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Found 10 results

  1. Betrayed by a friend

    Hi, first of all I want to start of this story by stating my name, Lazy. That's what my mom calls me anyways.... to the story. Its a bright sun-rise in Tarkov, I start the day with some crackers I found at factory location, and use some lube from a Salewa med kit and have my morning pleasure session, i then take my trusted makarov to a factory raid to get some screws and electric items, to my trusty American trader to get him to trust me more so I can buy a mp5, i finally get it and I'm so happy :-) I think to myself... mhmm I have no armor, how could I possibly bring a mp5 into a shoreline raid without getting killed by cocaine abusing scavs, i eat some tuna and rethink.... i decided in a quick decision to get some balls and just do it without, I enter it and end up by some paramedic trucks down by the beach, I carefully light up a cigarette, the smell of the diarrhea running down my leg was to bad... but I keep going to the gas station but on the way there I see a poor naked fellow on a little island, where I know you need to run over a boat to cross, but I am very scared of boats, got raped by one when I was 6 (very scary) so I wiggle to the little fellow and Surprisingly, he wiggles back! I know how lonely tarkov can be so now I have a little friend, he runs across the boat to greet me, I try to say hi, but scavs a year agoo ripped out my tounge, and the same happened to him!!!! Haha we brothers now, so without the ability to speak, we wiggle like crazy and are happy to see eachother, he's beautiful body was really glossed up in the sunlight, he was attractive (no lies) he's USEC patch was nice too, I like a man in he's uniform :-) anyways.... we keep walking, we are 20 meters from the gas station, and I could hear a big loud BANG, and he gets hit in he's leg, and I furiously grab my mp5 and SPRAAAAAY!!!!!!!! All around me, to protect him, 2 scavs down right away, we run together behind the gas station to get good cover, i once again SPRAAAAAY!!!!!!! And euthanize 4 more like a real boss player, he looks at me... admires my great skill in combat, now I know maybe when we get out of this dangerous warzone, we can maybe use that Salewa med kit lube together he loots up and wiggles like crazy, makes me so happy to see him happy, he gently puts down a car med mit as a gift, I take it and heal my wounds... but give it back as a kind gesture, he takes it and we move on the the exit, I feel a strong bond between us, like brothers, we stealthly move up to a office right before the exit, I move in before him (better my life then he's) and a Ding a scav right in the face, I let him loot the guy, and we move up to get some more cash upstairs, I've seen how he looked at my ass while walking out of the office, that stare I will never forget, we are finally done, I go to the the crate before the exit, I shoot my great victory rounds with the AK I looted I the air, I wiggle for him to get the crate, he does... we walk in to the exit room together, I jump and wiggle in joy but he just stands there and looks me deep in the eyes, and BAM. He shoots me with a shotgun 5 sec before escape, seriously....... Sgt_Gunner, if you ever see this. duck You man, duck you thx for reading guys, like Tupac said: Trust no one.
  2. My Story While in Tarkov

    As a Scav in a abandoned, dank Factory, I chose my steps carefully. I made sure not to make too much noise, as I heard someone's boots click and clatter against the metallic floor. With my trusty Saiga-12K, I made my way towards the noise. I felt as if I was in a movie; hunting down my target like I was a covert specialist. Once I had a vantage point, I could see my prey sporadically rush around the facility. He didn't seem well fit to be in this situation. At one point, I thought he might've been frightened because he saw someone, but I realize he was hunting me as-well... He was checking the area I had just left. I thought to myself "Maybe he had heard me", but as I concentrated on my thoughts more than my surroundings, I hear multiple gunshots go off. I quickly snap back into reality to notice that they came from the area my target had just gone into. I think to myself once more "This is the best time to strike", and I quickly run towards my destination to greet my new friend. As I finally arrive, I see a grizzled man looting a dead corpse. I knew I had the perfect opportunity to strike then, but I thought it would be more interesting to alarm him of my presence. I mumble to myself to alert him, and as he turns towards me to realize he was in immediate danger, my 12 gauge greets him warmly and takes him to the floor. I remember the look on his face... The screams he made when shot in the gut until finally met with death... The agony he must've experienced... I thought it was funny... As I scavenge his corpse, I remember how he was looting a dead body prior to his death... How he hunted a man down...That's when I heard the mumble... (Mostly based on a run I did in Factory. Tell me your thoughts on this story. Honestly, not the best at these but I thought it would be fun to do anyways.)
  3. The Lore Mega Thread

    Hello Escapers, In this thread we have gathered all story related content for your ease of navigation. More importantly we want to give you a chance to get closer to the stories which you will see within the game itself. Escape from Tarkov is more than just a shooter game, it is backed by a great story. Every region, district, and city has its prehistory in which behind the scenes is a fierce and bloody struggle for power, money, and influence. As you venture through Tarkov you will come across many questions that this news will give you answers to. You may learn what an event means, who its members are, and what their purpose is. The news you find may help you connect the dots or it could create a new dot entirely. Know that each dot will be connected in the end, giving you more of an understanding of your purpose as you uncover the truth.
  4. Alpha key giveaway (Storytime!)

    I have one final Alpha key to give away! I'm up for some reading! Give me a story about someone in Tarkov! An experience, a firefight or something! You can write it from the perspective of either PMC or Scav! I will try to read submissions as they are posted. Ends Monday at 4PM (GMT -7) Only posts in this thread will be considered!
  5. Adventures of Tarkov [RP thread]

    Welcome to the Adventures of Tarkov Roleplay Thread Before we get into this I would like to point out the rules I've come up with for this thread As well as remind everyone that Forum Rules still applies. __________________________________________________________ Rules of the Roleplaying Thread; No one shall make another user's character take extensive action No one shall Injure, kill or put another user's character in a bad situation resulting in injury of any kind No insults, vulgar language or offensive behavior will be tolerated (stay in accordance to the Forum rules) Feel free to tag a fellow friend if he gave you his consent Stay within the scope of Tarkov (Events that lead you there, What happened to you in Tarkov, etc) Any debate about religion, politics or other sensitive subject will NOT be tolerated Follow the Flow of the posts, don't make drastic changes in setting unless talking about past adventures Any NON-RP must be clearly indicated with [NoRP] at the front and [/NoRp] at the end. and clearly delimited from the actual RP post itself. Anyone is welcomed to join into the ongoing RP, just follow the rules Tagging potential RP lovers @ArmaSwiss @Blackb1rd @Natalino @pnee @TrippyBryce (I apologize for the lengthy read through ) Let's begin....[RP below] _____________________________________________________________ The gleaming light of sun down is reflected by countless broken windows. Distant gunfights can be heard along with the faint sounds of mortar shells hitting the ground in a thunder of explosions. Dense black clouds of smoke are rolling on the streets coming from the north east. Remnants of military trucks and UN peacekeeper's Humvee litters the area. Multiple buildings have markings on them, spray painted BEAR claws here. USEC flags there. Nothing has been spared, the only common and recurring theme here is destruction. Down south of the main road lies an old abandoned Factory complex. The building towers over the surrounding area like a dead giant. Holes covering it's roof, blasted doors and walls bearing the damage of high-caliber ballistics. The giant building itself is surrounded by a vast deserted parking lot. The whole area spanning over 1 kilometer. Echoing from deep within the structure, the sound of gunfire can be heard. By the multiple interstices muzzle flash can be seen. The firefight is constant, almost lighting the area inside as the sun sets down to the west. The bullet cracking on the walls and metal sheets within the compound is almost deafening. The constant discharge of firearms seems unending...Until suddenly... Inside the building the tall 6'5" USEC is pinned down by a barrage of gunfire. Behind his makeshift cover made of a tipped over forklift the man is clearly in battle trance. His movement are meticulously calculated, like repeating a dance he's practiced all his life. His movements are quick, precise and filled with deadly intentions. Bullets are cracking around him. There's no way to know the amount of OPFOR in the hellish chaos that surrounds him. With no way to communicate for backup... *Sigh* "Those useless engineers...Can't take out a simple Comms Jammer in sector 21-B" The man turns right in a quick graceful yet deadly motion. Three muzzle flashes. The three bullets hits directly center mass. Another dead scav. As the man gets back into cover a bullet hits the front of his weapon. There goes his M4A1. The barrel bores a massive dent about mid way into the KAC RIS handguard. He quickly take off the weapon from his sling and switches to his secondary. Pulling the bolt he makes sure the ammunition is in the chamber. 7.62x54mmR glimpsed for a split second in the chamber. Only left with a SV-98 with high-powered optics, the USEC is in deep water. The gun fight keeps on going. Multiple weapons are fired across the Factory building. The constant discharge of firearms seems unending...Until suddenly... *Clik Clik...Clik* Out of ammunition. This is the end. The USEC lays down his weapons in front of him. Empty magazines littered at his feet. MP-443 "Gracht", SV-98 and a beaten up M4A1 to his left. In a last moment of crazed mindset, the man stands up and walks directly out of cover. His arms extended and hands forming imaginary pistols. He fully expect a barrage of bullets to meet him at any seconds now...It doesn't come. He was prepared to meet his end like warriors of ancestor's time. But not this...nothing...not a single sound. He cracks into uncontrolled laughter. "Hahaha, Haha hahaha. Aww Fate! DEAR FATE! you bless me again...NOW WHAT?!" Under his breath; "I bet my freedom stick that BEARs are around laughing at me right now..." The silence is becoming heavy. After a gun fight that lasted just shy of two hours, the seemed unreal. From the other side of the Factory echoes a scream; "Возвращайся домой, USEC!" The USEC goes forth, and in a friendly way waves his hands above his head. Approaching a metal barrel, he flicks his Zibbo into it, lighting a fire while he pulls a makeshift chair made of a half broken crate. He grabs his Camel Tri-Zip backpack and pulls out food. He then picks out a pack of Marlboro's and light the Cancer Stick in the Barrel fire. He keeps those for truly messed up events. Like this one. *In between two puffs* "Why there! Don't be shy my Russkie friends or whoever you are!! I know you're out of ammo too. And since I'm hungry and tired, let's just share a meal and get to know each other! HEAR THAT!!??! CEASE FIRE! LET'S EAT...And talk...just leave those weapons back where you are. But bring some of that Tushonka! I'm quite fond of it!" "By the way...I'm Jesse. But you can call me for where I got the name from...that'll will be a good story, if you'll join me!" Craft, the crazed USEC then sits in silence, waiting either for death or for company....
  6. So im just the kind of guy that pays too much attention to detail and little things catch my attention and keep me up all night... Ok so i may have some problems... I have been wondering what EXACTLY the factory was designed for. Where are the control boxes and machine controls? Why do they need a battalion of forklifts in such a confined space? and if so where are all the pallets they would be stacking? HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY GET THOSE STORAGE CONTAINERS IN THERE? Will i ever find the answers?
  7. friends in unlikely places

    Today, I decided to be a hero and attempt many wish to do. Go in with nothing but an Axe and a dream. I spawn in factory in the suicide tunnels ( easy pick spawn from the default spawn in offline) I rush in the tunnels opposite of that spawn into the apartment offices I immediately run into another dreamer. we stood staring and swung. we both missed and stopped. Giving the crouching code of honor many FPS players know by we became friends. We quickly rush to the 3rd floor and open the door to the office with a safe. As soon we were gonna loot we heard gunshots and he took cover behind the desk and I went behind the wall with file cabinets we waited.... hearing footsteps along the floor we knew someone was coming in. Quickly a fresh spawn with an axe ran in and he saw us. We both looked at him anxious and crouched, he crouched with us. We moved along together as a pack, armed with what seemed more safe than any sharp object, numbers. We camped along the stairs spamming our talk buttons, now we were the aggressors. No one took the bait, we waited for the SCAV's and looted the top floor. We jumped 2 AI and I let them take the gear. they left me a T-Bag and a superman hat. We carefully walked together to extraction and left. What a sad thing ill never truly know those people again and the next time we ever meet it will not be the bond of the pack, but the barrels of our guns.
  8. NOW! this is a topic i can get behind, first off i want to hear all of your war story's good or bad, did your raze a bambie to great things or did you pup bite you in the back when you where not looking. the sherpa idea is great, i personal didn't want to get involved with the Emissaries side of thing not my style. But helping the community through the games its self is something i love. little bit about my self so you all have some back story and get to know me so names HooK - Australia, dayz mod server owner/staff for ( 1000000 vehicles/ Zombz ) 4 years ( 3 of witch had our servers in the top 5 of game tracker ) ok where to begin.... have been surviving for allmost 6 years now across many lands with even more challenges, helping those i could along the way some of witch i still call friends to this day. the escapade began in an in chernarus where a mad plague of humans broke out funny thing is it seams that it wasn't the ones that ate your flesh you had to watch out for, it seams that those still human where affected the worst, killing with out remorse just to find an item not caring what some ones story was. this was the begining it soon spreed ......... my opinion on the ingame sherpaing is we need communication, yes ive helped a few axe/knife people but they will never truly learn through head noods please feel free to share your story and hear others. knowledge is power
  9. Revised website text

    The "About" section of provides a lot of good information about the story of Escape from Tarkov. However, there are some grammar mistakes and awkward sentences that are noticeable to native English speakers. As a game writer, I rewrote the text to flow much better, while still conveying the main message of each sentence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and story-driven gameplay. With each passing day, the situation in the Norvinsk region grows more and more complicated. Incessant warfare in Tarkov sparked massive panic throughout the city, driving most of the local population from their homes. The few who have stayed are now looking to improve their fortunes at the expense of others. Accepting their new reality, “savage” Tarkov locals -- known as “Scavs” -- have formed well-armed gangs, each carving their own share of the city. Nowadays, Tarkov is separated by unseen borders, brutally enforced by warring factions. These heavily-armed opportunists will go to any length to get what they want, including murdering civilians and openly confronting the two private military companies. The players will take control of a mercenary belonging to one of two sides – USEC or BEAR. Having survived the initial stage of the Tarkov conflict, the player character’s main objective is to find a way out of the city. UN and Russian military forces have sealed Tarkov, cutting off the mercenaries’ supply chains and blocking communications with operation command. Low on supplies, besieged by international forces, and hunted by roving gangs and elite mercenaries, the player will have to make difficult choices if they wish to escape from Tarkov -- alive. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tarkov city, Norvinsk region. Present time. The events of Escape from Tarkov take place in fictional Norvinsk, a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) bridging the economies of Russia and Europe. Providing preferential treatment to large international companies, the SEZ has not only attracted law-abiding businesses, but corporations of dubious intent as well. In Tarkov, one of the largest cities of the region, the transatlantic corporation Terra Group found itself involved in a massive political scandal. Merely six months later, the political standoff had rapidly escalated into an armed conflict involving UN peacekeepers, Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and two private military companies. The region’s borders were blocked off, and those trapped amidst this local war were isolated from the outside world. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A confrontation on the edge of darkness. The most active forces in the Norvinsk region are two private military companies, hired by both sides of the initial conflict. USEC, hired by the notorious international corporation Terra Group, aggressively engages in armed clashes aimed to hinder any investigation into their employer. Moreover, according to intelligence agencies, USEC provides armed security to the illegal work and research of the foreign company. USEC’s counterpart, BEAR, was allegedly created on direct orders of the Russian government. The Norvinsk region officials currently employ them to uncover any evidence of Terra Group's illicit activities. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also made a Google Docs with some editing suggestions: Thanks for reading this edit.
  10. So I red alot of FAQs but can't wrap my head around one thing. Sorry to compare this to DayZ, but it's the way of play, not contentwise, so plese stay with me. In DayZ, I start the game and join a server, play and then quit. In Tarkov, I know there will be scenarios (raids) that need to be cleared so another can open, ultimately opening the Free roam mod, without time limitation. Sooo how does this work. When I finish the scenarios, will 90% players be doing free roam? You catch my drift, I want to be able to explore the map and mostly, ENCOUNTER OTHER PLAYERS and either fight with them, or team up with them. Where will be the biggest chance for this? Plus, aditionaly, everyone says that if you die in a raid, you will lose everything. Fine, what about if you die outside of the raid? (so far it seems only free roam is a place other than raids). What about then?