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Found 12 results

  1. EraZerUnleashed

    Red Buffer Tube having better stats

    Hi, I wanted to ask if there is a reason for why the Red buffer tube is better than the black one, and secondly why it got buffed again? Is this another Warhammer joke like with the red handguard or because its so rare? Or because its anodized? I'm gonna be honest, the fact that the red one changes the Muzzle Velocity (again) annoys me somewhat, cuz it doesnt make much sense, lol. The stats before The stats after I remember that Nikita said on reddit that the Muzzle Velocity was a mistake and that he removed it. But it was readded back later on for whatever reason?
  2. Dex (Aust)

    Player Profile Statistics

    Will it be possible to view other Player's in-game statistical information? For example, the longest head shot in meters, current gear profile, weapons, status etc? Getting intel on other Players might be interesting and useful.
  3. Does anybody still remember the "Round Graph" in the early stages of Rainbow Six Siege? I always thought it was a really cool addition and still don't understand why they got rid of it. Why would we want this in EFT? I just died to a scav after I shot him 2 or 3 times in the chest with 7.62x54R SNB rounds - or at least that's what it looked like from my perspective. Obviously, if that was the case the scav should've died after the 2nd round because it would've blacked out his chest. I'm sure a lot of you know situations like this; where you die not knowing what you did wrong or where you just don't understand how that enemy possibly survived that gunfight. While the "Round Graph" alone would definitely be a nice addition/overhaul of the current Kill List (imo), it'd be way more helpful if we were able to gather single shot information out of this (e.g. affected body part(s), damage, armor damage, penetration, range, fragmentation, maybe even loadouts, movement maps, etc.). How could this be implemented? What you don't want, is to fight against a group of enemies and after you killed the first one, the second one knows which armor you are wearing, how many hit points it has left, which of your body parts are damaged and all the other information you could possible add to this. Some of you might already think of something else when they hear "Battle Report". It's because I stole that name from Battlefield. In Battlefield 3 you will get a "Battle Report" for each match you played after it finished. We already have a messaging system, so you could have the System send it to you when either the Raid is over or all members of a group exfiltrated or died. You could also have it be a service similar to Ragman's or be dependent on the level of the Intelligence Center, although I'm not the biggest fan of this as it wouldn't help new players who will benefit the most from this system and also does not have a realistic explanation I can think of, which would conflict with the EFT universe (imo). How could this look like? So, I took some screenshots and the "Bender" font and tried to make this concept as close to the games theme as possible. For the "Battle Report" I came up with this: The player himself is on top, below him is the rest of his group and further below a separator are all the enemy players and scavs the group has made contact with. Black dots mark firefights with both parties surviving, all the other icons should be self explanatory. Hostile bars fade out ~1.5 minutes +/- which could be used in combination with a movement map, allowing one to see where the enemy was, but only for the time of the encounter. Checkered parts of a bar indicate that the player was disconnected from the server. When clicking on one of the events a window will open: The window shows the health and armor points of both parties and a time line with green and red dots on it, marking friendly and hostile hits. Dragging the cursor to the next dot will show the health and armor points after that hit. Additionally, there is a "Replay" button, allowing one to watch back the firefight from both perspectives, and a "Details" button where various information could be retrieved (e.g. loadout, movement map, etc.). Note It would appear, that in the latest dev blog (while I was working on this) something similar to the "how did I die" screen was confirmed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI8Yc5cYY6k&feature=youtu.be&t=217), so I'm hoping that my work ends up being at least somewhat helpful. Anyway, all of this is just an idea, however, this took me quite a while, so I really hope you like it. Either way, feedback is very much appreciated! If anyone is interested, the Gimp project file can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1kwlnXLqoS067yFd3Z0hGcIBJHvYZYcrF I also posted this over at reddit, but there sadly hasn't been much reaction to it so far.
  4. K2UNKWN

    Remove the recoil stat

    Hi again, I have been watching tons of streamers, and i cant help but notice that they have absolutely no recoil at all, its pretty much a laser, due to them having a high recoil management level. while others have theres kicking up to the ceiling. I am completely fine with attachments lowering the recoil vertical and horizontal, but i think the recoil in general should be controlled by the player. having to actually drag your mouse down to compensate for the recoil seems more hardcore, then having a stat pretty much auto correct it for you. If this was to be removed alot of players would definitely think twice about going full auto at a long range and will choose to change to semi to take time and land there shots. it would in my opinion definitly change the pace of the game making it more methodical at which ranges you should full auto. let me know what you guys think Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I wonder why they do not make ammo charts with pen and damages appear in-game. Bullet velocity can be seen on ammo and weapons, so damage points and armor class can be found on defensive elements. BUT These stats won't show anything about the real properties of equipment. There could be an "energy" stat that replace velocity (because Ec = 1/2 mv2) shown in joules (J). This stat will, as velocity yet, be influenced by the weapons barrel and inherent stats. The calculation is simple since you have bullet weight and bullet velocity. Add armor piercing capacities and it's good. THIS WAY, You can make a chart in-game or even better, a new stat in "inspection" screen for Armors, Helmets and Faceshields showing how much energy it could take without being shot through. I think this will be a little bit clearer than the actual system (even if you're not very familiar with basic physics, it's just a matter of numbers) Thanks for reading.
  6. I would like to see the position (e.g. head, chest) and damage dealt of my last shot hitting an enemy be shown in after raid stats. The idea behind this is to see if I hit the enemy after I died. Maybe you can also add the raid time of this last shot.
  7. JWiley

    Kills not couting.

    Howdy, Love the game. Looking forward to improvements. I have noticed what I think is a bug. I have killed multiple people on maps and they are not showing up as kills. I just hatchet'd two people on factory and 1 of them showed up in the kill log. Before that was 2 pmcs and 1 scav on shoreline and zero of them showed up on stats nor did it count towards my usec kill quest. I'm not sure how to show proof of these or make it repeatable. Hope this helps. -wiley *EDIT - just found the bug support thing, submitted it there... still curious if this is just me
  8. Hey guys ! Can someone explain me which stats are real or close enough ? cause i dont think that have K/D ratio 1 or online time for example.
  9. Hi all, I started to compare the effect of muzzle breaks, silencers, RDS and scopes (and front grips, modified stocks etc) in one image. I am aware, that this info is available for each item in the wiki. But here I want to show you the overall impact, if you combine typical attachments on weapons. You see the stats from the unmodified versions of the AK- and AKS-series (long and short version with foldable stock) versions with muzzle break, silencer, stock modification, front grip different scopes I think, this is a great demonstration, why we all love this game so much: there's a significant difference between longer/heavier weapons and lighter versions, each attachment has an effect on the recoil and there is even a difference, if you place an RDS on the front or the back of a weapon! Link to bigger-than-a-screen version: http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-attachments-recoil-velocity-impact-bombrats-04/ I might create more images like this, please drop a line, if you have ideas how to improve this.
  10. Grand_Sire_Duke

    Gun history

    Hi hope this is fresh suggestion...I think it would be really cool if wepons would maintain a history of their previous owners and also possibly kills...I think it would add a cool level of competition and legendary-ness to guns...imagine killing someone and obtaining a super historic gun owned by some really good players....kind of similar to dog tags recently added but instead show all previous owners of said gun Owned by: Player 1 (10kills) Player 2 (2kills) Player 3 (0kills) Gunna throw in a couple more technical things I just thought of...the stats would probably have to be attached to the receiver...to allow for modifications after obtaining it Selling to the fence should keep stats Selling to other traders...idk yet...maybe keep the history and just add it to the pool of guns to buy from??
  11. Tsyn

    Losing Strength

    After the wipe I've been working on my character's strength and got it up to level 10. Haven't been able to play much the last 2 week, but I've noticed that my strength dropped to level 7, and last night it is now at level 5. Is this intended when a player does not consistently play every day/week?
  12. Не знал как иначе назвать эту тему, поэтому от сторонников этой идеи жду крутых предложений. Суть: В игру планируется ввести огромное количество видов оружия/снаряжения/экипировки. Поэтому предлагаю разработчикам ввести вот какую опцию/раздел/информацию - Закрепить за каждым игроком свою индивидуальную статистику по луту. Чтобы в ней отображалось оружие с которым успел побегать игрок, найденные к нему аксессуары, статистику по этому оружию (настрел, точность попаданий и т.п.). На мой взгляд это сугубо социальная вставочка, для того чтобы можно было просматривать профили игроков и смотреть с каким он оружием бегал (естественно учитывая настройки приватности), либо просматривать музей самому игроку и с тоской вспоминать об утраченном снаряжении или же мериться пенисами хвастаться найденным оружием другим игрокам. Ну или например для азарта поиска нового оружия, аксессуаров, экипировки (аля achievement unlocked). Насчёт визуальной части, думаю что предложений особо нет, кроме того что, при выборе оружия из списка открывалось бы "weapon modding" меню, в котором можно было бы выбрать те аксессуары которые были найдены ранее + статистика по этому оружию (в верхнем или нижнем углах): У кого есть предложения по данной теме? И кто считает это социально необходимой опцией, а кто считает, что это не нужно?
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