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  1. Mobile app to manage hideout, stash and flea
  2. Please add a feature that allows you to lock items case, weapon case, medical case... etc. Then when the sort button is pressed in the inventory(stash) those items that are locked do not move. That way I can sort my items in my inventory and I don't have to move my cases around after the sort. For clarity, I added pictures below. I want to lock my cases at the bottom of my stash(or anywhere) and then hit the sort feature.
  3. Title says it all, maybe add a sort function to the table as well
  4. NinjaClif

    Lock Items in Stash

    This is mainly for automatic sorting. If there was a way to lock items in place such as cases the automatic sorting would be more useful cause you could lock it to the bottom of your stash and sort the stuff you don't have locked.
  5. I think it would be a really good feature to be able to commit items in your stash to barter trades before you complete the barter, to help save stash space, and help massively keep track of all the various barter trades you are working towards. My suggestion is this: allow us to commit items to barter trades progressively, instead of all at once. In addition, add a filter on the side of the traders inventory for "In Progress Barters". For example, for peacekeeper level 1 there is a trade for 8 brown knifes --> 1 MP5, instead of collecting all 8 knifes first (taking up valuable stash space) let us give peacekeeper the knives 1 at a time until he has all 8 and then completes the transaction and gives us the MP5. This would be a HUGE quality of life change I think and would be very much appreciated by us players (especially those of us on standard accounts with smaller stashes to start with). Thank you for reading my suggestion! I look forward to the continued development of this amazing game! Stay Frosty, --HollanOats
  6. Jessica95

    Search button in stash

    Hello, My idea was based on some struggles i have with my stash. especially early wipe i stuff things up in rigs and cases but if i want to know how many items i have of something, i have to go through all my stash to find those items. if there was a search button that will 1. highlight the items or the rigs/cases/etc where i can find them and 2. shows the amount of the item you got in your stash. for instance if i search 'wires' it will show like "Wires (6)" and a highlighted rig. It would be a big help for me. What are your thoughts?
  7. Hey everyone, this is my first time posting on the forums here so any feedback on formatting is welcomed. Anyway, to start my suggestion it has to do with keeping inventories and stashes tidy. Being someone who loves to have things organized, the sorting feature that currently exists can be both helpful and chaotic at the same time. I wanted to propose an idea where players can select items to "lock" them into place and be ignored by the sorting feature. This would then allow a player to have any items that are not locked to be sorted as the current sorting feature allows. For example, in my case I would lock all of my containers and maybe certain weapons and then upon pressing the sort button, all things like meds and food and newly acquired items will be sorted near the top to be easily organized into my appropriate locations. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your own suggestions or ideas!
  8. KemVolt

    Stash management

    Once you get to higher capacity stashes, I've noticed its a bit of a hassle to move items. They always appear in the first slot they can fit in so after redeeming items from mail/quests/scav crates you tend to have a bunch of stuff where you don't want it. It would be really nice if there was something added to the stash like click and drag selection or shift click multiple items to select and move a large group of items without having to individually grab one, scroll down, scroll up, grab the next, and so on.
  9. coruscate

    Inventory Quality of Live updates

    This is a multi facetted issue for me. A lot of time I spend in the game is to organise my Inventory even though I am in the late game and have all the appropiate container for my stuff (Item case full of weapon attachments, multiple holodilnicks (one for Food and one for Moonshine / Sugar), weapon cases, money cases etc) it for one would be a really nice (and relatively easy) feature to enable a sort of checkbox system auto sorting items on "ctrl + left click" to go to their appointed container, such as all items of Type "Money" go in the money case that is marked for it, all ammunation into the ammo box etc. This would also get rid of the pesky issue with people selling stupid amounts of items as a pack that you cant buy regardless of how hard you try (larger than your inventory space) as now, it could be directly transferred into the ammocases or the appropiate container and therefore give a solution to the first 3 offers being advertisment for twitch channel. Another big issue I face each and every day is the conundrum of the auto sort feature, it in itself is a REALLY nice feature, it just lacks refinement. I believe most people are hesistent to auto sort their inventory as it leaves the bigcontainners such as the thicc case and weapon cases etc stranded at the bottom of the stash, without rhyme or reason. this isnt really what people use them for and removes any use from the feature. if you could however declare an area "locked for sort" it could be circumvented and would enable a really nice feature i'd use a plethora each day as the auto sort enables quick overview about the different types of items in the stash (as it puts together ammo and meds etc) and also would make rearranging parts of the inventory so much more pleasant. I hope these suggestions are somewhat in range of the possible and are being heard / taken to heart. I love the game, but the UX is sometimes a bit more on the bad side.
  10. Pumbadinho

    Full Auto Weapons

    Hi, it is absolutely annoying, that full Auto Weapons are set on single shot when buying off the dealer. Please make full Auto Weapons in full Auto b default or at least let us define the fire Mode in stash. This is absolutely stupid. Btw Same with mode of taktical devices. It makes no sense that u first have to switch through the modes when entering a round.
  11. RepairedKarma76

    All Stash Items Disappeared

    I am starting this forum for a friend. I was in a scav raid with a friend when he died and returned to the menu, once he opened his stash everything was gone besides his dogtag case and about 2k euro. He even was missing his alpha container, his level and pmc statistics still remain the same. He submitted a ticket over a week ago and has yet to receive a response. If anyone else has this issue please advise.
  12. jburke620

    What happens in a wipe?

    As the title says, what happens in a wipe? More so, do you lose EVERYTHING or are there some things that are kept? -Money -Containers (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) I've looked into other threads but most of them talked about the stash & stats only. If a wipe happens, do you get "reset" back to what you originally purchased? If no, do you get to keep your money? Sell everything before wipe to have a nice savings lined up. (THIS IS NOT OP IF YOU HAVE TO UNLOCK TRADER LEVELS AGAIN). Or is it just as it sounds? Regardless of which pre-order you got in the event of a wipe you lose EVERYTHING. Containers, money, stats, ect... You have NOTHING but your fists & Scav mode. Thanks!! Joe
  13. I think if you can wear a chest rig on top of an armor vest, you should be able to store the chest rig on a compatible armor vest. Seems logical, right? I mean, backpacks inside of backpacks is a thing... Illustration: Thoughts?
  14. MrM3atball

    Screenshots of Success

    Siia võite visata oma Saavutusi enne Wipe et saada minutike Flexida oma Stashiga / Stash Valuega / Võtmetega või millega tahes 😃
  15. MyNameIsInvalid

    Question about future stashes.

    Will stashes be the same for everyone upon full release. I am having massive issues with my stash organization and what not, but I know there will be those who say get a better version and that's reasonable. But I would still like to know whether or not everyone will be equal upon release.
  16. Hi, for my opinion it is very hard to had a overview which item i need while a raid. So i would prefer a function to mark items, for example when i put them on my wishlist. Items that are on my wishlist should have a similar marker like quest items. So if i am in a Raid i can detect which items i should take with me. And inside my stash the marker is also visible so i dont sell it accidentally. Greets, Daniel
  17. I upgraded my account yesterday (27/12/2020), from standard to EOD, and right now i dont have the message from the system with my new stuff, and i dont have the stash either, i have been looking at websites and forums, and all the answer are from 2019, some people said that you have to reset the profile and others that its update and you dont need to, i wrote a ticket but they didnt answer, anyone have any idea?
  18. This would be a great add to the game... Nikkita Please Concept for better stash orga: Alt+Drag'n'Drop into Container = Pin type of dropped item to always go into that container after adding to stash - ITEM MAGNET! : EscapefromTarkov (reddit.com) Quicker matchmaking times because you don't need to manually sort everything you want to keep. I think this has a place here based on the RNG that's already in the game. This would be a nice fix and addition to the features that already make this game good and playable. and on this note please make the items that are auto sorted, auto stacked as well. A lot less waisted time trying to sort it all out manually, and faster management and the ability to rapidly get into raid. Possible example of AP SX rounds item number, and "Auto Sort" or "Magnet Filter"? { Itemid:66291 magnet=true place in magnet Else place default } I am by no means a coder, or do I have experience with coding but this is from the reddit post.
  19. Would like the ability to have an overlay for items in my stash and know if; 1) Used in Hideout to craft 2) Used for Hideout upgraded 3) Used for upcoming Quest when unlocked 4) Used for current Quest 5) Used for Barter A small colour dot in the corner of the item could do this simply White for Hideout - Green for current Quest - Red for upcoming Quest - Yellow for Barter This could be further expanded with drop down menu overlay, the user can enable or disable, when you mouse over the item, that gives specific information on that item. Example, what Quests an item is needed, or when. What Barters are viable now, what are locked. And what Hideout items can be crafted or upgraded. This would clear up a lot of storage space for players and also on the EFT backend server. Players quickly see which Items can be sold, used, or kept. At the moment, only way of 'knowing' when an item is useful is via a webpage or another screen with an image like on a tablet. Therefore players are storing lots of items, hording, just in case an item maybe needed, or until they check via a webpage.
  20. I've been playing Escape from Tarkov for some time now and some minor things have really being frustrating me when it comes to the quality of life of the game. Also there are some other general things I would like to suggest and discuss to see if they would be suitable to be seen ingame. Being able to see the PMC Inventory/loadout included in the scav loot transfer screen for direct loot transferal onto your PMC. Allowing barter/hideout items be "Put in" into the selected hideout upgrades instead of them just sitting in your stash and taking up space, same with barter trades perhaps? Consider while having existing equipment on your PMC while in the character/stash screen, allow chest rigs/backpacks/armor be able to be dragged onto the player's body and replaced/swapped with the slot space on the stash (this is only possible if the items can fit within the space, do this for weapons too). Quick sell items in the scav loot transfer screen? (perhaps link this to the hideout scav box) Have a skill or service that merges two or more of the same half used meds, or perhaps make pills individual items within their packaging which can be transferred only between other pill packagings? Please continue making more of the existing stocks foldable when they should be. A screen where you can both buy and sell items to vendors instead of having them as separate tabs, a quality of life upgrade. Currency conversion service? Implement the medical service screen for therapist when visiting the vendor for treatment when missed the opportunity to heal post raid. A request to have a mannequin "container" or something that can hold one primary weapon(on sling) and sidearm while displaying a loadout complete with head and body armor, rigs , vanity accessories, and backpacks etc.
  21. waifuwannabe

    Custom PMC made LOADOUTS

    Hello, I wanted to ask the community if this was an interesting idea. I tend to do a lot of raids with friends and sometimes my friends are really slow to get their 'load-out' ready for the next raid. I have made a few videos about keeping your stash clean and having pre-made load out for when you wanna jump into the game and not wait in lobby which can sometimes feel like an eternity. below is a picture that demonstrates my idea. I am sure other people have thought of this i just would like to get some traction on it. // if you are missing any info I will be following the link so that i can respond at an appropriate time.
  22. Wenn wir unser Stash mal genauer betrachten, haben die meisten Dinge, die wir dort verstauen können, einen Platzmultiplikator mit 4 ( 3x4, 4x4 und 5x4) in das sich die ganzen anderen Dinge mit 2 x ?? wunderbar einfügen. Jetzt Frage ich mich natürlich welches Zahlengenie hält ein Stashdesign ala 10 x ?? für eine richtig geile idee? Selbst der dümmste Mensch sollte hier erkennen, dass das keinen wirklichen Sinn ergibt. Wäre einfach schön mal ein 12 x ?? Stashdesign zu sehen.
  23. POLYtek

    Stash improvements

    I feel like the stash is currently a little bit chaotic. Maybe one could fix this, by applying Groups to multiple objects. For example a Backpack with ammo and some ammo next to it could all be called "Ammo" or a AK & Chestrig with ammo for it could be called "Raid loadout" by the user. I also have to side-scroll to see my full stash (Res: 1440x900) and i can't sidescroll at traders, so i dont see their full inventory. It would be nice, if one could scale the stash, so i can see everything from left to right. Maybe some of you have simmilar problems. Thanks for reading anyways
  24. Zolty47

    Sthurman and Killa stashes

    Hi everyone, a simple and short idea: If you kill the boss, take the key from his corpse and open his stash with it (all needed actions and needed items fone in same raid) then the stash loot value gets increased by 100 % for you. Somebody who was successful killing the boss gets 100 % more out of its stash. Rats who kill the certain bold PMC afterwards, will only get normal amount of loot out of the stash, if the PMC still hadnt searched the loot box. Bold moves get gold. Ask if my bad english was too much.
  25. deagle15

    Traders' Items Not Loading

    After the most recent update, none of the traders' items will load for me. I've sat for several minutes on the trader screen on several different occasions and none of their items will load. It's making it near impossible to play the game as I can't buy the meds and supplies I need. This error just came up after waiting on the screen for about 10 minutes.
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