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Found 8 results

  1. mare__________

    TILTED my lazy legs don't wantto run

    There comes fight in the openfield... he hit the your foot toe OUUTS! lost all my stamina and adrenaliin, i can't run away. I can't survive I DON't want to live please
  2. Hey! After the newest update with the changes to stamina and weight I've noticed that while laying prone the stamina drain seems to be exactly same as standing up. With both endurance and strenght level 1 my guy could literally keep his head up for 20 seconds and then wait another 20 to regen it back up. Problem: I think the stamina bar drain should be adjusted to the players current stance. Suggestion: Reducing the stamina drain while laying prone and while on a lower stance. Then have the full drain while standing up.
  3. X_on

    Ideas for game improvements

    Hello, Solid patch so far. Keep up the good work. I wanna share a few Ideas in the hopes to crank up the realism aspects of the game. 1. I've been playing more night-time raids this patch and the main thing i've noticed is that it's not dark enough. Sometimes I see better through dense woods without NVGs on. Even with a clear full moon sky, there should only be a subtle directional light, so turn off any ambient lighting you may have. Plus, night-time seems to last only about 5 hours with no sunlight creeping in. 2. Stamina drains way to fast while running. I can understand if im carrying alot of weight, but even pistols runs, I can barely cross the street before my guy starts gasping for air. Maybe a secondary stamina bar that serves as a cap for the main stamina which decreases throughout the raid slowly depending on other attributes. In other words, you will be more fatigued by the end of the raid than at the beginning even if you ate and drank. And this could carry through to the hideout requiring proper rest to regenerate. 3. "Stamina" is actually a big topic in my mind.. Both nutrition and hydration percentages fall too fast and strangely at the same pace. There are virtually no indications until you suddenly bleed out. It would be nice to see negative effects of hunger and thirst (such as decrease in stamina and increase of weapon sway, etc) kicking in long before the percentage reaches zero while prolonging its depletion, thus maintaining the need for consumption but reducing the risk of dying because you didn't drink for 30 minutes. I love that food and water items have long term value. I've even had to gamma it a couple of times. That's all I can remember for now Thanks
  4. Hi team, I love the game, but one gripe I have with it is the stamina bar. When I'm ADSing and holding an angle, I can't see my stamina bar because it fades away after a few seconds. Can this please be changed? Yes, I know that the HUD can be enabled, but I like everything else about the immersive HUD except this. If the stamina bar just stayed up when your stamina bar isn't full it would be a huge quality of life improvement for me. By the way, apologies if this has been submitted before, I did try searching. Cheers.
  5. Well, when using a melee weapon and you're exhausted you cannot swing it until your PMC has regained his stamina, I think this is just stupid to stand in front of someone when he's got a shotgun and you're just panting and staring at him waiting to get blasted. I think what should be done is that when exhausted your PMC can swing and use melee with less damage but cannot sprint which makes it more like what Nikitta is famous to say: R E A L I S T I C ! ! !
  6. Hi all, First post on here. Just wanted to say I'd like to see some player names for scavs if we're killed by one. I was killed by someone who represented a scav perfectly but turned out to be a player (or so I thought) would just like confirmation at the death screen to see if it was indeed a player. Also the fatigue in this game is a bit broke. I chased someone down with a hatchet and he had a mak, I ran out of stamina first despite him running before I did then when I was close enough I couldn't swing my axe. (how does running fatigue your arms in such a short distance?) Thanks.
  7. IssaDraco21

    Weird stamina problem

    So I've noticed that if I extract/die with a certain part of my stamina bar not full, next raid I spawn in with the exact same stamina. So if I'm running from someone and as my stamina runs out he shoots me in the head, next raid while all the other people rush the dorms I have to wait 20-30 sec before running because I spawn with an empty stamina bar...
  8. InfiniteRival

    Stamina System.

    Will there be a stamina system implemented into the game? What i mean by that is, will players be able to sprint/run indefinitely without rest? If a stamina system is implemented. Will it be affected by player weight, health and general well being? I looked through the FAQ's and saw no mention of a stamina system. Some other people on this forum mentioned they thought they saw something on it, but cannot find it again.
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