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Found 5 results

  1. Bonjour a tous, alors voila, j'ai créer une nouvelles config il y a 3 jours et je voulais télécharger le jeu sur ce nouveau pc, comme vous avez pu le comprendre je ne reçois pas les e-mail de sécurité... je suis sur Outlook... j'ai donc écris au support avec mon adresse Outlook mais aussi avec deux adresse Gmail différentes ( cela fait 3 jours ) et toujours aucune réponse de la part du support, je n'ai même pas reçu de mail avec un numéro de ticket support, je suis complètement perdu et j'aimerai si possible un peu d'aide car monté un pc pour un jeu en particulier et ne pas pouvoir y jouer alors que je l'ai acheté sa la fout un peu mal lol.... Merci d'avance a toutes les personnes qui voudront bien m'aider !
  2. Not sure if it would be useful or if the EFT team would be able to use the stuff on the site but I found a site (wont openly post it as I am against cheaters) that they probably use already that posts hacks that people can use in the game. Would sharing the site (privately) be of any help to the eft team to help with spotting hacks that are being shared?
  3. i was streaming at the time of this also. not that anyone watches but got vod
  4. Well as the title: Can you still become an Emissary for EFT?? or the application already closed??
  5. TheAssaultClass

    Topic Limitations?

    Alright. After being on the forum for some time I've really started to notice a bit of an issue in how old topics are dealt with. Everyday it seems a large portion of answered or mostly dead posts are revived due to one rogue poster that decided to grave dig. Now this isn't entirely a bad thing but hear me out. Grave digging (while not the end of the world) is not punished on this forum. How is that bad, you might ask? Well the issue is that these old posts tend to offer almost no relevant comments or information that hasn't already been mentioned in official developer comments or in sticky threads. Further more, most of the information shared in these threads tend to be re-posted in newer threads, making the older topic somewhat redundant. Personally I think that a feature, such as automatically locking threads that lack activity for a specific amount of time would be beneficial. I believe this will most likely help push new topics into the spotlight while ensuring older or outdated topics remain archived away for, at the very least, documentation. Do I think "grave diggers" should be punished? No, not at all. My only issue is that eventually it could be considered spam and that IS against the rules. If someone isn't willing to check the forums on a somewhat regular basis to give their input, why should they be allowed to flood the recent topics with old news? Lastly, YES, you can reply to ANY topics, no matter HOW old, as long as they have not been locked manually by a staff member. Anyhow, not completely necessary, I just think it would be better that we deal with this now before a large amount of players flood the forums as we get further along into the development of the game. Thank you for listening... or uh... reading.
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