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Found 83 results

  1. Mogyesz

    Alt + Click not working

    Hey! I just wanted to put my dogtags from the dogtag case to the stash instead of inventory, but alt + click is not working, any fix?
  2. Not sure if this has been already suggested but couldn't find any widely popular opinion on this, but I think it would be nice if you could add a slider in your profile where owners of EOD and the other editions, could change their stash size to the standard edition size. Now with the hideout implemented, I think it would add another thing to work on without having to suffer from a small stash size for the entire game.
  3. SirSourPuss

    Inventory vs stash cash when trading

    I just got screwed over by the game's mechanics. I usually keep ~20k roubles in my documents case together with some keys in my secure container so that I can use the extracts that cost money. Thing is, I made some purchases after loading up my documents case and they used up all of the cash that was in it, instead of using the cash in my stash. As a result I got screwed over on Customs because I went out of my way to the vehicle exit and I couldn't even use it. Needless to say I'm salty. SUGGESTION - make it so that when buying items the cash stored in the stash is used first, and the cash stored in the character inventory is used last.
  4. AVaLaNcHE

    Better ways to sell to vendors

    Three great quality of life improvement for selling to vendors would be these. 1. Have a function of when you are in your stash, you have an option to select multiple items that are able to be sold to vendors. When you select the items a small list screen would show the highest value of the item when sold to the vendor that would pay the most for each item you select. You can then press a button called, "Sell to highest Vendor" and it will sell all the items you selected to the vendors who would give you the highest price. This would help so much in cleaning out your stash quickly and efficiently. 2. Being able to sell your extracted scav gear straight to vendors instead of having to go into your stash first. 3. Also, having the ability to stuff things in your container/backpack/rig from the insurance return screen before putting them in your stash would be helpful too.
  5. ShamrockGoblin

    Waiting for Game

    If the session start takes longer than 3 min can we please be allowed to do other things while we are forced to wait. Such as work on our stash, flea market or etc? Thx
  6. Reesman

    An app to manage your stash

    I have lost insured loot by simply not being able to claim it after it found by praper. I work long shifts and can't get on my pc for days at a time. How good would it be to have a phone app to manage your stash and deal with traders. You could sign on with your tarkov account. You guys could even charge for the app to cover development costs. It could have the same layout as your stash with the ability to move and rotate items.
  7. Wouldn't it be nice to have a feature similar to the quests where you need to turn in barter items but for hideout requirements? I'm finding trying to upgrade hideout components to take way too much space in my stash and for too long (until I find every single item needed). Its mildly annoying, but maybe the turn-in feature would make the game trivial regarding inventory managment? Also it might render barter item cases useless. Overall I think it would be a nice QOL addition to the game but it would require a little bit of item case balancing.
  8. ShamrockGoblin

    Free Space Under Rifles

    I am pretty new to the forum system. I am relatively new to the game. Something after watching quite a bit of streamers organize their stashes as well as play the game myself a bit. Why is it that underneath almost every rifle weapon system there is two open unused spaces beneath the barrel but the gun takes up that space when clearly it doesn't. If this space was available (unless there's some sort of handle or eq fitted below the barrel like a bipod) would significantly help players have more ability to fit more things (like magazines, etc) and organize better in their stash and even in backpacks, etc. I was wondering what peoples thoughts might be with this.
  9. BoCyan

    Upgrading Edition

    Hello, so my question is, if i upgrade my acc from standard (which was gifted to me from a giveaway and i redeemed the code. Been loving this game and wanna upgrade to give money to the developers) to EOD, will the upgrade wipe my stash and lvls? How do i go about upgrading?
  10. MeatballGaming

    Screenshots of Success

    Siia võite visata oma Saavutusi enne Wipe et saada minutike Flexida oma Stashiga / Stash Valuega / Võtmetega või millega tahes 😃
  11. Jyack

    Stash graphic bug

    I have a stash and inventory bug since the last technical update. Does anyone have any workarounds or tipps to fix this ? Reinstalled graphics drivers, used the launcher data integrity check. Nothing is working..... Thanks a lot!
  12. Krokadil_

    Upgrading copy and Stash.

    Hi there, if I upgrade my game copy do all the items in my stash get reset or does it just carry over? Cheers!
  13. Cooljonman1

    Stash size/ Upgrade to better edition

    I understand why you set up the stash sizes the way you did but man.. can you reconsider the stash size for standard? I just recently bought tarkov (about 1 week and a half ago) and I understand why everybody complains so much about standard. It gets to a point where it is impossible to loot efficiently because you always have to worry about stash size. So my suggestion is maybe make it a little bigger or allow a player to upgrade and pay the difference of what they already played for a better edition. I would love to have a system like that instead of, I bought standard and now the only way to get a bigger stash size is by buying a whole entire new edition of the game. Please consider one of these, thank you! P.S. sorry if you already have or already are working on a system like this, I just had to address it!
  14. deagle15

    Traders' Items Not Loading

    After the most recent update, none of the traders' items will load for me. I've sat for several minutes on the trader screen on several different occasions and none of their items will load. It's making it near impossible to play the game as I can't buy the meds and supplies I need. This error just came up after waiting on the screen for about 10 minutes.
  15. HuskyNet

    Itemy nie przechodzą do stash

    Witam, dziś po zrobieniu questa u prapora dostałem 4 magazynki i 17k rubli. przeniosłem sobie spokojnie do stashu, klikam OK, i nagle wyskakuje mi jakiś błąd że nie można przenieść rzeczy, to myśle sobie dobra walić 17k i 4 magazynki mnie nie zbawią, tylko teraz po sprzedaniu KIBA 2 klucza za 289999 nie dostałem pieniędzy. Zamiast mieć 408k mam 138k. Naprawcie to błagam Oczywiście sprawdzałem czy można odebrać jeszcze raz w queście, pisało "Received"...
  16. TheRealMLD32

    plz help

    how do I make my view of my stash bigger? after this update I have the bar on the side and bottom to look around my stash and it drives me crazy!!! how do I fix this?
  17. lavitz6t7

    Inventory Management APP

    A cellphone/tablet app that allows one to manage their stash on the go. One you can use to sell and buy items. Reorganize your loot. And share with your friends showing off all your cool loot and weapon builds. This would be really cool especially for tarkov communities.
  18. I was just wondering if there will be any way to increase stash size in the future because my stash is full and I have tried many ways to save space but to no avail.
  19. LibertyLamb

    Stowing headsets in compatible helmets

    I would like to have the option to store headsets inside of compatible helmets in my stash. It's not critical that a feature like this be implemented, but it would be a nice convenience. Having the standard edition of the game (as of now), every square in my stash counts. This would be a reasonable and realistic method of storage for headsets. Again, this is obviously just a nice-to-have and not the least bit critical. It would, however, save a bit of time and effort shuffling gear around in my stash. If I were to implement this feature, I might implement it in the following way: The earpiece slot in the gear screen would be removed Earpieces would become a moddable headwear item Headwear that can be worn with a headset would be classified as both a headset mod and a headwear item This would also mean that items like baseball caps could be stored with a headset, but I do not feel as though that is unreasonable or unfair Some of the red dot sights in Tarkov, for example, were implemented in a similar way; some red dots can be used on another optic or independently. Thanks
  20. V3nd3tta_Nerd

    Upgrading without benefits

    I have Upgraded my edition of Tarkov and plan to upgrade to the Edge of Darkness Limited edition. The only thing I fear is that the benefits will not be added to my stash as they were not added when I upgraded from the standard edition to the Left Behind edition. How do I recover that or how would we go about that?
  21. POLYtek

    Stash improvements

    I feel like the stash is currently a little bit chaotic. Maybe one could fix this, by applying Groups to multiple objects. For example a Backpack with ammo and some ammo next to it could all be called "Ammo" or a AK & Chestrig with ammo for it could be called "Raid loadout" by the user. I also have to side-scroll to see my full stash (Res: 1440x900) and i can't sidescroll at traders, so i dont see their full inventory. It would be nice, if one could scale the stash, so i can see everything from left to right. Maybe some of you have simmilar problems. Thanks for reading anyways
  22. LonestarAUT

    Standard & lower Edition Wishlist

    Hey there, for me as a standard edition buyer (and loves Tarkov for its ideas and atmosphere) there would be some sort of things I personally would like to be able to achieve while leveling up ingame: I'd like to see: - secure containers can be upgradet in their size much earlier by solving tasks ect. - stash any player can expand by solving tasks ect. (prevent getting pay to win) - ammo boxes, pisol cases, medcase ect. can be easier to get in early game Especially the Alpha Container in early game is really annoying because I have to make sure to get ammo boxes, pistol cases ect. to save size in stash - unable to because 2x2!! Any other ideas? BR
  23. Tarkov_Ghost

    QoL Adjustment - Scroll Bar Change

    I was wondering if it was possible to make the scroll bar in the inventory thicker, and flush with the right side of the screen. I find if I try to use the scroll bar that It is easy to overshoot it. Here is a comparison of what I mean :
  24. Stefano_Sez

    Surplus Ammo/weapons Crates

    Purpose of this suggestion: - keep tidy and save space in the stash - saving some money - having that good "unboxing vibe" - helping standard editions players. - support different trading strategies for players: "buy big but seldom" The idea consist in adding the ability to buy cases of ammunition / weapons, which as long as they are not opened maintain a reasonable storage efficency, and they will (maybe) cost less that the loose equivalent. if will be ever implemented ammo conditions, ammo bough in crates will have the less probability of causing jams, same for weapon durability. some examples: 5.45 ammo crate, 2160 round, stash occupied 3x2 cells, price equal to the 85% of loose equivalent of ammo. once bought and in the stash, you can open it with an appropriate tool. you have an option to "pick ammo from the box" at groups of 20 rounds, but not to restore ammo in it. The crate 3D model is already in game. AKMS crate, 12 rifles and 24 mag, Stash space: 6x4 cells. as for the ammo crate you can pick from it but not restore. F1 grenade Crate, 20 grenades, Stash occupied 3x2 cells (same as ammo crate) The crate 3D model is already in game.
  25. Serait-il possible dans le future de changer le nom de son équipement dans le stash? le renommer en gros je m'explique,je suis entrain d'essayer de faire la quête "sew it good part 1" de Ragman. L'objectif est de ramener 2 pilgrim et 2 ski hat. j'ai 3 pilgrim rempli d'équipement précieux,je peux me séparer que d'un seul sacpour l'instant que j'ai donc vidé pour l'occasion mais Soucis dans le menu d'echange avec ragman les 3 sacs sont présents et il n'y a aucun moyen de savoir quel est celui qui est vide dans le tas.j'ai pas envie de me tromper,des forts armor en très bon état c'est chaud a trouver.... J'ai deja eu le soucis avec une autre quête ou il fallait donner des vestes d'assaut avs===)j'en avait 6 dispo plus une 7ieme sur mon perso remplies de balles et autres et evidemment lors de l'echange cette veste a été donnée.... Et j'avoue que l'idée de pouvoir renommer mes armes me plairait beaucoup aussi
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