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Found 97 results

  1. Tengeldg

    Devils Recon søger danskere :)

    Hejsa, Vi er 3 gamle røvhuller som forsøger at starte et dansk squad, vi er mellem 40 og 50 af alder men hvis man ellers kan opføre sig ordentligt er alder ikke noget stort problem vi har en discord kanal så hvis i bare finder mig Tengeldg, Booh eller Danez-plys (danez et gammel cs 1.6 clan tag ) på discord så kan vi finde ud af det der fra Vores Squad hedder Devils Recon forkortet DR (ikke at forveksle med et større dansk publikservice kanal ) Man kan også skrive i denne tråd så finder vi ud af at finde hinanden på andre måder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AThV_JxwFB8&t
  2. Escaper_Kris

    Szukam ekipy do gry

    Hejka, jak w tytule grupy osób do wspólnej gry. W Tarkov`a gram od końcówki 2017, ogarniam większość map oraz mechanikę gry. Znajomość discord`a czy też ts nie jest mi obca. Kontakt Steam lub discord. Preferuje znaleźć kilka osób lub stałej już ekipy. Lat: 25 Ulubione mapy: Customs, Woods Aktualny LVL: 29 Dostępność: w trakcie tygodnia godziny wieczorne, weekendy całodniowo Discord: RapczeR#3534 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/RapczeR/
  3. Trying to find a squad of experienced Tarkov players or at least experienced FPS players that play EFT more seriously Looking for players that: Know the maps generally Have a decent understanding of weapon modifications Are used to working with others in FPS games and know how to make calls during fights Want to play Tarkov more "tactically" instead of like CoD Speak English I've played this game since late 2017 and enjoy playing the game with a squad. I know my fair share of map knowledge, gun modifications, and other necessary information. I'm from the US in the EST timezone and play at least a few raids each day. If anyone is interested in running a some raids together feel free to send me a message on: Twitter: @SwickSix Discord: Swick#1928
  4. Didnt see thread about squads with the search so here it goes: Im playing solo but I have started bumping into squads pretty much every raid. Also I dont have the best weapons, traders are low level and im struggling to get decent loadout. (My prapor dropped from lvl 2 to lvl 1?) Running into squads all the time is getting me killed a bit too much for my liking. I can deal with the duos most of the time, but after that it gets tricky specially since im not so geared up and squads of 3 have a lot more firepower and sometimes a decent duo is pain in the ass. My point being I think there are way too many squads so players like me (Who are playing solo) are at huge disadvantage. Could you make option that you are not forced to match against squads or something? Dying 3 times in a row to a squad of 3+ players is starting to be annoying.
  5. Bug1372

    New mode/PvE Content

    I had a thought as I was raiding the other day about reserve and the train mechanic extract, That was about some PvE content that you can play with your friends or with randoms. It is based around the train and your hideout. Let's go through a scenario with how this would work. You que up as your pmc and you choose your starting location, let's say you start in customs, you inv friends if you want or que in with randoms or by yourself if you want. You arrive via train on the tracks next to big red. You have a set load out you must use with objectives you must complete within a set amount of time. Just an interesting idea that could be really fun and diverse everytime you play. Playing tarkov normally is already unique raid to raid, this just adds another way for people to play together. Let me know what you guys think!
  6. LeSangliRock

    [ Recherche un Allier (ou deux) ]

    Bonjour, j'ai 23 ans, je joue les soirs et le weekend. Je préfère jouer relativement "tactique/sérieux/posé" (sans être non plus milsim). j'aime aussi lorsque l'on part en raid en s'attribuant une "spécialité" (j'aime beaucoup le M700 😛 ). Je cherche actuellement une personne pour faire des raid en Duo. Donc dans l'idéal qui jouerait quelques soirs en semaine (19h-23h) et un peu le weekend principalement en fin d'après midi). (Sinon si vous êtes déjà en Duo et que vous cherchez un 3ème Team Mate n'hésitez pas.)
  7. Trying to find a squad of experienced Tarkov players or at least experienced FPS players that play EFT more seriously Looking for players that: Know the maps generally Have a decent understanding of weapon modifications Are used to working with others in FPS games and know how to make calls during fights Want to play Tarkov more "tactically" instead of like CoD Speak English I've played this game since late 2017 and enjoy playing the game with a squad. I know my fair share of map knowledge, gun modifications, and other necessary information. I'm from the US in the EST timezone and play at least a few raids each day. If anyone is interested in running a some raids together feel free to send me a message on: Twitter: @SwickSix Discord: Swick#1928
  8. negritoh8

    Offline Mode with friends

    Hey everyone! I don't know if the idea it's posted but I think that can be usefull to play with friends in offline mode. You could train with your squad, you can set events to doing some content and It's will alive the game in my point of view. Thanks to read me!
  9. I would love the ability if we could play 'offline mode' with friends in Tarkov. This would be very beneficial to players like myself who could play against real players and work on reflexes, strategy, teach new players I introduce to the game, as well as just simply play against my friends. Most people playing would have a PC good enough to host a private offline game. There's also a lot of experimentation done by players these days to help improve the game and offline mode with friends would make it so much easier. This also would allow players to have fun playing their own scenarios like VIP escorts for example. The community would love this!
  10. ortiz11


    hey guys i'm new to the forums I've almost always played Tarkov solo since most of my friends on PC cant run tarkov lol. but yeah im Lvl 29 ATM of this post , just trying to take a break from questing and looking to play a few chill raids with some laid back people. i don't have gear fear so that's never a worry for me lol. my user name is crackc0caine and feel free to add me on Discord too under the same name! and if you're a new player to the game feel free to let me know, i'm always down to help with questing. check my profile for a screenshot of my stats and username to find me
  11. toxictrouble

    Suggestions that would improve the game

    It would be nice if this game had a squad mode. what do i mean with that ? well basically should have a choice to make a party and the party leader would chose where the squad will go. like what map what time etc. also it would be very nice for us to be able to go offline raiding with friends to try guns armors bullets learn the maps and lot of things. thanks for your time :3
  12. LEVIS

    ALPHA recruitment [ON] Polska

    Welcome. I want to show you survivors a polish clan [Alpha] We are a group of friends who have known each other from very long time and play many hours together. We play most of the games based on survival, (Rust,ARK,Survarium,Stalker,Metro, and other) so easily we find also in the escape from tarkov We are a clan that prefers most PvP/PvE, we act strategically, carefully and confidently. We looking for polish players but if you want to play with us, write here we have our own teamspeak. Details about the ip address of Teamspeak I will personally send to you in a private message We not going to overwhelm you with many questions, if you wanna team up with us just join and welcome to the squad
  13. HI, We are not a clan specifically just a group of players looking to get people online regularly for tarkov raids and general community play. there is no limit to the games we play but obviously EFT is the tip of the sword. We are looking for guys and girls who can play in a group and want to share their experience with others, a mature mindset on the deck would be great but laugh all you want when we are not fighting in game, we would ideally like to have a few groups at a time so there is always someone to play with and team up with, if you would like to drop by to check things out that would be great. please message me, or leave me your discord name, eg, Gundeamon#3963
  14. Hallo zusammen, mein Name ist Bishi und ich liebe EFT. Das ist der beste Shooter der Welt. Meistens spiele ich mit Freunden EFT im Squad ( wir nennen uns KILLER SQUAD ;-) ) Wir sind NICHT auf der suche nach schnellen Kills sondern wir sind auf der suche nach Spaß und Taktischem vorgehen im Squad. Da uns das Spiel enorm viel spaß macht und ich der Meinung bin das unsere Noob Aktivität auch für die Nachkommenschaft erhalten werden sollte, habe ich Aufzeichnungen gemacht die im GAMER ORDER Fan Klub auf YT gepostet werden. Im GAMER ORDER FAN KLUB erscheinen nur Spiele die wirklich echt viel spaß machen! In diesem Thread will ich allen Menschen zeigen, wie viel Spaß und Spannung das geilste Game der Welt bietet und deswegen möchte ich auch hier mit euch par Momente Teilen. Da ich nicht gerne schreibe, will ich euch lieber Videos zeigen. Danke an [Battle State Games] für das genialste Simulations spiel des Universums. Ich liebe es! DANKE [YTHD]
  15. PTWynn

    in need of friends on this game {READ}

    if your new like me and your 18+ hmu on twitter to play or message me on here. if you have some experience and want someone that learns fast to play with also do the same. follow me on twitch at www.Twitch.Tv/WynnPTW ! IGN is PTWynn
  16. Bananaman95

    Squad lobby display

    this is really two different things. Primarily I think it would be really cool if you were able to see your squad's load out on their character while still in matchmaking lobby, it would make it easier to recognize your squad members prior to loading in to an environment where you have to immediately start running to avoid getting shot (factory). that's really the main suggestion...... also.... if inspecting saline and the model is rotated, the bottom and top of the bottle is glitched. js bb
  17. vTaught

    Looking for teamates

    Currently i got no one to play with, i like to do geared runs, so i suggest u do the same. I play like to play shorline, interchange, Customs sometimes factory. I dont really like playing woods. I am level 35, please be a high level and be willing to bring out good gear. im 13 btw if that matters
  18. Kuze

    Team Six Recruitement

    Hello guys Kuze here I am looking to create an Special Forces Team called "Team Six" and later on become and Task Force. Help me make this dream true by joining. All you have to know is just how to play the game, we will train together and become a force! Personal Disscord Kuze#0500, pm me for invitation https://discord.gg/vEqc7MX Channel link (may expire in 1 day) //Logo just for Attention the original one is on disscord//
  19. Loudnoizez

    TFB Community recruiting

    Hi all, Are you sick of the solo runs and looking for a squad? Tired of getting one tapped and then having nothing to show for your efforts........ .....I'm form Task Force Bravo (https://taskforcebravo.co/forum/), we are looking to grow our Escape From Tarkov wing of our gaming community. And help you enjoy the game Are you 16+ & speak English. We have players from all over the world - UK / EU to the USA to Australia........... and everywhere in between. We are looking to recruit - from new to Tarcov players, to vets looking to join a squad to bring back some of that sweet loot. We have a wide range of play types with multiple Team speak channels for different run types and player counts. Every thing from run an gun, to Mil sim. We can help you complete tasks and make some money along the way, so do not worry if you are brand new to the game, we welcome all levels of skill. If you are interested in joining, go to our TS channel - ts.taskforcebravo.net and one of the community leaders will get you set up and in a squad. We look forward to speaking to you shortly. - Loudnoizez
  20. I play solo and rarely team-up but I do watch players in squads and a lot of time appears to be spend searching the same body by multiple squad members. Good communication via VOIP helps for what is where on each body but it still takes the same amount of time to search a body as if you have no idea what's there. My suggestion is a system whereby if a player has already searched a body then they can vocally (in game) give information to other players which help them search, reducing the time it takes. Pressing T to say "loot" could be how you give others such information which has the consequence of making noise, potentially giving away your position. Thus a risk-reward between normal quieter/slower quad searching or a quicker search but noisy. Alternatively, but more difficult to implement, would be a system where a player specifies an item (via right-click -> "vocally make known") so when another player loots the container they're more likely to find that item sooner than others items in a container. Like how sometimes items don't appear left-to-right when you loot a player's bag. Note: Player Scavs can't currently press T to say "loot".
  21. Flyisgod

    Looking for Duo/Squad Buddies. [EU pref.]

    Heya there ! I'm Patrick, 23yo and I'm looking for some people that know the basics and gathered some experience. (I don't consider myself a pro / excellent player in any way.) I have played 2 wipes with okayish success and just started on this wipe. Languagewise I am fluent in English & German. (I pref. English tho.) - I mostly play on European servers. Would love to find some tactical players, that are willing to play some sneaky rounds, but also aggressive rounds when we feel like it ! I am online pretty much all day atm, but I do also play other games & shoutcast sometimes, so I might not always be available Feel free to reply here or on Discord: FlyFall#4700 I also do have a teamspeak server, if you prefer to use that Cheers, Fly !
  22. FinestToxic

    Tarkov group finder DIscord Channel

    If you are looking for people to play some EFT with or looking for some people to help teach you the ropes of the game join this discord! We have over 250 members and still climbing! We have active admins and even a giveaway section if players are willing to donate to it. If you are looking for some people to play with join up and get ready to do some squad runs and enjoy the rest. Make sure you follow the rules in the discord once you get in and it will be all good from then on!  Click this Discord link to join! - https://discord.gg/ZQUJXe8
  23. Decelerate

    Looking for Squad

    Looking for a squad or group of semi experienced players. Im pretty good at the game, i have a working mic and am just looking to do some runs if interested add me on discord Decelerate#2463
  24. ImSloopy

    Looking for a buddy or group to roll with

    I'm somewhat new, about 50 hours or so, have the basics down but could always stand to learn more. I'm down to play with any skill level. US Central 23 year old dude if that matters to anyone Discord is spoops#1429
  25. Are you looking for a team to play and test Tarkov with? D you want to just play with some actual people that communicate and work together? We're an open and inclusive community, welcoming all people and by all, we mean all! If you're human (or a dog that can play) we want you! The Team is all about having a great time doing what we love from competitive to casual to debating the next patch and obviously just messing around between all of that. We have room for more ESL teams in our other games with some great scrims to be had in whatever tournaments and leagues we throw ourselves into. We now run weekly competitions for members to show their skills against each other, are you game? So how do you join? Head to the website at: theteam.xyz where you will find all sorts of wonderful information. You want to dive straight in and play? Then head to our TeamSpeak the address is (same as the website): theteam.xyz See you soon, you lovely person you (or dog).
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