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Found 3 results

  1. DragonForceWR

    [Add] Stealth Skill

    Escape from Tarkov got so many Skills. We got Strengh, Health, Intelligence etc. But why isnt there some kind of Stealth Skill ? Why isnt there anything about Stealth / Sneaking around? I would like to see for example if you sneak alot --> the skill will get increased ---> you are able to sneak faster without noises or you will be more quiet in everything (looting, sneaking / walking, eating etc) It would be like the counter part of the skill that makes you hear enemys in further distances.
  2. So, in this thread I'd like to ask two questions and hopefully get them both answered. First up- In the gameplay reveal trailer, we saw a USEC operator getting shanked by a BEAR operator, which means melee combat is confirmed. Cool. However, does this mean that we'll also see hand to hand combat or advanced fighting techniques like using someone as a human shield? Like for example, you're fighting 2v2 against an opposing fireteam, and you manage to sneak up behind one of them and grab them while you dispatch the other guy with your sidearm. Would such a mechanic have a place in a game lik

    Gear and Sound

    So I was wondering, does gear affect the loudness of one's steps? Do we have a choice between heavy combat boots and light sneakers? Does wearing more body armor make more noise in comparison to no body armor? I personally like stealth gameplay and sniping, so will my gear affect my ability to stay hidden?
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