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Found 3 results

  1. Pladn

    New streamer

    New guy streaming some EFT. Been playing along time so not a noob. Twitch.tv/PC_P
  2. wgreen92

    Bad streamer without access

    Hey guys, Just letting you know a guy was streaming on twitch without the ban being lifted. Saying its not his account, and he will make a new twitch when we warned him. 289362 nagibashka_228 15/01/17 11:14:00 A1
  3. MrNoHomo

    People streaming EFT

    How is it that people are streaming EFT, Get given all this free loot when people who have followed this game for ages finally jumped at getting the ultra package spending £140 and I'm not allowed to share this game with friends, due to risks of getting banned. Not meaning to sound like like I'm ungrateful but for that kind of money i want to be able to stream EFT as well.
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