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Found 40 results

  1. Krillin416

    Looking for group - US East

    Hello! Looking for people to play with in the USA, currently just my buddy and I, he's PST and I am EST, but looking for more people to group with. Not the greatest players in the world, but getting the hang of the game. I also stream on twitch, so if we play together I will most likely be live so people can't be overly toxic or say poo that will get me banned, otherwise I'll do anything in this game. My name on discord is Krillin416#3243. If you add me on there I'll send you a link to my private discord server, or you can send me yours doesn't matter to me! See you inside
  2. Sterling_LiveTV

    Small Streamer Here!

    Hi Guys, My name is sterling and I am a small streamer that loves Tarkov! I stream around 9 pm CST. I have a fast-paced play style with no hesitations. Come give me some feedback about my stream or simply get to know the community! See you at 9:30 pm CST tonight! https://twitch.tv/Sterling_live Love you, Bye. Sincerely, Sterling
  3. Hi all, I’d like to open a discussion on what qualities the Tarkov community enjoy most when watching their favourite streamer(s); maybe it’s their raw skill, their interactivity, the way their stream is structured, self and viewer-set challenges, music choice etc. Perhaps it’s purely the person’s personality which retains your interest. So please, feel free to comment on what you like best, as well as things you don’t like to see. I look forward to your opinions!
  4. Hey Leute, Der WE KILL SUCKERS (WKS Clan) ist jetzt zur youStream Community geworden. Der Ein oder Andere kennt uns bestimmt vom Escape from Tarkov zocken. Die youStream Community soll Euch und Eure Lieblingstreamer näher zusammen bringen - gemeinsam zocken, gemeinsam quatschen - Spaß haben!!! Ein Wohnzimmer für unsere Twitch-Zuschauer, Gamer und Streamer. Mit mittlerweile über 100+ aktiven Mitgliedern wachsen wir jeden Tag ein kleines Stück weiter. Schaut vorbei und werdet ein Teil eines bald sehr großen digitalen Spielplatzes!!! ;-) Bei uns erwarten euch regelmäßige Streams und gemeinsames Zocken!!! DISCORD: https://discord.gg/EyhStaE TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/weschy_tv https://www.twitch.tv/lordbart_tv https://www.twitch.tv/rega_tv https://www.twitch.tv/naeschdi https://www.twitch.tv/tinkabell89 https://www.twitch.tv/gentlemen_tv Wenn Ihr den Weg zur youStream-Community gefunden habt seit Herzlich Willkommen!!! Beste Grüße WeschY
  5. TigerLiker

    Streaming als Minderjähriger.

    Ist es verboten als Minderjähriger, dieses Spiel zu Streamen? Oder folgen dort seitens des Studios schritte wie Z.b.s Sperrung des Accounts? Mich würde dies Nemlich sehr Interessieren da ich 19 und mein Bruder zusammen Streamen wollen ^^ Bedanke mich schonmal Grüße Justin
  6. Всем привет я maddogncux и я приглашаю вас на свои стримы. Стримы проходят понедельник -пятница с 13.00-18.00 (иногда стримлю вечером после 21.00) Играю как соло так и группой до 3 человек. Бугуртим,сливаем лут, приятно проводим время. Ноем по поводу кривизны или почему до сих пор нету флип апов. тут вы не увидите игры за дикого Так же дико люблю отвечать на вопросы и делиться знаниями по игре. Основные карты таможня,лес,редко берег так как не хватает мощей со стримом комфортно играть.( Завод терпеть ненавижу) К сожалению нету всяких красивостей вроде фоловер алертов итак далее (по техническим причинам ) Настройки Стрима : 1080р60fps К сожалению нету всяких красивостей вроде фоловер алертов итак далее (по техническим причинам ) Так же дико люблю отвечать на вопросы и делиться знаниями по игре. Лучшие моменты с последних стримов:

    Standard Edition Giveaway!

    Going to be raffling off a copy of the standard edition of the game to celebrate a 24 hour charity stream for Wounded Warriors Canada! To enter, just come visit me at www.twitch.tv/goat_47_ and drop a follow. Once you have done that, you can type "!raffle 1" in the chat to enter your name into the draw! Hope to see you there :)
  8. mikeburna

    About Stream Sniping

    hi guys, i just want to do a thread about stream sniping, cause we collected some proofs and want to show you this. where can i do this? special topic? or send privat via email to you? hugs and killes mike burna
  9. Soronelite

    Lancement chaîne : Soronelite

    Hello les escapers ! Je profites de cette partie du forum FR pour vous présenter un peu ma chaîne et son contenu. J'ai commencé à stream sur Twitch en début d'année, sans grande prétention ne pouvant stream que le soir et les weekends. Généralement je ne suis pas seul, mais accompagné des collègues ce qui permet d'avoir régulièrement des parties à 3-4 voir 5 joueurs ! Je ne stream pas que sur Tarkov, mais également sur d'autre jeu milsim comme Arma 3, Squad ou encore prochainement Post Scriptum. Principalement ce sont des parties sans prises de tête, quelques moments épiques ou des enchainement de mort (les notres ahah), mais toujours dans la bonne humeur Toutefois notre équipe est très attachée au milsim et réalisme, d'ou notre intérêt pour Tarkov ! Voici mes deux dernières VOD : (Idem sans grande prétention, je ne passe pas beaucoup de temps sur les montages pour le moment.) Je ne vais pas faire de la pub pour notre clan, nous somme principalement une équipe Arma 3 (trentaines de joueurs) mais n'hésitez pas à me contacter en MP. Au plaisir de vous retrouver sur le stream ou en jeu !
  10. DottyHack

    New Friends? Casual Streamer Here

    Hey guys, Pretty new to the forums, been an avid Tarkov player/fan for the last 8 months or so and absolutely love the game and can't wait to see where it goes next! I'm also a pretty casual streamer and am looking for new friends to squad up with and duo for some good times! I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Here's the link to my Twitch account: DottyH4ck if anything would enjoy if you came by and said hello! Here's a little clip from a previous stream of mine as well: Cliperino See you guys out there!
  11. Zhin327

    Twitch Stream!

    Hey everyone! I’m pretty sure I used the right sub forum, but I started streaming a few weeks ago, pretty into tarkov, new to the game, roughly a month. However, I wanted to invite anyone who wants to come check out my stream, lurk around, chat, hangout and have some fun! Hopefully y’all will come by and check me out, hope to see you there! https://www.twitch.tv/zhin327
  12. Zhin327

    Twitch Stream!

    Hey everyone! I’m pretty sure I used the right sub forum, but I started streaming a few weeks ago, pretty into tarkov, new to the game, roughly a month. However, I wanted to invite anyone who wants to come check out my stream, lurk around, chat, hangout and have some fun! Hopefully y’all will come by and check me out, hope to see you there! https://www.twitch.tv/zhin327
  13. Hallo Freunde! ich möchte euch darauf hinweisen, dass ab jetzt der Stream unseres Emissärs PIK online ist und ich zusammen mit ihm später den Podcast mit Nikita übertragen werden. Ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen in den Stream zu kommen, es gibt natürlich auch einen Haufen Patchnotes die besprochen werden wollen! Würde mich freuen ein paar von euch zu sehen - Euer Hakuna :-)
  14. Madassassin89

    Major Pixleation When streaming

    Its more or less a question that I cant really find on the forum or the internet. So I love to stream( and this game happens to be one that I enjoy streaming) The problem is when I stream this game, according to OBS it looks fine, but on stream it looks super pixelated and you can't see wtf is going on as a viewer. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this either through the game or OBS settings, or is it that I just need a freakin 1080 to stream this game and it looks good? PC specs: I7-7700K, 970 GTX, 1TB Samsung SSD OBS Settings for video: 1920x1080 base resolution, 16:9, 720 downscale, 60FPS Encoding: Nvidia NVENC 3000 Bitrate GameSettings: Everything on Low pretty Much in order to get FPS up. ( I assume this would be the issue ) This is a link to a video of how bad it is: https://clips.twitch.tv/TrustworthyLaconicRedpandaOptimizePrime Thanks for any help guys
  15. Bonjour à tous les curieux et nouveaux Tarkoviens, Si vous êtes désireux d'avoir plus d'informations ou d'avoir un petit coup de pousse pour mieux appréhender EFT, vous êtes au bon endroit. Je vous propose via mon streaming twitch https://www.twitch.tv/spg_superpapi une découverte personnalisée du jeu ou je répondrai (du mieux possible) à toutes vos questions. Pour les nouvelle recrues de ce jeu prometteur, pourquoi ne pas venir faire un petit coucou sur notre discord https://discord.gg/ZB9JMC9 et partager quelques parties avec nous? Si jamais vous ne me trouvez pas et êtes inquiets , voici mon contact discord: SPG_Superpapi#4036 A très bientôt et bon jeu à vous, SPG_Superpapi.
  16. RiftUnix

    EFK Pro Tournament

    I have an off-topic idea. Pro-League Tarkov. Streamers vs. Streamers or Streamers vs Competitive Teams. All Maps, Night & Day. small # teams 3v3, 5v5, 6v6 in factory 4v4, 6v6, 8v8 in customs 5v5 6v6 and 8v8 in woods 6v6 and 8v8, 10v10 in shoreline. The games will be Deathmatch, CTF, S&D, VIP(extract VIP). All Weapons are available inlcuding all attachments. Ammo will be reduced to starting rounds. All Levels will be 1, no exceptions. You will only take what you can carry. All Items available except advanced ammo. Any Armor is allowed. For All those content creators and streamers, i think this would be an excellent idea. Please share and comment if you have any ideas. Maybe a Scav Mode as well
  17. eVasive

    Stream und Anfängerhilfe

    Moin Deutsche EFT Community, Ich habe zwar schon mal eine Anfängerhilfe Forums Post gestartet, der aber ein wenig untergegangen ist. Nun streame ich schon etwas länger EFT und habe so ziemlich alles schon mal gesehen. Wer Neu ist und ein wenig Unterstützung nötig hat der kann sich gerne bei mir melden https://www.twitch.tv/evasive_rawr. Ab und zu werden auch mal welche mitgenommen Lg.: euer eVasive
  18. jcbru95

    Streaming tarkov

    Can we start streaming this game yet on twitch without threat of ban due to the NDA? I really want to get the word out about this game but I do not in any way want to breach the NDA and get banned. If anyone has concrete proof that we can stream this game please let me know!
  19. Bonsoir , retrouvez @TORUS en live dès 19h : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUqcr8918xV8ikH2Tj5b3pQ https://www.twitch.tv/torusmastaz Profitez bien !
  20. Cynicunikos

    Heute 15:00 Stream

    Moin Moin Leute, heute um 15:00 ist es wieder soweit ich Streame auf Twitch EFT. Wenn ihr Bock habt reinzuschauen würde ich sehr über euren Support freuen. Ihr findet mich hier: https://www.twitch.tv/cynicunikos Ich bin noch ein kleiner Streamer und stehe ganz am Anfag also seit bitte nicht zu Hart mit mir Falls ihr heute nicht könnt aber Bock habt... so sieht das Shedule aus: Kommt vorbei ich freu mich auf euch. Lg Leo
  21. GameRickster


  22. shittinbullets

    Twitch Chat Ingame?

    Hello Everyone, I'm not sure if its just me but I typically would use restream chat from RestreamIo however its not working for me in all games and this being an important one. I prefer to avoid using multiple monitors. So to keep things simple my question is.. How can I display twitch chat at the very least over Escape from Tarkov while playing? Is their a better software then restream chat program? Sorry for the off topic question just would like to get involved a bit more with this game and streaming in general but I feel like the biggest step is to figure out how to place my chat over the game. I'm a novice streamer and really appreciate the help on this one there seems to be lots of ways but what are you guys doing for this game? Thanks everyone for reading!
  23. Решил тут постримить наконец Тарков, может кому-то это будет интересно, так что кидаю ссылочку. Готов также услышать всю конструктивную критику по стриму и развиваться дальше. https://www.twitch.tv/pioneerfg
  24. Ravenhawkhero

    The Tarkov Streamers and Youtubers Initiative

    G'day Fellow Tarkovians, The tarkov community on youtube and twitch is pretty small at present, and I am sure that we all would love to see it grow. So i have created the Tarkov Streamers and Youtubers Initiative. If you want to see this community grow, than we need to support each other in building a solid community. Below there is an invite to the discord server I have set up. Simply join and pm me your region, and we can all play/stream/grow the community together. There will be dedicated chat servers for different sizes of stream/recording groups, and A general chat to discuss stuff or whatever. https://discord.gg/GjfKZPz Hope we can all grow this community together!
  25. Hey guys Im trying to create an escape from tarkov community where you can come and play with anyone .Im trying to do this through my stream and trying to get my stream out there ! https://www.twitch.tv/survivallsam
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