiter rly.... -repating dashes. try it in RL .. pls -gun ready to aim directly after sprinting ? well rambo/supersoldier :] all in all its an superfast/superquite method to travel the map, even worse then bunnyhopping in my eyes. please limit its use,(prevent multiple dashes in short time and give it some more disadvantages like longer time until shooting ready ior something).
  6. When the player is holding shift and rmb (or toggled iron sights), the game should prioritize holding breath over sprinting. Many games already have this which have hold breath and sprint bound to the same key, Red Orchestra and Rising Storm 2 come to mind. I can not count the numerous gunfights I have lost due to the inability to both bind sprint and hold-breath to separate keys, or just the game refusing to allow forward movement while holding breath. I also have noticed that holding breath resets itself when you move at all. Any horizontal and vertical movement requires you to press shift again to regain accuracy. I think it's a little ridiculous considering the amount of weapon sway and inaccuracy you get if breath isn't being held.
  7. X_on


    I think that there should be a sprint mechanism set for stances like crouch, prone, even when aiming down the sight (slow acceleration). Sprint often gets in the way when holding shift to steady your shot, however moving should still break your concentration. The shift key could also be used in prone position to execute a left or right roll.
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