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Found 5 results

  1. Sambarino

    Combining meds

    I think it would be nice if meds were stackable like ammo etc, what i mean is not place two Salevas in the same slot, but rahter that you could combine two 200/400 Salewas into one full 400/400 Salewa for example. I mean it would not be unrealistic to just take some bandages and whatever out of one Salewa and put it in another. It would make inventory management with meds much easier as you could just combine all your used meds into one new one. Just being able to combine the same kind of meds would already be great, but if you want to take this one step further you could even make it so th
  2. TheSzeckler

    Backpack Stacking Idea

    In real life situations you can FOLD a backpack and place it in another backpack, SO why not make an option for ALL backpacks to be FOLDABLE. Folded backpacks should be able to hold some types of items that are flat and don't take up much 3 dimensional space like all the textiles, Keys, Money, basically all smaller 1 slot items .... etc. For example lets take the basic Scav Backpack/Berkut Backpack which are 4x5, once folded the backpack should turn into two sepparate compartments of size 2x2 each, NOW we have the grid system, [see attached picture] the two 2x2 spaces in the backpac
  3. Dead_Nation34


    could the devs add the ability to stack bitcoin up to a total amount if 1 bitcoin instead of having 5 .2 bitcoin laying in the stash.
  4. Heyndlgarndl

    Dollar stack issues

    Hi. I seem to have issues stacking Dollars. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. In -and outside of the wallet. At first I thought the stack limit was reached. Can you stack as much Dollars/Euros in one slot as Roubles, or are there different limits? If so, what are they? Cheers.
  5. FosterFox

    Stacking Dog Tags

    So I noticed whenever I gather a ton of dog tags, they take up a surprisingly large amount of room. I mean yeah I get the fact that they aren't exactly small, but I feel like they should be able to be stacked. If anything, at least make stacks of 3 or more so you don't take up 3 slots worth of a shotgun from 3 tiny dog tags. It just doesn't make sense to me how that would work, so I really hope you guys consider adding a stacking option for dog tags. It's such a simple thing, and it would make the experience much more enjoyable and the dog tag hunting more desirable.
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