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Found 11 results

  1. Didnt see thread about squads with the search so here it goes: Im playing solo but I have started bumping into squads pretty much every raid. Also I dont have the best weapons, traders are low level and im struggling to get decent loadout. (My prapor dropped from lvl 2 to lvl 1?) Running into squads all the time is getting me killed a bit too much for my liking. I can deal with the duos most of the time, but after that it gets tricky specially since im not so geared up and squads of 3 have a lot more firepower and sometimes a decent duo is pain in the ass. My point being I think there are way too many squads so players like me (Who are playing solo) are at huge disadvantage. Could you make option that you are not forced to match against squads or something? Dying 3 times in a row to a squad of 3+ players is starting to be annoying.
  2. Lord_War_Dog

    Switch armband slot for IFF slot

    This would be a nice way to add new way to identify teammates, for example, instead of using and color band, you could choose to use a chem ligth in the back of the plate carrier for the low ligth maps like interchange or some IR strobe or v lite that you could turn on and off to quickly signal your happy trigger friends nota to shoot you... Normally my team don't use armbands... maybe we use different colors each if we are running similar kits... but I think this would be a nice addition
  3. Rasputin4ever

    Squad capacity

    Maybe have squads capacity at 10, this can make tarkov squad fights intense as well.
  4. CapShawns

    Squad Deploy Button

    I sometimes find myself loading in much later than my friends. It can sometimes lead to having my teammates being left in the path of other players because they were waiting for me. I have also been spawned in-front of players because of the late spawn. I was thinking that right before it would spawn a person in a group, it can hold that person until all group members are ready. It can also give the player a button to force deploy if they don't feel like waiting.
  5. Nabors

    Potential squad system addition

    My brother recently decided to purchase EFT so he could run raids along side me instead of spectate and he mentioned some ideas to me that seem very fitting for the game. He noticed that the cursor appears when looking at items in game and said to me "I wish it would appear when you look at a teammate. I still don't know how to tell who is in my squad until I've already shot at them." I also believe that if there was a mechanic that would bring the white dot cursor up when aiming at someone you have created a squad with it could really help players form teams as randoms and also help inexperienced players avoid team killing. He also mentioned the idea to have voice commands be displayed in text somewhere off center of the screen so that if for example, your teammate says "Out of ammo" you as his squad member can see this voice command as text to know that the voice command was used by your squad member and not another player. Please feel free to add your input on these suggestions because they both struck me as two possible steps to furthering the possibilities of squads being formed and maintained in-game without having to use some other program to communicate.
  6. SaltyDog666

    Let's get scavilicious

    Hello escapers! Mature group of 2 to (often 3) folks here needing a few more guns. You would get along with us if you're: mature chill a decent human not elitist Not super serious, but try to play to win. We need 2-3 more guns for optimal good times & shooting stuff. PM me for details, or convo SpicyRick in-game.
  7. looking for tarkov players to join and start a discord community and get some squads going to help lower and higher level players complete raids more efficiently. pm me for questions and or details about the discord : https://discord.gg/pwxke6
  8. XxLuciferxX


    Squading... or playing with others, yes i can see the apeal ofc, and sometimes i do team with a friend, but 5 man squads on factory like the TAW members are doing? Pointless its a 5 v 1 situation, and that doesnt include the scavs, either make the map bigger with more players, or dont let 5 man squads join a 6/7 player map.....
  9. njdaemon

    Hatchling roaming in squads now

    lol this game is awesome.. I just encountered a trio of hatchlings running from bush to bush in the woods together.. at first I was frustrated and angry as the last one pulled out a pistol and almost made swiss cheese out of me however it showed how unpredictable the game is.. desperate situations may call for desperate measures (or just for the fun of it) and their odds of survival were quite understandable.. luckily for me i got them in the open.. i was the guy with the short-barreled AKS.. to the third dude with the hatchet.. i'm keeping it! so that it doesnt come back to you through insurance
  10. SoundPulserino

    Team Queue Customs / US East

    Looking for players to duo/squad play with, must be from US-East And have a mic, Post a reply if youd like to join! I have a Discord setup aswell as Twitch.
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