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Found 73 results

  1. Клан "SQUAD" (SQD)

    "Идущие на смерть приветствуют тебя!" Вступление: Мы клан, который образовался после падения клана "DM" ("Дикие места") под предводительством "Старого". (душевного равновесия тебе, мужик). Ушли почти все (~70 человек), и под объединением 6 членов отряда, было положено начало развитию нового, не похожего на другие. - Собственный бэк не противоречащий лору Таркова; - Собственный уникальный логотип и нашивка (айдентика с палитрой и шрифтами, всё включено); - в разработке - Собственный сборник тактических карт; - в разработке - Всеобъемлющий канал Discord, в котором поддерживается связь со всеми членами отряда; Предыстория: 4 резервный полк - 16 батальон - пехотная рота (4-16) Мы не ЧВК и даже не спецподразделение, несмотря на то, что у нас присутствуют обученные специалисты самых разных областей. Мы бойцы состава войск РФ, введённые на границу с Финляндией для предотвращения развития конфликта. Контрактники и призывники со своими историями и судьбами, по своей или чужой воле оказавшиеся в эпицентре боевого столкновения. Теперь, мы собираем остатки роты и чистим Тарков по приказу из штаба, но, похоже, эвакуация нам светит не скоро. Строение подразделения: Большинство членов роты разбросаны по Таркову без связи со штабом, каждый из них является одиночкой. Те, кому удается создать формирование, становится "звеном". На данный момент сформировано единственное боевое звено, которое положило начало поиску оставшихся боевых единиц в Таркове. "альфа звено" - SQD_USEC - SQD_TrafficCop - SQD_TourerVal - SQD_Zmeilov - SQD_Das_Cartel - SQD_GregorMN Айдентика: Клан будет иметь свой собственный логотип и нашивку, которые вы сможете использовать по своему усмотрению. На данный момент они находятся в разработке. Тактические карты: Т.к. мы обученные специалисты в самых разных областях, то имеем ряд тактических карт, по которым готовимся к рейду. Особенность карт заключается в качестве исполнения и разработке собственных обозначений. Карты открыты на стадии разработки для всех членов клана, и становятся доступны всем, только по завершению работ. На данный момент готовиться первая карта из списка. Карта Санатория, которая включает в себя: - Loot description - Описание для маркеров лута; - Loot markers - Маркеры расположения лута; - Detailed info for loot - Дополнительные маркеры для лута; - Movement markers - Маркеры возможного передвижения; - Sectors - Сектора для тактического планирования; Скриншот:
  2. EFT Squad Play Sneak Peak

    Presenting EFT Squad Play: A multi-perspective team oriented video series. Check out our teaser here:
  3. looking for a squad

    hello folks, i am looking for some a couple people who can play with and must have a mic. must have a good English too.
  4. Didnt see thread about squads with the search so here it goes: Im playing solo but I have started bumping into squads pretty much every raid. Also I dont have the best weapons, traders are low level and im struggling to get decent loadout. (My prapor dropped from lvl 2 to lvl 1?) Running into squads all the time is getting me killed a bit too much for my liking. I can deal with the duos most of the time, but after that it gets tricky specially since im not so geared up and squads of 3 have a lot more firepower and sometimes a decent duo is pain in the ass. My point being I think there are way too many squads so players like me (Who are playing solo) are at huge disadvantage. Could you make option that you are not forced to match against squads or something? Dying 3 times in a row to a squad of 3+ players is starting to be annoying.
  5. Squad "issues"

    Hi, Lately I've been running a lot into 4-man squads when playing solo or in a team of 2. They often camp building exits, spawn points for specific Trader Tasks and the exfiltration points. Is there any mechanic planned to balance out the discrepancy between solo and team play? Perhaps dropping squads into a separate raid depending on squad size (teams of 3-5 players), and the same for solo players (1-2 players)? Might give them more of a surviving chance. I understand that this might go against the "hardcore" aspect of the game, but being mowed down by automatic fire from a 4-man team time and time again is not fun either. (Especially when these people are wearing the heaviest armor in the game, and they're camping a drop/spawn site for a task you need/ want to complete)
  6. A la recherche de joueurs!

    Bonjour, bonsoir à tou(te)s! Je suis un tout nouveau joueur sur EFT! Je me présente très rapidement donc; mon nom sur le jeu est HeliosTm et j'ai 27 ans! Je suis donc à la recherche de joueurs avec qui passer du temps sur le jeu car seul comme vous le savez surement c'est pas toujours drôle et, quand on ne connait pas les maps, les spawns, les loots etc... , il est très difficile de survivre! J'ai tenter beaucoup de parties sans jamais réussir à sortir... pour le moment. Donc tant que vous êtes majeurs et que avoir un débutant dans vos pattes ne vous déranges pas, faites moi un petit signe .
  7. I looked around the off-topic and general forum and couldn't find anything regarding ways to Identify squad members vs. Non squad members. Will there be any form of clothing,Armband, or Name system in the future to better identify squadmates? I have killed my friends many of times due to not being able to properly identify until it was to late, Any links to a forum post(If one already is up) I will remove this post. Thanks
  8. Im sorry... You didnt even black out a single limb and you were all facing me. around 20 meters away.
  9. LFP to play with!

    Looking for people from the US to play with, Fairly new to the game and just wanna have fun! add me on steam Thormander or join Ill be there waiting send me a message if im not in! Small Notes: Im 20, requesting mature players who can duck around. New to this game but came from games like arma and siege.
  10. Looking for squad

    I'm looking for a squad to play with. Must have gear if you want to play. Add me @sklus20 in game. Factory runs. Loot set: Gun M4 Tac Rig: Gh4 Pack: Tri-zip 4 Nades Lots of Salewa. Hurry! Communication on discord
  11. Looking for squad

    I'm looking for a squad to play with. Must have gear if you want to play. Add me @sklus20 in game. Factory runs. Loot set: Gun M4 Tac Rig: Gh4 Pack: Tri-zip 4 Nades Lots of Salewa. Hurry!
  12. Looking for Battle buddies

    Hey guys im 20 years old, level 29 in game, and looking for a person or group to play with on occasion. Let me know if you guys are interested!
  13. Devils Recon søger danskere :)

    Hejsa, Vi er 3 gamle røvhuller som forsøger at starte et dansk squad, vi er mellem 40 og 50 af alder men hvis man ellers kan opføre sig ordentligt er alder ikke noget stort problem vi har en discord kanal så hvis i bare finder mig Tengeldg, Booh eller Danez-plys (danez et gammel cs 1.6 clan tag ) på discord så kan vi finde ud af det der fra Vores Squad hedder Devils Recon forkortet DR (ikke at forveksle med et større dansk publikservice kanal ) Man kan også skrive i denne tråd så finder vi ud af at finde hinanden på andre måder
  14. Looking for a squad mate

    I'm trying to find a good person to add to our squad we know the game very well so we need you to as well, please be experienced with FPS in general, and know EFT well we use discord.
  15. Push for squad play

    I have heard Klean say multiple times that the devs are pusing for squad play and the game will start to move in that direction. What does that push to squad play look like? Personally this is kind of off putting. I really like squadding up with buddies but sometimes lone wolfing can be very fun and rewarding.
  16. We are currently 3-5 german Tarkov players who have been playing for half a year. If you're sick of being swamped by squads, you want to fight against more than just hatchlings, and you want to play coordinated in a squad join our (german) discord: or leave me a message. We usually play from ~ 6-23 pm GMT+1, at weekends "open end". About us: A mixed bunch between 23-33 years old. So if you're at least 18+ it will fit. Are we a clan or something? Nope just a small group of players who have been playing together (some even for years). Are we only playing Tarkov? Nope! From Tarkov to PUBG, Hearts of Iron IV, World of Tanks, Siege, Warframe, Dark Souls, etc., it's all here. So if you have the urge to play something else: We are there! Those of us who own a PS4 are already in the Monster Hunter Worlds hype. Do you want to just play and have fun? Just join our Discord and play with us.
  17. Gude, das ich jetzt einmal zum ersten mal in einer Gruppe unterwegs war würde ich gerne mal aus meiner Sicht der Dinge die Pro und Kontras aufzeigen. Ich bitte darum das Ihr es auch mal aus eurer Sicht wiedergebt, damit andere Spieler ggf. es einfacher haben sich diese Frage "Soll ich alleine spielen oder in einer Gruppe?" beantworten können. Ich fange mal an... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Squad: Pro: - Viele paare Augen sehen mehr als nur ein Paar - Flankierungen funktionieren einfacher - Wenn man stirbt kann der Kollege dein Stuff sichern - Absicherungen beim Looten - größere Chance Squads zu wipen Kontra: - Jede Gruppe ist nur so Stark wie das schwächste Glied - ggf. Chaos in der Absprache unter beschuss - Langsameres Vorgehen - ggf weniger Loot für einen selbst - Lange Wartezeiten im Matching - größere Chance in einen Hinterhalt zu geraten - Teamkollegen ohne Mapkenntniss haben es schwer mit Positionsangaben - Der Fehler eines anderen kann zum eigenen tot führen - Die eigene Lernkurve ist um Welten kleiner, da starke Spieler in Gruppe den Feuerkampf zwischen Spieler meist führen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lone Wolf: Pro: - Schnell untewegs - Beschattungen von Squads einfacher, somit auch das legen eines Hinterhaltes einfacher - Mehr Loot für einen selbst - Starke Lernkurve da jeder Fehler gnadenlos bezahlt wird aber auch gewinne gut ausgezahlt werden - Handeln nach Instinkt nicht nach Absprache - Übersicht verbessert - geschärfte Sinne, weil man auf sich alleine gestellt ist Kontra: - Stirbt man, ist zu 95% dein guter Stuff weg - Kein Backup in brenzlichen Situationen - Anfangsphase kann frustrierend sein, da man oft stirbt - Ein Fehler führt meist zum Tode ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Für mich persönlich ist Lone Wolf besser, da ich schneller und agiler vorgehen kann und nach Instinkt handeln kann. Dennoch hilft auch ein guter Lone Wolf einer Gruppe, da dieser als Scout vorneweg kann und dementsprechend die Gruppe führt. In diesem Sinne, haut mal eure Pro und Kontras raus. Gruß Hummz
  18. Scary AF

    The squad and i did a five man and we obliterated everything it was absolutely better than any moment ive ever had in a hardcore fps and ill never forget it here's a screen shots of our terrifying squad
  19. Teaming with others

    Hi, First of all, LOVE the game! I havent been this scared to run around with a rifle since.... ever! My idea/suggestion: I like to play this with friends, more than i do solo actually. The only thing about teams that is really bugging me is the need to re-invite all players from the lobbyscreen when we start a new match (because we arent the best players and give away our dogtags for free) It would be so much easyer for us, and im hoping a lot of other players too to be able to invite my friends from the main menu / chat and just have a pre-setup group going before we join a match. Thanks for reading, Have a good 2018 - Daemon
  20. looking for people to play with

    hey i'm new to this game and i'm getting used to this but i would like people to team up with and to help me out, i pick stuff face, and willing to grind
  21. looking for people to play with

    hey i'm new to this game and i'm getting used to this but i would like people to team up with to help me out
  22. TFB Community recruiting

    Hi all, Are you sick of the solo runs and looking for a squad? Tired of getting one tapped and then having nothing to show for your efforts........ .....I'm form Task Force Bravo (, we are looking to grow our Escape From Tarkov wing of our gaming community. And help you enjoy the game Are you 16+ & speak English. We have players from all over the world - UK / EU to the USA to Australia........... and everywhere in between. We are looking to recruit - from new to Tarcov players, to vets looking to join a squad to bring back some of that sweet loot. We have a wide range of play types with multiple Team speak channels for different run types and player counts. Every thing from run an gun, to Mil sim. We can help you complete tasks and make some money along the way, so do not worry if you are brand new to the game, we welcome all levels of skill. If you are interested in joining, go to our TS channel - and one of the community leaders will get you set up and in a squad. We look forward to speaking to you shortly. - Loudnoizez
  23. Buddy Carry

    Instead of having to loot a squad member and escape with their items to later return them to them in-game during a raid it would add to the realism and immersion if it were possible to buddy carry or fireman carry a dead or wounded squad member to the exit. That way the person carrying the squad member can keep whatever loot they already have and exfil their squad member who can then retain their loot. While doing a buddy carry maybe make it so that it is only possible to shoot a pistol for defense or only hip-fire other weapons.
  24. Help identify squadmates better

    I think it would be pretty cool have have custom face masks or little pieces of cloth on the belt to signify what squad they are in. I also think it was be cool to be able to customize the color and possible logo of the cloth/facemask. Another thing is i can see someone killing someone in a squad, stealing their "proof" that theyre in the squad and stab them all in the back. I doubt this would make it into the game though, just a small idea.
  25. Group?

    Anyone interested in going on some raids togrther? Add me on steam and I'll invite you to the discord