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Found 3 results


    Funny/Strange Scav run stories

    So far I've noticed while doing scav runs I run into either the weirdest things or the funniest things happen to me so I think it's high time we all start sharing our cheeki breeki tales with one another and what gear we walked away(if you survived). I'll start with what I can best say is......THUNDERDOME on Customs. Going about the usual in a scav run made a wiggle pact with another player scav. Mosey my way over to 3 story dorms after hearing a ton of gunfire hid in a room for a while til I think it's safe enough to loot what's left. Hear some footsteps from outside continue to hide pop out once I hear the sound of people rummaging through pockets and vests i peek out not expecting to won the fight but to maybe just get one guy....I see two and neither has noticed my presence so from everything I assume they're hatch-lings that had a similar idea as me. I line up a shot on the first guy as he had an ak in hand and armor so i figured take him out quickly. Then I realize they're player scavs but knowing how EFT works in scav runs for players when it comes to how much loot was there wiggle pacts go out the window. I one tap the first guy in the head and unload my pistol into the second. I go looting thinking that those two had killed at least 2-3 of the guys from the firefight that ensued before and as i read the CoD on the tags I found out the pmcs had all killed each other...........long story short 8 men went into the dorms that run.....only one man come out. Loot: 2 Scav BP 1 Modded AK 105 1 TAC COM SKS 1 Commando rig 5 pmc dog tags GEN 4 Assault armor 1 Kiver 1 COMTACS(peltors are poopy though ;P) ammo and mags for the guns assorted meds and a sense of holy crap
  2. Zoraxon

    War Stories 2

    Bringing back this thread in this format, in this location, because the old one seems to have been destroyed. Keep the showing off to a minimum. This is a thread for stories that embody Tarkov in the eyes of the viewer. As with the first one, I'll start. Finally got enough knives together to get the MP5 from Peacekeeper. Decided to run it on factory (SMG, factory. Made sense). Grabbed a vest, some ammo and mags. Soft body armor, comtacs. I was going in to have fun, not get kills. Spawn by forklift in breach room. Check forklift spawn, and I see a tomahawk, a USEC, standing in forklift room, looking at the back wall. I pop off a few rounds instinctively, tagging him once out of three shots. He runs to cover and I push. I reach where he stood, right beside the staircase coming from the tunnels. I see him behind a forklift wiggling like mad and I line up a shot, aiming center mass, full auto selected. I hold for a second, recollecting every time I've been in his shoes and been just shot down. I lower my firearm and wiggle back. I know I am taking a risk. There's no denying it. I have no helmet, and tomahawks have a tendency to be aggressive and accurate, especially on factory. I hear footsteps by concrete shack coming out of ramp and spot another tomahawk. This one a BEAR running to tower. I let him be. He'll either die or get loot and become a threat. Either way, I'll deal with him as he comes at me. I push to bridge over the catwalks, but as I approach cat-hole, I hear scav chatter and footsteps on the other side. I check the gun. Full auto, full mag, and peek, dumping the better half of a magazine unto the Scav's chest and legs, then watch him drop. Another USEC comes around from '86, running. He dives for cover when he spots me. I shout "Stop" and "Hold Fire!" when he peeks back out to see if I've run off, myself wiggling the whole time. He loots most of the body, but I spot a keiver helmet that the USEC left behind. I secure container it. The comtacs will be more likely to save me. I hear the equipped USEC escape safely, and I feel better off knowing he got out. I push through cat-hole to bridge and checked locked room quickly. Nothing but trash. I back to bridge and close the door behind me. A few tense seconds pass by as I wait to hear something. Then I do. Slow but not sneaking footsteps in pit. I take a vantage point and watch the stairs coming out. A tomahawk exits and holds near the top, peering over to see if he can spot anything. As he tries to leave I see a scav walking up '86 ramp and shout stop. The tomahawk stops just out of the AI's line of sight as the AI turns and walks around far side of silos. I wiggle at the USEC and he wiggles back. I run to gantry with the tomahawk following below me. When we meet at gantry, I identify him as the USEC I tagged earlier, spotting the bullet wound on his chest and hearing him complain about being hit. I chuckle to myself and think "Small map, isn't it?" then cover him as he gets into position to loot. After some consideration, I toss him the helmet from earlier. he'll need it more than me. He grabs it and starts looting boxes. Some searching and a single headshot on an idle guard scav later, he secure container's the helmet as I hear footsteps coming up on us, accompanied by the sound of Russian chatter. Before I can do anything the tomahawk peeks around '86 forklift and gunshots ring out. I rush to the aid of my unknown comrade as he backs away to cover. I round the corner to see a scavenger in Fort armor with a rifle (I sadly know not the kind) and open fire, killing him with a burst to the head. I begin to search the body, my intention being grab the fort and drop the soft armor for my ally, but hear more gunfire and take a hit to my vest. I look up and see a scavenger with a shotgun unloading on my position. I return fire, but ultimately loose the firefight. To the tomahawks I helped, put the gear to good use, and GG. Bit long of a story, but I felt like sharing it.
  3. DeberDowg

    Contracting Life

    Why did you choose to work for USEC/BEAR before your arrival to Tarkov?
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