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Found 3 results

  1. AndrewBruno

    Operation Escape From Tarkov - Slayers

    Good Morning everyone, Our post has been recreated, cleaned up, edited and made more helpful to read. The EFT Slayers Discord was created, setup, and helped out by a lot of very experienced other clan and community leaders, not just from EFT, from all other games as well. There is very skilled people that help 24/7 with moderation, keeping everything neat and organized, and as well keeping the discord a drama and toxic free place. We are technically a "clan/group/community/etc" however you can treat it and use this discord for any and all needs you have with EFT and other things like growing your content (twitch, youtube, etc) and goes as far out to help promote other discords and communities out there that are non toxic and drama free as well. This is the only sole EFT server that was designed to literally help anyone out with (EFT, IRL, PVP, ETC) AS WELL AS just jumping on in and playing right off the bat and has literally the longest typed out guides for EFT players to help them with frustrations and understand that in this game, the way you think, will get you killed more than trying to 1v1 with someone in the middle of the woods because obviously the more skilled shot will win. But why not learn how to kill everything on the map and with barely any taking any shots back? We can help with that with as well by showing you one discord category A lot of the times we are constantly hard at work to make new post on the forums here to help out every one playing eft but the more detailed and super comprehensive tips (and very very very long ) ones were just posted in there to save some headaches and backlash that comes from posting super long threads on game forums (hope you understand) The tips and tricks, tactics, best ways of communicating while in raid (This list can go on forever...) was a collaborative effort from every different type of player you can imagine or have ever experienced while playing any video game or have actually been through it in real life and have the actual training which is just awesome. Everything related to EFT gets funneled directly into this discord (most helpful forum threads, the most badass content in eft, etc..) This discord was setup with a compellation of all the great and super awesome things hand pick by our members to share with and try to literally build the best Sole EFT Help New2EFT players out there. (The Unofficial EFT Discord will always be the best discord for everything EFT and he deserves a server join no matter what if you play EFT the amount of work it took (and takes to manage) in my opinion and having eft forum moderators and the some of the devs on there answering questions and helping out everyone the best they can is outstanding on their part.) This server has grown rapidly and is thoroughly enjoyed by every member that is there that appreciates the people spending so much time and energy that almost everyone that helps out because some of us only play EFT to help others. This server is not trying to compete with any other discord and is down to help any one from any other discord and take their advice as well to help making gaming and playing together the most enjoyable experience for everyone. There are hardcore solo lobby wiping, multiple 5 man destroyers players that can put down targets from across the map without being seen or heard the whole raid to people that literally just bought or was gifted the game within the last 24 hours in here and everything in between. If you want to come and copy/ paste anything to help your server or content grow you are more then welcome to as use us for that as seeing that I'm more than enough mature and obviously not a jealous type of person. Just a helpful average joe that like cheeseburgers and pickle backs :). If your cool dude and or dudet and any of this sounds good (I suck at writing lmao) then left click the instant discord invite here to get started slaying! > https://discord.gg/7psNfWr Godspeed everyone, The Slayers.
  2. Shark231

    How to stop hatchling problem

    Hello I Suggest the gamma and all other containers work with a type of insurance principle, meaning that if you die with the container on your operator the gamma can only be returned after an hour of 2 hours or even more hours? meaning if you die, you have to wait to get your container back if you survive. Another realistic way to handle a physical representation of the containers, is to hang it on the belts of operators under bags etc or over the butt, so that if you die with containers players will receive a reward if he takes the container but it will be returned to owner if another player has collected it, risk-> reward? ,meaning if you have a containers its yellow, so more visible but youre loot is safe if its inside. A camo spraypaints , decals or hydro decals etc to make it less visible Would love to see this money farming stopped ,cause it breaks gameplay if all players just run for vault,safes, and gun rooms,need more secure locations Thank you
  3. Naturally with an AK47 in the hands... I recently discovered this channel-organization and some videos are crazy... lol
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