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Found 20 results

  1. Woah_

    Escape From Tarkov Headquarters

    Escape From Tarkov Headquarters Welcome to the HQ PMC’s! This community is built on the views of true gaming! Our community of Sherpas and Emissary’s along with the help of our 24/7 staff will help you learn the ways of the true PMC - Whether you are a timmy in distress, a chad on the hunt, or anything in between. we hope to bring you the ultimate player experience. Community events Tarkov Bots 24/7 Staff A community that retains itself Community Specific Roles skills training channels And just enough extras to keep your past times good times! Whether you are USEC, BEAR, or a filthy Scav, the HQ brings players together and Keeps you together. Don’t take my word for it, some of these teams have been together for a few wipes! Discord: Escape From Tarkov Headquarters
  2. You put in a quest-able air fryer reward, it is built at a medium to low xp level if you can find certain pieces for example. Then when you build it in the hideout, you need food to cook in it. Given an apocalyptical world setting already, and the fact that true Russian geographical locations rely on chicken, you could set a barter trade with Therapist or Yager to where you would require the player to give a GPU or something of true significance to the Trader, in order for them to relinquish an amount of Chicken for the player to use in the fryer in the hideout. The whole point of this would be for a stat boost to Metabolism and Nutrition. Enabling the player, for a certain amount of raid time, to not worry about eating anything for said timeframe, because they will be "filled" persay from a decent meal not a ration. They would only worry about water which would be boosted but not a significant amount. Side reason this should be a thing.: Most people are gullible and very influenced, and if Battlestate added a Chicken Air Fryer to Tarkov, plus every streamer would quest for it, it would be the most talked about social media for tarkov that there has been for a minute. It would be S Tier Memes..
  3. I've seen some clips of people coming into raids with streamers and dropping high-tier gear to them, the streamer then shoots them. I've only seen the clips so correct me if I'm wrong but from what I see people just bring beefy kits to streamers in exchange for a drop of recognition.
  4. This fast growing Escape from Tarkov Discord server is a community focused on the ultimate player experience by its matchmaking design. From streamers or people just looking to learn the game with some experienced players we can improve your Tarkov experience. All players are invited to join in and take part in this community! Max level Discord Escape From Tarkov Headquarters Discord Server https://discord.gg/eft-hq
  5. Bariioth

    Lila Name, Streamingrang?

    Moin Moin, Streame unter anderem und mittlerweile hauptsächlich EFT. Nun frag Ich mich wie man an den Lila Namen kommt. Gibt es dort bestimmte Vorraussetzungen und wenn Ja welche wären das? Zudem wenn es bereits soweit sein sollte wie komm Ich an den Rang ran? oder funktioniert das automatisch? Mfg. Bariioth
  6. I would like to request that BSG consider creating and publishing a Streaming Policy or Materials Usage License that explicitly gives users the rights, under whatever conditions they deem appropriate, to create original content that contains audio and/or visual content from Escape from Tarkov. I recently began playing Tarkov while streaming on Youtube. One day while I was away from my keyboard taking a short break to stretch, the music on the main menu played uninterrupted and I received a copyright claim on that video for a song that was not even a part of the Tarkov soundtrack. It is very clearly a false claim, but Youtube's dispute system is meant to be used when the channel owner has an explicit right to use the content within the video, so there's no option to say "I don't have rights to that music, but the wrong person claimed me for it." Disputing a claim when you don't have the rights to use the content puts the content creator at risk of a copyright strike from the claimant and/or disciplinary action from Youtube. If such a policy existed, I could safely and easily dispute that false claim, state that it is a song from the Escape from Tarkov soundtrack, and have security in my ability to continue creating EFT content. Additionally, according to section 4.2.2 of the Escape from Tarkov EULA: I know that the developers have worked with many content creators in the past, so pardon me if I'm misinterpreting that clause, but my assumption was that it is not actively being enforced against people that are streaming or making guides for the game in a reasonable fashion. Should that be the case, such a policy would serve as an explicitly written permission that allows Escape from Tarkov users to safely create content of and about the game in a way that is agreeable to both the content creator and BSG without breaking the EULA on a technicality. I strongly believe that such a policy or license would make it easier for players to safely make Escape from Tarkov content that is beneficial both to the content creator and BSG. It would allow content creators to readily prove their right to use Escape from Tarkov's audio and/or visual content in their own original content without fear of legal ramifications from third parties that may try to capitalize on the lack of such a policy or from Battlestate Games so long as the policy is properly followed. Thank you!
  7. ITsGnashie

    stream issues?

    I have looked beyond and everywhere why is my stream so pixelated on tarkov? i have tried everything i run a i9-9900k cpu 32gb 3200mhz of ram gpu is a rx 5700 xt oc but every other game i stream crystal clear i have yet to find a answer. i run my streams at 1080p 60fps with 8000 bitrate. maybe someone has a answer!
  8. One streamer in Bilibili (a chinese video website and this is his live room URL https://live.bilibili.com/11714756?from=search&seid=6015525460468474157) with his teammates are always using the bug in tunnel of storage basement to get intelligence advantages and he killed a pmc with hunter who hided near exit by knowing it from the bug site. And even more he could shoot through the bug site to get kills far away(through walls in game). His game ID is JOJO766. I h eard that using vicious bugs in the game can be also seen as cheater, so I hope you could judge this guy and his teammates behaviors. Thank you!
  9. kicklunatick

    New Tarkov Streamer!

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is allowed in this forum, if not than please remove. I'm a new Twitch streamer that primarely streams Escape From Tarkov! I would massively appreciate a follow on my channel, check it out and i hope you enjoy! https://www.twitch.tv/kicklunatick I'm always up for teaming with my viewers and build friendships! Thank you very much
  10. ZeGoodFellow

    An edited video from a new EFT player

    Hey ! I wanted to share this video from my new experience in EFT. hope you will enjoy 😉
  11. ApexAgents

    Tarkov Stream Team

    Hi I am looking for a group of players to stream EFT with. No need to be sweaty just looking to have fun on stream. We will win some and loose some...either way its all good. Message me here or @ApexAgents on Twitter. You can also find me at www.fb.com/ApexAgents.
  12. Sterling_LiveTV

    Small Streamer Here!

    Hi Guys, My name is sterling and I am a small streamer that loves Tarkov! I stream around 9 pm CST. I have a fast-paced play style with no hesitations. Come give me some feedback about my stream or simply get to know the community! See you at 9:30 pm CST tonight! https://twitch.tv/Sterling_live Love you, Bye. Sincerely, Sterling
  13. bagGIO86

    New Streamer!

    Buonasera ragazzi! Riapro questo topic per permettevi di spammare le vostre live italiane di eft! No pubblicità ai canali generiche! Qui si vuole vedere la gente che spara su EFT! https://m.twitch.tv/k4rma_tv prima live della serata di k4rma_tv
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/231256012 3:32:43
  15. Pladn

    New streamer

    New guy streaming some EFT. Been playing along time so not a noob. Twitch.tv/PC_P
  16. ilgiambla82

    Wanna Know Something?

    This streamer is awsome i want him to get some followers, hes realy high lvl (59), hes fun and good at the game. https://www.twitch.tv/jakalpipboy1
  17. Uncivilization

    UK Streamer

    Hello, If not allowed delete, I am a twitch streamer. I stream this game and many other, feel free to join over at www.twitch.tv/uncivilzation I also have a discord you can join, you can find people to play with and not die as much If I kill you ingame please pop by a let me know Thanks Adam <3
  18. Liebes Team von EFT, ich möchte mich kurz vorstellen: Mein Name ist Chris aka BlackSnow. Ich bin ein Kind der 80er und komme aus der Nähe von Kempen in NRW. Meine Hobbies sind Strandspaziergänge bei Vollmond, Delphinreiten und jungen Damen mal einen Dollar in den Slip schieben XD. Naja das wären zumindest meine Vorstellungen als Milliardär. Ja Milliardär, Millionär sein ist so 90er… Da ich auch beruflich viel im Bereich Web und Technik zu tun habe, liegt mein Stellenwert was die Streaming Qualität angeht schon sehr hoch. Dazu habe ich mir inzwischen auch einen Streaming PC zugelegt. Wer hierzu Fragen hat einfach im Channel melden. Ich streame fast täglich, habe aber kein festes Game. Unter der Woche bin ich arbeitsbedingt ab 18:15 am Start. Am Wochenende schon mal morgens um 10 Uhr und dann meist Open-End. Mit eurer Einverständnis würde ich das Game gerne den Deutschen Twitch Viewern näher bringen, denn ich glaube dass das Interesse aus Deutschland sehr groß ist. Für Rückfragen könnt Ihr euch gerne an mich wenden. Vielleicht sieht man sich mal im Stream unter https://www.twitch.tv/blacksnowtv Euer BlackSnow
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