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Found 56 results

  1. Stash Organization

    I have always found my self having to move items around in my stash, but it takes some time having to put it in backpacks or move a massive amount of items to fit my needs/ organization. I was thinking if an option that you could be to clear your inventory into a temporary stash, where you can completely reformat your stash to your liking. Kinda like in mobile games where you build a base, and if you want to reformat your base you can clear the entire map and start your base from scratch with the materials you already have. I feel like this would be a great feature to help with stash organization. This is kinda a stretch but, I was thinking if you could mark certain areas in your stash and label them accordingly with a header/color. For example, if you wanted a 10 x 10 area colored light brown labeled ammunition, therefore that's where your ammo would go. My main focus is my first idea, which I think would be a great feature and would greatly help us with stash organization and accessibility.
  2. Expandeble stash and none RNG tasks

    Expandeble stash I bought the Standard Edition of this game and after just one day my stash was completley full of weapons, money and gear. Everything takes up way to much space so by adding some feature making your stash expandle would honestly probably bring alot of players back. From my experience it's the same thing over and over again, I go in with some gear, kill someone get their lot. Later, after maybe just 2 or 3 raids I have to purposely go in with armor and weapons to lose it because there simple isn't any more room left in my stash. That just makes the game feel repetetive and boring so this feature would really be a good thing. Ps. Id really like it if it wasen't to difficult to expand the stash. Change the RNG tasks In most of the tasks it comes down to complete RNG (LUCK) which I really don't think is something that should be in the game. I personaly think that tasks (some of them) are something fun to do and making them apart of unlucking higher reputation level with the traders is good but when there is no skill involved to complete them it is really just dumb. Not only this, some tasks will remove reputation with another trader which is also JUST DUMB. Now everything isn't just RNG some missions you have to HAVE TO look p on youtube on how to complete them for example the pocket watch mission which has now information on how to find it and completeit. So if you could change the RNG missions and all the other stupid things that'd be great. Pls do all this. <3
  3. Resolution issue

    okay, so i have a 1680x1050 and i set my ingame res to the same, but when im in my stash my inventory can see 9/10 of the rows of squares (9 1/3 / 10 tbh) and it drives me nuts that i cant see all of my items at once, please resize the client or something or add a option to make the ui smaller so i could see my whole stash, this especially helps when it comes to sorting all of my items.
  4. Upgrade einer Version als Geschenk

    Hallo zusammen, Kann man Upgrades auf eine höhere Version verschenken? Hat dies schon einmal jemand gemacht? beste Grüße
  5. An app to manage your stash

    I still think the idea of an app to manage your stash, traders and even set up weapons would be awesome. You could get your insurance claims and shop at traders.
  6. Fullscreen Stash

    A suggestion I've heard from everyone I've played with is that the stash needs to have a fullscreen option where you don't need to scroll to see all of your items. Unsure if you are planning to implement this but if not, it is definitely necessary. Otherwise, kick ass game so far, looking forward to further development. Stovepiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipe from Canada
  7. Stash Expansion

    Hello lovely people out there, i recently upgraded my account to increase the space of my stash. I did expect that i would increase immidiately, but that is not the case. Do i have to wait for the next wipe or do i have to reset my account, to achieve that? Please help me Kind regards
  8. The title almost says it all. As most of us already know you can transfer items directly between your character and your stash with holding "CTRL" + left click. So how about holding "Shift" + left click to transfer items between your stash and an opened container? It is just really annoying and time consuming to buy like 20 IFAK's and drag and drop them one after another in an icase. Another suggestion from reddit regarding this was to hold left mouse button and mark several items at once which Nikita already liked. This could even be combined. Mark items press key and boom they are in your case / container.
  9. Morning devs, Can we see the "fill items" button being moved on top - closer to the "DEAL!" button in the future ? the bottom replacement makes it kinda wired for a ui. and also moving items in the stash ... Can we also see items beeing replaced by another making the Tetris game smoother - Like when you move item A and drop it on item B - Item B will move to Item A location That´s what I personally would love to see in the future - just normal working methods and replacements.
  10. Shared Group Stash

    i think a shared group stash would be a cool addition, maybe not for a while as there is obviously more important content. Having a shared group stash would give the aspect of teams working together to collect weapon and items for quests. shared gear would make teams play more careful and make each player care more when their team mate dies as its not just that one persons gear its everyone's gear that could possibly be lost. The stash could also start really small and can be increased by means of group quests
  11. I know there is a hotkey for discarding items, in raids it works great but in stash management some items aren't worth the effort of sifting through at the trader's window to sell so being able to discard them in the stash without a prompt to confirm would be handy. Or at least have the prompt come up once but give us the ability to never warn me again sort of thing.
  12. Hey I want to install Escape from Tarkov on an SSD but my questions is , when i uninstall the game from my HDD will i lose my Stuff like Weapons and armor that are in my stash ? (sorry for my broken english)
  13. I bought base same with basic supply so I have normal stash. i'm lev17 and start to having trouble with tight stash space I have 2 vss without ammo one mpx with only one magazine and all kind of crap and some ak/aks I keep the scope or ops mod and some expensive mod like silencer / sell other I fill up every vest and bags inside bags. But it is not just enough. do you guys have a tip for organizing stash? I don't think there is way to buy more stash
  14. Stash Guide

    Hi Escapers , i saw a ton of guys who say EFT is Pay to win , just because u get a bigger Stash if u own a bigger Version of the Game . But thats not true , i startet with the standart Edition and did very well with it . Its all about the Stash Management , and now im here and i will show u how to store the Maximum. 1.) Weapons Consider which Weapon u realy need , Noone needs 10 Pistols 5 Shotguns and 20 AKs and Stuff like this. >>> Go sell it ! sell everything u dont need . How to Store Weapons >>> take the Grip of and put out the Magazine >> now your AK only takes 1 insteed of 2 slots ! If your Gun have a folding Stock >>> Fold it ! ( AKS Saiga AKMS etc.) 2.) Attachments Only Store Attachments if u realy need them and wanna use them , to store it mount it on some picatinny rails or guns. U can easily store the Grips under the Guns or anywhere else in your stash or sell it and buy new ones when u are assembling a Gun. They are Cheap. 3.) Magazines Magazines use a lot of Space in your Stash , >>> Only take 2 Magazines of each in the Stash sell all others , u dont need 100s of Magazines . Because u only took 2 Mags when u are going for a Raid . And Mags are cheap. 4.) Backbags If u realy need a ton of Backbags then Stack them , the only Backbags i store are lootet Pilgrims and some Trizips . They are cheap so dont waste your stash sell them ! 5.) Vests Vests need a lot of Space in your Stash but u dont need them >>> sell the Vests , if u go in a Raid just buy a Scav vest and u do Good ! You can easily upgrade your vest at a killed Player or SCAV. 6.) Body armor Body Armor Takes a Lot of Space in your Stash ! 3M Armor is nearly Useless and cheap >> DONT STORE Paca Armor is the best Friend of an Escaper but they also very cheap >> DONT STORE Fort Armor if u got one u will find a Way to Store it in your Stash ! never sell a FORT armor ! If u reached Lvl 35 u can Buy some ICases i think this Case can hold 4 Forts ! 6.) a Helmets Kolpaks are only usefull against small Calibers like 9mm and Hatchlings. and cost only 8000 Rubels ? so >>> DONT STORE Kifer Helmets are good Store them if u can but if u are on lvl 35 u are able to buy them . OPS Core Helmet is the same as the Kifer if u have Space , store it if u are lvl 35 u can buy them. 7.) Questitems Store them in Cases or anywhere u find Space for. 7.)a Goldchains and Bitcoins Store them if u reach lvl 35 u can Trade i think 7 Gold chains against an Fort Armor ! Bitcoins are more worth then 100k Rubels but only needs 1 slot ! 8.) Cases When u reach Level 35 u are able to Buy Cases at Therapist and Skier . Guncases >>> Guns Ammo and Magazines . Wallets >>> 4 Stacks of money Moneycase >>> a lot more money Icase >>> Everything Keybar >>> Keys Docs >>> Keys and Money LvL 35 is the level it deletes the differense between Standart and EoD version. I hope i could help u Survivors a little bit please note , this is just my Opinion and English is not my Mainlanguage Cheers Korner
  15. Stash Guide

    Nachdem hier viel diskutiert wird das der Stash der Standartversion zu klein sei dachte ich mir ich mache mal einen Kleinen Guide wie man meiner Meinung nach seinen Stash richtig nutzt , was behält man was nicht. Und wie lagere ich was richtig . Vorweg einmal es ist nur meine Meinung wie ich es lagern würde und auch tue. Habe mit der Standartversion begonnen und bin mittlerweile stolzer Besitzer der EoD also ich kenne das Problem mit dem vermeindlich kleinen Stash sehr gut . 1.) Waffen Man sollte immer abwegen was brauche ich wirklich im Stash , niemand braucht 10 Pistolen oder 5 Shotguns und 20 AKs und co. > > Alles an Überflüssigen Waffen einfach verkaufen . Lagerung der Waffen >> immer Griff abnehmen und Magazin raus dann schrumpft selbst die AK mit schalli auf 1 slot breite zusammen . Wenn ein Klappschaft vorhanden >> einklappen wie zb. bei AKUs oder Saigas oder AKMS 2.) Aufsätze Behaltet nur Aufsätze die ihr auch benutzt und dann baut sie direkt an eine picatinny-Schiene oder an die Waffe an um Platz zu sparen. Griffe für die Zerlegten Waffen einfach unter die Gelagerte Waffe legen oder einfach neu kaufen . 3.) Magazine Magazine brauchen viel Platz >> also weg damit verkauft sie einfach , am besten von jedem Magazin nur 2 Stück lagernd haben. 4.) Rucksäcke Wenn man unbedingt Rucksäcke auf Lager haben will dann Rucksäcke immer ineinander Lagern einfach Rucksack in Rucksack stecken . Wobei die eigentlich sehr günstig sind ich lagere nur Pilgrim und Tri Zips wenn ich sollche aus dem Raid mit nehme. 5.) Westen Westen müllen den Stash nur unnötig voll, dabei braucht man immer nur eine Weste pro Raid bzw. kann man die günstige alternative kaufen eine Scavweste und dann im Raid bei einem SCAV oder einem erlegten Feind upgraden. 6.) Schutzkleidung 3M Westen sind eher sinnlos und sind obendrein sehr günstig im einkauf daher NICHT LAGERN Paca Weste Bringt schon was aber müllt den Stash auch nur zu und sind günstig daher NICHT LAGERN Fort Bodyarmor braucht Platz aber die 3 oder 4 Stück bringen wir schon unter, am besten in einem ICase zb. Kolpak helm ist mit 8k Rubel echt günstig und bring eigentlich nur etwas gegen hatchlinge oder kleinkaliber daher NICHT LAGERN Kifer Helm findet immer einen Platz im Inventar aber nie mehr als 3-5 Stück. OPS Core Helm findet immer einen Platz im Inventar . 7.) Questgegenstände Sollte man die oben genannten Tipps einhalten dann kann man diese in die Lücken zwischen den anderen Sachen verstecken genauso wie Aufsätze und co. Oder im letzten der gestappelten Rucksäcke. 8.) Cases Ab lvl 35 kann man bei Therapist und Skier Waffenkisten und ICases kaufen . Auch gibt es ein Pistolcase zu erwerben welches man für Munition oder Magazine gut verwenden kann . Geld Lagert man am besten in Geldtaschen ( Wallets) die man bei Scavs in den Taschen finden kann oder in einer Moneybox. Cases machen das Leben sowas von einfach. Ich hoffe ich kann hiermit jemandem Helfen . Sollt eich etwas vergessen haben teilt es mir mit , ich werde es dann einfügen. Grüsse Korner
  16. Stash improvement (suggestion)

    Hello Devs, And escapers. I am very "much" happy with the game and the stash system you guys made already, i would like to suggest some improvements. for example a search bar (if there is one i'm sorry for not noticing it) multiple tabs, for example like in "runescape" in runescape you have a max stash of 800 items, and you have tabs to organize it. where you can put a main item as a picture for that tab. I apologize if there is an existing topic on my suggestions, i have used the search bar before i made this. i would love to read better suggestions!
  17. Hello everyone, As topic name suggests, dismantling your weapons to some extent (removing magazine and grip) helps saving a lot of space. Especially with longer rifles. So, I tried this with bunch of AKs and screenshot is pretty self-explanatory.
  18. The game is hard and really new player unfriendly.....but this is ok...its the concept of the game (except the first skier mission this sucks (why that have a timelimit???)) My porblem is the stash (10x33 in Standart version). I bought that game to farm, but the size is so winze that is impossible to get enough place after a good raid,if my stash is already full with good items. AS beginner its impossible to get any cases for the inventory....and i didnt pay another 75€ to get a 10X63 i didnt have the motivation to play longer. and sry for my bad english...isnt my main language.
  19. red guns

    I have been browsing the different traders and I noticed some weapons or items appear under a red layer. I thought it might be because they are broken or disabled. But during a raid as a scav I've got an AK in the same color, didn't shoot even a single bullet it is sitting in my inventory like that. what does it mean???
  20. red guns

    I have been browsing the different traders and I noticed some weapons or items appear under a red layer. I thought it might be because they are broken or disabled. But during a raid as a scav I've got an AK in the same color, didn't shoot even a single bullet it is sitting in my inventory like that. what does it mean???
  21. What happens in a wipe?

    As the title says, what happens in a wipe? More so, do you lose EVERYTHING or are there some things that are kept? -Money -Containers (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) I've looked into other threads but most of them talked about the stash & stats only. If a wipe happens, do you get "reset" back to what you originally purchased? If no, do you get to keep your money? Sell everything before wipe to have a nice savings lined up. (THIS IS NOT OP IF YOU HAVE TO UNLOCK TRADER LEVELS AGAIN). Or is it just as it sounds? Regardless of which pre-order you got in the event of a wipe you lose EVERYTHING. Containers, money, stats, ect... You have NOTHING but your fists & Scav mode. Thanks!! Joe
  22. Stash - Approximate value display

    Good day, I was going through my stash today and I wondered to myself how I would be able to tell how much better my stash has grown since I started playing. This led me to the idea of a 'Stash Value' variable display at the bottom of your stash. This value could be calculated by the 'top sales price' of every item in my stash vs the general item price (excluding any reputation discounts etc). This will allow me not only to see growth and accomplishment of my actions, but also give me the ability to compare my stash vs the stash of my friends. We would then be able to try to compete against one another for the highest stash value. I know it is a tiny idea in the scope of the whole game and what still needs to be done, but I wanted to mention it here anyway and see what you guys thought. Thanks for the awesome game BSG. <3
  23. An app to manage your stash

    I have lost insured loot by simply not being able to claim it after it found by praper. I work long shifts and can't get on my pc for days at a time. How good would it be to have a phone app to manage your stash and deal with traders. You could sign on with your tarkov account. You guys could even charge for the app to cover development costs. It could have the same layout as your stash with the ability to move and rotate items.
  24. Money in stash

    As a proud owner of Standard Edition, not complaining about the stash size, but only having a suggestion for stash maintenance. I think that we should get a second ,,stash" for money. I play with a team of people, I don't die so often, and my stash is flooding in money. I know that there are money cases, but getting them is not so easy. Maybe money should be only in one stack? Whole money in 1x1 or 2x2? I created this topic only to inform, that the problem like this occurs.
  25. I want a bigger stash.

    I understand the only way to get a bigger stash is to buy a different version of the game. Can Do I have to pay the $54 for the second level version even tho I bought the $35 version already..? Can i just pay the difference for the versions. How and where can i do this? Thanks in advance.