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Found 1 result

  1. So, apparently there is a group of squeakers (teenagers) who are just buying out the traders of any/all resources that are necessary to (effectively) play the game. They are targeting the following items: kevlar helmets Salewa health kits Fast MT helmets Paca (Level 2 chest armor) Ammo Guns Level 1 Helmet (don't remember its name) Morphine Water Every round when the traders reset, they instantly (and completely) sell out. Its pretty obvious there are some kids who have all the cash but no idea what to do with it have taken it upon themselves to troll us until they run outta cash. Given the prices are so low and that cash is a pretty easy/high commodity in the game, its unlikely they'll run out any time soon. One could request that these players be banned, bu t then there isn't really anything to ban them for. They aren't breaking the rules since there are no rules to regulate this sort of thing. So - some simple proposals: a time limit of being able to buy these type of things (you may buy 10 paca armor every 10 minutes, for example) these items become unlimited in available quantity there is a limit to the amount of money players can horde or just reset everyone (however, this is not a permanent fix as the issue will come up again once they build up enough money and mommy and daddy let them play video games during their next sprint/fall/summer break) Either way - can we please do something about this?