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Found 2 results

  1. Abuhamral

    Extraction camper strats

    What are some strategies you guys use when dealing with exit campers? Factory doesn't concern me to much since once you get a factory key you don't need to worry about it as much, but for maps like shoreline and woods, what's some strategies you guys use to flush them out other than grenades, flanking, and spotting them first. In most instances I haven't been getting camped so much as the pmc waits and hides out of view with scavs covering the exit and when I engage them the pmc pops out and catches me or my group. What's some ways y'all deal with them other than taking it slow and spotting them first, I've had moderate success with luring them with gunfire and killing them when they pop out but I could use some other input
  2. Blackbeard06

    Stratigic Raid Group

    Whats up guys and gals. I am putting together a group of like minded players who favor serious strategy and communications. This is more of a group and our only requirement is for interested players to want to play the game in this way. We don't want to play this game in a grinding way, rather we want to play in a way that involves strategy, plans, and slow-is-smooth-smooth-is-fast type raids. Have a quest you need to complete? We got ya covered, we will work with you to get your quest done, as well as help those who need specific loot or kills. Are you experiencing greedy players who rush the scavs or players for loot? You will not find that here! Do you like your kit and gear? No one moves with out cover (guardian angels on over-watch) to help ensure you survive crossing that danger area! If this is what you are looking for check out our discord and introduce yourself. https://discord.gg/u52rN9r We accept all player levels, need help? We will train you. Requirements: English speaking Microphone mature, no unnecessary chatter in game, remember seconds count clear comms and communicate! Preferences: Veterans / Active Gunnuts: love them guns, and know how to use em! Strategy play style Disqualifies: Douchebags and Mortys....
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